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Talking all things Spirit...healing arts, psychics/mediums, astrology & numerology, woo-woo, science supporting spiritual concepts, and personal stories. The host and creator of this show, Brandee Bolton, speaks from the perspective of a highly intuitive person who works on developing psychic skills. She will leave no stone unturned when it comes to spiritual topics.

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Talking all things Spirit...healing arts, psychics/mediums, astrology & numerology, woo-woo, science supporting spiritual concepts, and personal stories. The host and creator of this show, Brandee Bolton, speaks from the perspective of a highly intuitive person who works on developing psychic skills. She will leave no stone unturned when it comes to spiritual topics.

    The time I healed my Mom

    The time I healed my Mom

    Story time!  I was inspired by the soul tribe community when a poster said "reiki is real." 
    In this episode I tell a personal story about healing my Mom's kidney.  This was the thing that really made me believe that reiki is real and can be very powerful.  
    This was also a lesson in making sure to manage my own energy, especially after reiki sessions!  I had to learn it the hard way...I got extreme energy sickness.  Now that it's all behind me though, I am truly grateful for the experience.  
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    Moving through fear

    Moving through fear

    I had planned to do a completely different episode today, but ended up sharing what was on my heart instead.  This episode is basically like my own personal journal entry combined with messages for you.
    I talk about my own fears and how they have affected me.  One of the reasons I haven't committed to regular recording sessions for this podcast is because of fear of judgement.  In this episode I talk about how, the bigger the calling, the bigger the shadow.  Why we should move through fears to do the things that light us up (people's spirit guides tell me this all the time by the way). 
    I didn't prepare for this episode.  I just let it flow and believe it or not, to me that is scary.  Some of the issues I'm working through in my real life are perfectionism, analysis paralysis, and fear of judgement.  Can you relate?
    Please don't leave me hanging out on a limb alone.  Listen to the episode and let it be your permission slip to go do the thing that has been calling you!
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    A conversation with Kellie

    A conversation with Kellie

    Kellie was a sensitive kid and she turned her abilities way down until she felt the call strongly enough and got enough evidence from Spirit that this was the right thing when she made the transition in her business from stylist to spiritual work.  Kellie talks about how her path has unfolded and how she is a spiritual course junkie.  Having taken a course on spirit guides, she can now see people's spirit teams!  Kellie also tells us about how spirit usually comes through for her via scent (clairgustance).  
    Kellie and I discuss reiki and I have a real time lightbulb moment of the how/why reiki and mediumship often go hand in hand.  Dreams are another way that spirit often comes through because, similar to reiki, the mind is out of the way.  This leads us to discuss spiritual boundaries and how Kellie learned from experience.  Spirit was waking her up and night and it became so exhausting.  This is when she extended the boundaries she has in her life to her spiritual work.  Now spirit waits until at least 5:30 am to communicate.  
    I asked Kellie about her philosophy on ghosts and as it turns out we have similar views.  This leads us to talking about energy clearing and the importance of owning the energy in your own home.  But what about spirits in the home?  Kellie says embrace it and feel gratitude that your family and spirit team is there hanging with you.  I couldn't agree more!  
    Back to spirit guides, Kellie and I both agree that many guides feel they could be doing more, but the communication isn't there.  We discuss how to get in touch with guides and Kellie makes the excellent point that some folks are squeezing too tight, trying to control and not surrendering enough to the magic that our guides may want to come through with.  
    To end off our conversation, I ask Kellie what she wishes she knew early on in her development and she comes through with a great answer.  Please enjoy my conversation with Kellie.  
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    New moon magic

    New moon magic

    Hello soul tribe!  I hope you enjoy this episode on the new moon and the power of intention.  In this episode I talk about:
    Living in alignment with the moon.
    Being shown my own lessons by spirit through readings for other people.
    How I got clarity on lessons from my spirit guide through clairvoyance and claircognizance.
    What life can feel like when we don't set intentions.
    The importance of setting intentions.
    The law of attraction working for you when intentions are set. 
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    This one’s about Feng Shui

    This one’s about Feng Shui

    Hi soul tribe!  I am back after a beautiful summer and am ready to post more frequent episodes of Spirit Talk.  After a bit of a break, I chose to talk about the energy in our homes and environments.  Then I was nudged by my guide to pick up an old book on a shelf in my home and it was all about Feng Shui....how fitting to the topic I had already chosen (always trust your guides).  In this episode, I talk about what Feng Shui is and give a bit of it's history.  Then I give some tips I found on a website (see link below) and added my 2 cents to each tip as an experienced energy ready.  Here are the tips:
    Declutter Your Home
    Learn About the 5 Feng Shui Elements
    Let in Air and Light
    Choose the Correct Bed Location
    Use Plants for Adding Good Energy
    Keep the Path to the Front Door Clear
    Mirrors Matter a Lot
    Keep Things and Windows Clean
    Add a Fountain or Aquarium
    Remove Negative Symbolism
    Fix All Broken Things
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    Information for this episode was gathered from many sources including books, podcasts, and websites.  The tips came directly from the site linked below (with tidbits added by yours truly).

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    Summer lessons

    Summer lessons

    What is shadow work and why should we be doing it? 
    I cover this topic by telling a bit of a story about one of my own lessons I have been working through this summer.  I get a bit vulnerable and talk about how I judged my friends for saying "sorry" too much.  It turns out I was judging them because I didn't like how often I was saying "sorry" for no good reason, so SHOCKER my judgement was about me not them.  
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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

kel.1111 ,

Great Podcast

Brandee is down to earth and easy to listen to. She has interesting topics and is welcoming to all. A great podcast for people that are curious about spirituality!

ccthesensitive ,

Thank you!

I’ve been sensitive to spirit since I was a little kid and have been studying mediumship for about a year now. Today I was feeling really insecure about the whole ghost debate and my friend recommended your episode ‘are ghosts real?’ Well wasn’t that divine guidance! It was so reassuring to hear you talk about both views coexisting simultaneously, because that has been my experience as well. Thank you for sharing your story and opening the discussion!

jennymills2222 ,

Five Stars!

This podcast explores all things spirit, intuition and curiosity! Brandee has the perfect podcaster voice to listen to. I highly recommend!

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