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A weekly question of faith answered by Cleveland Catholics. Fr. Damian Ference, Vicar of Evangelization and Mike Hayes Director of Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland co-host with frequent guests from the Diocesan Office who join in the conversation.

Question of Faith Fr. Damian Ference and Mike Hayes

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A weekly question of faith answered by Cleveland Catholics. Fr. Damian Ference, Vicar of Evangelization and Mike Hayes Director of Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Cleveland co-host with frequent guests from the Diocesan Office who join in the conversation.

    When Can I Stop Praying for the Souls in Purgatory?

    When Can I Stop Praying for the Souls in Purgatory?

    As Mike Hayes and Father Damian Ference recount, there's something about an eclipse that brings both wonder and joy. The recent night sky's ballet was no different, and as it cast a surreal glow, they found themselves surrounded by friends, absorbed in the spellbinding moment.  This episode takes you through their weekend journey, ending with the prayerful peak of the eclipse and the vibrant Believeland retreat with young adults, where laughter and serenity mingled. FD also shared the deep privilege of witnessing a sacred ordination at the University of Notre Dame.

    Venture further with us as we tackle the concept of purgatory, a theme poignantly depicted at the end of the film "St Vincent."  FD also discusses a comforting dream that provided solace after recalling the loss of a mentor.   

    We go to Sacred Heart Chapel in Lorain for Church Search this week.

    And as the Third Sunday of Easter approaches, we examine one of the Gospel of Luke's accounts of Jesus' resurrection.

    Join us to connect these spiritual reflections with the tranquility of the eclipse – an event that not only stirred excitement but also had a surprising calming effect on Mike's pet.

    Additonal Show Notes:
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    Study groups from the National Catholic Singles Conference.

    If you have a Question:  email it to: mhayes@dioceseofcleveland.org

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    How Can I Invite Someone to Mass?

    How Can I Invite Someone to Mass?

    Have you ever wondered how a simple invitation can transform someone's spiritual life? Join the three of us:  Mike Hayes, Father Damian Ference and Christy Cabaniss, as we unravel the power of community and the art of welcoming others into our faith journey this Easter season. In our latest heartfelt discussion, we dive into the nuances of inviting friends to Mass, from becoming a "Mass buddy" to leveraging technology for creating inclusive spaces. We also relive the vibrancy of Holy Week, with Christy's touching recount of the Easter Vigil at St. Mary's and Father Damian's and Mike's marathon of services that bring the solemnity of Good Friday to life.

    Then, we nestle into the warmth of St. Mary's Parish community, where the beauty of shared liturgy and the statues of saints offer more than just a visual feast—they're beacons for spiritual kinship. We reflect on how these symbols of faith provide comfort, particularly in the journey to find a spiritual mother in Our Lady. 

    The episode then shifts to a contemplative gear as we ponder over the gospel, delving into the mystery of Doubting Thomas's absence and what it tells us about belief, community, and the human heart. 

    So, pull up a chair and let's explore these Easter reflections together—because sometimes, the most profound lessons come wrapped in the joy of shared experiences.

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    Can Holy Week Make You Holy?

    Can Holy Week Make You Holy?

    Fr. Eric Garris, Diocesan Vocations Director joins Mike and FD

    0:45:   Lent is busy for all.

    1:15:  It's like Finals Week

    1:35:  What is Holy Week like for the guys?

    1:50:  What is Shrove Tuesday?

    2:15:  Today is the Chrism Mass.

    2:25:  More on Shrove Tuesday and the Chrism Mass and the priests spending the day.

    4:00:   The priesthood is very diverse.

    4:20:  Tuesday of Holy Week actually has a cool name after all.

    4:55:  On Fig Newtons

    5:05:   On Tenebrae

    5:35:  What's going on Holy Thursday?   Expanded time of confession on Holy Thursday at the Cathedral.

    6:10:  All three of us will be at St. Wendelin's at 7PM for Holy Thursday's Mass of the Lord's Supper followed by Holy Night Hike.

    7:15:  We got billboards.

    7:40:  It was cool last year.

    8:15:   We got Maps

    8:40:  Good weather is coming our way.

    8:55:  St. Phillip Neri started the 7 church walk. And then 14 churches --one for each Station of the Cross.

    10:05:  A strange experience of Holy Thursday for Fr. Eric.

    10:45:   FD's experience in the Garden of Gethsemane.

    12:15:  Altars are stripped and then Good Friday.

    12:40:  Fr. Eric is at the Cathedral for Good Friday and then in the evening at St Lucy/St. Edward's.

    13:15:  Mike is doing the Good Friday Procession at Sagrada Familia (FD too!), St. Coleman's and St Michael's.

    14:25:  Lots of participation on Holy Week.

    15:05:   These liturgies are not obligatory but....

    15:55:  Mike's experience of Holy Week in a Yonkers Monastery.

    17:15:   Lots of different experiences are striking.

    17:35:   Blessing of the Food experinces.

    19:00:  On the Easter Vigil.

    20:00:  Do you use the old oils for the Easter Fire?  Charcoal for incense.

    20:45: RCIA experiences.

    21:45:  The Easter dismissal.

    22:05:  We take our lives and pour ourselves into the liturgy.

    23:35:   The Holy Night Hike Churches are  this week's churches:

    24:10:  Bring a friend to Holy Night Hike.

    24:35:   The Apollo Stamp at St. Emeric.

    24:55:  The Liturgies are long.

    25:55:   The Readings for Easter Sunday.

    26:40:  The deferral by the Beloved Disciple.

    27:05:   Grief and Holy Week with Mary of Magdala.

    28:05:   A Gardener's Mustache.

    28:45:  Should Mike grow a mustache?  Take our poll!

    29:00:  Mike Hayes has been called to Holy Orders!  Yay!

    29:25:  Once a Deacon always a Deacon.

    29:50:  Pope Fr

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    What Do I Need to Know to Be a Godparent?

    What Do I Need to Know to Be a Godparent?

    Christa Alaburda from the Young Adult Advisory Board and parishioner at St Hilary's Parish in Fairlawn

    (1:05)  Christa is a Godparent to her nephew.

    1:25:  What are the responsibilities and requirements to be a Godparent?

    2:05:   It's a gift!

    2:20:  To be a witness and accompany.

    2:40:  Did Christa have active Godparents?

    3:20:  You might have wonderful parents but you need people who are not them to support your faith.

    3:45:  Who were Fr. Damian's Godparents?

    4:10:  We share the Body of Christ with others who are not blood relatives.

    4:40:  Mike's Godparents were one of both.  Mike is a Godparent as well.

    5:15:  FD has 12 Godchildren what does he do for them?

    6:45:  What does Christa do with her Godson?

    7:45:  What was Mike's best birthday present?

    8:30:   FD tries to go to sacraments and send notes on retreat.

    8:50:  Christa babysits for her Godson too.

    9:05:  Weddings sometimes features Godparents.

    9:40:  What do you have to be to be a Godparent?
    10:55:  St. Hilary parish in Fairlawn, OH is this week's Church Search.

    12:25:   Deacon Michael Garvin is being ordained and he is a son of that parish.

    13:25:   Check out Holy Night Hike this Holy Thursday.

    18:00: FD is celebrating Mass at St Wendelin at 7PM

    18:15: Christa did this last year.

    19:30:  Mike met his wife on Holy Thursday.

    20:55:  No monstrances on Holy Thursday.

    21:45:   Palm Sunday Readings can be found here.

    22:30:  Holy week is awesome.




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    How Does Music Get Selected for Mass?

    How Does Music Get Selected for Mass?

    Mary Hrich, Director for the Office for Worship joins us as Fr. Damian is travelling.

    0:20:  Mary is a longtime liturgical musician, so she talks about how she's gone about selecting music in parish life.

    1:40:  Music must be deemed worthy and liturgically approproate.

    2:35:   Music has different purposes: Sometimes it's the prayer itself.  Sometimes it's processional.

    4:00:  The are limits to the musical diversity, but there is diversity.

    4:45:  Mary had a great liturgical teacher and has kept up with workshops, etc.

    6:20:  Can you make music requests?  Why or why not?

    8:55:  What about Weddings or Funerals?

    10:30:  Mike's friend's crazy story about wedding music.

    11:50:  What's Mary new job like?

    14:05:   Mary misses playing music at Mass.

    15:00   Church Search goes to Resurrection in Solon, Oh

    16:00:  Readings for the 5th Sunday of Lent

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    Can the Priest Add Words to the Liturgy?

    Can the Priest Add Words to the Liturgy?

    Mary Hrich (pronounced "Rich") joins us.  She is the Director of the Office for Worship for the Diocese of Cleveland.

    0;20 Fr. Damian is on Spring Break

    0:35:  How did Mary get her job?

    1:35:  Mary took a straw poll of friends.

    2:00:   What does the GIRM say? 
    2:28:  Can you subtract words?

    2:50:  An Ash Wednesday example on the Kyrie.

    3:20:  On the Roman Missal.

    4:10:  Homilies are good examples here too.

    4:30:  This goes for Deacons too.

    4:50:  On "progressive solemnity."

    5:30:  What about the Universal prayer?

    6:00:  Weddings and funerals are also good examples.  Especially on the sign of peace.

    6:40:  Liturgy is about Christ's work.

    7:00   Everyone has a part to play in liturgy.

    7:45:  What if we re-visioned what Sunday Mass is?

    9:00:  Attention must be paid.

    9:45:  Practice setting aside your distractions.

    10:15:  My Daily Prayers is a good place to develop this.

    10:45:  Mike's experience with the Trappists.

    11:40:  We are driven people sometimes, but for what?

    12:50:  Lay Eucharistic Ministers should also be mindful of the words at Liturgy,

    13:35:  Bad habits spread like wildfire.

    14:00:  The Roman Missal calls for silence as well.

    14:35:  Mike's friend Fr Roderick has a good example here.

    15:20:  Church Seach: St Mary Magdelene in Willowick.

    17:45:  Readings for the 4th Sunday of Lent.

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