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Podcast for the Automation, Robotics and Manufacturing Industries.

The Robot Industry Podcast Jim Beretta in partnership with A3 Association for Advancing Automation and Painted Robot.

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Podcast for the Automation, Robotics and Manufacturing Industries.

    Lean and Single Station Automation Strategies

    Lean and Single Station Automation Strategies

    In our How to Get Started in Automation Series, I welcome back Lyle Weaver from Ehrhardt Automation Systems in Granite City, IL. Lean and single station automation is a very different approach to automating your factory. We cover a lot in this podcast from Poka-yoke and the Toyota production system to robotics and lean, project management and lean production's elimination of waste as a key element to this approach.

    There are lots of reasons to start out with lean in your automation strategy:




    Volume and high mix environments

    Ease of use and maintenance

    Investment and scale

    Ease of entry

    Flexibility and scaleability

    Time to market

    If you would like to get in touch with our sponsor for this podcast, Ehrhardt Automation Systems (and they used to be called Ehrhardt Engineered Solutions) you can reach them at https://www.ehrhardtautomation.com/ or sales at sales@ehrhardtsolutions.com and yes they also answer the phone on 877-386-7856.

    To check in with Lyle, you can catch up with him on LinkedIn

    Enjoy the podcast!


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    Automation and the Amazon Effect with Craig Salvalaggio

    Automation and the Amazon Effect with Craig Salvalaggio

    In this edition of #TheRobotIndustryPodcast, I interview Craig Salvalaggio from AMT. Craig is a busy man. He is COO of Applied Manufacturing Technologies, an automation systems integrator. Craig is very involved with A3 the Association for Advancing Automation (our distribution partner on this podcast).

    Speed to Market is the theme. We also call this operating at the Speed of Amazon. The automation industry doesn't change very much and operating in COVID-19 pandemic has created big challenges for automation integrators, manufacturers, and opportunities to create automation to produce protective PPE.

    28 to 32 weeks is the typical delivery for an automation system in our industry. That is just too long for engineers growing up with Amazon's delivery model. The industry is struggling to come up with better and creative ways to deliver automation faster for these elevated expectations.

    We talk about training, equipment ownership, collaborative robotics, collaborative technologies and labor related challenges, accelerated deliveries, partners, vendors and the ROI of automation.

    We end our conversation talking about talent attraction, robotic and automated palletizing and end of line automation.

    If you would like to find out more about AMT their website is https://appliedmfg.com/ and to find Craig, he is on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/craig-salvalaggio-5ab4974/

    Enjoy the podcast,

    Jim Beretta

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    Artimus Robotics and HASEL Actuation Technology

    Artimus Robotics and HASEL Actuation Technology

    In this episode of #therobotindustrypodcast, I catch up with Timothy Morrissey the co-founder of Artimus Robotics. They are based in Boulder, CO.

    Artimus Robotics is enabling a new generation of robots and machines that increase productivity and improve quality of life. Led by a world-class team of experts in the field of soft robotics, Artimus Robotics hopes to make a profound impact on the future of robotics and automation by solving motion and gripping challenges.

    Invented and developed in Boulder, Colorado, their technology, is the HASEL artificial muscles, and is at the forefront of robotic innovation. To learn more about Artimus Robotics or HASEL technology visit www.ArtimusRobotics.com and follow the company @ArtimusRobotics. To find out more about Tim (CEO, YouTuber, skier, and camper) you can check him out on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tgmorrissey/

    Keywords for this podcast: HASEL Actuators, Soft Robotics, Softrobotics, Compliant Technology, Tim Morrissey and www.artimurobotics.com

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    Simple Robot Programming with READY Robotics

    Simple Robot Programming with READY Robotics

    READY Robotics is a company with a big goal and a big vision. They are democratizing automation by making robots and robotics easier to program. There is good reason for this, the world is running out skilled engineers that can program robots.

    Some of our conversation includes:

    The ROI of having an easier robot to program and the real cost of training

    What does "robot agnostic" really mean for your company and the industry?

    Why did robot companies go "proprietary" with their code and controllers different from the days when Adept simply built many controllers for robot arms?

    We talk about one of their use cases and an early customer, Alicat Scientific who were able to build ventilators in a lights-out environment with quick turnaround.

    How the skills gap in manufacturing is challenging the demand for automated systems and robotics.

    We talk about READY Robotics' new READY academy course in the education space and their launch on Manufacturing Day this Oct. 2, 2020 https://ready.academy/ Attend a free webinar, tour of the facility and programming.

    If you want to learn more about Kel Guerin, you can check him out on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/futureneer/ and READY Robotics is at https://www.ready-robotics.com/

    Enjoy the podcast,


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    The Robot Industry Podcast

    The Robot Industry Podcast

    Hello everyone, this is a short podcast to let you know that we are changing the name of our podcast to The Robot Industry Podcast. We will be taking short break, but you will be able to find us on www.therobotoindustrypodcast.com in a couple of weeks.

    We hope that you will re-subscribe to the podcast and I can't wait for some of the new episodes under our new name. Special thanks to our partners A3 The Association for Advancing Automation and PaintedRobot.com

    Talk soon!

    Jim The Robot Industry Podcast

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    Data and Digital Industry 4.0

    Data and Digital Industry 4.0

    In this conversation with ATS' Mike Tidy we talk about manufacturing: the data, data analytics, security and what companies are thinking about with industry 4.0. We continue the conversation and what is going on with integration between sensors, machines and the time to market.

    Here are some of the topics that we talked about:

    Digital Twins

    SCADA and MES

    Software security

    Data storage

    Training and support

    One of the new products that ATS Automation has released is a software product called illuminate. If you are interested in finding out more about illuminate product https://illuminatemi.com/ If you would like to check out Mike Tidy on LinkedIn, here is his https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-tidy-5647a25

    Enjoy the podcast,


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