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The James Bond Complex is hosted by Edgar Chaput and Mathieu Auclair. Two 007 aficionados located in Montreal, Canada (station MC), they go through the Fleming novels, the film adaptations, and much much more! Reviews, anecdotes, behind-the-scenes knowledge, you've never been debriefed on Bond's famous missions like you have with The James Bond Complex!

The James Bond Complex Edgar Chaput & Matt Auclair

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The James Bond Complex is hosted by Edgar Chaput and Mathieu Auclair. Two 007 aficionados located in Montreal, Canada (station MC), they go through the Fleming novels, the film adaptations, and much much more! Reviews, anecdotes, behind-the-scenes knowledge, you've never been debriefed on Bond's famous missions like you have with The James Bond Complex!

    Icebreaker By John Gardner

    Icebreaker By John Gardner

    Hello dear listeners!

    What do the best spy stories involve? Intrigue, of course. A decent plot as well, that goes without saying. Engaging characters certainly, what would a spy story be without that? Surprising twists and turns seem reasonable to expect as well. After all, spies are often engaged in mysterious missions from which the outcome can unravel in unexpected ways. Now imagine all of these elements coming together in a John Gardner Bond novel.

    ‘’Ridiculous!’’ we hear you say. ‘’Preposterous!’’ you shout. ‘’Unbelievable!’’ thunders from your mouths.

    And yet it’s true.

    Co-hosts Mathieu and Edgar return to the Gardner literary 007 this week with an in-depth discussion of the author’s third venture, Icebreaker. Whereas Licence Renewed had us mildly intrigued and entertained and For Special Services left us and friend Emery Cormier flabbergasted and confused, Icebreaker arrives like a fresh new start. Featuring one of the more complicated plots of any of the Bond novels, Fleming or otherwise, the boys have a lot of material to wade through.

    In fact, there are so many intricate plot details and twists that Matt and Edgar’s heads might start spinning. Be that as it may, it nevertheless makes for a wonderfully different 00 reading experience. Even Fleming never pulled off what Gardner does here with Icebreaker.

    So sit back and grab a hot cup of cocoa. It’s fitting that this episode should be released during a stretch of Montreal January when the temperature has dropped considerably. Rest assured however, for just as the weather outside is frightful, this Bond novel is so delightful!

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    James Bond Find Your Fate books - with Phil Poggiali

    James Bond Find Your Fate books - with Phil Poggiali

    Hello, dear listeners!

    Close your eyes and imagine yourself as James Bond 007, lying in bed, watching as the impressive specimen that is May Day walks slowly towards you, completely nude. She leaps into bed. Just before you attempt a 00-Move on her to get the party under the bed sheets started, she wrestlers herself on top of you, firmly pinning you underneath, animalistic sexual desire and perhaps something else glinting in her eyes. And then…

    Oh, sorry, we got carried away there. Where were we?

    Ah yes, Mathieu and Edgar are back this week with the back end of their conversation with Philip Poggiali. This time the trio dive neck deep into the long lost series of Find Your Fate books which served as one of the more intriguing bit of movie tie-in merchandising for 1985’s A View to a Kill. Published by Ballantine Books, the quartet of entries invited readers to live a James Bond adventure by making choices that would determine 007’s fate and that of the world. Think of VR but for book worms.

    Phil guides the hosts and the listeners through the publication history of the short lived and hard to find series, revealing some tidbits that are sometimes just as titillating as the book outlines themselves. What would happen if James Bond found himself on the island of Dr. Moreau? Have you ever imagined 007 getting stuffed into an oven? How about being squished into wine? Would you believe it if we told you that R.L. Stine of Goosebumps fame wrote a Bond book? No? Well, have a listen to this week’s episode and let Phil Poggiali regale you with stuff we’re guessing you probably didn’t know how 007 publication history.

    Sit back, relax, and let’s welcome back Phil one more time. This takes being James Bond to a whole new level!*

    *Any similarities between this episode’s description and the name of a certain 007 themed podcast is wholly coincidental. The author and hosts will not be held responsible for any confusion on the part of the reader or listeners. We have lawyers everywhere.

    Phil Poggiali can be found on Twitter here. https://twitter.com/paperback_film

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    Formula for a Franchise: Donald Westlake's Bond Adventure - with Phil Poggiali

    Formula for a Franchise: Donald Westlake's Bond Adventure - with Phil Poggiali

    *Full disclosure, this episode was recorded on the morning of Sunday October 6th, the day after Global James Bond Day. There is NTTD chatter, but obviously not up to date with what we know as of early January 2020.

    Hello, dear listeners!

    In December 2018 we invited former MI6 Confidential magazine writer and all around Bond aficionado/historian Philip Poggiali to regale hosts Matt and Edgar and the listeners with the secrets of what could have been Timothy Dalton’s 4th Bond film, Reunion With Death. It was undoubtedly a unique episode for which we thought a little bit outside the box to produce content.

    Since then Phil and us have chatted online, shared ideas and banter but without ever concretely setting up a new instalment in our adventures into 007’s lost past. Until now, that is.

    Yes, friend of the show Philip Poggiali is back, and much like last time he’s back to back! We give old Timothy a rest and instead discuss a version of Pierce Brosnan’s 2nd 007 adventure that surely exists in another timeline or parallel universe.  Beware the Dragon’s Teeth!

    In the first episode of a 2-part instalment, Philip, Matt, and Edgar warm up with some Global James Bond Day discussion as well as share thoughts on NTTD developments (circa early October 2019) before delving neck deep into the trials and tribulations of American crime novelist Donald Westlake’s attempt at penning a Bond film in the mid 1990s. What’s more, Phil even reads a mini article he prepared just for this episode. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the podcast has an exclusive (which serves as the title of this week’s episode!). We even get to know some character names, including a would be legendary pun. It’s a real ‘’banger.’’ Oooh!

    So sit back and, just like in December 2018, imagine a world where a different Bond film exists, one we will sadly never get to see, but can conjure up in our minds thanks to Phil’s tireless, meticulous research.

    Check out Philip Poggiali on Twitter at https://twitter.com/paperback_film

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    Octopussy starring Roger Moore - Part 2

    Octopussy starring Roger Moore - Part 2

    Hello, dear listeners!

    Happy New Year!

    We thank you very much for your patience while waiting for the concluding chapter in our OP film review. After some NTTD trailer chatter and a special Christmas bonanza episode, it’s time to get down to business again. Let’s get cracking! Did you think the egg jokes would be limited to the movie’s plot synopsis from Part 1? Ha! Well, look at you now with egg on your face.

    We last left Bond at the backgammon table with Kamal Kahn, the latter whom warned 007 to spend his winnings quickly. With so much of the film left to dissect with a finely toothed comb, Matt and Edgar get right down to it. But first, it’s important to take in some sight seeing of ‘traditional’ Indian culture, like sword swallowers and fire breathers. You know, everyday Indian stuff.

    A visit to Q’s lab always does the trick to brighten spirits while on a perilous mission, to say nothing of free cleavage shots to keep our spirits up (and keep other things up too). Fake jewelry smuggling between East and West Berlin, the Most Dangerous Game, debating Tarzan’s place in pop culture history, amazing ADR spooky yells, Octopussy Circus: Lethal Assault Unit, clown disguises being no laughing matter and…and… uh…Oh right, Octopussy herself! Who would forget about talking about her?!?

    So sit back and relax on this New Year’s Day 2020. It’s a new year, with new challenges, and new threats. But you still count on the brilliance of The James Bond Complex to get you through your mid-weeks.

    From The James Bond Complex to you: Happy New Year!

    Especially you, Octopussy…Octopussy…

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    2019 Christmas Special: The Gift of Bond 26

    2019 Christmas Special: The Gift of Bond 26

    Hello, dear listeners!

    Tis the season! Seasons greetings from Matt and Edgar to all of you! Oh, but the hosts have much more to offer their listeners and friends than seasons greetings, even though those are very swell. Nay, they are offering their mics to the community on this very special episode of The James Bond Complex.

    Some of you may remember a few months ago when Matt and Edgar unabashedly basked in the glory of their own fantasy Bond 26s, My Enemy’s Enemy and A Picture Worth a Thousand Deaths. Now, in the spirit and season of giving, they have invited a plethora of friends to join in on the fun and share their thoughts on where the franchise might go following No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s final film. Even Jason Kim, the International Man of Mystery, joins in on the fun.

    There is no shortage of unique visions, ideas, and voices on this episode. From getting all the 00s together in an epic climactic battle, taking the series back to the 1960s, rebooting it altogether, scaling down the scope, counting from 2 to 5 in French, the importance of actor-director reunions, Quantum being a superior organization than Spectre, psychic communications with the current producers, references to Roger and rogers in the poster tag lines, to how incredible the trailer for Carl Weathers’ Action Jackson is (uh…you’ll have to listen to find out). One guest even describes in intricate detail an entire pre-title sequence!

    Virtually everyone appears in this episode. Even ghosts of James Bond past!

    Pour the eggnog, shake your martinis, chill the Bollinger, and get the caviar ready. We sincerely hope you enjoy this episode of the show, not just because it’s all about fans being fans dreaming about the 00 million possibilities, but because it literally could not have happened without you, friends and listeners. 2019 was an incredibly year for the podcast, in large part thanks to you!

    Enjoy the episode, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love, peace, and health.*

    Our special guests this week:

    David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience

    Bill Koenig from The Spy Command and James Bond and Friends

    Emery Cormier from The Intrepid 007 Podcast

    Jarrod, Jason, Delvin and Pat from On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast: MI6 Rookie Agents

    David Leigh from The Bond Dossier and James Bond and Friends

    Don, Tyler, Martin, and Anthony from The 00 Files

    Reuben Wakeman from The Toys of Bond

    Peter Brooker from From Tailors With Love

    Phil Pogiali, contributor to MI6 Confidential and all around Bond historian.

    Joe Darlington from Being James Bond


    Jason Kim playing himself as the International Man of Mystery

    *A good roger never hurts either.

    • 1 Std. 41 Min.
    December 2019 debriefing

    December 2019 debriefing

    Agent Jason Kim, International Man of Mystery joins us to chat about the brand spanking new trailer for "No Time To Die"!

    • 1 Std.

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