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Exclusive insights from the forefront of the music world, uncovering the creative process, cutting-edge technology, and the business acumen driving the industry forward.

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Exclusive insights from the forefront of the music world, uncovering the creative process, cutting-edge technology, and the business acumen driving the industry forward.

    The Keys to Success in any Industry!

    The Keys to Success in any Industry!

    The Keys to Success in the Music Industry: Transferable Skills and a Winning Mindset:
    In this conversation, Redz, Anthony, and Dee discuss the balance between personal and professional life, the sacrifices and rewards of their careers, and the pursuit of financial independence. Redz shares his experiences working as an audio engineer for the Marley Brothers Legacy Tour and the importance of rehearsals in delivering a great show. They also touch on the significance of making memories with family and the freedom that comes with pursuing one's passion. The conversation revolves around the theme of sacrifice and the different perspectives on pursuing dreams in the music industry. The conversation also touches on the growth and success they have achieved in their careers and the impact they hope to have on future generations. In this final part of the conversation, Redz and Anthony discuss the importance of mentorship and inspiring the next generation. They highlight the success that comes from hard work, passion, and a strong work ethic. They emphasize the need to have a clear purpose and to constantly strive for greatness. Redz shares his experiences as a monitor engineer and the dedication required to deliver exceptional performances. They also discuss the transferable skills and mindset that are necessary for success in any field.
    00:00 Introduction and Mic Talk
    02:35 Starting the Day on the Right Note
    04:18 Introducing Jason Reynolds (Redz Engineer)
    06:20 Juggling Personal and Professional Life
    08:20 Finding Balance and Overloading on the Personal Side
    12:30 The Freedom of Pursuing Passion and Financial Independence
    15:02 The Sacrifices of a Regular Job and the Pursuit of Financial Independence
    18:54 The Ultimate Goal: Making Money While You Sleep
    21:18 The Sacrifices of Pursuing Dreams
    23:13 The Impact of Ignorance
    26:24 Exposing the Next Generation
    30:39 Inspiring the Next Generation
    34:26 The Journey to Success
    45:20 Inspiring the Next Generation and the Importance of Mentorship
    50:26 The Key to Success: Hard Work, Passion, and Work Ethic
    56:42 Striving for Greatness and Having a Clear Purpose
    01:02:45 Transferable Skills and a Winning Mindset
    01:05:29 The Role of a Monitor Engineer: Dedication and Exceptional Performances

    • 1 hr 7 min
    A guide to finding balance & Joy in today's Music

    A guide to finding balance & Joy in today's Music

    We are excited to speak with singer-songwriter and author Tara Shannon in today's episode. Tara's journey defied expectations when she returned to the music scene as a woman in her forties and immediately established a following locally, nationally, and globally. She splits her time between Nashville and Ottawa with the goal to empower and inspire the other musicians on the label she founded, Willow Sound Records. In her music business education with The Syndicut, another entity she founded to help educate music creators and encourage them to see themselves as entrepreneurs. Her experiences in teaching workshops inspired her to write the book titled, "You and the Music Business, A Self-Care Guide to Finding Balance and Joy in Today’s Music Industry" to empower other independent artists who find themselves on a similar path. In this episode, we talk about the many hats Tara wears, her songwriting and discuss her new book!

    • 43 min
    Making the band

    Making the band

    Cigar Club is a band formed in 2016, consisting of Tyler Booth on drums, Dan Amato on guitar and vocals, Trevor on vocals, and Jeff on bass. The name 'Cigar Club' was suggested by their original drummer, Simon. They talk about their evolving approach to writing songs and incorporating different elements into their music. They also discuss the importance of crowd testing their songs and making adjustments based on audience reactions. The band shares their plans for the future, including upcoming releases and the Gussapalooza Festival.
    01:35 Origin of the Band Name
    05:13 Early Performances and Songwriting
    09:20 Tyler Booth Joins the Band
    12:42 Recording Music
    14:49 Collaborative Writing Process
    18:45 Crowd Testing and Adjusting Songs
    20:02 Future Plans and Releases
    26:12 The Dream: Making Music for a Living

    • 29 min
    The Dark Side of the Industry: Rumors and Whispers

    The Dark Side of the Industry: Rumors and Whispers

    Understanding what you don't know is key to making progress.Hiring professionals in areas where you lack expertise can save time and yield better results.Marketing is crucial for the success of a business.Attending music festivals can be a great way to enjoy live music and learn from industry experts.Censorship can limit freedom of speech and hinder open discourse. Censorship in music is a topic of discussion, with examples of harmless words being bleeped out in songs.The dark side of the entertainment industry is explored, including rumors and whispers about certain artists and parties.The importance of focusing on the good in the world and being the light that we want to see.The conversation highlights the potential temptations and compromises that individuals may face in the pursuit of fame and success.
    00:00 Understanding What You Don't Know
    02:17 The Value of Hiring Professionals
    05:51 The Experience of Attending a Music Festival
    08:22 The Potential for Growth and Improvement
    11:16 The Limitations of Censorship
    23:14The Dark Side of the Entertainment Industry
    25:30 Being the Light in a Dark World
    29:29 The Temptations and Compromises of Fame

    • 36 min
    The Evolution of Funktasy Records

    The Evolution of Funktasy Records

    The conversation explores the evolution of Hoss's music journey, from his childhood exposure to music in Iran to his passion for electronic music and technology. We delves into his experience as a percussionist, DJ, and radio show host, highlighting his transition into starting a record label out of necessity. Hoss shares his decision to treat the label as a business and the steps he took to establish it, including investing in legal agreements and creating an SEO-friendly website. The conversation also touches on the growth of Funktasy Records and its magazine, Funktasy Magazine, during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, Funktasy experienced growth and had access to A-list celebrities due to their good content, persistence, and the fact that people were at home. The magazine concept was an unexpected evolution for Funktasy. Hoss also highlights the significance of understanding royalties and publishing, and the role of radio in the music industry.
    00:00 The Evolution of Hoss's Music Journey
    08:48 Starting Functasy Records: A Necessity Turned Business
    12:25 The Growth of Functasy Records and Fun2C Magazine
    16:12 Adaptability and Entrepreneurship in the Music Industry
    22:43 The Importance of Radio in the Music Industry
    25:39 Funktasy: Welcoming Artists from Various Genres
    27:30 Understanding Royalties and Publishing in the Music Industry

    • 33 min
    Take your show on the go with Keyhole Piano Shells

    Take your show on the go with Keyhole Piano Shells

    In this captivating episode, we sit down with Michael McCaslin, the visionary founder of Keyhole Piano Shells. Michael's innovative designs have revolutionized the piano industry, providing musicians and performers with elegant and functional piano shells that elevate any performance. We dive into Michael's journey from concept to creation, discussing the challenges he faced, the inspiration behind his designs, and the impact of Keyhole Piano Shells on the music world. Whether you're a musician, a music enthusiast, or simply curious about the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship, this episode offers fascinating insights into the world of piano innovation. Join us for an inspiring conversation with Michael McCaslin, where we uncover the passion and ingenuity that drive his work at Keyhole Piano Shells.

    • 29 min

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56 Ratings

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