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Home of the "zoomerjd interviews" where I interview interesting personalities in the crypto space 📈

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Home of the "zoomerjd interviews" where I interview interesting personalities in the crypto space 📈

    zoomerjd interviews #14 Simon Harman

    zoomerjd interviews #14 Simon Harman

    This is a special Mad Max edition of the zoomerjd interviews! We have our first Aussie guest on the show. Alongside being the CEO of Oxen and Chainflip, Simon Harman is one of my best mates - we both got into crypto back when we were still in high school! Enjoy the show, we talk about building crypto projects, what it has been like trading over the years and where the market is at right now.

    00:01:20 Chainflip!

    00:13:25 Can cross chain tech bring crypto together?

    00:16:35 Bitcoin 2021

    00:27:30 Who's coming in to crypto right now?

    00:34:20 Building in a bear market

    00:42:33 Privacy coins, why no pamp?

    00:50:10 Getting rekt back in the day

    00:55:00 Where are we at in the market right now?

    01:01:35 Advice for people starting a crypto project

    01:12:50 More on Chainflip!

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    • 1 hr 15 min
    zoomerjd interviews #13 TheBoot

    zoomerjd interviews #13 TheBoot

    Is the bottom in? Trollbox legend TheBoot of BitMEX join the show for an exclusive interview. This is a man who has made money, lost money and then made it all back again. Hopefully he can help you make sense of this hectic market.

    00:00:40​​​ Hectic market!

    00:03:50 Making money, losing money and then making it back again

    00:07:25 Is crypto an addiction?

    00:09:05 Trading in a bear market

    00:14:34 Emotions in trading

    00:15:35 BitMEX

    00:23:45 New exchanges

    00:31:50 Does TheBoot farm?

    00:38:00 Exchange coins

    00:52:45 Tips for new traders

    00:55:15 Traveling

    Follow TheBoot on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBootMex

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    • 59 min
    zoomerjd interviews #12 Kyle Davies

    zoomerjd interviews #12 Kyle Davies

    The rally continues! Kyle Davies, co-founder of Three Arrows Capital joins the show. (Apologies for the sound quality on this episode, I am currently on the road so don't have access to my usual set up.) Enjoy!

    00:00:40​​​ Who is Kyle and what is Three Arrows Capital?

    00:04:00 How does Three Arrows Capital approach trading?

    00:05:20​ What threats are left for Bitcoin?

    00:06:35​ Scaling Ethereum

    00:08:00 Institutional funds

    00:10:25​ Institutional fuds

    00:11:35​ When does Bitcoin become mainstream finance?

    00:15:50 Why hedge funds are more powerful than banks

    00:20:20 Institutional funds into Altcoins

    00:21:25 Privacy coins when moon

    00:24:30 Money printer

    00:27:50 Did Elon save Bitcoin?

    00:29:20 Horses

    Follow Kyle on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kyled116​

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    • 32 min
    zoomerjd interviews #11 CMS Holdings

    zoomerjd interviews #11 CMS Holdings

    All time high! Dan from CMS Holdings joins the show to celebrate and talk trading, enjoy.

    00:00:30​​ Who is Dan and what is CMS Holdings?

    00:06:30 Real deal institutional funds

    00:12:00 Inflation

    00:14:35 WSB and GME

    00:16:40 ICOs > IPOs?

    00:19:25 CorpoCoins

    00:25:15 Privacy coins

    00:30:10 Ethereum and it's competitors

    00:40:20 NFTs

    00:44:10 Preparing for the bull rally to end

    00:46:15 Systemic risks in crypto

    00:50:50 Bitcoin inflation

    Follow Dan on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cmsholdings

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    • 52 min
    zoomerjd interviews #10 DonAlt

    zoomerjd interviews #10 DonAlt

    The first zoomerjd interview of 2021, with special guest DonAlt. How good is the bull rally? Happy days and so much to talk about, enjoy.

    00:00:30​ Thoughts on the biggest crypto bull rally ever

    00:02:10 How to trade a bull rally

    00:04:00​ How is this bull rally different?

    00:05:30​ The New Paradigm cycle

    00:08:45 Billionaire buying

    00:10:55 How DonAlt got into crypto

    00:16:55 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, repeat

    00:23:20 The price of ETH

    00:26:20 Will there be an Ethereum killer, if so who?

    00:39:00 How good's bitcoin?

    00:40:15 Decentralised, centralised? What's the difference?

    00:44:30 NFTs!

    00:51:40 Staying cool and relevant

    00:54:35 Staying rich (good tips for people new to crypto)

    00:57:13 Staying sane/relaxed (good tips for all people who do crypto)

    Follow DonAlt on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CryptoDonAlt​

    Follow zoomerjd on Twitter: https://twitter.com/zoomerjd

    • 1 hr
    zoomerjd interviews #9 CL

    zoomerjd interviews #9 CL

    Merry Christmas loyal listeners, yet again you will be enjoying an exclusive guest! CL joins the show to talk DeFi and what moves markets. Enjoy the all time high, have a good break over Christmas and the New Year, then come back for more zoomerjd interviews in 2021.

    00:00:30 When ATH?

    00:01:50 When institutional funds?

    00:03:00 Is this the beginning or the end of the bull market?

    00:06:50 Riding the bull

    00:07:30 When alt season?

    00:13:30 When crash?

    00:18:00 Talkin trad finance (CeFi)

    00:20:10 Leverage

    00:23:15 DEXes

    00:29:15 Regulation

    00:31:05 Crypto cultcha

    00:33:20 Fresh short term market analysis

    Follow CL on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CL207

    Follow zoomerjd on Twitter: https://twitter.com/zoomerjd

    • 36 min

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