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We feature scientists, business owners, activists, entrepreneurs, cooks, and other experts from around the world who have found ways to live more sustainably.

The Zero Waste Countdown Podcast Laura Nash

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We feature scientists, business owners, activists, entrepreneurs, cooks, and other experts from around the world who have found ways to live more sustainably.

    145. Mushrooms

    145. Mushrooms


    Mushrooms have been eaten by people for thousands of years, or perhaps even longer. They are used as a healthy food source, as medicine, fire starter, meat replacement for vegans, and Ikea is even experimenting with using them as packaging! There is promising hope that certain types of mushrooms could help with cancer and mental health issues.




    Denis Vidmar is a second-generation mushroom expert and enthusiast. He joins the Zero Waste Countdown to talk about staying healthy with mushrooms and his business TheMushHub.com .




    Denis Vidmar From The Mush Hub 



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    144. Food Forward L.A.

    144. Food Forward L.A.



    Rick Nahmias is the founder and CEO of Food Forward, an organization based in L.A. that addresses food waste and food insecurity. In July 2021 they had their biggest month on record with 7 million pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables recovered, helping to meet the food needs of 150,000 people.



    Rick joins the show to talk about the growth of the organization over 9 years, how fresh fruit is recovered on such a large scale, and why Southern California and particularly L.A. is a hub for fresh fruit recovery.

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    143. Cuba

    143. Cuba



    Cuba is known as a beautiful tourist destination with colourful landscapes and beach resorts. But what is it like to live under a communist government? Is it better for the environment?



    Daylin Horruitiner of Spanglish Generation is a Cuban American born in Cuba. She creates content that gathers attention to the plight of the Cuban people under such strict governing, and joins the Zero Waste Countdown to discuss what environmentalism looks like under a communist regime. 



    While the environmental movement in the West seems to insatiably tug further and further to the left, Daylin discusses the dangers in going too far to any side of the political spectrum. She explains environmental issues such as rolling blackouts, why the Cuban government imposed food rations that particularly targeted beef, and how environmental protests in Cuba are often organized by the government themselves in order to get foreign funding.





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    142. Northshore Apothecary

    142. Northshore Apothecary






    Lou Corbett works with plants in a cabin in the woods north of Toronto. She founded Northshore Apothecary where she sells her products, all made sustainably. She takes great care to ensure the natural environment around her is healthy, while creating products from the natural world that benefit us and our own health.





    Lou joins the Zero Waste Countdown to talk about her processes, scent distillation, sustainable harvesting, and how we can use invasive species to our advantage.





    Connecting with plants, whether that be through aromatherapy, food, bath soaks, creams, or even just learning about plants and choosing not to use them, can help us forge relationships with the outdoors and with our own health.





    Check out her story on Instragram: @northshore_apothecary and if you'd like to buy one of Lou's wildcraft products for yourself or for a loved one, she gave us this discount code: WILDCRAFT10 to save 10%.










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    141. Stay Well With Ferm Fatale

    141. Stay Well With Ferm Fatale


    Julie Cielo is the founder of Ferm Fatale, a shrub kombucha mocktail company offered in sustainable packaging. She started Ferm Fatale to replace alcoholic drinks with something much healthier for our gut.



    Julie walks us through her autoimmune journey that led her into taking control of her own health and wellness while giving us tips on how to do so ourselves.



    She discusses the link between gut, body, and mind health and how we can keep all of them working together harmoniously in these difficult times. Coupon code ZEROWASTE20 to save 20% if you'd like to try Ferm Fatale.


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    140. NewLife Forests in Arizona

    140. NewLife Forests in Arizona




    NewLife Forest Restoration is a lumber manufacturer with sawmills located in Heber and Williams, Arizona. This lumber manufacturer prides itself on its Zero Waste Initiative and works closely with the U.S. Forest Service to ensure sustainable, healthy forests. Their mission is to protect Arizona from catastrophic wildfires by restoring the four national forests in Arizona to a healthier and more natural ecosystem.




    Through their sustainable forestry approach, NewLife protects the health of the beautiful forestland and makes products such as animal bedding, wood chips, engineered wood and more while reducing the forests' ability to light up into forest fires. They are also creating skilled jobs in the area.



    Jason Rosamond is the founder of NewLife Forest Restoration and he joins the Zero Waste Countdown to discuss his zero waste forestry initiatives.


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4.7 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Lil griff347 ,

Loving it

I listen to this everyday on my way to school and it’s so educational!!

My Green Footprint Quinte ,

Most informative podcasts

Well worth a listen with guests that are highlighting today’s issues ... Laura is a well balanced and informed host who knows her stuff!

OurGreenerLife ,

SO inspiring!

I love this podcast! My eyes were opened to our global waste and plastic pollution problem around the time this podcast began. Laura picks incredible topics and I have learned so much about how to live a more healthy and sustainable life through the wide range of people she talks with and topics she covers. I am always inspired and encouraged to continue this journey with each and every podcast! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

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