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Golf Discussion ranging from technique to coaching and everything inbetween

Shamrocks and Shanks steve moore

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Golf Discussion ranging from technique to coaching and everything inbetween

    Sean Foley - What do you want to do with your dash.

    Sean Foley - What do you want to do with your dash.

    My guest for this episode is Sean Foley. Sean is widely recognized as one of the premier golf coaches in world golf having worked alongside some of the smartest professionals in the golf world and then using those experiences while helping some of the worlds best players to realise their own existing potential. 
    In this episode we start by chatting about how Sean would best describe what it is that he does and indeed whether the path to get there has been a conscious one of more born from merely the ever-changing experiences of life and indeed the challenges and the failures that it provides us all. 
    We discuss his perspective on how the club golfer can improve their practice or learning experiences and leading on from that we chat about the new learning aid that he has created with his fellow Canadian golf coach David Woods. With the mention of the Pro Sendr learning aid we get a chance to delve into some technical discussion on how the device works and indeed some discussion on the role of that trail arm and wrist in golf swing. 
    We talk about breathing and its discussion in golf. 
    For the coaching section we discuss his view on protecting players against his preferences in sessions and what might be a more player beneficial approach and Sean gives some advice to coaches out there in creating relationships with experts in certain fields to really improve or hone your craft. 
    When starting to edit this podcast I felt this was one of my poorer hosting displays. I have known about Sean for nearly 4 years now and gotten to known him for the last two of those. Some of the most poignant, significant career developing moments in my last 4 years have been learnings from Sean either in person, through messages or from a post or podcast etc.  My want for this podcast was to try and give you all a similar experience and I felt I really didn’t ask the right questions to create that learning experience for you all. 
    Aside from that I think what comes across to me is how comfortable Sean is in who he is. He is without doubt one of the smartest people in golf, in terms of knowledge and the knowledge to keep learning from others, yet there never seems to exist a need to advertise that fact. I said at the start of this Podcast that his influence affected me as a person more than a golf coach and the more I delve into the hierarchy of golf coaching, the more I realise they are equally important to be successful in this field.
     I have spent more than four years learning from Sean about love, respect and been a good human all the while in the background waiting for the day to learn more about his swing preferences, his thoughts on downswing etc. On closer reflection perhaps my beliefs in what I needed to learn from him was not aligned with how he felt he could best help. 
    Sean has always insisted you have to go through it to get to it so I really do hope as you all go through this podcast you do get something out of it that helps you as a golfer, coach and person.  

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    Neuropeak Pro - An Introduction to breathing training.

    Neuropeak Pro - An Introduction to breathing training.

    My guests for this episode are Andy Matthews and Brian Stolman. Boht Andy and Brian work for a company out of Michigan called Neuropeak Pro, Andy  is Director of golf performance for Neurpoeak Pro and Brian Stolman is a Peak performance coach. 
    Now Neuropeak Pro is a company that has been helping people to improve their lives through helping them optimize their brain performance and breathing for quite some time. The reason that we have them on our podcast is many of those same people are athletes playing in some of the best leagues in world sport including NFL. MLB , NHL and of course for our purpose today on Professional Golf Tours around the world. Two clients that might be familiar in the golf world would be Jordan Spieth and Bryson Dechambeau.  The exact reason for having Andy and Brian on the show was to discuss breathing… now yes we all breathe and we all know that its pretty much an essential but the question is how much do we really know about it. Are we breathing the right way for example mouth versus nose breathing. Does how we breathe affect our performance? Should we be breathing slower when under pressure? What’s this fight or flight response everyone talks about?? 
    We discuss how athletes in general need to be looking at how they breathe irrelevant of what sport we are really participating in. 
    We get into some terms that you might have heard around breathing discussions including Precision breathing training, Heart rate Variability or HRV and how they might be affecting you as a golfer. 
    If you are that arrive at the course nervous player who just hopes to hit it well to relax Andy creates some nice ideas about how you can use breathing in your warm ups for your round or even before you get to the course
    We then chat about the Ntel belt that Neuropeak Pro use in assessing clients breathing. Its is the first of its kind real time precision breathing device which shows heart rate data and real time respiration data as you train. 
    We then move on to the coaches section of our Podcast. So if you are a coach who has been looking at breathing training for your players or even if you have not we chat about how a coach might recognise the need in a player to look at their breathing patterns and how to introduce it to your players. 
    We discuss the recent creation of the Neuropeak Pro coach certification. So what does the certification entail and how we can use this for our own education as coaches and indeed what the plans are for enhancing this education for those who perhaps want to deeper dive. 
    If you are interested in performing better this will be a really interesting soft introduction to breathing viewed from a scientific and sports perspective. 
    To receive a years FREE subscription to the Neuropeak Pro App when purchasing your Ntel belt simply type " STEVEMOORE " in the Apply Coupon tab when purchasing and the FREE year app subscription will be added to your cart. 
    Alternatively type copy and paste the link below into your browser and complete your purchase to receive the FREE years app subscription. 

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    Robbie King - Coaching, Learning and Course Management.

    Robbie King - Coaching, Learning and Course Management.

    My guest for this episode is Robbie King. Robbie is a PGA Qualified Teaching Professional at one of Scotland's leading golf resorts, The Carrick Golf Club on Loch Lomond and is quickly becoming one of the premier young golf coaches. Robbie's clients range from newcomers to the game all the way through to Touring professionals so his skills and ability  in dealing with issues of all levels is quite extensive. 
    In this pod we start by discussing some of the myths Robbie has encountered during his career in coaching to date, we discuss his process of assessing golf swings and how he might suggest the club golfer at home assesses their own action. 
    We chat a bit about improvement in your own game and perhaps starting to remove the sole gaze on technical aspects and focusing more on playing the game so how we learn or practice and some course management strategies. 
    IN the coaches section of the Pod we talk about Robbie’s own journey to career development, so what was the incentive to travel to events like Doctors 4 in Virginia , what or whom has been his biggest influence to date in that journey and what are some of the challenges that he has faced as he sought out information from different sources. 
    We chat about Robbie's involvement in skill development and on course learning and finally his goals for the future while on this educational journey. 
    The hidden sub conscious qualification to be on this podcast has been that I personally have been impressed with your information and feel it would be of benefit for the everyday golfer or other coaches to know. That is in a nut shell is life experience as we can only learn from what we experience however what struck me first when contemplating asking Robbie to be on the show was I knew quite little about what he teaches, what his swing philosophy or his coaching experiences. All I really knew was he had travelled over 3,500 miles from Glasgow to Virginia to spend 3 days learning information to help his players and that really was enough.. I realised very quickly when starting to chat and in this podcast how special, dedicated and talented this young coach is right now and more importantly how bright the future is for him. If you are not following along on his journey I suggest you do. I couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to launch my new series of “ The New Breed” ..
    Ladies and Gentleman 
    Robbie King 

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    Matt Lyons - The journey has just begun.

    Matt Lyons - The journey has just begun.

    We sit down with Canadian Junior Golfer and D1 College commit Matt Lyons for a very quick chat about his journey into golf, the challenges he has faced along the way and what advice he would give any juniors looking to follow in his footsteps. 

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    Titleist - Helping Golfers Go Farther.

    Titleist - Helping Golfers Go Farther.

    Alright so welcome to a special edition so to speak of the podcast….. today we are going to be talking equipment and more specifically we are talking equipment with the company that produces the number 1 ball in golf but also has one of the most talked about driver releases in 2023 with the TSR model… Titleist golf balls and golf clubs have long been synonymous with elite performance in golf but I wanted to get more detailed info on why they perform so well, what makes the clubs so popular amongst elite players and what makes the ball #1 ball in golf.. So, I reached out to the team at Titleist Canada and am we set up a podcast with Ryan and Rishi from Titleist…Ryan is the golf club product and marketing manager and rishi is head of ball fitting and player performance..
    So we start first with rishi and a little of the history of Titleist and what led to their first ball been produced nearly 80 years ago, we chat why they have the number 1 ball in golf so the process of ball development and quality checks. We discuss their expansive ball fitting process both online and in person and the qualities you perhaps should be focusing on more in your golf ball performance. 
    We then give Ryan the platform to talk a little on the development, both reasoning and technical of the TS line and the arrival in 2023 of the TSR model. We discuss club fitting and why it is so important to get the right Titleist club in your hands to maximise performance and we also briefly chat about the short mini series that Titleist have produced called “We go farther “ which pulls the curtain back in a very honest look at the production of the TS Line
    We are all trying to get a one up or that slight improvement in our games but sometimes we bypass the most important aspects of ball and club. This is a perspective of that process by the team that live and breathe golf development to make sure when you do tee up a Titleist or put a TSR on a tee deck that the equipment you have is of the utmost quality… 

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    Steve Astle - Assumptions, Beliefs and Business

    Steve Astle - Assumptions, Beliefs and Business

    My guest for this episode is Steve Astle. Steve is a Top 50 coach from the UK with over 25 years coaching experience and has worked with all level of players from beginners right the way through to tour professionals. He is currently the England girls under 18’s coach as well as a member of the PGA great britian and Ireland coaching team. As well as excelling in the world of coaching Steve is also an industry leader in his golf coaching business where he works with and assists other coaches in their day to day business operations from marketing and advertising, to goal setting based on career aspirations. 
    To start this pod we draw on Steve’s immense teaching experience to chat some myths he sees in the golf industry. We chat a little about social media and how the perspective of which you look at it can change the evaluation of good or bad influence. 
    We discuss his role with the U 18 England girls team and what perhaps we can draw on as adults from how these young stars of the future go about learning and improving at such a rate. Lastly for the club player we discuss the ever-widening selection of golf coaches due to technology and what criteria might help you select the right coach to help your game. 
    When we move into the coaches’ section, we get to chat steve’s current role as a golf coach business consultant. 
    Here he talks about some of the bigger mistakes he sees coaches make in their everyday business and as well as some of the qualities he sees in the very successful individuals. He gives us some intro steps to maybe assessing your own coaching business and a look at how exactly he goes about helping coaches create more visibility and in turn more revenue. 

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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Doug Lawrie ,

Great Stuff!

Steve Moore could be the most professionally developed golf coach I know. His knowledge, demeanour and insight allows for poignant questions and fantastic dialogue from all his guests.

Coach Doug

Whistlerboy ,

Informative and interesting

The podcast explores not only technique, but more importantly how the body and mind acquire new skills to improve.

getting more and more unhappy ,

Spot On

Excellent podcast with top notch guests. Steve has a knack of asking all the right questions and making the podcast perfect for the amateur golfer at any level.

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