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I’m Jeremy West and i’m here to unearth the golden nuggets of wisdom that lie deep in the experience of the worlds highest performers. Their beliefs, attitudes and sacrifices piece together and forge what I call "The 6AM Mindset.”

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I’m Jeremy West and i’m here to unearth the golden nuggets of wisdom that lie deep in the experience of the worlds highest performers. Their beliefs, attitudes and sacrifices piece together and forge what I call "The 6AM Mindset.”

    #31- Gord Pyzer- "Life Lessons From Fishing"

    #31- Gord Pyzer- "Life Lessons From Fishing"

    Today's guest is Gord Pyzer. Gord is widely known as Canada's most scientific fisherman. He's now the Fishing Editor at Outdoor Canada Magazine,  and the Field Editor and Television host for In-Fisherman Magazine.  But before that, with a masters degree in resource management,  he worked for 30 years as a senior manager with Ontario's Ministry of Natural Resources. He was inducted into the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame in 2009, and the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in 2015.  As you'll soon find out in the episode, his reputation as the "most scientific angler" is well deserved. Even if you're not very into fishing, (like me,) His deep understanding of these fish and their habitats, alongside his obvious passion, will leave you laughing in amazement. 
    1:33 Start of interview
    5:19 Lesson in Persistance
    12:18 Getting to Know the Fish
    17:04 Making a Living From Fishing
    21:20 Sustainability
    35:46 Gord's Best Fishing Stories
    43:00 Gord's Definition of Success
    54:14 Life Lessons from Fishing

    The Golden Nugget of Wisdom:

    The main lesson I learned looking back on my conversation with Gord Pyzer, revolves around humility and mastery. I went into yet another interview EXPECTING a professional to agree with and elaborate on a lesson I recently learned. But I quickly realized the lesson I learned was personal circumstance, and not an overarching blanket lesson for everybody out there who wants to learn how to fish. Let me explain. 

    As I discuss in the beginning of the interview, I recently caught my first fish ever. It was the last hour of the last day of the trip when I caught it and I instantly thought: FISHING is just about PERSISTENCE. I didn't give up so I was PROUD of my persistence, of my grind it out mentality.

    But as soon as I brought it up with expert fisherman Gord Pyzer,  he laughed and told me gently that it's actually quite the opposite of persistence.  That if he hasn't caught anything in the first 20 minutes, he's outta there! His years of studying fish inside and out has led him to become so efficient in catching fish that he says he catches too many! 

    Looking back on it, the lesson here is that you CAN'T SHORTCUT mastery. When you first start learning a skill, you may THINK that you've discovered the secret, but really you've just made a little bit of progress, you've taken one step on a long, long journey. You think it's persistence, but as Gord teaches us in the episode: it's about studying and understanding the migratory patterns, the temperature preferences, the feeding habits, the biology,  the circadian rhythm, and the never ending list of  complexities for every single species of fish that leads to success.  And this takes YEARS to learn and apply, not days and a few hundred casts. 

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    #30- Trent Kitsch- "No Harm in Trying"

    #30- Trent Kitsch- "No Harm in Trying"

    Trent Kitsch most likely doesn't need an introduction for most of you, so before I list some of his accomplishments, let me paint a picture of our interview set up. Trent kindly invited me to his home where I set up my gear outside on a comfy patio overlooking the Okanagan Valley, it was a beautiful 30 degree summer day and we cracked a beer. It was less of an interview and more of a conversation with somebody who's interested in similar topics. As for accomplishments, Trent founded Saxx Underwear in 2007, and sold it in 2016.  He then continued his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding and selling Doja Cannabis to Canopy Growth in 2018, which was  a several hundred million dollar deal. He also currently owns and operates Kitsch Wines, a world class winery here in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. He's got a deep love for entrepreneurship, and he's got the stories to back it. 
    Show Notes: 
    1:40- Start of Interview
    6:06- The Saxx Van 
    11:30- The Elevator Pitch
    16:40- Trent's and Failure
    21:49- After Selling Saxx
    34:04- Healthy Habits
    35:56- What Trent's Working on Now
    37:33- Ria
    42:19- Advice for Young Entrepreneurs
    44:52- Setting Milestones/ The Goal Card
    57:26- Open-mindedness/ Curiosity
    1:03:10- The Golden Nugget of Wisdom 

    The Golden Nugget of Wisdom: 
    Trent Kitsch is in the big leagues of business, so it hit different when he shared his respect for failure and the willingness to just TRY! We all have a natural feeling of embarrassment when we're trying new things. It's like our mind easily constructs a sort of made-up, fake crowd, full of critics paying very close attention to every move, eager to laugh at every mistake we make. This paralyzes us. But nobody is paying attention as much as we're paying attention to ourselves, so we have to notice this pattern, and not let it stop us from trying. We have to ENJOY Trying! And it's easier to enjoy it, knowing that you have people like Trent in your corner. 
    I was comforted when Trent reminded us that the BEST of the Best, hall of famer baseball players bat at .300. They hit only 30% of the time! But I was even more comforted when Trent stressed the point that he's developed a love for trying, and for those who try. It's nice to know that somebody at the top is cheering you on, and not judging or laughing at our efforts as we sometimes assume. And this applies to anything you do.
    In Trent's Words: "being ok with failure is a cool thing. I think it's important to try, if the people are naysaying the tryers, fuck those people. I love trying." 
     Thanks Trent! 

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    #29- Svein Tuft- "The Mindset of a Pro Cyclist"

    #29- Svein Tuft- "The Mindset of a Pro Cyclist"

    Today's guest is Svein Tuft. Svein is a Canadian cyclist who rode professionally for almost 20 years with a list of accomplishments that will leave you gasping for air. He's won the Canadian National Time Trial Championships a total of 11 times, He's worn the pink leaders jersey in the Giro D'Italia, which is Italy's equivalent to the yellow jersey in the Tour de France. He's completed the Tour De France 3 times and finished a total of 10 grand tours. These grand tours are races that are an average of 3500km long over the course of 21 stages in 3 weeks with only 2 rest days. There are only 3 every year. One in Italy (The Giro), The ultra famous Tour de France, and one in Spain (La Vuelta.) With such a long lasting career, I was excited to dive into Svein's mindset regarding longevity, and he definitely had some golden nuggets to share on the topic.


    1:48 Start of Interview
    5:00 Elite Level Athletes
    10:59 How to Make the Legs Feel Light
    18:30 Toughest Days on the Bike
    23:30 How Svein Started Cycling
    26:43 The Commercial Side of Cycling
    31:09 Using Data vs. Listening to Your Body
    37:30 Svein's Healthy Habits
    43:13 Short Term vs. Long Term Gratification
    50:45 Teaching Long Term Thinking
    54:40 Talking Finances
    59:21 The Golden Nugget of Wisdom

    The Golden Nugget of Wisdom:
    Mindset is tough to define, which is why I dedicate my time trying to clarify what the worlds elite performers have to say about it. My conversation with pro cyclist Svein Tuft has clarified a piece of the puzzle that I believe will help me live a better life. 
    When describing the common denominator between the worlds elite cyclists, the best of the best, he mentions that they have a narrowed focus on what they want to achieve, which translates to them not wasting ANY energy dreading the "shitty" parts of the job. They don't complain that they have a big workout to complete, or that the weather's bad, it just "is what it is..." it's what they do. It's as if they've figured out that negative thoughts drain our physical energy levels, and they need all the energy they can get.  
    This made me realize that our brain is  constantly trying to determine whether what we're pouring our energy into is "worth it." And though it's a helpful tool that can help us avoid doing things that are a waste of energy, it's also a trap that can keep us lazy in our modern world. Here's what I mean:
    A young, 20 year old Jeremy used to struggle with something as simple as cleaning the floors in the apartment. My mind had decided it wasn't worth the energy. I loved the idea of having a clean apartment, but I wasn't yet convinced that the 45 minutes of effort was worth it. Because those 45 minutes were filled with negative thoughts like, "This is brutal, why am I doing this? I'd rather get high and watch survivor." It wasn't the work that was the struggle, it was the thoughts. 
    But over the course of a decade the negative thoughts have slowed down to the point where there is no more mental struggle. It's just something that needs to get done, so I do it, without any self-imposed suffering.  This may be a silly example, but I truly believe if we can start to notice these mental hurdles, we'll be able to slowly clean up all areas of our lives in days or weeks, rather  than years or decades.  

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    #28- John Morgan- "Begin Again"

    #28- John Morgan- "Begin Again"

    Today's guest is John Morgan. John is a successful business man here in Kelowna. I was introduced to him by a previous guest of the show,  Austin Walper, who you can listen to on Episode 17. I was immediately convinced that he had a lot to say about the business world and that there was plenty to learn from him, yet I still underestimated his knowledge. In this episode, John delivers.  Throughout the conversation I was humbled by his dedication and love for business and i'm positive you'll think the same.


    1:16- Start of Interview
    9:43- How His Business is Structured
    19:49- Sexy vs. Non-Sexy Businesses
    33:16- How John Views Money
    39:46- Work and The Grind
    50:06- Reading
    1:01:08- Leadership
    1:06:05 Motivation/ Beginning Again
    1:27:27- Mixed Feelings on Goals

    Golden Nugget of Wisdom: 
    The main life lesson i'll take away from my conversation with John Morgan is the idea of "beginning again." As he describes, at any moment you can begin again, you can be having a bad day and not FEEL like making another sales call, but you can also decide to hit a sort of mental refresh, begin again, and make that extra sales call and not let your feelings affect what needs to be done.
    Normally, when interviewing people, I hit a mental hurdle around the 1 hour in mark. It feels like it's time to end, my mental energy from focusing so hard on the conversation is dwindling. But John just so happened to mention the "begin again" concept around the 1 hour mark and I tried it out. We were then locked in and focused for another 30 mins without any additional mental weight. Knowing that when I'm feeling tired, I can use this tool and decide to "begin again," I'm confident I'll be able to test and push my limits a little bit further than I ever thought possible. Consider it added to the 6AM Mindset Toolbox. Thanks John!

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    #27- Gene Principe- "Finding Your Voice"

    #27- Gene Principe- "Finding Your Voice"

    Today's guest is none other than the legendary sports reporter and broadcaster for the Edmonton Oilers, Gene Principe.  His legendary status comes mostly from his unique use of puns in his pre-game introductions, and don't worry, I ask where they all come from.  However, Gene's much more than a pun machine, he's been consistently surrounded by high-performers throughout his career and has interviewed the best of the best in the sporting world.  We discuss the impact this unique career has had at home as a father and on the soccer pitch as a coach.  If you enjoy this interview, please consider pressing the follow button on Spotify and Apple Podcasts to help the algorithm show my podcast to new listeners. I know it's annoying hearing this all the time, but it's truly a huge help. Thanks! 

    1:29 Start of Interview (The Puns)
    5:00 Finding Your Voice
    13:49 Career Goals
    19:41 Superstitions 
    22:50 Getting Real Answers
    26:50 The Gretzky Story
    27:59 Fun Oilers to Interview
    31:30 Interviewing McDavid and Draisaitl
    39:20 Wins Vs. Losses
    41:06 Mindset Learnings from Athletes
    47:54 Gene's Healthy Habits
    52:21 Downsides To The Job
    55:06 Advice for Young Broadcasters
    1:07:20 What Don't We Know About Gene?
    1:09:23 The Golden Nugget of Wisdom
    The Golden Nugget of Wisdom 
    What's stuck with me most after my interview with Gene is his pure fascination with the small stories behind the athletes that he interviews.  His pursuit and genuine love for unearthing these stories has added clarity to what I want to accomplish with this podcast. 
    The facts that Steven Stamkos puts a red dot on his stick to remind him of a goal light is cool for some reason, and Gene discovered that story and shared it. Whether it's McDavid having 5 different lengths of stick, or Luke Gazdic putting his loved ones initials on his stick, Gene's unearthed some interesting and unique ways that the BEST of the BEST get the most out of themselves. And these ideas will undoubtedly inspire other's to tweak and make the practise their own.
    His examples in this interview may all have to do with their hockey sticks, but it's made me realize that high-performers may use reminders for inspiration in other ways with their specific tools for the job. I'm now determined to discover what these reminders are, and how we can all implement them.  
    In the words of the longest tenured Edmonton Oiler Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Thanks Gene!

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    #26- Aaron Volpatti- "Visualization"

    #26- Aaron Volpatti- "Visualization"

    Aaron Volpatti: Instagram / Website / Hockeydb

    Today's guest is  cognitive performance coach, visualization expert,  former NHL player, fighter and survivor Aaron Volpatti. I heard of Aaron  being a visualization expert through a friend and immediately knew i had to have him on the show.  I've read in many books,  heard on many podcasts, and seen on many youtube videos how important visualization is to achieving your goals, but something was always missing, It never really clicked for me. So who better to interview than a man who survives a terrible burn injury at 20 years old, and defys all odds at not only making a comeback to playing hockey, but making it to the show, all credited to the power of visualization.

    The Golden Nugget of Wisdom: 
    If you're anything like me, you've heard about visualization as a technique to achieving your goals, or getting what you want, and immediately written it off as magic "woowoo" b******t. There's just no way that the secret ingredient to success can be as simple as imagining what you want. However after my conversation with Aaron Volpatti, I realize theres many more layers to it than that, and that my view was limited and naive. I now understand that visualization is a powerful tool in order to feel prepared in the most intense situations. 
    One way I plan on implementing it in my life is as a sort of diagnostic test for my own "self-worth." Here's what I mean:
    You can imagine with clarity how you would feel in a FUTURE scenario with your CURRENT mindset. And this will help you figure out what insecurities and limiting beliefs are currently holding you back and what you need to change. Ok, visualize with me here. 
    Imagine Elon Musk trying to close a million dollar deal, or asking out the partner of his dreams. Do you think he's nervous, anxious and sweaty... or cool, calm, collected and confident? It's easy to imagine that Elon feels worthy of striking the deal and getting the partner of his dreams, because he's Elon fucking Musk. Now imagine that person is you... how do you feel with the pressure of a million dollar deal on your back, or the pressure of potential rejection from your crush? 
    I've identified that I tend to imagine being nervous and not confident. It's easier for me to imagine failure over success. I lean towards not believing in myself. It's almost as though I don't believe I currently have what it takes, that I don't deserve it, because I don't have the same track record as Elon. 
    That right there, THAT'S the point of visualization. I can pretty accurately imagine how CURRENT Jeremy would react in a situation, and realize it doesn't align with who I want to be, or what I know I NEED to be to get what I want. And now that I KNOW, I can start trying to CHANGE. 
    In order to change, I can visualize the internal movie of FUTURE Jeremy KILLING IT. I can imagine it SO often, with such consistency, in such vivid detail that it becomes habit, so when the time comes, I've prepared for so long that it feels FAMILIAR rather than new and scary so I feel as worthy as Elon, which will translate to my body language, my tone of voice, my confidence.

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