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Thought-provoking talks on Philippine food history, traditions and culture from the diaspora looking in.

Exploring Filipino Kitchens Nastasha Alli

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Thought-provoking talks on Philippine food history, traditions and culture from the diaspora looking in.

    EP 29: Dispatch: Stories from Toronto

    EP 29: Dispatch: Stories from Toronto

    05:25 Food as a cultural marker
    10:10 An introduction to land acknowledgements
    11:55 "How a new generation is bringing Filipino flavours to Toronto"
    18:55 Regional cuisine and the Kusinera pop-up
    22:50 A city of neighbourhoods
    26:00 On festivals and community spaces
    30:20 A world in Nations and pandemic cooking
    34:15 Rural Ontario in the 60s
    40:55 Trips to the Philippines
    45:00 On artistry and hospitality
    50:00 We're not "just" having Filipino food
    56:20 Jollibees of Toronto
    58:55 Touring at local festivals
    1:04:15 Betamax on Instagram Live
    1:07:00 Delectable desserts (and their makers)
    1:11:30 On immigrant support networks
    1:13:30 Dad's backyard lechon and camping trips
    1:15:00 Making kinilaw
    1:20:15 Hamilton in the 90s
    1:22:40 On TOYO and the Philippine restaurant scene

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    A Few Updates

    A Few Updates

    Show notes
    01:30 Why I started telling stories
    03:40 Working at the Culinary Tourism Alliance
    06:35 Talking Doreen's "Tikim" with Filipino Food Crawl x VICE
    08:50 Joining the Pinoys on Parliament conference
    10:20 I'm published in a literary anthology!

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    For the Love of Panaderia and Philippine Bakery Traditions

    For the Love of Panaderia and Philippine Bakery Traditions

    Show notes
    01:50 A snapshot of Philippine foodways
    04:45 Meet Amy and Jenny
    08:00 How the book started
    11:00 The neighbourhood bakery
    13:50 When hot pan de sal arrived
    16:50 90s pan de Manila
    19:30 An anthropological approach
    20:45 Field work: pugon
    22:30 "May kilala ka ba?" Do you know anyone?
    24:05 Categorizing and identifying breads
    25:30 How the project expanded
    27:50 Why it made me think about relationships
    31:10 More than just a travelogue
    35:00 Ensaymadas of Pampanga
    37:00 Maestro panadero's measurements
    39:35 Laoag's biscocho pasukin, two ways
    44:00 Batangas highway bonete
    48:00 At the heart of pasalubong culture
    49:30 Biscuits of Quezon, Cebu, Iloilo and Baguio
    53:30 A visit to El Ideal in Silay, Negros
    56:10 Does it have be something we grow up with...in order to survive?
    1:02:30 Ube cheese pan de sal: a historical marker
    1:06:10 Birthday mocha cakes and unfrosted chiffon with orange soda
    1:13:20 Meet Amelia
    1:16:10 A visit to TOYO Eatery's panaderia
    1:18:45 Making sourdough pan de sal at home
    1:21:25 Meet Tina
    1:24:40 Making over 200 ensaymadas
    1:26:20 All about enriched dough
    1:33:05 Maria's classic pan de coco

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    On The Antiquity of the Ifugao Rice Terraces with Stephen Acabado

    On The Antiquity of the Ifugao Rice Terraces with Stephen Acabado

    Show notes
    01:15 The kinds of truths that set you free
    05:45 About Stephen
    07:20 Products of the Philippine educational system
    10:35 Change entails unlearning
    11:20 On Beyer's "Waves of Migration" theory
    14:15 A need to think critically
    15:00 2,000 year dating is not based on any scientific data
    18:15 (The perils of) clinging to romanticism
    20:05 On the centrality of rice
    23:45 Terracing is part of a larger system
    26:10 Perspectives on "kaingin" in farming
    28:40 Implications of the long history model
    30:40 Epics of the Philippines: "Hudhud"
    33:50 Taro was here
    35:40 Rice came with the Spanish
    38:45 Not much supports "Out of Taiwan" theory either
    39:55 Archaeology tests hypotheses
    41:35 Starting the Ifugao Archaeological Project
    42:10 The Old Kiyyangan Village
    44:10 Terraces are BUILT UP, not dug down
    47:20 Cross-section of a terraced field
    49:05 90 years by 5 people: Energetics study
    50:25 On terracing irrigation systems
    53:00 A typical day of excavating artifacts
    58:05 How old is this residue?
    01:02:20 "Identity is now"
    01:04:50 On local reactions
    01:06:05 How do we empower the Ifugao community?
    01:07:45 Rice, not isolation, prevented Spanish conquest
    01:10:55 An indigenous education centre at today’s Kiangan
    01:12:10 Takeaways
    01:13:50 Future projects

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Writing the Philippine Food, Cooking and Dining Dictionary with Edgie Polistico

    Writing the Philippine Food, Cooking and Dining Dictionary with Edgie Polistico

    Show notes

    01:40 87 entries on adobo
    06:25 Growing up in Leyte
    07:55 Edgie's high school
    10:00 On English instruction and summer vacations
    12:40 His first Cebuano-English dictionary
    14:50 An "accidental lexicographer"
    16:30 Moving to Tacloban
    18:50 Starting with source code
    20:15 Edgie's digital dictionary, circa 1995
    21:25 "It wasn't the time"
    22:10 On food and migration patterns
    24:00 "Why not promote our food?"
    25:50 What would it take to keep millions now home from COVID-19?
    28:55 Edgie's digital dictionary, circa 2008
    29:45 Trailing writers, libraries, markets
    31:30 Embracing our inherent diversity
    33:40 "We are regionalized"
    34:15 From the highlands, coasts and plains of Luzon
    36:00 Eastern and western Visayas
    36:40 Tawi-tawi as a microcosm
    40:45 Why Edgie goes to markets
    41:30 What it takes to make a dictionary
    44:15 Using ethnographic research
    45:45 On verbal vs. written names
    47:55 Pastil and Maranao cuisine
    49:30 Culinary homonyms: patis, adobado, aratiles
    51:55 "We are of different languages"
    52:40 Finding our value/s
    56:55 "What's been lost is still here"

    On Finding Voices That Speak To You

    On Finding Voices That Speak To You

    Show notes

    3:30 On a very tumbled feeling
    08:30 Seeing myself in a mirror
    11:25 Finding voices that speak to you
    13:20 Tiffany on stories that bridge a gap
    14:55 On representation
    16:00 Finding Cora
    16:35 Nathalie on starting Pilipinxpages
    17:20 Growing up in Vancouver
    18:10 Reading Elaine Castillo
    22:25 "Do Filipino kids see themselves as superheroes?"
    25:20 Restoring voices lost, through literature
    26:00 Joining Podcast.PH
    26:50 Meet Mike and Ham from Please Pause Podcast
    28:35 Hang out with Jeff and Rhea from Coffee Na Lang Dear
    32:05 Trivia with Carl from The Banyo Podcast Reflushed
    33:20 Talking sustainability with CK and Jones from Sustainarumble
    36:15 Chilling with Joal from Buhay Banda Diaries
    39:30 What I'm committing to

    • 41 min

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