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Winning Teams with John Murphy is dedicated to helping you get the important things done. The goal is to help you be the best you can be and live with vitality.

Winning Teams John Murphy

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Winning Teams with John Murphy is dedicated to helping you get the important things done. The goal is to help you be the best you can be and live with vitality.

    What You Must Do to Scale Your Business with Miha Matlievski | Episode #61

    What You Must Do to Scale Your Business with Miha Matlievski | Episode #61

    Today’s guest is no stranger to A Life and a Living Podcast. We’ve heard from him before and I’m thrilled to have him back to continue learning his business strategies. Miha Matlievski has an amazing story, coming from a series of failures and working hard to keep going. 

    What I like most about Miha is his great sense of simplicity. He makes it all sound easy, although he never underestimates the amount of work involved in being a successful entrepreneur. In this episode, we discuss Miha’s focus on building systems for profitability, the key pillars to have in place to align a scalable business, and what he means by the “soft skills.” According to Miha, those soft skills are what can change things drastically for a business. Founder of Fail Coach, Miha uses his failures and comebacks to help others in their journey to scale their business and in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    What it Means to Miha to be “The Fail Coach”

    Miha’s Focus on 6 and 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

    Systems in Place to Become a 4 Hour CEO

    Benefits of Systems on Profitability

    Key Pillars to Have in Place to Align a Business to Scale

    Foundational Pieces, Values, and Soft Skills That Make Growth Easier

    Preparing an Exit Strategy and Implementing Properly

    Common Big Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

    Pivoting and Adopting Change When Needed

    Routines That Prepare You For Whatever Comes Your Way

    Learning and Growing As an Entrepreneur: It is Always Possible to Learn

    Business is Not Complex

    Going One Step Deeper to Grow From Each Lesson

    Mindfulness to Boost Energy

    “Miha in Your Pocket”

    Miha’s Book Recommendation and Daily Routines

    About Our Guest:

    One business coach has forged his approach to helping entrepreneurs and business executives by using a monumental personal failure and eventual redemption to help get others where they need to go to find their personal success and fulfillment. As he himself experienced, dealing with the psychological and emotional aspects of success and failure is crucial, according to Miha. While he admits that entrepreneurs want growth, scalability, more sales, etc. he says what they really need is the right mindset, a healthy relationship with failure, emotional intelligence (“EQ”), mindfulness and other “soft skills.”

    Fail Coach Miha Matlievski has been featured in numerous publications, both online and in print, and is full of stories about his own personal background, his approach to working with clients and what they have achieved with his help. Offering a more holistic approach to business coaching than what is typically available to entrepreneurs and business executives across the globe, the story of The Fail Coach will no doubt appeal to many.

    Connect with Miha Matlievski:


    Links and Resources:

    Fail Coach Miha Matlievski Home Page

    LinkedIn  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

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    Insights from Work with Critical Teams and Strategic Projects Part 1 with John O’Gorman | Episode # 60

    Insights from Work with Critical Teams and Strategic Projects Part 1 with John O’Gorman | Episode # 60

    Normally on A Life and a Living Podcast, I have a guest that I am interviewing. This episode, however, we are doing something slightly different. Yes, I have a guest. But it is less of an interview and more of a conversation with my friend and colleague, John O’Gorman.

    John and I work closely with many teams around the world and today we are sharing some observations from working with these teams. We use the metaphor of a PitStop as you will know from Formula 1. What happens in a PitStop can determine a win or a loss in the race. As in a Pitstop in F1 you have to slow down coming into the Pitstop and then accelerate with care coming out of it.. So what does that mean for the team? What does a pitstop actually look like? John and I discuss the purpose and the means for taking these steps back to address role clarity and priorities and how to avoid burnout and team fatigue. Especially after the last year and a half, many teams are experiencing burnout and struggling with prioritizing the right work.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    The Pitstop Metaphor That We Use to Improve Progress and Potential

    Slow Down to Speed Up: Important Conversations During a Pitstop

    How to Decide What Takes Priority – You Can’t Do it All at Once

    The Reality of Burnout

    Role Clarity or Lack Thereof

    Moving Dialogue to Confidence and Performance Gain

    Dealing with Ambiguity

    Key Priorities for the Immediate Return

    The Right Way of Working

    Zoom Fatigue and the Negative Impact

    Opening Meetings with the Overall Purpose to Determine Relevance

    Understanding the Impact of Engagement on Positive Progress and Momentum

    The Power of Thank You

    About Our Guest:

    John is an accredited executive coach and managing partner of Growth PitStop®. His passion is performance psychology, unlocking human potential and aligning models of growth and performance thinking. John is also an Associate of John Murphy International.

    To reach John, go to his website: https://growthpitstop.com/pitstop-team/

    Links and Resources:

    Growth Pitstop Home Page

    Pitstop Research Series Books

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    Seizing Moments of Possibility with Rick Maurer | Episode # 59

    Seizing Moments of Possibility with Rick Maurer | Episode # 59

    Hailing from Virginia, today’s guest is an expert on managing and leading a team through change. We’re no stranger to change especially in the last year, but how can leaders engage their teams and work together to embrace inevitable change towards high-performance and success?

    Today’s guest is Rick Maurer. Rick is the president of Maurer & Associates, a consulting firm that provides expertise in implementing strategic and tactical change within the workplace. He is also the author of numerous books, but today we hone in on his most recent publication Seizing Moments of Possibility: Ways to Trigger Energy and Forward Momentum on Your Ideas and Plans which is currently available as a free eBook. It is a thoughtful and reflective book and in our discussion today, Rick explains how we lead people through change and promote curiosity. Listen on to find out how change is crucial and having everyone in the loop on the process is key to success.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    Rick’s Newest Book Seizing Moments of Possibility

    The Speed and Amount of Change in Recent Years

    False Illusion That We Are Making Progress

    The Type of Energy Needed to Manage

    Real Life Examples of Understanding Change

    Simple Tweaks That Allow For Something New

    Why Change is Frightening to Some

    When Life Takes Over and Puts Great Ideas Aside

    People Problems and Leadership Headaches

    The Human Tendency to Resist Change

    Building Trust and Communication From the Start

    The Power of Influence

    Constant Gauging of Impact

    Feeling the Sense of Urgency

    The Common Phases of Major Change and Possibilities

    Understanding and Truly Seeing the Trajectory

    Rick’s Book Recommendation and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    Rick Maurer and his associates work with leaders who want to lead Change without Migraines™. We provide the expertise to help you identify even deeply hidden resistance and turn that opposition into support. Using the Change without Migraines™ approach, clients often find that even the most difficult strategic and tactical changes go more smoothly, and achieve their intended results. Their approach to leading change is unique. Knowing how to work with resistance is key to turning skepticism and opposition into support for major new initiatives. If leaders understand resistance they can often avoid it before it occurs – or get things back on track when a change is about to derail.

    Connect with Rick Maurer



    Links and Resources:

    Rick Maurer Home Page

    Seizing Moments of Possibility by Rick Maurer

    Free eBook Version Of Seizing Moments of Possibility

    Rick Maurer on LinkedIn

    Rick Maurer on Facebookbr ...

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    How to Exit Your Business Rich with Michelle Seiler Tucker | Episode # 58

    How to Exit Your Business Rich with Michelle Seiler Tucker | Episode # 58

    Why do some companies fail while others succeed? What makes Amazon such a big winner while other, longer-established companies have now gone out of business or struggle to stay afloat? And how can we build our own business to the point where we can successfully sell it off for vast sums of money down the line?

    My guest today is an utterly fascinating lady who shares insights that answer all of the above questions. As a seller of over 500 companies, Michelle Seiler Tucker is an expert at buying, selling, and fixing companies, and getting them on the buyer’s market. In fact, she has a reputation for selling businesses for way more than they’re worth (and has even written the book on it). 

    During our interview, she has so much great information to offer about every consideration for making a business attractive to potential buyers, and thus, sellable. She especially emphasizes being clear on when you want to sell your company, even when you’re just getting started as an entrepreneur. Listen as Michelle walks through her GPS Exit Model and 6P Method, pinpointing all the things that’ll make a difference in the growth and evaluation of your business.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    How Michelle Got Started and Her #1 Pet Peeve

    The #1 Reason Why 80% of Businesses in the U.S. Don’t Sell

    The Worse Time to Sell Your Business

    Michelle’s GPS Exit Model and How to Decide Your Business’s Destination

    Five Types of Business Buyers in the U.S. and Which Type Is Likely to Buy Yours

    Driving Up the Value of Your Business Using Michelle’s 6P Method

    Why the Business Landscape in the U.S. Has Flip Flopped 

    Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Preparing for a Pivot

    Three Questions Amazon Asked Their Customers to Prosper and Win

    How Business Owners Wrongly Design Their Processes

    The Highest Value Driver of Business and Its Six Pillars

    Protecting Your Business Property and the Mistake Entrepreneurs Make With Contracts

    Why You Need to Have Your Own Database

    Why Lack of Profits Is Never the Real Problem

    How Michelle Sells Businesses for More Than They’re Worth

    When It’s the Right Time to Sell Your Business

    The Importance of Being Crystal Clear on Your Potential Buyer(s)

    The Book That Has Impacted Michelle the Most

    About Our Guest:

    Michelle Seiler Tucker is the founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. She’s a Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary, Certified Senior Business Analyst, and best-selling author and speaker. For more than 20 years, she’s helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build scalable, sellable businesses and been a leading authority on buying, selling, and improving businesses. She currently owns and operates several successful businesses and continues to assist buyers in being their own boss, creating financial freedom, and increasing their quality of life. In her book Exit Rich, she’s packaged her extensive knowledge, experience, and proven formulas into a step-by-step process for buying, selling, fixing, and growing your business.

    To reach Michelle, go to her website: https://seilertucker.com

    Connect with Michelle Seiler Tucker:

    a href="https://seilertucker.

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    Inner Alchemy – The Path of Mastery with Zulma Reyo | Episode # 57

    Inner Alchemy – The Path of Mastery with Zulma Reyo | Episode # 57

    Today’s guest brings a fascinating topic to our usual business and leadership conversations. Zulma Reyo has an incredibly interesting background as a medium and the purpose of her work is to help people stop doing and start being.

    Zulma Reyo is the founder of the Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness and author of Inner Alchemy: The Path Of Mastery, which is available as a free ebook. Today we discuss energy and how to understand its use and relevance in leadership and business. She beautifully explains the importance of changing the way you think and perceive reality and the effect of this shift on your life.

    She says it best with her mission and promise: “The purpose of our school is to transform a human being and give them the tools of self-transformation so that they can connect with greater wisdom and change this world.”


    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    The Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness

    Zulma’s Family and Educational Background

    The Definition of Energy and How to Understand Its Use

    Zulma’s Book Published in 1989 and the Reason She Updated it in 2020

    The Relevance of Energy in Leadership and Business

    Change the Way You Think and Perceive Reality

    Building a More Humane Society Through Inner Alchemy

    Doing vs. Being

    Experiencing Without Judgement

    The Effect of Gathering Your Momentum

    Sustain This Type of Living: Zulma’s Second “Ah-ha”

    Zulma’s Hope For the Future

    Quieting the Negative Inner Voice

    Zulma’s Views on Spirituality and What It Means to Reality

    The Greatest Power as a Human Being

    Zulma’s Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    Zulma Reyo is the founder of the Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness and author of Inner Alchemy: The Path Of Mastery. She studied Humanities at Puerto Rico University and completed a BA in Romance Languages and Literature at New York University, where the beginnings of her formal search to understand the complexity of the human condition began to unfold. She went on to complete an MA in Education at NYU, which was followed by post-graduate studies in psychology and counselling at San Fernando Valley State College in California. After working in a private practice and then founding the Zulma Reyo School of Consciousness, she followed her dream of reaching more people by expanding her activities to Europe, and settled in Spain in the mid-90s. There, she consolidated her line of work and continued to develop methods of meditation and self-knowledge. Zulma now spent almost four decades of her life dedicated to teaching, writing, training, workshops, and conferences.

    To reach Zulma, go to her website: https://www.zulmareyo.com/en/home

    Connect with Zulma Reyo:

    Zulma Reyo Home Page

    Zulma Reyo on YouTube

    Inner Alchemy Zulma Reyo on Facebook

    Zulma Reyo on LinkedIn

    Connect with John Murphy:


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    Expansive Leadership with Latha Poonamallee | Episode # 56

    Expansive Leadership with Latha Poonamallee | Episode # 56

    How does mindfulness practice impact us in a business setting? We hear a lot about mindfulness, but how can it be used to better our leadership and management? Today’s very impressive and knowledgeable guest, author Latha Poonamallee, shares just that.

    Latha has an incredible combination of interests and expertise as an academic, author, and tech entrepreneur. She is passionate about radical change towards building a more just, equitable, sustainable, compassionate and prosperous world and her work is certainly reflective of that. Latha’s recently published book Expansive Leadership: Cultivating Mindfulness to Lead Self and Others in a Changing World – A 28-Day Program is a structured journey to help aspiring and current leaders to clarify their identities, to identify and reflect on their mental models to become more expansive leaders.

    In this episode, Latha helps us understand the need for a shift in mental models from being focused on the right behaviors to a self-reflection practice. This shift can lead to impactful change in developing one’s emotional intelligence and can give us space to respond rather than react. She emphasizes the importance of moving from individual practice of mindfulness to interpersonal and community practice to come together for the benefit of the community and world at large.

    What We Talked About in This Episode:

    Latha’s Interesting Combination of Expertise

    How Latha’s Work Around Brain Health Connects to Leadership

    Latha’s Inspiration for Writing Expansive Leadership

    Practicing Mindfulness with Technology

    Self-Reflection in Current World Climate

    Shifting Mental Model to be More Expansive Rather Than Looking at Behaviors Alone

    Finding Your Core Identity and Forgiving Yourself For Not Living It

    Intentionally Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

    Shifting From Reaction to Reponse

    Mindfulness as a Collective Practice: From Individual, to Interpersonal, to Community

    The Importance of Diligent Practice in What Works For You Individually

    The Power of Breathing and Noticing Your Breath and Patterns

    Management and Social Justice Conversation Series

    Latha’s Cynicism Around Organizations But Optimism and Support of Individuals

    Latha’s Book Recommendation and Daily Rituals

    About Our Guest:

    Latha Poonamallee is an Associate Professor, Chair of Faculty of Management, and University Fellow at the New School in New York City. Her scholarship, teaching, and practice centers generative organizing for radical change towards building a more just, equitable, sustainable, compassionate and prosperous world. Latha is also a tech entrepreneur and co-founded In-Med Prognostics, a neuroscience AI venture that brings affordable and accessible brain health tools to underserved markets. As Fulbright Fellow, she worked with the Botswana Civil Society, Botswana Government, US Embassy in Botswana, USAID, and the private sector to develop a social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country. Her recent book, Expansive Leadership,

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