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Three Bellybuttons Podcast Siying Zhou and Marcel Feillafe

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This podcast has changed its host site. Please subscribe the new active feed of Three Bellybuttons Podcast from your podcast applications. Or please follow Three Bellybuttons blog. https://threebellybuttonspodcast.blogspot.com.au

    TaiChi practice incident

    TaiChi practice incident

    TaiChi practice incident by Siying Zhou and Marcel Feillafe

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    3. NGV art book fair 2018 and the Substation's New exhibition with Shu-ling Chua and Ashley Perry

    3. NGV art book fair 2018 and the Substation's New exhibition with Shu-ling Chua and Ashley Perry

    Episode notes:
    about the two guests:
    Shu-ling Chua:
    Shu-ling doesn't have a website. However, you may know about her via the interview that she had with Baya ou yang writer of Liminal magazine.

    Her recent articles are available to read at the links:
    'Through the looking glass', 2018, in Manjin Quarterly

    'Them spitting eels', 2017, in Peril.

    'Biting my tongue', 2016, The Writer's Bloc

    Ashley Perry
    NGV art book fair 2018

    The exhibition and artists mentioned by Shu-ling:
    The substation:

    Hyphenated (Mar 22 - Apr 21)

    the artists:
    Sofi Basseghi

    Nikki Lam

    Peril magazine: http://peril.com.au

    Host notes:
    It was a great pleasure to speak to Shu-ling and Ashley about NGV art book fair 2018 and in particular, Hyphenated, the show that we all went to see at its opening. Every artists in Hyphenated put out an amazing work. We can keep talking about these artworks for fever. I hope our discussion could provide the additional information or some sort of guidance for you to see the 'Hyphenated', when you have time to get there.

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    2. Seventh Gallery's new shows, 2 gigs in Adelaide festival 2018 with Teresa Hsieh & John Gosper

    2. Seventh Gallery's new shows, 2 gigs in Adelaide festival 2018 with Teresa Hsieh & John Gosper

    Two guests are:
    Teresa Hsieh:www.teresahsieh.com
    John Gosper: www.johngosper.com

    The art exhibitions mentioned by Teresa:
    Seventh Gallery is an Artist Run Initiative (ARI) space in Melbourne. http://seventhgallery.org
    The new exhibitions, 8-23/3/2018.
    Gallery 1: Alyra Bartasek, Jessie Imam, Rosina Prestia
    To know your fingers and Toes

    Project Space: Ashley Perry
    Garr-Ba Kun-ji:-jil Ba:-bun (Moon Corroboree)

    Gallery 2: Lachlan Herd
    Me and all my bodies

    7 Up: Eva Quinn-Wlaters, Georgie Gifford
    The realisation that the plot of your life doesn't make sense to you anymore

    The art exhibitions mentioned by John:
    Christian Thompson, Ritual Intimacy at Samstag Museum
    12 Feb - 18 Mar 2018

    Christian Thompson - Berceuse, 2017

    Grace Jones
    Some reviews on media about Grace Jones's performance in Adelaide Festival 2018.
    ABC: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-01/grace-jones-performs-for-adelaide-festival/9494156
    Glam Adelaide: http://www.glamadelaide.com.au/festival-review-grace-jones/

    Teresa Hsieh and Eric Jong (an artist and photographer) run a business that provides services to photo/video document artworks, art exhibitions and events. Please check their services out for your needs. https://recreate.gallery

    In this episode, I delightfully spoke with two Melbourne based young artists: Teresa Hsieh and John Gosper about the art shows and events that they had recently seen and experienced. They shared fantastic insights and knowledge about the exhibiting artists and works in those shows.

    Both artists, in unplanned way, specifically addressed the exhibitions produced by two Australian Indigenous artists, Ashley Perry and Christian Thompson. We discovered a common ground in these two artists' poetic and abstract expression of their interpretation of the lost and disappearing cultural traditions.

    From John's recollection of Grace Jones's flamboyant performance in Adelaide, we couldn't help to bow to Grace Jone's long and active career as an artist, performer and cultural icon and her sharp and daring qualities as a woman.

    Well. I hope that you enjoy listening to the 2nd episode of Three Bellybuttons and bear more patience with my stumbling speeches. As this episode was recorded in my kitchen, there were some unavoidable background noises. My apology. Also, please check out the exhibitions that we have talked in this episode. I'd love hear your comments on either the exhibitions or this podcast or both.

    Podcast blog: https://threebellybuttonspodcast.blogspot.com.au/2018/03/2-new-exhibitions-at-seventh-gallery.html

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    ThreeBellybuttons-1.UnfinishedBusiness&Triennial with NikkiLam&SophiaCai

    ThreeBellybuttons-1.UnfinishedBusiness&Triennial with NikkiLam&SophiaCai

    For this episode, I spoke with Nikki Lam and Sophia Cai about two exhibitions: Unfinished Business: Perspectives on art and Feminism at Australian Centre for contemporary Art, and Triennial at National Gallery of Victory.

    ** I would like to proudly acknowledge the great success of the protests from international artists and activists against Wilson Security that is the ex-contractor of the NGV and provides services on Manus Island and Nauru.

    This news was released on the 28th of February after this episode is recorded.**

    The notes from the host:
    I always enjoy talking about arts with Sophia and Nikki. We share so much common ground: the female gaze; the cross-cultural perception; the interests of political, cultural and moral conflicts; the sense of humour; the scream-like laughs; as well as, the great passion for food (fried chicken, in particular).

    However, it is our distinguishing ways of interpreting artwork and different sets of knowledge in arts that have made our conversations so seductive and addictive. I am pleased that through listening and talking to Nikki and Sophia this time, I have gained new perspectives to see the two exhibitions that I have seen. I hope that the listeners will have the same rewarding experience as I do.

    In addition, I would also like to apologise to the brave listeners for the 'DIY' quality of this episode. Please forgive my immature performance, broken English and millions of gap filling word "hmmm". I only hope your patience and faith. I will do my best to professionalise this podcast and make a smooth listening experience. Please stay in tune!

    Show notes:
    Sophia Cai - an independent curator/an art writer/a knitter/a dog lover

    Nikki Lam - an artist/independent curator/artworker

    Unfinished Business: Perspectives on art and feminism (15 DEC 17 - 25 MAR 18)

    NGV Triennial (15 DEC 17 - 15 APR 18)

    Runway - Review: Unfinished Business: Perspectives on Art and Feminism

    The artists whom Sophia talked about:
    Spence Messih; Ruth O'leary; Lyndal Walker; Sarah Watt

    Jessa Crispin - Why I am not a Feminist

    Tracey Moffatt
    Heaven (1997) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQAYBzgvS6E

    The artists whom Nikki mentioned:
    Richard Mosse - Incoming

    Candice Breitz

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