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Stay current, relevant, and up-to-date in the world of property investment. Weekly property news and interviews with the UK's leading property professionals and entrepreneurs. Grow your property business, with Richard Swan and guests.

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Stay current, relevant, and up-to-date in the world of property investment. Weekly property news and interviews with the UK's leading property professionals and entrepreneurs. Grow your property business, with Richard Swan and guests.

    Property Pros Spotlight: The Corrs

    Property Pros Spotlight: The Corrs

    In today's show, we do something a little bit different and special when we bring two highly impressive people into the Property Pros Spotlight...husband and wife team: Barry-John & Leanne Corr
    We've had the Corrs on the show a while ago, but what they've been doing over the last year in particular, how their business has exploded, and the amount of people that they're helping, is something you've got to see and hear about.

    So we sat the lovely Corrs in the studio and captured their story: their family life; their decisions to grow a business and leave employment; how they both went through Property Protege to bring their partnership closer; the ups and downs of the property world; the successes and challenges; their projects and developments; and the huge group of people that they're helping and impacting around them.

    We then headed out on the road to actually visit and film inside just some of the projects they have on the go at the moment.

    Properties needing a lot of love and attention, homeowners and buyers needing assistance, conversions and developments, and a chance to let you take a look behind the curtain of the reality of property development and investing.

    Completely open and transparent as ever, the Barry-John and Leanne shared every part of their story.

    How they bring up their kids around money and work, how they work together as a partnership, how they work with their power team around them, the decisions and setbacks they've faced, the moments of appreciation when they look back at what they've managed to achieve; everything!

    It's a fantastic show with a fantastic couple.

    Make sure you watch the video version to fully see and hear all that's going on, and take the tour through some of their live projects...

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    Klevio: Your Property Nightmares With Doors & Keys - Solved By Tech!

    Klevio: Your Property Nightmares With Doors & Keys - Solved By Tech!

    In today's show, Richard sits down with Ales Spetic, the CEO and Co-Founder of Klevio.

    Viewers and listeners who know all about the endless headaches in their home, office, and business life with doors, locks and keys, are going to love today's show and hearing how Klevio can clear those headaches...


    As a serial entrepreneur, Ales spotted a technical solution to an age-old problem in the property world: having to deal with locks and keys...

    > The office manager with a team of changing staff and countless keys
    > The short-term-let landlord with a relentless stream of customers, quick turnarounds, cleaning staff, and maintenance team all looking for access to the same place
    > The long-term-let landlord dealing with security issues around previous tenants leaving, possible lock changes, missing keys, refurb/decorating crews, and new tenants moving in
    > Being away from your home or business when a delivery driver turns up 
    > Or even the 3,000 year-old-problem of the teenager who constantly loses their home key!

    Klevio has the tech and the intelligence to solve all of those problems...

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    Portolio: The Landlord's Estate Agent

    Portolio: The Landlord's Estate Agent

    In today's show, Richard sits down with Chris Wood from Portolio.

    With the tagline of being "The Landlord's Estate Agent", Portolio has a business model and provides a service that can remove a lot of headaches for both Landlords and Investors...


    Chris chats freely and openly about his own career path and love affair with property.

    He explains the inspirational morning that the whole idea of Portolio came about.

    Chris explains how his entrepreneurial spirit then took that idea into action.  Connections, networking, relationships, solving others' problems, experimenting and testing, acting as the hub between different parties with different needs and issues, and bringing Portolio to life and great success with business partner Ross MacDonald.

    For the landlord looking to sell their tenanted property at a good price, for the investor looking to purchase a property with cashflow from Day 1, for the tenant hoping to carry on living in their home, and for the letting agent and solicitor who want the whole changeover handled in a highly professional and reassuring manner, Portolio is in the middle making it all happen...

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    Get Your Property Jumpstart in 2020

    Get Your Property Jumpstart in 2020

    How would you like a jumpstart into property in 2020?
    What are you doing on the weekend of 20-21st July?
    The reason I ask, is because...
    We'll be running a 2-day PROPERTY JUMPSTART MASTERCLASS in Glasgow.
    I realise you may or may not be near to Glasgow...
    But this experience will be like no other.
    From start to finish, it'll be an action-packed day, and has been designed by Paul McFadden along with myself and the team, to help you get started in Property, or accelerate an existing Property business.
    We'll be giving away knowledge and expertise that others pay thousands for, or take years to learn through trial and error.
    For full details and to secure your place, just visit http://www.propertyjumpstartlive.com
    I must advise, tickets are already moving fast.
    Please also note, Paul has no immediate plans to do this again. Book your ticket. Bring your friends. Make sure you say hello on the day.

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    Property Pros Spotlight: Ellie McKay

    Property Pros Spotlight: Ellie McKay

    "In today's show Richard brings another fantastic Property Professional into the Spotlight on This Week In Property.....Ellie McKay!
    Ellie has been on the show before, but has been kicking up such a storm, racking up so many wins, and is now specialising in a particular area with her husband Mark, that it was time to bring her back on the show for a catch-up.
    In her typical honest and open fashion, Ellie bares her soul with the challenges and setbacks, or as she rightly calls them "life lessons", that she has faced on her journey.
    She also offers inspiration and encouragement to all viewers and listeners with the amazing successes that she's built up in business with her husband Mark.
    They're both on an incredible journey in life and business, and they are serving and helping so many people. A sterling example of how to properly do business in today's modern world.

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    The Keys For Adding A Letting Agent To Your Power Team

    The Keys For Adding A Letting Agent To Your Power Team

    In today's show, we have not one, but two expert guests eager to help viewers of This Week In Property.
    And they're the sort of experts that every property professional dealing with buy-to-lets and portfolios really needs. A key member to the Power Team you form around you: the Letting Agent.
    And in this instance, two incredible letting agents: Laura Chapman and Mark Shanta.
    Top-quality agents that we've personally used and would recommend, Laura's company covers the city of Edinburgh, while Mark's company covers the city of Glasgow.
    Any viewers who are landlords, who have properties to let in either of these cities and nearby areas, and who are lucky enough to be taken on by Laura or Mark, have got it made!
    The expertise, professionalism, knowledge, and service that these two crack professionals provide is of the highest standard.
    And they kindly share a ton of that knowledge and experience in today's show.

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