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An Arsenal Podcast

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4.6 out of 5
119 Ratings

119 Ratings

Rocky bald boa ,

Great podcast,

Just like to say well done Chris and Jason and all involved in your podcast, it is certainly one of the better ones, and full of contented and often great debates on all on arsenal matters from players to managers to fans,
Also very honest discussions frank views, and they certainly don’t hold back when needed too, but also respectful and carefully discussed.
having listen to your pod for close on a year now, I should of left a review before now, so apologies for that,I’d highly recommend berkemp wonderland podcast to any arsenal fan,
Keep them coming Chris and Jason and co,

wocca78 ,

Great podcast from a lovely bunch of Gooners!

Great podcast about the Arsenal. The guys are there after every game to help you celebrate or commiserate. With insightful views and opinions that never resort to being extreme to get listens / views like some people we can mention, but won’t *cough* *cough*
Keep up the good work guys and remember Tappy Tappy!

Iggy 8 uk ,

Just getting disappointing and hypocritical

Probably the last time I’m listening to this podcast after the last two episodes.
Jase just rants and swears ... the novelty wears off .. usually the 3rd podcast I listen to after arseblog and arsenal vision... final straw for me is the defence of xhaka this past weekend, it’s a nonsense. 2 vital points been missed out.. 1st that xhaka’s performances have been sub par since he arrived and he’s constantly picked. 2nd this player has single handedly cost us numerous points , Watford away 2seasons, conceding penalties vs palace away last season , Tottenham home this season , and his penalty vs Brighton cost us the champions league football .. never mind the stupid free kicks he conceded .. this was not over night abuse it’s s steady build up .. people on this podcast probably called him words under the son on all those occasions but all of a sudden defend him... 3rd you haven’t seen other Arsenal captains tell their fans to F off when they are booed .. they take it on the chin and try and improve .. not goad fans and trudge I’d pitch .

Final point .. this podcast very quick to criticise AFTV for their rants and apparent need for controversial rants ... Bergkamp wonderland podcast is basically the same thing .. swearing, ranting ,fan opinions , and you demand likes !! you have a chat box and a live show ... if a Bergkamp wonderland was vastly different from AFTV you’d have reason to turn your noses up at them but essentially there’s no difference. You can disagree but not constantly pop when no different. I like to get in as much arsenal fan reaction as I can after each game, YouTube or podcasts. Sadly I’ll be moving away from here . Jase just doesn’t make sense, likes his own voice too much against others and just rants ..

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