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New Music Edmonton is Edmonton's premier organization for the promotion and presentation of contemporary music and sound art.
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New Music Edmonton is Edmonton's premier organization for the promotion and presentation of contemporary music and sound art.
Contact us at nmegeneralmanager@gmail.com

    4.1: Steph Patsula

    4.1: Steph Patsula

    Welcome back to The No Normal. In this episode, we are happy to welcome Canadian interdisciplinary artist Steph Patsula. The projects Steph creates are focused across a variety of processes coalescing in a union of somatic experiencing, experimental sound creation and lens based ephemera. Patsula’s work prioritizes the creation of immersive art installations and live-performance which explore bodies as beacons and receptors in relationship to each other. Her processes embrace the unpredictable dynamics of working with new materials, spaces and bodies by corresponding with them improvisationally. A technique that reflects a personal desire for reciprocity and intimacy through an attentiveness to collaboration and adaptability.

    New Music Edmonton was delighted to feature Steph in our 2023 festival, where she gave a live performance of her ongoing project, Sympathetic Resonance, and took a bunch of us on a lovely, if somewhat smokey, soundwalk in the river valley.

    Music included in this episode:
    - 11:01 Flexible Hours Live at The Grand, Steph Patsula and Eric Fraser
    - 23:33 Flexible Hours Live in Iceland
    - 53:14 Sympathetic Resonance
    - 58:30 Tailgate, Live in Chicago

    For more Information:
    - Steph Patsula, i-am-YEG - arts
    - Steph Patsula Facebook
    - https://flexiblehours.bandcamp.com/

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    3.4: Jessica Wagner and Mike McCormack

    3.4: Jessica Wagner and Mike McCormack

    Welcome back to The No Normal.

    Please note this important caution: this episode includes discussion of mental health issues experienced by the artists, and including experiences of suicidal ideation and a depressive episode. Listening to this may be triggering for some listeners.

    This episode is dedicated with thanks to everyone at The Canadian Mental Health Association.

    Back in February 2023 New Music Edmonton presented an extraordinary event, the premiere of a new composition by Mike McCormick, performed by Edmonton vocalist, and long-time friend of Mike, Jessica Wagner. The work, under: went is a powerful, very personal artistic gesture, a work and performance unlike anything I have ever experienced in a concert hall. We were honoured to have present at the show staff and volunteers from The Canadian Mental Health Association. They led us through a post-performance discussion group focused on the topic of suicide, and of the ideas brought forth by the composition.

    In the following conversation, we caught up with Mike and Jessica only a few days after the event, and we had a chance then to really get to the heart of the work, and also to get to know a little more about both of their backgrounds.

    Music included in this episode:

    02:11 Underwent (excerpt)
    Jessica Wagner, soprano
    Composed and with electronics by Mike McCormack

    6:11 Regnevejr (excerpt)
    Jessica Wagner, soprano/ Natalie Dzbik, violin
    Composed and with electronics by Brandon Chow

    08:22 Duo 1 (excerpt)
    Jessica Wagner, soprano
    Composed and with electronics by Nico Arnáez

    14:02 Rootpat (excerpt)
    Composed by Mike McCormack

    25:40 Underwent (excerpt)

    43:33 Underwent (excerpt)

    58:58 Underwent (excerpt)

    For more Information:
    Jessica Wagner:

    Mike McCormack:

    The Canadian Mental Health Association

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    3.3: Alissa Cheung

    3.3: Alissa Cheung

    We are back with another episode of New Music Edmonton’s The No Normal. Today’s guest is an artist familiar to many people in many places. Composer and violinist Alissa Cheung. Her compositions have been performed often in Edmonton and for several years she was a key part of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra’s violin section. More recently, Alissa moved to Montréal to take up a position in the mighty Quatuor Bozzini, and since then has continued to build her career as a composer while also taking part in the quartet’s almost constant schedule of performing, recording, and working with emerging artists.

    It’s always fantastic to chat with Alissa, and we hope you enjoy sitting with us while we do so! And so here we are, in a wide-ranging conversation recorded in early spring, 2023.

    Compositions by Alissa Cheung Included in this episode:

    Performed by Alissa Cheung and Ewald Cheung, C’mon Festival Edmonton, 2022
    - 38:10 CHEMINS DE FER
    Composed by Alissa Cheung, 2018
    - 48:04 DU NORD (EXCERPT 1)
    Performed by Quatuor Bozzini, Montréal, 2021
    - 54:15 DU NORD (EXCERPT 2)
    - 60:32 EUPHORIA (EXCERPT 1)
    Performed by Continuum Contemporary Music HATCH, 2021
    - 65:02 EUPHORIA (EXCERPT 2)
    - 70:15 DU NORD (EXCERPT 3)

    For more Information:
    Alissa Cheung:

    Quatuor Bozzini:

    Continuum Contemporary Music:

    Continuum Contemporary Music Euphoria video:

    C’mon Festival:

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    3.2: Mehdi Rezania

    3.2: Mehdi Rezania

    This episode of The No Normal features composer and santurist Mehdi Rezania, a prolific and diverse artist, very familiar to audiences in our city. From his early teen years studying santur in Iran, and later compositional studies at York University, and current doctoral studies at The University of Alberta, Mehdi Rezania has developed a unique and compelling approach to creative music making. At home with traditional Persian music, composition, improvisation, and more, he regular performs and records as both a soloist, and as a much sought-after partner for artists from a unique array of practices.

    Compositions by Mehdi Rezania Included in this episode:

    02:07 Gems of Radif 1: At The Gate of Dawn (clip)

    16:44 Gems of Radif 1: At The Gate of Dawn

    31:22 Gems of Radif 2: Shahrāshub

    38:40 Gems of Radif 3: Banafsheh

    44:24 Fields of Abadeh, performed by The Windermere Quartet

    58:49 Ice, performed by Toloe Roushenas

    68:31 Gems of Radif 4: Sāqi-Nāmeh

    For more Information:
    Mehdi Rezania:

    Mehdi Rezania New Music Edmonton Performances:
    Now Hear This 2022: https://vimeo.com/732642086
    Summer Solstice Series 2021, with Good Women Dance: https://vimeo.com/577714078

    Baarbad Music:

    Windermere Quartet:

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    Episode 3.1: Sointu Aalto

    Episode 3.1: Sointu Aalto

    New Music Edmonton is happy to return with a new series of The No Normal. We have some great interviews with amazing people lined up for the coming months, and we’re looking forward to sharing their work and their words with you!

    To get things going, we are delighted to present composer Sointu Aalto, in conversation with Suzette Chan. Born in Helsinki, raised in Edmonton, Sointu Aalto is a composer and cellist, who has emerged as one of the most compelling emerging artists, with a formidable output of uncompromising instrumental and audio-visual works. She has studied with many eminent teachers in Edmonton and elsewhere, and has been a competition winner, and participant in festivals across Canada and abroad. In June, 2022, Aalto and her colleagues in The JAMS Quartet performed in the Now Hear This Festival in Edmonton, where they gave a rare, full-length performance of works by Aalto and other composers.

    Compositions by Sointu Aalto Included in this episode:

    Audio portion of audio-visual work, commissioned by New Music Edmonton for the Summer Solstice Series, 2021.

    6:09 Mass Extinction (Excerpt)
    Performed by The JAMS Quartet: Jessica Ortlieb, Anna Vlasova, Mora Clarke, Sointu Aalto, with Kauri Aalto, tam-tam

    13:22 super(ficial) (Full Length)
    Performed by Bergamot Quartet at MATA Jr., Music at the Anthology Festival, NY, 2021

    18:10 The Pizza Man Is Real (Full Length)
    Performed by The JAMS Quartet: Jessica Ortlieb, Anna Vlasova, Mora Clarke, Sointu Aalto

    Audio portion of audio-visual work, commissioned by New Music Edmonton for the Summer Solstice Series, 2021.

    38:20 Yosinfonia (2020) (Full Length)
    Performed by Daniel Aalto, piano, Eija Aalto, soprano
    Text: Yösinfonia, 1, by Kirsi Kunna

    For more Information:

    Sointu Aalto:

    Suzette Chan:

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    Episode 2.5: Mari Alice Conrad

    Episode 2.5: Mari Alice Conrad

    Our city is teeming with emerging artists of all kinds, many of them classical composers. This episode of The No Normal focuses on one such artist, Mary Alice Conrad. Over the last few years, her name has appeared with increasing frequency in concert programming, workshops and commissioned works lists across the country. In this interview, you’ll get to know about this compelling artist’s background and we dig into some of her recent works, with lots of great information on the genesis of Mary Alice Conrad’s diverse and prolific compositions.

    Music Included in this episode:
    19:44 The Mountains Rend Themselves Apart (excerpt)
    Artistic Director and conductor, Raymond Baril
    June 3, 2022, Convocation Hall, University of Alberta
    Recording Engineer, Mike Malone

    29:30 The Peculiar Dances of Shifting Minds (excerpt 1)
    Allegra Chamber Orchestra, Janna Sailor, conductor, Opus. 59 Films.
    FestivELLE Online Concert Series, June 2021, Orpheum Annex, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

    41:58 Breathing Room (excerpt)
    Live Mix of MacEwan University Music Department “Generations” Recording Project 2022.
    Conducted by Raymond Baril
    Recording Engineers, Paul Johnston and Padraig Buttner-Schnirer
    At the MacEwan University Recording Department

    53:24 Twenty-Six Punctographic Preludes (excerpt)
    The Edmonton Saxophone Quartet
    Kendra Heslip, Alto Saxophone
    Charles Stolte, Tenor Saxophone
    Ben Whittier, Baritone and Bass Saxophone
    Allison Balcetis, Soprano Saxophone
    December 2021, Convocation Hall, University of Alberta
    Audio Engineer, Russel Baker

    68:44 The Peculiar Dances of Shifting Minds (excerpt 2)

    For more Information:

    • 1 hr 9 min

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5 Ratings

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