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We are all building something whether it’s a business, a skill, a house, a relationship, a family or a life. Casey Grey is a husband, father, entrepreneur and leader in the construction industry. Learn how to become a conscious builder through these informative interviews and personal sharings.

The Conscious Builder Show with Casey Grey The Conscious Builder Inc.

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We are all building something whether it’s a business, a skill, a house, a relationship, a family or a life. Casey Grey is a husband, father, entrepreneur and leader in the construction industry. Learn how to become a conscious builder through these informative interviews and personal sharings.

    #185 - Changing Financial Transactions in the Construction Industry with Matthew Smith from Muzumago

    #185 - Changing Financial Transactions in the Construction Industry with Matthew Smith from Muzumago

    MazumaGo began as a payment service for small businesses, but speaking with business owners in the construction industry made Matthew Smith and his Co-Founder realize which industry needed it the most!
    Regardless of size, most construction businesses were still using checks to send and receive payments, resulting in long payment delays and cash flow issues along the construction supply chain.
    Their team kept asking, “Why is it so hard for contractors to send large payments online?” and decided to focus exclusively on digitizing construction payments. It is their mission to enable all construction companies to move money instantly and freely, without the barriers of traditional banking.
    Plans - Passive Design Solutions - The Conscious Builder
    The Conscious Builder Promo (mazumago.com)
    2:40 Background - software engineer 
    3:30 Why are we still using cheques? 
    3:55 System built in the 70’s
    8:12 How does Mizumago work 
    12:00 Surcharges 
    20:58 Operations costs

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    #184 - Food Forest Abundance with CEO Jim Gale

    #184 - Food Forest Abundance with CEO Jim Gale

    At age 19, Jim Gale first learned about the power of writing his goals. From the practice of inspired visioning, he became a 4-time All American and National Champion wrestler. After college, he moved to Hawaii, backpacked through 37 countries, lived with the Maasai, explored cultures, and searched for his next inspired vision. He wrote his goals again at age 29, which included being retired in 3 years. Jim went on to create a mortgage company that reached $1.3B in sales in 3 years, leading him to early retirement and the achievement of another life goal. He bought a boat, lived on the ocean for a year, and then moved to Costa Rica to build eco-villages where he discovered permaculture. It changed his life and he realized he needed to bring it to every household in the world. The idea whose time has come became Food Forest Abundance. Jim speaks about sovereignty, entrepreneurship, mindset, and freedom.
    1:54 inspired vision (goal setting) - enjoying the process 
    4:55 mindset (belief) psychology of winning  
    8:45 3 million in 3 years, starting a mortgage company 
    11:40 Costa Rica 
    18:35 Food Forest Abundance 
    31:00 Healing Nature -  we only have a couple of generations of soil left 
    34:00 How Permaculture works
    For more from Jim: https://foodforestabundance.com
    @foodforestabundance on all major social media accounts!
    For MazumaGO promo: https://www.mazumago.com/tcb

    Conscious Builder Academy: https://www.consciousbuilderacademy.com

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    #183 - Building in New Zealand with Engineer Peter Raimondo

    #183 - Building in New Zealand with Engineer Peter Raimondo

    Peter is a Canadian engineer from Toronto that moved to Auckland New Zealand 3 years ago and is now working to educate and innovate the building envelope industry in NZ. Working with oculus architectural engineering, he works on new builds, investigations, and retrofits, and also generates educational content for oculus’ website and social media platforms.
    In this episode, 
    For MazumaGO promo: https://www.mazumago.com/tcb
    For more from Peter:
    Website: oculusltd.co.nz
    IG: @pink.moose
    4:00 New Zealand Climate
    5:0 Building Code 
    12:19 Most exciting project 
    15:00 Passive House 
    16:30 Asthma, indoor air quality people live with windows open the entire time, no screens on windows (north america only) 
    19:00 Arguments against passive  
    22:07 Where is the construction industry going in NZ 
    24:10 Embodied carbon, blower door should be required

    • 30 min
    #182 - Rob Bartko - Hiring for the Trades

    #182 - Rob Bartko - Hiring for the Trades

    Unlike most other tech entrepreneurs, Rob Bartko started his career getting his hands dirty as a Framer. He saw firsthand the issues surrounding the community.
    FixIt, Rob’s first venture into construction technology, gave him his second insight into the possibilities that are out there for improving the lives of tradespeople and construction organizations. After 2 years, a plan was formed and he was ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work. That’s when Rob and Sam Beaudoin officially formed TradesLink, a professional network for the trades, built for tradespeople by tradespeople. With his vision, community insight, and entrepreneurial spirit, Rob continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible for the trades community and the people within.
    If you are a Tradesperson you can download the app now! https://members.gettradeslink.com/ Learn More https://www.gettradeslink.com/ https://globalnews.ca/video/8484505/tradeslink-app-created-by-edmontonians-connects- tradespeople
    1:03 Introduction 
    1:45 Rob intro - family, residential framing, corporate 
    2:30 Fix it -  Service App
    3:11 Tradeslink - Linkedin for Trades
    4:07 Business Fails 
    5:40 Purpose of tradeslink  - commercial- industrial side
    7:15 how it works 
    12:00 rate the homeowner

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    #181 - Bill Spohn - Indoor Air Quality and Net Zero Custom Build

    #181 - Bill Spohn - Indoor Air Quality and Net Zero Custom Build

    Bill Spohn is President and owner of TruTechTools.com, an award-winning reseller of tools and test instruments. He holds a BS & MS in Mechanical Engineering and is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Pennsylvania. Over the last 30 years, Bill has built his career on creating, designing, and marketing a wide array of test and measurement products that work for technicians in the field including 10 years each at Bacharach and Testo. Bill is all about Science – Comfort, health and energy efficiency. He has worked on BPI, RESNET, GAMA, AHRI, OMA, RSES, NATE, and ACCA Technical Committees, and holds four US patents in instrumentation design. He regularly consults, teaches and writes on product applications in HVACR, building science, healthy homes, Indoor Air Quality, and weatherization. Bill sits on the boards of the Building Performance Association (BPA), the Green Home Institute (GHI) and Solar United Neighbors of Pennsylvania (SUN-PA) He and his wife have built and live in a modular, high-performance, “Net-Zero” home near Pittsburgh, PA. Keep tabs on the details at www.SpohnHome.com
    For more from Bill: 
     Tour Bill Spohn's New Modular Net Zero Home - YouTube
    To check out MazumaGo and get your free credit: MazumaGo.com/TCB
    2:00 introduction Bill  
    3:10 Trutech tools start up - hvac, building performance tools
    4:30 types of tools for HVAC   - if you’re not testing you’re just guessing 
    6:35 duct leak testing - standard test, bluetooth testing, higher end diagnostic tools
    9:00 Indoor air quality -  what you can and should measure, what can you do, ventilation, filtration and humidity control solutions 
    16:10 Net Zero Home
    18:30 cost to go passive, phpp model completed 
    19:15  US tax credit, co op program deal on solar
    20:20 modular design  - eco craft homes
    22:55 custom design, factory and site  constraints 
    23:45 blower door test,  thermal imaging,

    • 36 min
    #180 - Embodied Carbon and BEAM Software Launch with Industry Leader Chris Magwood

    #180 - Embodied Carbon and BEAM Software Launch with Industry Leader Chris Magwood

    Chris Magwood is obsessed with making the best, most energy efficient and carbon-storing, beautiful and inspiring buildings without wrecking the whole darn planet in the attempt. Since 2011, Chris has been a director and teacher at The Endeavour Centre, a not-for-profit sustainable building school in Peterborough, Ontario where he enjoys sharing what he’s learned over his 25-year building career and inspiring others to take this stuff seriously and do it well.
    In 1996, he built his family a house. It was the first permitted straw bale house in Ontario, Canada. 

    ​In 2019, he helped to establish Builders for Climate Action, and has been leading development of the BEAM carbon estimator tool for low- rise construction. He is working closely with many levels of government to develop embodied carbon benchmarks and regulatory programs, and helping developers and builders figure out how to reverse climate change with their buildings. Chris has authored seven books on sustainable building and is co- editor of the Sustainable Building Essentials series from New Society Publishers. His new book, Building Beyond Zero: New Ideas for Carbon-Smart Architecture, is co-authored with Bruce King and will be available in June, 2022 from Island Press.
    Chris is an active speaker and workshop instructor in Canada and internationally.

    For more from Chris: 
    https://endeavourcentre.org/  https://healthybuilding.net/ https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/eccc/documents/pdf/climate-change/erp/Canada-2030-Emissions-Reduction-Plan-eng.pdf https://www.buildersforclimateaction.org/uploads/1/5/9/3/15931000/bfca-enercan-report-web.pdf https://endeavourcentre.org/resources-for-building-green/free-encyclopedia-of-sustainable-building-materials/?v=e4b09f3f8402

    1:25 Casey Introduction 
    2:33 Chris introduction  
    5:30 Straw bale construction
    10:00 Pre- ab considerations 
    12:00 Hard property costs, development cost, services 
    14:40 Don’t use brick, don’t build a basement 
    18:30 Hempcrete not replacement for concrete 
    24:30 Nexcam  - wood fiber ICF product  - have a cork insulation option 
    26:30 BEAM  - build emissions accounting materials, release end of april, free, just materials 
    38:00 Products to avoid  -  formaldehyde (glued wood particles), plastic and foam, flame retardants, voc’s, no VOC paint,

    For more from The Conscious Builder and The Conscious Builder Academy:
    Conscious Builder Academy: www.consciousbuilderacademy.com
    How to Market and Sell Passive Houses PRE-SALE: https://www.consciousbuilderacademy.com/course/market-and-sell-passive-houses

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Inspire Tash ,

Most Informative Construction podcast!!

I love the variety of guests and topics you offer on your show and the innovations that are happening in our industry!

AmberVibrations ,

Building a better future

Casey and his guests share so much valuable information in a way everyone, from the contractor to the home buyer and the curious environmentalist, can understand. Casey doesn’t just discuss the how but includes the why- for the planet, for the quality of our lives, for the well-being of our children and the future. Can’t get enough!

Brad-Unlimited rEvolutionaries ,

A builder on a mission

This has been something on my mind before coming to this show. They are working on the movement of our home environment and this is massively needed. We have so many reasons that we might be in our home, sleeping, eating, spending time with our loved ones and there so many toxins that companies and regulators have overlooked because they think no one cares. Casey takes a proactive approach in educating both owner and builder on why and how we need to start doing it to live a more healthy and happy life. When I get a home built I want it done by someone like Casey.

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