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An ongoing series featuring some of the amazing developers from the Flutter community. In each episode we discuss the developer's background, what got them into Flutter and their thoughts on the platform in general.

It's All Widgets! Flutter Podcast Hillel Coren

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An ongoing series featuring some of the amazing developers from the Flutter community. In each episode we discuss the developer's background, what got them into Flutter and their thoughts on the platform in general.

    33. Jiri Trecak

    33. Jiri Trecak

    Jiri Trecak is a CEO of Supernova, development platform shown at Flutter Interact, aiming to automate the boring and tedious tasks in the software creation process. Before starting Supernova, Jiri developed over 70 mobile apps and websites, loves running and traveling and currently lives in the Czech Republic.

    # Supernova

    # Flutter Interact '19 • Product Keynote

    # Product Hunt

    Discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/FlutterDev/comments/exr50g

    • 13 min
    32. Maureen Josephine

    32. Maureen Josephine

    A software developer interested in developing both mobile and web applications geared towards making work easier and creating a positive impact, currently working with Carepay Limited in Kenya. Developed interest in Flutter from 2018 to date and working towards improving the Flutter Tech community in Kisumu in collaboration with GDG Kisumu. I believe in Flutter and future of Flutter is great!!!

    # How to get started on fun Flutter

    # Setting up Lint Rules in Dart-Flutter

    # Understanding Hot-Reload in Flutter

    # Welinda • A flutter app cultivated during IWD (International Women's Day) Hackathon organized by GDG Kisumu where we emerged the winners. The app aims to link Gender-based violence victims with rescue centers, hospitals, and doctors and provide chatroom for sharing experiences and testimonials.

    Discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/FlutterDev/comments/ekrr8m/maureen_josephine_its_all_widgets_flutter_podcast/

    • 9 min
    31. Ciprian Turcu

    31. Ciprian Turcu

    Software Developer, administrator and associate of

    # Coding with Chip - YouTube Channel

    # Push-ups set counter - Play Store

    # Count all - Play Store

    Discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/FlutterDev/comments/eha9wz/ciprian_turcu_its_all_widgets_flutter_podcast/

    • 22 min
    30. Chris Sells

    30. Chris Sells

    Before joining Google, Chris was a contributing member of the Windows developer community for more than 20 years, including 3 years at Intel and 8 years at Microsoft. He’s written a number of books in this area and still maintains a blog that he started in 1995 about his various technical adventures, although he’s more active on Twitter these days. At Google, Chris is the Product Manager responsible for the Flutter developer experience.

    # Flutter Podcast - Chris Sells

    # Announcing Flutter 1.12: What a year!

    # Flutter Favorite program

    # Announcing Dart 2.7: A safer, more expressive Dart

    # DartPad

    # Provider and Provide packages

    # Flutter Slidable

    Discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/FlutterDev/comments/echvy5/chris_sells_its_all_widgets_flutter_podcast/

    • 38 min
    29. Eric Windmill

    29. Eric Windmill

    Eric Windmill is a professional Dart developer, a contributor to open-source Flutter projects, and the author of FlutterByExample.com. His work is featured on Flutter's own showcase page.

    # Flutter in Action • Eric Windmill

    # Flutter by Example • Eric Windmill

    # How Flutter renders Widgets • Matt Sullivan & Andrew Fitz Gibbon

    # When to Use Keys - Flutter Widgets 101 • Emily Fortuna

    # Flutter Samples • Brian Egan

    # Dart by Example • John Ryan

    # The Rust Programming Language

    # Learn to Program • Chris Pine

    # Reddit comment regarding Flutter Web • Ian Hickson

    Discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/FlutterDev/comments/e4d984/eric_windmill_its_all_widgets_flutter_podcast/

    • 22 min
    28. Martin Aguinis & Chris Sells

    28. Martin Aguinis & Chris Sells

    Martin Aguinis leads Marketing for Flutter. He is part of the Google Developer Marketing group based in Mountain View, California. Before Flutter, Martin founded his own companies and also worked in the YouTube team on Virtual Reality. Martin is originally from Buenos Aires and loves to travel.

    # Flutter Create

    # Podcast Episode

    # Flutter for web samples

    Discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/FlutterDev/comments/btji7x/martin_aguinis_chris_sells_its_all_widgets/

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