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Missing Witches is a research-based, feminist, occult storytelling project. We go looking for the witches we've been missing.

Missing Witches Risa Dickens + Amy Torok

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Missing Witches is a research-based, feminist, occult storytelling project. We go looking for the witches we've been missing.

    Indigenous Futures 2024 Part 3 - Stewarding Tears

    Indigenous Futures 2024 Part 3 - Stewarding Tears

    We are all striving for connection and care. As we draw close to the end of the 2024 Missing Witches Reparations Fundraiser, we're joined by BLACKBIRD MEDICINES and Indigenous Death Doula Collective founder Chrystal Toop, aka Story Healing Thunderbird. Together we talk about Facilitating Safe Space, Fostering Hope, Grief and Grieving, Feasting, Celebration, and Radicalized Healing. Chrystal says, "Gathering in community is really the best action."
    Chrystal is an Indigenous storyteller, author, and community educator. She is the founder of multiple collectives, a public speaker, and grassroots organizer sought out for her lived expertise. Chrystal shares insights as an generational residential school survivor and registered social services worker.
    BLACKBIRD MEDICINES is a plant and land-based spiritual and cultural wellness practice.

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    Rx. 52 - There's Writing On The Walls, But They Can't Read It

    Rx. 52 - There's Writing On The Walls, But They Can't Read It

    This week, we're waiting, dripping, and melting into lake-mind... and getting cute bangs anyway because we're alive, and it's another May beneath the Flower Moon.

    It's the LAST WEEK of our annual Reparations Fundraiser! Risa's prescription this week is a song called Love and War by Thelma Plum: gentle, moving, croony pop with the rooted resilience of an ancestral storyline behind it from the longest continuous human culture on Earth. Thelma Plum is Gamilaraay; an award-winning singer-songwriter; and daughter of lore-man Paul Winanga-li Gii Spearim.

    The line from Thelma Plum that spoke up like a mantra this week is:

    There's writing on the walls, but they can't read it
    There's writing on the walls, but they can't read it

    Hold up your chin.

    Lichen are writing stories on the rocks around us, there's a story being told by the trees, the water, the rain, and by our own ruffled movements. Not everything is being told by the largely white men who dominate the news cycle.

    A great deal is happening on many, many, many interconnected layers of systems. And we might only hear these loud, angry war stories. But there are love stories too all around us, all over the walls.

    So hold up your chin, it's there even if they can't read it. Hold up your chin. We're gonna move through this part together.

    This week also marks the anniversary of Tina Turner's death, and she was and is such a force. (Here is the Rx. from the week she died ❤️‍🩹.) To honour her life and her passing, Amy prescribes the "so poignant, and so funky" Working Together:

    Unless we get together, the world would never survive
    And the hopes of the world will surely, surely die
    People like you and me to speak up for what is right
    Only then will the world see the light

    Working together, we can make a change
    Working together, we can help better things
    So let us put our hate aside and let us let love be our guide

    I say let's try little love for a change

    Let's try a little love! Listen while you read through the list of orgs our coven has made Reparations Donations to so far! (at the bottom of this page! They are SO INCREDIBLE.)

    Listen while you scrounge up your $10 and make your own reparation donation to the org of your choice! Feel the ritual sacrifice and the song lift the weight of your burdens: we are working together!!

    If you don't have the $ this month to donate, please listen to the song and imagine us all, with all our different abilities, wrapping you in love and easing the path in front of you.

    Imagine us covering the path ahead of you in petals even, why not?
    It's the Flower Moon, let's BLOOM.



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    MW Rx. 51 - Darkness Bring The Light

    MW Rx. 51 - Darkness Bring The Light

    This week brings Spring to the mountains for real, and we remember about the urgency, the massive, mysterious force of buds bursting into bloom. We're calling in the strength behind that bursting, we're insisting upon awe for the signs we've seen in the sky, and Risa's prescription brings pure Indigenous Girl Joy in the song Sisters by The Halluci Nation.
    Amy brings a song that's become a powerful incantation for her in dark times: Darkness Bring the Light by Elisapie.
    Darkness bring the light.
    Darkness bring the light.
    Darkness bring the light.
    This week we invite you to help bring the light, and to join the joyful wave of Missing Witches Reparations!

    Consider donating to World Central Kitchen, who responded to the murder of their colleagues by opening a THIRD Gaza Field Kitchen.
    OR, search to see if there's a Native-run non-profit near you that you can send 10$. Let that seeking and small reparation begin to plant a seed in your life. Remember: seeds are small and enormous with potential on the inside, just like each of us!
    OR, join us in being good fairies from afar, sending donations to the Native Women's Shelter of Montreal, an organization that does so much good in our community, including the launch of Miyoskamin - 23 second stage housing units dedicated to providing a space for health care and support to help Indigenous families stay together. And the Iskweu project, that aims to respond to an immediate need for assistance expressed by families and loved ones in the case of an Indigenous woman or girl (trans, two -spirit) goes missing.
    We love SO MUCH to hear about the organizations you are supporting, so don't forget to send your donation receipt into missingwitches@gmail.com with the subject line Reparations. We'll enter you into our draw at the end of the month for delicious magical prizes as part of our annual Reparations Fundraiser. We're halfway through! Help make this wave of love!


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    Indigenous Futures 2024 Part 2 - The Future Requires Radical Hope

    Indigenous Futures 2024 Part 2 - The Future Requires Radical Hope

    Together with Asha Frost, Christopher Marmolejo, AND Granddaughter Crow we discuss the cultivation and embodiment of Radical Hope, Liberation, Self-Determination and Collective Healing, and acknowledge that it's good to fail at empire. We spin the wool of connection and weave a multi-coloured tapestry of possibility, and in doing so, this conversation becomes a blanket of comfort and protection over the seven generations ahead and behind.

    Asha Frost is a mentor and mama, a Medicine Woman who believes that we can all heal ourselves. She is the author of You Are The Medicine and creator of Sacred Medicine oracle deck, and the upcoming Animal Elders oracle deck (Dec 2024).

    Christopher Marmolejo s a Brown, queer, and trans writer, diviner, educator, prophetess and authoress of Red Tarot. They use divination and astrology to promote a literacy of liberation.

    Granddaughter Crow (Dr. Joy Gray) holds a doctorate in leadership. Internationally recognized as a medicine woman, she comes from a long line of spiritual leaders as a member of the Navajo Nation. Her books include The Journey of the Soul, Wisdom of the Natural World, and Belief, Being, & Beyond.

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    MW Rx. 50 - You Are Not Alone

    MW Rx. 50 - You Are Not Alone

    This week, as the moon begins to return from behind its monthly shadow rest, we're feeling into our creaky, leaky, magical old bodies. Do you struggle to be in your body? To feel it all? Us too, but from within our individual experiences of pain and pleasure we can root into deeper empathy and weave stronger circles of care. So here we go.
    Risa brings the rain on the lake, the image of each drop sending out its circle to resonate and concatenate with all the others. She's calling up the reminder of all the beings who exist within us and threaded through us, and the prescription comes from our coven mate Reed: a song that calls out to each of us, remember: You're Not Alone.
    In the cradle of the circle
    All the ones that came before you
    Well, their strength is yours now
    You're not alone
    Inspired by the plum trees she planted years ago finally flowering for the first time, and in honour of our annual Reparations season, Amy comes with Sacred Flowers by the Blue Mountain Tribe and an invitation to think about flowers, their holiness, and their haunting. The video for the song Sacred Flowers is a collage of stories about missing and murdered Indigenous women, dedications to specific stolen sisters. And while you're listening to it, while you're making your donation of $10 or more to your local Indigenous support org, we invite you this Spring to think about flowers.
    As long as we are rooted, we can bloom. As long as we are rooted — rooted in community, rooted in ethics, rooted in a sense of right and wrong, rooted in a love for the flowers, the land, the universe — then we have the opportunity to bloom.
    With hope and care, first come the flowers, then come the fruits.
    Flowers need rain and sun. So, tend to yourself as if you were a flower and be amazed by the beauty of the world. And check out Blue Mountain Tribe and join our Reparations Fundraiser. And remember, you are not alone.


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    MW Rx. 49 - Stand In The Way Of Control

    MW Rx. 49 - Stand In The Way Of Control

    We come to you this week buoyed by love! We've launched our annual Reparations Season and it's such a joy to feel our community together, reaching out with love to return resources to indigenous communities and - this year - to extend our embrace to displaced people in Palestine, Sudan, the Congo, Ukraine and beyond.
    We invite you to check out our Reparations Fundraiser and all the delicious prizes! Consider making a donation, or sharing the project wherever you can. And listen, no judgement, make a donation for any reason that works for you!
    Do it to transmute rage and sorrow!
    Do it to share on social media and amplify good vibes!
    Do it to win utterly MAGICAL prizes!
    Do it to piss off your racist uncle!
    This week Amy brings a song / poem / incantation by Santee Dakota activist, performance artist, actor, and poet John Trudell. Children Of Earth is a call to remember ourselves as care takers, care givers, beings who can use their thoughts to protect Earth.
    We are not powerless.
    Risa comes to this week feeling like she's trying to wrap her entire nervous system around the kids. The kids trapped in Rafah, the kids protesting genocide, the students building encampments and their deep radical rage and hope, around the faculty and local communities coming out to make circles of protection.
    When it all feels overwhelming, one of the magic songs that helps Risa is Gossip's Standing in the Way of Control


    • 21 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
47 Ratings

47 Ratings

Mary8317 ,

Thank you!

I so appreciate this podcast, as well as the work you do every year to fundraise for reparations to indigenous communities. Thank you!

JEM1719 ,

A welcome place

This podcast provides the listener with so much. Informed history, humour, candidness and a place to grow whether you’re a self-identified witch or not. They focus a critical eye on the people and groups that have been left out of the history books (and the modern world) and bring them back into the light. Amy and Risa were the witches I was missing and I can’t wait to see where they take us next!

agent nipps ,

a true gem

love this. learned A LOT. my only complaint is the sound quality of some episodes. their too quiet no matter how much i cranked the volume so i skipped those ones.

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