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Welcome to the Mind Wealth Podcast where we teach you to think differently about money and make changes in the way you manage your money so that you can take home more profit, pay less taxes and live a better life.

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Welcome to the Mind Wealth Podcast where we teach you to think differently about money and make changes in the way you manage your money so that you can take home more profit, pay less taxes and live a better life.

    Cashflow Explained

    Cashflow Explained

    What is Cashflow? Basically Money In, Money Out

    How much you earn determines how much you spend.

    How do we determine where the money goes? We have obligations, needs & wants.Do you know how much you need to meet these expenses?

    What about Debt? What type of debt do you have? How much debt do you have? Is it good debt? (borrow to invest and earn an income) Or is it bad debt? (borrow to consume or to spend on stuff that depreciates in value or wears out) Who is helping you best manage your debt? (Who do you go to for advice on the proper use of debt?

    Why do you spend the way you do? What is the motivator? Are you an impulse spender? Do you have a budget? Or do you have a spending plan?

    Do you know the difference between Working Cash Flow and Active Cash Flow?

    Who do you go to for help to regain control over your cashflow? I would like to suggest that it’s not the current institutions who are currently in control of it. Who would that be? Canada Revenue Agency, Banks, Insurance Companies, Wayfair, Amazon, Credit Card Companies, Walmart, Best Buy, EBay?

    You can earn more money. You can spend less money. You can keep more of what you earn. You can save your money.

    Every dollar you spend should be a conscious decision. Credit cards and debit cards make this hard to achieve. Listen up. You will learn something today that you may not have heard before.

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    Basing your retirement plans on things that are out of your control

    Basing your retirement plans on things that are out of your control

    “If you continue to think the way you have always thought, you will continue to get what you have always got.” How has that been working for you?  

    If you discovered something that was no longer true, when would you want to know the truth?  In this episode, we discuss the importance of regaining control over your cash flow, debt unification & debt reduction strategies, Crypto opportunities, real estate and home ownership, access to cash or capital, emergency savings and how wealth is created.  

    The first thing we need to change is our attitude and our perspective.  "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Dr. Wayne Dyer.  

    What we have done for years may no longer be working. What can or should we be doing differently?  

    You will not be interested in a solutions until you realize you have a problem.  Part of our responsibility, is to help you identify some of these problems.

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    Devaluing the Dollar

    Devaluing the Dollar

    What can we do to protect ourselves from the continual devaluing of the Canadian dollar? The past year of the government aid to the Canadian people has brought a HUGE devaluation of the dollar as compared to other years. What does this mean for us? What does it mean for our grandchildren? How can we, as everyday citizens, mitigate our risk against what is happening and the decisions being made by our government? This episode goes over some of the options we have, some of the actions we can take, and what to work towards in the future.

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    Crypto! How is it good or bad?

    Crypto! How is it good or bad?

    What do we say about cryptocurrencies? Well, there is a lot out there about it and a lot of people who will sing it's praises to the rooftops. For the most part, we are talking in this episode about the technology relating to currencies (and not about it's other uses). What are the pros and cons? How is it different than the standard currency of a country? And how can we position ourselves to maintain control of our wealth in the years to come (regardless of how the adoption of crypto currencies ends up). Take a listen!

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    Debt Unification - One of the Best First Steps

    Debt Unification - One of the Best First Steps

    One of the best first steps in getting your finances under control and moving towards being financially independent is the idea of Debt Unification.  Many other people call this same term "Debt Consolidation", but we prefer the term Debt Unification. In this episode we discuss what that entails and why you'd want to do it. We also discuss the pitfalls of debt unification in terms of what might go through a persons psychology when they suddenly have empty credit cards and lines of credit. 

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    Cashlow should be your goal

    Cashlow should be your goal

    How can we increase cashflow? How can we look at life in terms of cashflow? Why is cashflow important to someone? 

    The reality is that we need income. Most people need to work harder to make more money, but we can learn to leverage what we do in order to make money without having to work more. As we increase our cashflow over the years, we can eventually get to the point where all our monthly necessities are covered by the cashflow coming from assets that we don't have to work to get. That's when true financial freedom happens. 

    So this episode talks about cashflow and why you might want to do a cashflow plan NOW so that you will have real cashflow later.

    If you'd like to get a cashflow plan done, contact us through our website to setup an online appointment where we can put your numbers into our Snapshot Calculator and see where we are at. http://mycustombank.com/contact-us/

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