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Uncharted waters is a Podcast brought to you by GlobalNL. This Podcast series focuses on telling stories of NLer's that have ventured into "uncharted waters" in their lives. We hope that these stories will help encourage and empower others to take on similar risks/challenges in their own life.

Uncharted Waters Greg Smyth

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Uncharted waters is a Podcast brought to you by GlobalNL. This Podcast series focuses on telling stories of NLer's that have ventured into "uncharted waters" in their lives. We hope that these stories will help encourage and empower others to take on similar risks/challenges in their own life.

    #23 - "Someone doesn't have to lose for someone else to gain" - Kimberly Mullins

    #23 - "Someone doesn't have to lose for someone else to gain" - Kimberly Mullins

    In this episode I talk with Kimberley Mullins, an applied social scientist and the current Director of Talent Development at Shopify. She is from Newfoundland, but she moved to Calgary to work for ExxonMobil Canada. She then joined Imperial Oil, which is also located in Calgary.We discuss a variety of topics, but one of my favorites is Kimberley's discussion of how she stayed connected to her hometown and her advice to people in the community to "look after each other."

    Topics covered:
    2:07 Developing talent involves motivating others to be their best selves
    5:07 Kimberley’s work history
    7:01 How Kimberley stayed connected to her “home”
    15:12 In Newfoundland, everyone respects those who are just trying to get by
    32:05 Work on your strengths, not your weaknesses
    35:00 Discover your passion to live a more fulfilling life
    39:20 Invest in your legacy
    47:07 Culture is customary difference
    57:07 Making something valuable to you vulnerable to others is what trust is
    1:02:10 Everyone can make a positive difference in the world
    1:05:26 To be a leader, you must bring out the best in people
    1:08:40 People aspire to grow professionally
    1:20:50 Leadership requires humility
    1:24:27 Kimberley’s advice to the community: “We look after each other”

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    #22 - Local Tech Spotlight: Ed Martin @Zorbit's by Carnegie Learning

    #22 - Local Tech Spotlight: Ed Martin @Zorbit's by Carnegie Learning

    The fourth episode in the NL Tech Spotlight series - a discussion between Jeremy Andrews and Ed J Martin, the CEO of Clockwork Fox Studios. Clockwork is an education technology company that develops a blended learning platform for elementary math called Zorbit’s Math Adventure. Zorbit helps young math learners succeed by integrating the powers of play, pedagogy, and learning analytics.

    We talk about a bunch of things in this episode, but one of my favourite parts was Ed describing how Carnegie see's Clockwork as their new Canadian Headquarters, based right here in Newfoundland and Labrador. With a number of exits to US based companies here in recent years, it's part of a growing and exciting trend for the local tech industry.

    0:00 - Where ya from?

    1:30 - How did you go from Mechanical Engineering to Digital Media to Software?

    4:30 - Best Boy Productions and the Transition to Clockwork

    8:30 - Making games that aren’t just fun, but also help kids get better at math

    11:30 - Becoming a much more powerful platform for Teachers

    15:30 - What’s been your “Go to Market” strategy

    17:30 - “Sage on the Stage” education to “Student Centered Learning”

    20:40 - Were you planning for an Acquisition?

    23:35 - “The Canadian Head Office”

    25:25 - Where does it go from here?

    29:25 - Has doing this in Newfoundland been hard?

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    #21 - Local Tech Spotlight: Leah Murphy @ Northstar Payroll

    #21 - Local Tech Spotlight: Leah Murphy @ Northstar Payroll

    This episode of Uncharted Waters’ “Local Tech Spotlight” segment is a discussion between Jeremy Andrews and Leah Murphy from NorthStar Payroll. Leah came up with the idea for a better payroll system after years of operating her own payroll company, Get Payroll. NorthStar plans to provide their customers with a premium payroll software that leverages AI & Machine Learning technology to automate repetitive tasks, catch variances in processing and provide in-depth analyses.
    Podcast Outline:
    1:20 - Can you tell us a bit about yourself
    3:40 - Being a reluctant entrepreneur
    5:30 - Deciding to take the leap with support from the community
    8:36 - Building a solution to your own problem
    11:53 - How does NorthStar work?
    13:27 - Target customer
    16:58 - Go-to-market strategy and user feedback
    20:55 - Support from NL startup ecosystem (NLOWE, SJBOT, Genesis, MPPCC)
    23:38 - Advice for other startup founders
    26:16 - What’s the future hold?

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    #20 - Tim Powers: “Stay Strong”

    #20 - Tim Powers: “Stay Strong”

    Tim Powers shares his journey, including some ups and downs, from deep roots in Newfoundland and Labrador to a life and career at the “Centre”. Tim’s vision of the future direction of this country in strategic areas including a post Covid world and Carbon Pricing is very interesting. He is always led by his mother's sage advice, which is to “Never Get Too Big For Your Britches”. Enjoy the listen it will surprise and entertain you and if you ever get a chance to visit with Tim in Ottawa, don’t forget to bring the Black Horse and/or Jockey!


    0:20GlobalNL Introduction and Overview
    3:27Growing up in Newfoundland, how it shaped you
    8:06Lobbyist role - Secret Sauce
    10:24Storytelling and how important it is
    13:08Covid and Canadian Politics - Mental Health - Money - Family
    18:25 Data Management and Politics - Abacus Data
    24:10Where is the optimism/pessimism in the future of Newfoundland
    30:11Climate Change - Carbon Pricing
    35:49Mental Health
    42:06Rugby - Outlet - Friendships - Validations - Mental Strength - World Cup game NL
    45:35How can the GlobalNL community help the Province
    47:22Tim’s Billboard “Stay Strong”

    • 49 min
    #19 - Local Tech Spotlight: Prospre “A Growing Entrepreneurial Mentality at Memorial”

    #19 - Local Tech Spotlight: Prospre “A Growing Entrepreneurial Mentality at Memorial”

    In the second episode of our new segment “Local Tech Spotlight”, Jeremy talks with Prospre, a St. John’s Startup developing a mobile app that allows you to easily build customized meal plans that take your personal preferences and nutritional goals into account.

    Jonathan and Colin from Prospre give us a peek inside the early days of starting a technology company in Newfoundland and Labrador. We discuss the success they’ve had to date, and how a growing entrepreneurship mentality at Memorial University is helping aspiring entrepreneurs overcome the fear of getting started.

    Podcast Outline:

    1:30 - Can you tell us about Prospre in your own words?
    3:00 - Where’d you get the idea?
    4:35 - What came first? Entrepreneurship or the idea?
    5:15 - Entrepreneurship mentality at MUN
    9:45 - Product and Traction
    15:55 - What’s been your biggest challenge?
    19:50 - What’s the next big thing for Prospre?

    • 22 min
    #18 Aatif Baskanderi

    #18 Aatif Baskanderi

    Aatif Baskanderi, a Global NL award winner for the production of the acclaimed film “Salaam B’y”, provides us with a not often heard overview of the diversity experience growing up in Newfoundland and Labrador. Aatif's film is a profound lense through which one’s understanding of diversity today can be viewed. He gives us a interesting sense of how his life experience in education and work has lead him to now focus the establishment of the North Pine Foundation, an organization which dares to address some of the most difficult social issues in our Country. A core value in the definition and execution of this work can be seen on his Billboard “Be Kind”. Enjoy!

    1:45Aatif describes growing up in Clarenville Newfoundland
    2:19 GlobalNL award for “Salaam B’y”. Where did the idea come from?
    7:25 Growing up Muslim in NL including Raymonds!
    13:40NL cultural diversity exposure/density
    14:30An emerging Racist/Right Wing sentiment in Nl - The role social media plays here.
    16:30 “Agile Sincerity”
    18:50How do you stay connected with the Province and the role of “Radical Kindness”
    21:40Establishing Adult friend circles when moving from place to place
    26:39Building Community Network
    27:52Social Entrepreneurship Why/Why not
    32:39The World of Innovation and its challenges and integration of Social Science
    40:57Blue Ocean Groups - Elastic Innovation - People at the centre of the table
    46:00North Pine Foundation - A Startup Philanthropic Foundation - Focused on foster children, former prisoners, adult refugees, rural Nl and other compelling issues.
    49:00Foundation Partners - Private Tech Support
    52:00Validation of Value Proposition
    53:00Skepticism and Structural Mitigation
    55:00Global Nl - an approach to global connectivity a positive conduit
    1:13:16Aatif’s Billboard - “Be Kind”

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12 Ratings

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