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I’m Jeremy West and i’m here to unearth the golden nuggets of wisdom that lie deep in the experience of the worlds highest performers. Their beliefs, attitudes and sacrifices piece together and forge what I call "The 6AM Mindset.”

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I’m Jeremy West and i’m here to unearth the golden nuggets of wisdom that lie deep in the experience of the worlds highest performers. Their beliefs, attitudes and sacrifices piece together and forge what I call "The 6AM Mindset.”

    #20- Connor Emeny- "Big Goals and Living Intentionally"

    #20- Connor Emeny- "Big Goals and Living Intentionally"

    Today’s guest is Connor Emeny. Connor is an ambitious young professional currently aiming to be the youngest athlete to ever complete an Ironman on all 6 continents the events are held in. He has already completed 3 of the 6 and shares the details of his journey so far in the interview. For those that don’t know, an ironman is a triathlon consisting of a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride, followed then by a full marathon at 42.2 km (usually a huge bucket list accomplishment of its own)! If there’s any sport that requires Mindset, it’s the ironman, and Connor is here to help describe the ins and outs. You can follow his journey on Instagram @connor.emeny In his bio, he has a link that you can follow to help support his journey!  

    1:46 Start of Interview 
    3:51 Current Record Holder/ The Goal 
    7:53 The First 3 races 
    10:49 Mental Side During the Races 
    18:24 Training/ Preparation 
    24:06 Sleep 
    27:17 Nutrition 
    36:41 Making it Work Financially 
    41:39 Pre-Race 
    48:15 Materials that have Helped Connor 
    51:54 Where to Follow Connor 
    52:46 The Golden Nugget of Wisdom 

    The Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Connor: 

    My conversation with Connor has put my brain in overdrive thinking about what living an intentional life means, as he mentioned it several times throughout the episode. I’ve heard the concept of living an intentional life many times before, and i think it’s one of those concepts that I'd easily glance over when people spoke about it because I assumed I understood, and maybe a little scared i'd sound like an idiot if i asked what it really means. There’s much more than a surface level understanding to living intentionally thats worth diving into.  
    I think living intentionally is like having a defence, or a security system that helps us make decisions on the way to our goals. 
    I’m sure most of us know what it feels like when "life happens" and what we intended to do doesn’t get done. I think this is the difference between being intentional and non-intentional.  
    When we're non-intentional, our plans are “loose,” in our minds, they will “eventually get done” but they’re not necessarily urgent. We can easily be swept or carried away into some other task or plan. When we’re intentional, our plans are “hard” and getting done regardless of what comes our way. It’s as if when being non-intentional we're not necessarily aiming for anything, we’re just rolling with the punches. Yet being intentional, we’re focused, in the zone, committed.  
    The difference between the two, the key to living intentionally vs. non-intentionally all comes down to preparation. When we prepare, we have reasons for what we do and don’t do. If something "pops up," we work around what we’ve already intended to do, rather than immediately switch tasks and lose a grip on our work out, or our plans with a friend.  
    This isn’t to say that being intentional is easy, or even that i’ve mastered being intentional in my own life. I constantly struggle with “letting go” of being TOO intentional and saying no to plans with a good friend because I had intended to complete a task.  
    This is where Values come into play. If in your value priorities, love and relationships is higher than business success, then these pop up plans will be an easy decision, you go. But you only go with no stress and no internal debate if you’ve intentionally thought about it and prepared for these situations when they pop up!  

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    #19- Brenda Jacobsen- "Emotional Intelligence / Chakras"

    #19- Brenda Jacobsen- "Emotional Intelligence / Chakras"

    Today’s guest is Brenda Jacobsen, Brenda has spent decades as a speaker, author, finance executive, and business strategist, she has emerged as a master of optimizing personal performance. She founded companies YouEQ and Awakening Consciously to provide new world tools and strategies for people to awaken their lives and reclaim their power. YouEQ specializes in Emotional Intelligence which is the topic of focus in the first half of our interview, and Awakening Consciously is rooted in a more spiritual realm, involving chakras and meridians, in which i do my best to understand in the second half. Brenda is passionate about helping people tap into their uniqueness—on all levels of life. This became a personal quest after she fell over 3,000 feet down a mountain while skiing—resulting in 5 years of physical and emotional recovery.

    Brenda's Company Links:


    Awakening Consciously

    The APP

    1:42 Start of Interview/ Emotional Intelligence
    6:28 Leadership
    11:15 Corrective Complex
    17:01 How to Deal with Corrective Complex Problems
    25:21 Corporate Culture
    33:53 How YOU-EQ started
    40:34 Emotional Vocabulary/ Literacy
    44:59 Connection Between Emotional and Physical
    46:46 Energy Body / Chakra’s
    47:27 Chakra’s for the Rational Thinkers
    51:39 Electro-magnetic Beings
    56:22 Why Do People Think Chakra’s Can’t be Real?
    1:01:56 My Take On Chakra’s
    1:06:08 Brenda’s Meditation Script Story (incredible)
    1:09:55 Brenda’s Take On My Own Meditation
    1:18:19 Golden Nugget of Wisdom

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    Golden Nugget:

    Everybody is familiar with the concept of being open and closed minded. But I think we get it wrong in that we assume people are either one or the other permanently. Sure, some people have a tendency to accept new ideas easier than others, but  it’s much more complicated than that. After my conversation with Brenda, I believe it’d be helpful to start looking at open and closed mindedness as a state that is constantly fluctuating and temporary. Our willingness to accept advice, or to learn something new depends on our mood, our interest level, our energy, our state. 
    It’s almost as if our minds remain closed the majority of the time and need to be pried open. And the lever that can be used to pry it open is CHOICE.
    Brenda mentions that often people are closed minded towards certain subjects or ideas until they are faced with a sudden tragedy which forces them to SEARCH for answers. Only in the search for answers does their mind open up and allow entertainment of ideas that it was once closed to. Ideas that were once regarded as “too out there” or “woo-woo stuff.” 
    The search for answers was in their complete control, because they actively sought it out, it wasn’t forced on them… they let their guard down, they CHOSE it. 
    Even during conversations with loved ones our minds tend to be closed up and sealed tight, unless gently opened by them. And you guessed it,  it can be opened up by simply giving a choice of whether or not they want to hear our advice! As soon as they accept our invitation to offer advice, they’re CHOOSING to hear it, it’s not being forced on them. I’m convinced that this can save a lot of silent- treatments worldwide.
    If we can all just learn that our baseline state is one of closed mindedness, but that it can be opened with offering choice, we can build relationships with less resentment, less frustration, which will only leave room for more love.  

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    #18- Bron Johnson- "Life-Coaching/ Highest-Truth"

    #18- Bron Johnson- "Life-Coaching/ Highest-Truth"

    Today’s guest is Bron Johnson. Bron is a Life and Relationship coach who's highest passion involves helping people connect with the truth of who they are, and working with them to create what they want in their lives.
    If the term life-coach makes you cringe, or makes you not want to listen to this episode for some odd-reason that you don’t quite understand... don’t worry, I was with you for years, and so was Bron. This episode was aimed at clearing up any confusion or judgement surrounding the profession of life-coaching and to showcase it’s true value. 
    As a side note, we ran into some technical difficulties while recording this conversation. My computer crashed midway through. Luckily Bron was recording on his iPad and we pulled the Audio from that. My apologies for the messy audio for the first half, but the heart of the conversation is intact and the audio quality that I obsess over returns in the second half when we pick things back up.  
    If Bron’s message or outlook on life resonates with you, You can find him at bronjohnson.com , or @bron.johnson on Instagram.


    1:59 Start of interview
    2:38 What is Life-Coaching?
    5:37 Difference between Counsellor/ Therapist and Life-Coaching
    7:14 Inner-Work vs. Outer Work
    10:27 “I Can Figure This Out All On My Own”
    22:07 Fill Your Cup
    23:28 My Reaction to My Computer Dying
    23:39 Back From Tech Difficulties
    26:47 The Business Side- Balance
    31:24 What Does Highest Truth Mean?
    33:44 Short vs. Long-Term Truth
    38:48 How to Start Listening to Your Truth
    46:14 6AM’s Mission
    54:46 The Golden Nugget of Wisdom

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    Golden Nugget: 
    After my conversation with Bron, I’ve gained an immense amount of clarity on what it means to listen to one’s highest truth. I’d heard the term “highest-truth" many times before in non-fiction books and the countless inspiring Youtube videos I’ve watched, but no definition ever really “RESONATED” with me. I was always left confused and uncomfortable with the term. 
    I now understand how closely linked your “highest-truth” is with the things you’re self-conscious about. The things I’ve been self-conscious about in the past are usually things that deep down, I know I want to do, but I refrain from doing because I ASSUME other people will think i'm weird if I do them. I now realize that it was a false assumption in my own head. Here’s what I mean… 
    How could I EVER know that others think listening to Jazz is weird, or cycling in aerodynamic lycra shorts is weird? The more I think about it, my assumptions that EVERYBODY is judging my musical tastes and my tight-fitting spandex, were usually coming from the “norms" in my immediate family.  
    My family didn’t ever listen to Jazz, I started loving it through my University friends. So when my behaviour and influence started coming from a place outside of my family, it was easy to assume it’s wrong, or weird, or easily critiqued. 
    Anyways, I now see my self-consciousness as a sign. A sign that I should push forward through the internal assumptions, because it’s living my highest-truth as “weird” as the term may sound. And pushing past these insecurities and growing as a person is the most rewarding feeling i’ve yet to experience. After all, finding one’s highest truth is the underlying story line of basically any feel-good movie ever released!  

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    #17- Austin Walper- "Work-Health Balance"

    #17- Austin Walper- "Work-Health Balance"

    Today’s guest is Austin Walper. Austin founded a tech company called Player.gg which helps twitch streamers grow their audiences with partnered giveaways. Austin is very open about his rocket-paced entrepreneurship rise eventually blowing up into severe burnout.  Austin ended up selling his company in order to re-align and focus on his overall health, which he neglected for years while growing the company.  Austin is now focused on growing a platform called “The Human Startup” which is a podcast that discusses the Human element to entrepreneurship. The struggles, the pain, the suffering, and the mental health challenges, not just the success stories. For anyone who assumes they’re 100% willing to sacrifice their health in order to eventually get a big payout, Austin used to think that way too, and his story may just help you be proactive and rearrange how you’re doing things. 

    1:38 Pre-Entrepreneur Austin 
    4:44 How Player.gg started 
    7:42 The Party that Changed Austin’s Life 
    14:25 When Player.gg started Working 
    18:00 The Burnout  
    26:23 Austins Plan For The Future 
    28:59 Pace of Entrepreneurship 
    30:51 The Human Startup 
    36:16 Feeling Misunderstood 
    39:35 The Process of “Getting Out" 
    46:15 Advice For Young Entrepreneurs 
    49:59 Golden Nugget of Wisdom

    Golden Nugget of Wisdom:

    There was a short phrase Austin mentioned in our interview that I’ve been stuck on since. It’s a simple tweak on an already overused term. I’m sure by now, everybody has heard of, or even wished for more "work-life balance.” I’ve always seen work-life balance as crucial, but also a bit difficult to define, as it kind of insinuates that you don’t enjoy your work and that you need to escape it. "Work-life balance" has been a term I've used in the past as an excuse. Something I tell myself is important so I don't beat myself up when I’m sitting on the couch all day watching Netflix. Work-life balance has to mean something more than just being lazy.  
    What if you do enjoy your work, and it’s consuming the majority of your time? Is that still work-life balance? As Austin mentions, not if you’re sacrificing your health. Sometimes when you’re growing a company, or working hard to achieve a goal, "work-life balance" is unrealistic, and it may be worth trying to think about it as "WORK-HEALTH balance” instead.  
    WORK-HEALTH balance can be a much better approach in the long term. It assumes and understands that you’re enjoying what you’re doing, but it also implies that you NEED to carve out time every day to prioritize your health. This way, you’ll be able to sustain the effort and avoid burning out.  
    It’s okay to get caught up working long and hard in order to bring your dreams into reality. BUT, it’s not okay if in doing so, you lose a grip on your mental and physical health. What would “getting to the top” even mean if you got there without your health? 

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    #16- Mike Falcon Part II- "Trust The Universe"

    #16- Mike Falcon Part II- "Trust The Universe"

    This is part two of my interview with Mike Falcon, in this one we dive a little bit more into the wisdom Mike has gained over his years that may just help somebody take a lighter, less forceful approach to achieving their goals. We talk about insecurities and how they slowly disappear with age and how to live a content life. Hope you enjoy it!  
    1:05 Start of interview 
    4:27 Consequences of Pushing the Limits 
    11:38 Contentment In Life 
    19:14 Getting Over Fear/ Insecurities 
    23:57 Mike’s Fighter Pilot Dreams 
    27:10 Achieving Goals Your Way 
    31:58 More on Insecurities 
    39:00 Advice for Interviewers  
    41:34 Golden Nugget of Wisdom from Mike’s Guests 
    47:37 Golden Nugget of Wisdom  

    Golden Nugget:  
    Mike boils down all of his hard-earned wisdom into the saying “trust the universe.” In the past, I’ve completely disregarded any advice as soon as the word “universe” pops up, but I think Mike has made it click for me in a couple of different ways.  
    First, trusting the universe is a powerful tool for confronting challenges. In Mike’s words, “We’re not given a challenge we can’t handle, if we are, we’re dead.” When life throws a difficult challenge at us, it’s easy to fall into victim mode and spiral out of control. But if your overarching belief is that you “trust the universe” you’ll face the challenge head-on with curiosity, and grow from it, rather than let it beat you down.  
    Next, I’ve recently been noticing a general sense of feeling rushed throughout many facets of my life. I need to hurry up and finish the dishes as quickly as I can, so I can relax faster… or I need to create a thriving company NOW, in order to prove that I have what it takes, and so I can get what I want ASAP... Or I need to hurry up and get a girlfriend, or get out of debt, blah blah blah... 
    I used to see this as a positive thing, what was driving me to wake up and get to work. You often hear of the grind, and I assumed that this is what it was... hustling, and hurrying. But I now see this “hurrying” as a distraction.  
    When you’re constantly in a hurry, you’re in a stressed, anxious state of mind, and more focused on getting through what you're doing, rather than being focused on the beauty that’s right in front of you. This beauty may not always be an extreme high, or bring bliss, or pure joy, but if you’re “trusting the universe” you’re ultimately trusting that it will all work out in the end, and can therefore bring a worry-free contentment into the present moment. This beauty only seems to emerge when in a calm, relaxed state of mind.  
    What I take from this small, compact, rich saying “trust the universe”… is to no longer be scared, or in a rush, or even better, to practice NOTICING when I’m feeling scared or rushed, and then realign my focus to what’s is in front of me. To recognize that if there is fear, there is an opportunity for growth, and that if I’m feeling rushed, maybe there is an opportunity to pay more attention and slow things down so life doesn’t pass me by so fast. 

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    #15- Mike Falcon- "Following Adventure" Part 1

    #15- Mike Falcon- "Following Adventure" Part 1

    Today’s guest is Mike Falcon. Mike was the creator and former host of “The Adventure Show,” a radio program profiling the world's leading athletes, the science behind elite human performance, the gear they used, and the adventures they went on. Mike covered a wide range of sport in his interviews. Hosting guests such as American big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton, Free climber and alpinist Dean Potter, Extreme Skier/ Base Jumper Shane McConkey, Formula 1 Champion Mario Andretti, and Boxing legends George Foreman and Mohammed Ali just to name a few. If you know anything about me, it’s fairly obvious that Mike and I got along quite well, and we chatted for hours. Therefore, I’ve broken the interview up into two parts, with two main themes that run throughout. The First will be the unbelievable stories that Mike has from his interviewing days, and the second half will focus on the wisdom he’s gained over the course of his adventurous life (and okay, maybe a little bit of a therapy session for a younger, self-conscious ME.) This interview is sort of a trip down memory lane for Mike, and I’m excited to share with all of you his wisdom, his charm, and his passion for adventure that has inspired me. I hope it inspires you too.

    1:55 Start of Interview
    3:31 Mike Career Path
    14:15 Original Influencer
    16:11 The Labatt Story
    22:43 Mike’s Mornings
    25:10 The Hustle
    27:40 Mt. Rainier Story/ More Adventures
    33:15 Dean Potter Stories
    42:05 Anatoli Boukreev/ Mt. Everest
    45:05 Shane McConkey Stories
    47:34 What Makes These Athletes Different? 
    53:53 Mike’s Heart Arrhythmia 
    59:18 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbo
    1:03:14 What It Takes to Be at The Top 
    1:09:46 George Foreman Vs. Muhammad Ali

    Golden Nugget of Wisdom: 
    Ultimately, what I think I’ve always been searching for in these podcast interviews, and especially the golden nuggets of wisdom, is guidance on how I want to live my life. I want to take in the mistakes, the regrets and the lessons of others in order to shape the path I’m on, and minimize future regrets. I think Mike Falcon made me realize the importance and the subtleties of adventure in life. That "following adventure" can mean doing something physically difficult like scaling a mountain in the midst of a storm and learning more about what you’re capable of. But that it can also mean something as simple as a chat with a random person, and exploring the conversation further with endless curiosity, instead of wrapping things up because you have somewhere to be. After all, that’s how this interview came about.
    Mike speaks with such enthusiasm, gratefulness, and joy when reminiscing on how he's lived his life, as if he can’t even believe how it all went down. And it’s not like it was all planned out by him, it all comes down to him following his curiosity, and following adventure. And I think that’s the perfect way to minimize my regrets moving forward.

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