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New stories, new laughs, new random hot takes that no one asked for... New Rory & Mal.

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New stories, new laughs, new random hot takes that no one asked for... New Rory & Mal.

    Episode 139 | The Minority Report

    Episode 139 | The Minority Report

    It’s our first episode of Black History Month so naturally we told Rory to sit this one out. He’s on desk duty. We begin with Eddin at the Apollo and Rory/Julian seeing Louis CK sell out all 18,000 seats at MSG (Cosby is next), who’s also the subject of today’s Same Night / Same City. What would you do to see your favorite performers? Well Amber Rose has a solution. Meanwhile, Latto is selling used underwear. Mal shares a confession and Julian shares another bad “break up” story. Speaking of better endings, the guys discuss which artist they wish had a different career trajectory. Then we review the new Lil Yachty album and breakdown Smokey Robinson’s track list for ‘Gasm’. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as, why Demaris is going to have a shooter for a son and why Mal’s uncle stopped robbing people + more!

    • 1 hr 45 min
    Episode 138 | Spoiled Beats & Next-Gen Rappers ft. Don Cannon

    Episode 138 | Spoiled Beats & Next-Gen Rappers ft. Don Cannon

    The the…the Cannon. On today’s episode we’re joined by one of the most iconic producers/music executives in the industry, Don Cannon. If you’re not familiar with DJ Cannon he helped create the sound of the mixtape era. Currently, he is the CEO of the extremely successful Generation Now and co-founder of the TmrO app. First, Cannon takes us through his early years in the studio from bumping into Kanye and playing basketball with Kobe. Eventually Cannon met DJ Drama and that’s where the mixtapes began. Cannon shares stories from the ‘Trap or Die’ sessions and eventually shares how his resurgence has led to labels requesting “Uzi type beats” or another “First Class”. The guys then all share a moment of how different the next generation of artists are than the previous ones, which leads to why Cannon chose not to go to the Gucci and Jeezy Versus. The discussion returns to today with the controversial rating from Pitchfork on Ice Spice’s EP. The debating with Dom continues as the guys run through recent comments by 50 Cent, Ludacris, the undervaluing of Dr Dre’s catalog, favorite lyrics/beat. Finally, like all good debates including Don and Mal we land on Michael vs. LeBron. The guys share their personal NBA top 5, as well as, their rapper top 5. Tune in as the guys and DJ Cannon discuss all of the above + more!

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    Episode 137 | 23 and Him

    Episode 137 | 23 and Him

    Happy Friday! We’re off to a restless start as Baisley runs all over Rory’s house. Today we start with music. Complex names 21 Savage the best rapper of 2022, which leads to NORE and the rumor mill. Coming off of rumors we learn that Rick Rubin hates veganism (everyone collectively challenges Mal’s dietary preference). Staying on food, we break down the recent video of the Doordash stunt at a college basketball game and reminisce on Hood Pranks. Kanye is back on the timeline, but for less controversial reasons. Mal has a theory about a potential reunion with Adidas. This past week was fashion week in Paris so naturally we discussed the importance of the best bitty reveal. America’s favorite police officer is back in the news after a Nashville strip club offers her $10k for a couple nights' work. We provide another job she can have at the club. Then comes the most controversial topic of today’s episode. The 23-year-old who looks like a child who’s dating a 26-year-old. Rory and Julian believe this could be a breakthrough. We somehow transition into show-and-tell. Tune in as the guys discuss all of the above + more!

    • 1 hr 24 min
    Episode 136 | Rory Gets Denied At The Apollo

    Episode 136 | Rory Gets Denied At The Apollo

    The guys are back after a mixy weekend. Rory and Julian thought they found love for Baby D, but to no avail. The following night, the party continued with Bas and the Dreamville team again at none other than Ludlow House. While we were running around lower Manhattan most people were uptown in Harlem for Drake’s back-to-back shows at the historic Apollo. We break down the set list, the featured artists, and how Rory and Mal swallowed their pride and refrained from texting Drake for tickets. While Drake had NY’s attention, Beyonce was across the world giving Dubai her first live show in 4 years. We further the Dubai conversation by proposing a question that would lead to a quick (but sticky) payout. Speaking of sexual acts, would you let your significant other go on vacation for 20 days? Tune in as we discuss all of the above, as well as, the pathetic showing of NY sports teams, Shannon Sharpe vs. The Grizzlies, Catholic School basketball  + more!

    • 1 hr 39 min
    Episode 135 | KFC From Barstool discusses LeBron, Sitting on Cakes, and Barstool Politics

    Episode 135 | KFC From Barstool discusses LeBron, Sitting on Cakes, and Barstool Politics

    Welcome to the Barstool crossover episode. Today, we are joined by KFC and almost immediately Rory asks about Barstool politics. The guys discuss signing contracts and being cancel proof (if that’s possible). Mal and KFC share how they deal with the haters. Then the guys discuss Stephen A Smith’s comments about Rihanna vs. Beyonce and somehow bring up Mal going to the Cosby tour. Do you vote? Better yet, should you vote? We discuss who should be allowed to vote. Incoming bleep spree…which leads in to George Santos and his lies. Staying on politics, Herschel Walker’s son is killing it on TikTok. It was only a matter of time before Mal brought up LeBron and Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Shaq gets brought into the conversation, but not for the reasons you’d expect. Finally, we react to a bunch of viral videos and eventually turn KFC’s ‘Answer The Internet’ segment on himself. We make him answer a bunch of difficult would you rather's. Tune in as we discuss all of the above + more!

    • 2 hrs 1 min
    Episode 134 | Bring Back Naked News!

    Episode 134 | Bring Back Naked News!

    It feels like things are finally getting back to normal. Today starts with Eddin gifting Julian a new Lulu backpack, which will not be given to anybody to borrow. Speaking of borrowing, the La Vergne Police Department in Tennessee took team building to the extreme by personally “training” a female officer. Perhaps the police department should have started an Only Fans since they’re all out of a job. Iggy Azalea launches her Only Fans, making over $300k in the first 24 hours, thus sparking the debate of which of us should start one. Naked News was the informative Only Fans…shoutout Toronto. Mal also shares a story of when he saw Ron Jeremy in LA. Back to music, same night/same city SZA or Summer Walker? Then the guys break down the new PnD single and briefly discuss Gunna. Tune in as the guys discuss all of this, as well as, the new House Party film and LeBron’s involvement + more!

    • 1 hr 22 min

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4.8 out of 5
350 Ratings

350 Ratings

Cash Crosby ,


Big fan of the boys, happy to see y’all continuing to do ya thing, love to get Rory and mal some pieces in the future @pvstlifeproducts @bobbybrugal

Creamytrina ,

Love the show… BUT

I was watching these guys from the previous podcast. Loved it. Followed them here… loved it but I can’t with Demaris. She’s too much and I think if they need a female co-host or someone to speak then get someone else and let her sit off mic to produce… she is so left field half the time and while she says she hates her voice on the podcast she won’t stop talking!!!! She continually interrupts them speaking on facts to bring up something irrelevant. I used to love this show but had to find something else. I occasionally check in for guest appearances as she doesn’t seem to speak on this episodes. 🙄

Bepisman ,

Hi, I’m Rory

This and the Bodega Biys are the only podcasts I will genuinely care when they end for good.

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