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Welcome to Motorsport Coaching! The podcast is for beginner to amateur motorsport athletes and parents. Weekly we talk to industry professionals, athletes up and coming and provide you with tips and tools to improve your performance on and off the track!

Motorsport Sponsorship Podcast Belinda Riseley

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Welcome to Motorsport Coaching! The podcast is for beginner to amateur motorsport athletes and parents. Weekly we talk to industry professionals, athletes up and coming and provide you with tips and tools to improve your performance on and off the track!

    Types Of Sponsorship

    Types Of Sponsorship

    In episode #167 of the Motorsport Sponsorship podcast, host Belinda Risley welcomes special guest Jayden Hamilton to share his inspiring journey in motorsport sponsorship. Join Belinda and Jayden as they discuss the importance of perseverance and building strong relationships with sponsors, regardless of race results. Jayden provides valuable insights into packaging sponsorship proposals and showcasing the benefits sponsors can gain from supporting athletes like him. With a focus on exposure and promotional events, Jayden emphasizes the significance of understanding sponsors' objectives to create mutually beneficial partnerships in the competitive world of motorsport.Listeners are treated to a deep dive into the various types of sponsorships available, including product, service, financial, personal, ambassador, and affiliate sponsorships. Jayden shares his experiences in securing sponsorships and highlights the role of Let's Go Motorhomes in supporting his racing endeavors. Belinda and Jayden also touch upon the upcoming race at Sydney Motorsport Park, where Jayden will be showcasing his talents in the AFO series. Don't miss this engaging episode filled with valuable tips and insights on motorsport sponsorship, as Belinda and Jayden navigate the dynamic world of racing partnerships.

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    5 Myths about Motorsport Sponsorship

    5 Myths about Motorsport Sponsorship

    In this riveting episode of the Motorsport Coaching Podcast, now rebranded as the Motorsport Sponsorship Podcast, we dive deep into the world of motorsport sponsorships, revealing insights and debunking common myths surrounding sponsorship in motorsports. We are thrilled to have special guests Jack and Amy from MOR Motorsport, who share their unique experiences racing off-road in America, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of securing sponsorship in a competitive environment. The duo discusses the nuances of sponsorship between the U.S. and Australia, offering valuable advice to emerging athletes on how to attract and maintain fruitful partnerships.

    Our host Belinda introduces an exciting new development - the upcoming launch of the Motorsport Sponsorship Club. This initiative promises to support beginner to amateur competitors through resources, monthly Q&A sessions, industry expert tips, and robust community support. Whether discussing the importance of networking at racing events or crafting a strategic sponsorship proposal, this episode is packed with actionable insights aimed at empowering racers to achieve their sponsorship goals.

    Stay tuned as we continue to explore and debunk five major myths about motorsport sponsorship. From the misconception that only top athletes secure sponsorships to understanding the real value beyond mere logo placement, each revelation promises to equip our listeners with the knowledge to navigate the complex landscape of motorsport sponsorships successfully. Join us and be part of a community dedicated to fostering success in the thrilling world of motorsport racing.

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    Playing The Long Game with Glenn Pope

    Playing The Long Game with Glenn Pope

    In this episode of Motorsport Coaching, host Belinda interviews Glenn, a guest with a unique and awe-inspiring story. Glenn, despite having no connection to motorsports, shares his journey of preparing for a Guinness World Record attempt to break the record for the longest tennis singles marathon. With a background in physical education and experience in the Air Force and infrastructure space, Glenn brings a diverse perspective to his remarkable charity event, "Playing the Long Game."

    Throughout the interview, Glenn provides insights into the mental and physical challenges of training for and attempting a record-breaking tennis marathon. He delves into his motivations for supporting Movember, a charity dedicated to changing the face of men's health, and shares details about the event, including the location, time, and how listeners can get involved and offer support.

    As Glenn prepares for this huge endeavor, he gives a glimpse into his training regimen, the logistics involved in setting the world record, and the personal reasons that drive his dedication to this cause. Join Belinda and Glenn in this inspiring conversation that showcases perseverance, dedication, and the power of giving back.

    Follow Glenn's journey: https://playingthelonggame.org


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    Motorsport Saga: Unlocking The Power Of Storytelling

    Motorsport Saga: Unlocking The Power Of Storytelling

    Welcome to another riveting episode of Motorsport Coaching, where we dive deep into the intertwined worlds of racing and storytelling. Today, we have the pleasure of being joined by Alan, the co-founder of the popular "Carting One" YouTube channel and a seasoned motorsport coach.

    With a lifetime of experience in cart racing and a profound understanding of the motorsport narrative, Alan sheds light on the intricate relationship between a racer's journey and their success in attracting sponsorship and fans. In our discussion, Alan reveals insights from his latest book, "Motorsport Sagas," which explores the power of storytelling within the racing industry and how the hero's journey narrative can enhance a driver's career. From sharing tales of building cart chassis to analyzing the careers of icons like Valentino Rossi and Travis Pastrana, Alan demonstrates how narrative structure can captivate audiences and promote motorsport careers. He also touches upon the crucial aspect of making motorsport more appealing and relatable to a broader audience, and his passion for creating innovative and daring racing concepts.

    Alan's drive to inspire young racers and enthusiasts shines through as he encourages them to embark on adventurous endeavors within the racing world. He discusses the potential for cultivating sponsorship opportunities through compelling events and intriguing proposals. As he delves into the parallel creative dimensions of motorsport and music, listeners will discover the freedom and excitement found in these expressive outlets.

    Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Alan's wealth of knowledge and to check out his enlightening books, available now. Stay tuned, and we hope you're ready to fuel your motorsport journey with the power of a great story.

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    Rachel's Drive: Creating Accessible Experiences for Fans with Disabilities in Motorsports

    Rachel's Drive: Creating Accessible Experiences for Fans with Disabilities in Motorsports

    In this episode of Motorsport Coaching, host Belinda interviews Rachel, a dedicated motorsport fan, disability advocate, and creator of the Instagram page "Accessible_Racing_Life." Rachel shares how her passion for motorsport came about and discusses the challenges and barriers individuals with disabilities face when attending motorsport events. She highlights the need for better communication and more accessible options at events, emphasizing the importance of making disability inclusion the norm. Rachel's insightful perspectives shed light on the significant changes required to make motorsport events truly inclusive for all fans. Join Belinda and Rachel in this eye-opening discussion as they delve into the future of motorsport events, the impact of technology on accessibility, and the power of representation within the motorsport community. Rachel's expertise and dedication to promoting inclusivity in motorsports offer both valuable insights and inspiring advocacy for change. Don't miss the opportunity to listen in and learn how to support and advocate for accessibility and inclusion within the motorsport community.

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    #162 Career, Strategy & Sponsorship Insights

    #162 Career, Strategy & Sponsorship Insights

    In this episode of Motorsport Coaching, host Belinda interviews Courtney, the CEO and founder of Carrera Management, a company that specializes in providing content creation, brand identity, social media management, and event management services for motorsport athletes and sponsors. Courtney shares her journey in the automotive motorsport world, starting as an apprentice mechanic at 15, navigating through different roles, and eventually founding her own company. She emphasizes the importance of leveraging sponsorships through strategic content creation and effective social media management to provide a return on investment for sponsors and build long-lasting relationships.

    Throughout the interview, Courtney discusses the significance of proving one's worth to sponsors before seeking partnerships, the power of organic growth and quality content in social media marketing, and the need for athletes to invest in their sponsors, showcasing the value they bring. She also touches on the challenges and opportunities in securing sponsorships, offering practical advice for athletes looking to enhance their social media presence, engage with sponsors, and create successful sponsorship strategies. This episode provides invaluable insights for motorsport athletes and anyone involved in sponsorships, branding, and event management within the motorsport industry.

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