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In The Know by INSEAD is a collection of career development and leadership insights from INSEAD The Business School for the World.


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In The Know by INSEAD is a collection of career development and leadership insights from INSEAD The Business School for the World.

    Episode #40 - INSEAD MBA Student Life in Singapore

    Episode #40 - INSEAD MBA Student Life in Singapore

    In this episode, we'll talk with Jay Kenton (Associate Director of Student Life & Experience (Degree Programmes) and Saraphine Pang (MBA'24J) about their experiences of student life on INSEAD's Asia campus. 
    Expect to learn about the career perks of living in Singapore, common misconceptions, cost and accommodation, student life on campus, and more. Head to insead.edu/mba to learn more about our MBA programme! 
    Enjoy the show!
    Our Guests Today
    Saraphine Pang
    Saraphine Pang (MBA'24J) is a skilled strategist with expertise in international business development and strategic marketing initiatives. With a career spanning the dynamic gaming industry landscape, Saraphine has honed her skills across multiple markets, including the United States, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. Her extensive experience underscores a deep understanding of global business dynamics and strategic decision-making, positioning her as a versatile and valuable asset in her field.
    Jay Kenton
    As the Associate Director of student life for degree programmes at INSEAD, Jay Kenton is a catalyst for student engagement and community building, revolutionizing the educational experience beyond conventional boundaries. Jay orchestrates opportunities for hundreds of students from varied backgrounds to interconnect and exchange ideas poised to shape society's future. His impact reverberates across several institutions, where he has pioneered innovative initiatives encompassing social and creative development programs, student wellness initiatives, and strategic enrollment planning.
    0:50 About our guests
    2:42 How Jay feels about Singapore
    3:45 What inspired Saraphine to pursue her MBA
    4:40 Opportunities in Asia
    5:40 What’s Saraphine’s experience with the INSEAD MBA
    10:35 Cost of living in Singapore
    11:15 MBA Career Treks
    13:10 How has INSEAD helped Saraphine prepare for what’s next in her career?
    13:30 Working with people form different cultures
    14:30 What does student life do at INSEAD?
    17:20 Student clubs at INSEAD
    21:35 Student life advice to students

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    Episode #39 - Women overcoming bias, building resilience, and letting go of guilt

    Episode #39 - Women overcoming bias, building resilience, and letting go of guilt

    In this episode, we'll hear from Priyanka Nath, who will share about her experiences, challenges, and opportunities she has faced as a woman in the working world.
    Our Guest Today
    Priyanka Nath is a strategic and results-driven marketer with 16 years of experience in the Asia-Pacific region's travel, technology, lifestyle retail and FMCG sectors.
    With roles and responsibilities across B2B/B2C operations, global/country/regional teams and traditional/new media campaigns, she has cultivated a broad skill set and an agile approach.
    She is an ardent believer in the digital medium and its potential to transform multiple facets of our lives—the trajectory of our careers, the business models of the companies we work for, and our community at large. 
    About Limitless
    We live in a world of constraints—some physical, some cultural, but always personal. These mindsets limit our human potential to achieve great things in life and hinder experiences that not only enrich ourselves but also benefit society at large.
    Through LIMITLESS, INSEAD strives to create a diverse community where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and pursue their ambitions.
    In honour of this commitment, we are proud to launch "Ambition Has No Gender - Stories of Vulnerability and Courage".
    Head to https://insead.edu/limitless to learn more!
    1:17 - Priyanka's self-introduction1:50 - Transition into setting up her own business4:24 - Common barriers she faced as a woman in the working world10:00 - How she felt when facing discrimination10:57 - Advice to women who have faced discrimination14:10 - The broken rung14:26 - Common issues that women face in the working world17:15 - Importance of her support system21:32 - What led her to pursue her MBA at INSEAD23:08 - How has INSEAD helped her career24:45 - Her role models26:58 - Her message to other women
    Have a great listen! 

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    Episode #38 Choosing the Singapore Campus for your INSEAD MBA

    Episode #38 Choosing the Singapore Campus for your INSEAD MBA

    Welcome to another episode of INSEAD’s In The Know podcast.

    In this episode, we’ll discuss with MBA24j’s Ankita Pathak about her experiences as an MBA candidate in INSEAD’s Asia campus.

    Expect to learn about global career and networking opportunities, student life, our curriculum, and more.

    Furthermore, we’ll delve into how pursuing your MBA in Singapore allows you to gain a deeper understanding of the global economy and how you can get on-the-ground exposure to various industries.

    Head to www.insead.edu/mba to learn more about our MBA programme!

    Have a great listen!

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    Episode #37 - Special Feature: Student Governance at INSEAD | Student Life

    Episode #37 - Special Feature: Student Governance at INSEAD | Student Life

    By joining the INSEAD MBA, you choose academic excellence, a rich diverse community and extracurricular opportunities to enhance your overall student experience. As the world's future leaders, why not leverage these opportunities and hone your leadership skills by taking on an impactful leadership position? 
    For example, be the voice of your section as a class representative, be a member of a club management team for one of the 40+ clubs, help recruit for future MBA intakes as a student ambassador, or represent and advocate for the student body as a whole by being part of the student council. 
    So what exactly do these different roles involve? What impact can you make and what is some advice on balancing your busy student life with these responsibilities? In this podcast episode hosts Angela and Eva speak to two students from the MBA'23J cohort to learn more. 

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    Purpose, Advantages, and Networking Opportunities - Unlocking Career Opportunities #3

    Purpose, Advantages, and Networking Opportunities - Unlocking Career Opportunities #3

    Welcome to another episode of "Unlocking Career Opportunities with INSEAD Employer Engagement." Join us as we uncover more about the Career Development Centres Employer Engagement teams with the team Global Directors Zeynep Fouret and Henrik Jonson. We discuss the team's unique advantages including connecting students with local champions and global companies. Discover how the employee engagement team facilitates student-professional networking and the diverse types of engagements available with companies. Furthermore, we'll delve into the flexibility and timelines for joining Insead's clubs and the invaluable resource of its extensive alumni network. 
    Our Guests
    Zeynep FlouretZeynep is a former M&A and project finance lawyer, Certified career coach, Financial services recruitment specialist, and diversity and inclusion champion. Zeynep is Passionate about leadership development, talent development, executive coaching, interview preparation, cross-cultural awareness training, and recruitment of future leaders.Henrik JonsonHenrik is a Business Development Strategist with 15 years of experience expanding territories and building client relationships across a variety of industries. Henrik has an extensive understanding of Education Management and business environment which has translated directly into new and add-­on business.
    Content Covered
    What is the purpose of the employer engagement team?
    We are going to dive into the sector advisors in the next episodes. Can you describe the structure of the team? 
    How does the CDC help students network and connect with professionals in their desired industries?
    "What are the most effective ways to stay informed about the evolving needs and expectations of employers, and how can individuals proactively develop the skills and qualities that are in high demand?

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    Navigating Career Journeys with Lifelong Learning - Unlocking Career Opportunities #2

    Navigating Career Journeys with Lifelong Learning - Unlocking Career Opportunities #2

    In today's rapidly evolving world, where technological advancements and shifting global landscapes continuously reshape industries, the concept of lifelong learning has emerged as a beacon of success. Embracing a mindset of constant growth and intellectual curiosity, individuals actively engage in lifelong learning and position themselves for remarkable career advantages. This transformative approach to education not only fosters adaptability and resilience, but also opens doors to new opportunities, enhances professional competence, and cultivates a deeper understanding of the intricacies within one's chosen field. By embracing the philosophy of lifelong learning, individuals can navigate the ever-changing professional landscape with confidence, agility, and the unwavering ability to seize the future's boundless prospects.
    Welcome to episode two of our INSEAD Career Development Centre mini-series. Join us as we explore the lifelong career management skills imparted by the CDC, as well as how the centre helps high-potential talent navigate the job market and identify suitable career options.
    In today's episode, we delve into the world of lifelong learning and its indispensable role in shaping successful career journeys. We are joined by Larry Medina, the Director of Career Coaching and Education at INSEAD, joining us as our special guest. Larry will share invaluable insights on how INSEAD cultivates impactful learning experiences for their vibrant community, ensuring continuous growth and development. As we embark on this enlightening conversation, we will explore the strategies to embrace lifelong learning at any stage of one's professional journey and discover how it propels individuals towards their desired career objectives. Furthermore, we will unravel the secrets of navigating the twists and turns in the ever-evolving business landscape, all while upholding the principles of global citizenship and making a positive impact on the world.
    Our Guest
    Larry Medina
    Larry is the Director of Career Coaching and Education at INSEAD and a seasoned professional in Student Services, Finance, Human Resources, Accounting and Operations, with 30 years of professional experience in Asia (19 years), North America and Europe. Larry is passionate about helping others reach their career aspirations through hundreds of 1-on-1 sessions and career development workshops.
    1:43 - What does the CDC do to ensure INSEAD continues to offer impactful learning experiences for the INSEAD community?
    3:52 - What are the different populations at INSEAD and how do their career journeys differ?
    6:53 - What are some effective strategies for continually learning and growing in your career, no matter what stage you're at in your professional journey?
    10:37 - How can one navigate the various twists and turns in their career journey, and continually embrace the idea of lifelong learning, to eventually achieve their desired end goal or career objective?
    12:32 - Is career progression for everybody?
    13:35 - What steps can one take to build a successful career while embracing the principles of global citizenship and positively impacting the world?

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