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New Music Edmonton is Edmonton's premier organization for the promotion and presentation of contemporary music and sound art.
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New Music Edmonton is Edmonton's premier organization for the promotion and presentation of contemporary music and sound art.
Contact us at nmegeneralmanager@gmail.com

    Episode 2.5: Mari Alice Conrad

    Episode 2.5: Mari Alice Conrad

    Our city is teeming with emerging artists of all kinds, many of them classical composers. This episode of The No Normal focuses on one such artist, Mary Alice Conrad. Over the last few years, her name has appeared with increasing frequency in concert programming, workshops and commissioned works lists across the country. In this interview, you’ll get to know about this compelling artist’s background and we dig into some of her recent works, with lots of great information on the genesis of Mary Alice Conrad’s diverse and prolific compositions.

    Music Included in this episode:
    19:44 The Mountains Rend Themselves Apart (excerpt)
    Artistic Director and conductor, Raymond Baril
    June 3, 2022, Convocation Hall, University of Alberta
    Recording Engineer, Mike Malone

    29:30 The Peculiar Dances of Shifting Minds (excerpt 1)
    Allegra Chamber Orchestra, Janna Sailor, conductor, Opus. 59 Films.
    FestivELLE Online Concert Series, June 2021, Orpheum Annex, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    41:58 Breathing Room (excerpt)
    Live Mix of MacEwan University Music Department “Generations” Recording Project 2022.
    Conducted by Raymond Baril
    Recording Engineers, Paul Johnston and Padraig Buttner-Schnirer
    At the MacEwan University Recording Department

    53:24 Twenty-Six Punctographic Preludes (excerpt)
    The Edmonton Saxophone Quartet
    Kendra Heslip, Alto Saxophone
    Charles Stolte, Tenor Saxophone
    Ben Whittier, Baritone and Bass Saxophone
    Allison Balcetis, Soprano Saxophone
    December 2021, Convocation Hall, University of Alberta
    Audio Engineer, Russel Baker

    68:44 The Peculiar Dances of Shifting Minds (excerpt 2)

    For more Information:

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    Episode 2.4: Shawn Pinchbeck

    Episode 2.4: Shawn Pinchbeck

    In this episode of The No Normal, we welcome Shawn Pinchbeck. Internationally active as a composer, performer and sound artist, Shawn Pinchbeck has, since the mid 1980s, been a key part of the experimental sonic arts scene in Edmonton. With a toolkit that includes analog and digital machinery, expertise in field recording, and wide-ranging performance experience, Shawn has worked with a striking array of artists from sound and music, dance, video, the visual arts and more!

    Ian Crutchley’s interview with Shawn Pinchbeck covers the artist’s story from his earliest to latest work, his first electronic gadgets, early local collaborators, mentors, and… bees!

    There’s lots of incredible music in this episode, including the following:

    09:40 Wildcats, composition, Resonance Cassette release, 1987

    23:16 Scrapes & Shapes, collaboration with Jeff Collins, Collins Gallery, 2020 (https://shawnpinchbeck.bandcamp.com/album/scapes-and-shapes)

    36:35 Phantoms of Jaak, solo performance BEAMS Art’s Birthday, 2021 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY6RrRZGR3c)

    43:38 Peace of Home, composition, 2021

    49:24 Where the Bees Buzz, audio visual performance, Art’s Birthday, 2022 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLtXvvahR8w&t=8488s)

    60:46 Moss Sermons, collaboration with Bernd Hildebrandt, Mazurka Music and Art Society, 2019

    70:40 Bittersweet, song collaboration with Rose McDowall (https://open.spotify.com/album/5j9Qedfwgkl5WFMW08dKrd)

    For more Information:

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    Episode 2.3: Heather Hindman

    Episode 2.3: Heather Hindman

    Eminent Edmonton composer Heather Hindman is the guest for this episode of The No Normal.

    Over her career to date, Heather Hindman has produced a really compelling series of acoustic and electronic works, with a particular interest in the relationships between music, culture and technology. Her compositions have been performed widely throughout Canada and in many other countries. Commissioners of Heather Hindman’s music have included UltraViolet, Xenia Pestova, The East Coast Music Ensemble and many more. She is also a dedicated and innovative pedagogue, teaching piano and composition to students of all ages.

    In this interview by Ian Crutchley, Heather Hindman talks about her emergence as a composer, influences on her work, the tools of her trade, collaborating with performers, and about some of the gendered biases, barriers and challenges the new music world puts in the way of composers, especially those following unconventional career paths.

    Alongside the conversation, we’ve got lot of great examples of Heather Hindman’s music:

    (c. 15:36) Suite Nation, Performed by East Coast Contemporary Ensemble, Etchings Festival, France

    (c. 30:59) Two and a Half Miniatures for Solo Piano (#2), Performed by Ian Pace, Leuven, Belgium

    (c. 37:17) RRR, Performed by Xenia Pestova, Birmingham, UK

    (c. 48:13) Scrap, Violet Collective (cond. by Andriy Talpash), Edmonton, AB

    (c. 71:36) All Together Now, performed by Chenoa Anderson and Allison Balcetis, Calgary, AB

    For more Information:
    Heather Hindman: https://www.heatherhindman.com
    Xenia Pestova: https://xeniapestovabennett.com
    East Coast Contemporary Ensemble: https://www.eccearts.com
    Allison Balcetis: http://www.allisonbalcetis.com
    Chenoa Anderson: https://www.chenoaanderson.com
    Ian Pace: https://ianpace.com

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    Episode 2.2: Parker Thiessen

    Episode 2.2: Parker Thiessen

    In this episode of The No Normal, we feature local artist Parker Thiessen. A central figure in our experimental scene, Parker Thiessen has recorded and performed as a soloist and as a member of numerous duos and ensembles, including Soft Ions, Private Investigators, Zebra Pulse, and more.

    Parker Thiessen, along with his Private Investigators partner, Ian Rowley, runs the experimental label Pseudo Laboratories. Now nearing its 50th release, Pseudo Laboratories has, since 2014, produced cassettes and digital versions of work by dozens of artists.

    Ian Crutchley, New Music Edmonton Artistic Director, interviewed Parker Thiessen for this episode. They discuss the Pseudo Laboratories label, as well as the creative work of Parker Thiessen himself.

    The following music excerpts are included:

    (c. 27:00) Psychic Chamber, Cauldron Melody (forthcoming Pseudo Laboratories release)

    (c. 11:20) Burden, Let Vibrate https://pseudolaboratories.bandcamp.com/album/let-vibrate

    (c. 21:00) Kelly Ruth, Illusions from Simulacra https://pseudolaboratories.bandcamp.com/album/simulacra

    (c. 45:30) Parker Thiessen, excerpt from Phase Meditations (Holy Phase)

    (c. 52:00) Parker Thiessen and Ethan Bokma, privately recorded backyard performance

    For more Information:
    Parker Thiessen: www.parkerthiessen.com

    Pseudo Laboratories: www.pseudolaboratories.bandcamp.com

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    Episode 2.1: Season Two Launch

    Episode 2.1: Season Two Launch

    Welcome (or, welcome back!) to The No Normal, New Music Edmonton’s podcast featuring interviews and sonic art from some of the most innovative artists around.

    We were back briefly in the autumn, with a beautiful music-only episode, curated by Matthew Cardinal. Now we’re ready to move on with regular episodes, and so happy to be in our second season!

    This episode will include an interview of Mustafa Rafiq, by Suzette Chan, a local arts writer, and a great friend of all in the arts. In the interview, Mustafa and Suzette talk about Mustafa's background and a range of musical projects in which Mustafa has been involved lately, including a recent Pseudo Laboratories release, If I Were A Dance, (featuring Dwennimmen and Bhuyash Neupane), plus their co-operative ensemble sextet, Takleef.

    The second part of the show will feature a conversation between Mile Zero Dance Artistic Director Gerry Morita and New Music Edmonton Artistic Director Ian Crutchley. Their discussion focuses on how Gerry Morita became involved in contemporary dance and music practices, her work at Mile Zero Dance, and some of the interesting intersections and influences relating her practice to ideas and artists also found in the contemporary sound and music worlds. We’ll also listen to Day of Creation, from the album Mosàfer, by recent Morita collaborators, the duo of Farhad Khosravi and Daniel Stadnicki.

    For more Information:
    Suzette Chan: (https://suzettechan.wordpress.com)

    If I Were a Dance, featuring Mustafa Rafiq with Bhuyash Neupane and Dwennimen on the Pseudo Laboratories label: https://pseudolaboratories.bandcamp.com/album/if-i-were-a-dance

    Mile Zero Dance and Gerry Morita: https://milezerodance.com
    Dwennimmen aka Shima Robinson: https://dwennimmen.bandcamp.com
    Mosàfer, by Farhad Khosravi and Daniel Stadnicki: https://farhadkhosravi.bandcamp.com

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    Listen up / Tendez l’oreille, is the name of this year’s Canadian New Music Network FORUM. Available online, this ten-week celebration of the creative music and sound community features talks, performances and pre-recorded works by dozens of artists. The Canadian New Music Network invited New Music Edmonton to take part by way of a specially-produced episode of The No Normal.

    Entitled Calm, this episode brings together three newly-created works. They will be presented as a complete, uninterrupted set, with just a few moments of ambient sound separating them.

    Matthew Cardinal is the curator of these works. A key figure in our region and beyond, Matthew Cardinal is well known for his solo work, myriad collaborative projects, and photography.
    The works you will hear are:

    Talk -- by Eliza Niemi

    A Sunbeam Reveals Itself -- by Cipayak

    Late Night AM -- by Stefana Fratila






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5 Ratings

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