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The Thumb and Hammer Podcast covers topics related to home improvements, renovations, DIY and real estate from the point of view of an average homeowner.

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The Thumb and Hammer Podcast covers topics related to home improvements, renovations, DIY and real estate from the point of view of an average homeowner.

    Ep. 55: House and garage HVAC

    Ep. 55: House and garage HVAC

    Stuff is happening. Big stuff. In this episode of the podcast, I talk about our choice of furnace and air conditioner for the house, why I decided on a split ductless system for the garage-workshop, and our reasoning for ditching our hot water tank and going with a tankless water heater.

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    Ep. 54: Everyone’s a Critic

    Ep. 54: Everyone’s a Critic

    How do you react when someone tells you that something you did is "all wrong?"

    In early March 2021, I received a comment on "Installing a Suspended Ceiling," a page that has been on Thumbandhammer.com in one form or another since about 2002.

    In this episode of the podcast I discuss that comment and my reactions to it.

    You can read that now heavily revised post here: https://www.thumbandhammer.com/installing-suspended-ceiling/

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    Ep. 53: The cost of procrastination

    Ep. 53: The cost of procrastination

    If getting stuck in the snow taught us anything, it's that we have to replace our furnace this year. Plus I do a little surgery in the basement.

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    Ep. 52: That’s good pod!

    Ep. 52: That’s good pod!

    Looking for a new home improvement or DIY podcast to listen to? Here are my personal favorites that you may enjoy, too.

    Links are to the podcast webpages. Or search for them in your favorite podcast app.

    Ask This Old House (Chris Ermides): https://www.thisoldhouse.com/pages/podcasts

    Ace on the House (Adam Carolla, Eric Stromer): https://aceontheroof.com/category/podcast/

    Ask the Builder (Tim Carter): https://www.askthebuilder.com/podcast/

    The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show (Tom Kreautler, Leslie Segrete): https://www.moneypit.com/guides/subscribe-the-money-pit-podcast/

    Home Improvement Show with Jon Eakes: https://joneakes.com/radio-shows

    Home Pros Radio Show (Tommy Donovan, Shane Hipps): https://homeprosradio.libsyn.com/ https://homeprosradio.com/

    Around the House with Eric G (Eric Goranson, Dane Vawter): https://around-the-house-with-e.captivate.fm/

    Also check out the Around the House website: https://aroundthehouseonline.com/

    Bo knows Real Estate (Bo Kauffmann): https://www.bokauffmann.com/

    Young House Love has a Podcast (John and Sherri Petersnik): https://www.younghouselove.com/category/podcast/

    GardenFork Radio (Eric Rochow): https://www.gardenfork.tv/category/gardenfork-radio/

    Evan and Katelyn: http://evanandkatelyn.com/podcast/

    Making It (Bob Clagett, Jimmy DiResta, David Picciuto): https://www.makingitpodcast.com/

    Add your own recommendations in the comments on the website.


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    Ep. 51: HOAs with John from AZDIYguy

    Ep. 51: HOAs with John from AZDIYguy

    The first time I came across John's blog, years ago, he had written about an encounter he had with his Homeowners Association which involved an order to remove a structure from his property “in a workmanlike manner.”

    I've come across news stories about people running afoul of their HOAs by painting their house the wrong color, or putting up Christmas decorations that were deemed too tacky. But I've never experienced what it's like living in an HOA community or talked to anyone who has. Until now.

    John's HOA encounters

    We talk about some of these "infractions" in our conversation, but it's worth reading about them in context on John's blog.

    "Remove unauthorized structure (the overhang)": https://www.azdiyguy.com/blog//2013/04/a-challenge-from-hoa.html

    "Remove A/C Unit from along the side of the garage": https://www.azdiyguy.com/blog/removing-a-window-ac-unit-without-a-window-and-installing-a-window

    "Remove tree stump": https://www.azdiyguy.com/blog/how-to-remove-palm-tree-stump


    Introduction voiced by Ric Santos, music licensed by JewelBeat.

    Additional music by Kevin MacLeod: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/

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    Ep. 50: A weight has been lifted

    Ep. 50: A weight has been lifted

    Re-fi, baby!

    Paying down a mortgage isn't necessarily the end all be all. In fact, by increasing our mortgage, we could end up further ahead in the long run. And in the short term, well, we're finally getting relief from the financial pressure we've been feeling for the past few years.

    Also in this episode: lessons learned from a road rage incident.

    To support this podcast, contributions may be made at the following link:


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