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The weekly podcast that shows you how to keep all of your precious f***s.

A Fancy Bag Full of F***s Symone Tucker & Lulu Jayne

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The weekly podcast that shows you how to keep all of your precious f***s.

    The Power of Forgiveness and Letting Go of Grudges

    The Power of Forgiveness and Letting Go of Grudges

    In this weeks episode, we take you on a whirlwind journey through the complex landscape of forgiveness, zeroing in on the gritty (I think you all know what word I’d rather use) challenge of overcoming rejection.
    With a mix of raw honesty and an indulgent sprinkle of crass sass, I share my own personal story of estrangement and the emotional rollercoaster it triggered, revealing how forgiveness became my ticket to a new level of emotional freedom. And like Lou said, this isn't just about letting someone off the hook, it's about unlocking the chains of anger and bitterness that weigh us down. 
    As we delve into the heart of forgiving rejection, I lay bare the struggles and triumphs of navigating betrayal, hurt pride, and the fear of vulnerability. Through my own tales of woe and wonder, I aim to show you that forgiveness is indeed a badass move of strength, a deliberate choice to reclaim peace and joy in our lives.
    Armed with our own personal brand of humour and heart, we guide you through the essential steps to shedding grudges like last season's fashion, making room for the new and fabulous. From the emotional decluttering of letting go of past grievances to the empowering act of setting boundaries and practicing self-compassion, We share practical tips and heartfelt advice for anyone looking to embark on the healing path of forgiveness. 
    This episode is a testament to the power of self-love and acceptance in the face of rejection, a celebration of the resilience of the human spirit. Join us as we laugh, cry, and shake off the residue of pain, all while dancing towards a future filled with limitless possibilities. Here's to embracing our full, fabulous selves and the journey of forgiveness that leads us back to our own hearts.

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    Facing Your Fears & Taking Bold Action Towards Your Dreams

    Facing Your Fears & Taking Bold Action Towards Your Dreams

    Hey there fearless listeners! In this kick-ass episode, we are spilling the tea on fear and courage like nobody's business. Forget the boring old view of fear as a buzzkill – we're here to show you how fear can be your BFF on the road to greatness. Embrace that fear, honey, because it's a surefire sign that you're onto something big and bold!
    We're dishing out the secrets to bouncing back from setbacks and owning your fears like the fabulous warriors you are. Get ready to flex those resilience muscles, practice mindfulness like a boss, and adopt a mindset that screams, "I got this!" We've got a Fear-Action Plan that's hotter than a jalapeño – tackle those fears head-on and turn them into stepping stones to courage and badassery.
    Join us for a wild ride of personal stories, sassy strategies, and a sprinkle of glitter to help you slay those fears and chase your dreams like a boss Queen. It's all about making choices that scream "I am fierce!" and letting your inner voice lead the charge. With some visualization, a pinch of self-belief, and a whole lot of sass, you'll be strutting towards your dreams with confidence and style. Remember, fear is just a pit stop on the road to fabulousness – buckle up, buttercup, because we're about to conquer those fears and slay the game!

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    Pursuing Passion & Finding Purpose

    Pursuing Passion & Finding Purpose

    What are we on about NOW?
    Hey Queens, It’s Symone & Lou here, ready to take you on a wild ride through the ins and outs of finding what lights your fire and chasing it with all you've got. We’ve given that fancy bag a good old shake out, and with all the crisp crumbs, we’ve got a wonderful show for you. So get ready for laughs, some "aha!" moments, and maybe even a few salty tears (the good kind, we promise).
    Spiritual Bloopers
    Symone’ shares her Spiritual Oopsies - Ever tried so hard to be spiritual you just ended up more stressed? Symone gets down and real about the time she inadvertently forced a spiritual awakening and ended up just...awakening to a need for a really long nap. Spoiler Alert & Polite Trigger Warning – She speaks of the time she chose to unalive herself, she’s here for a reason and this may be the reason you’ve tuned in. But finding joy in the little things can be pretty damn enlightening.
    Thorpe Park’s Longest and Least Enjoyed Ride
    Lou shares her rollercoaster journey from hitting rock bottom to discovering her calling in helping others find theirs. It's a story with more twists than your favourite cheesy snack, showing that sometimes, you've got to get a little lost to find your way.
    The "Trying Too Hard" Trap 
    Together, we dive into why turning into a spiritual GURU overnight might not be, the way to go. Symone recounts her catastrophic Kundalini awakening gone rogue - because, “SURPRISE”, enlightenment doesn't come with a fast-forward button.
    Enlightenment for us Normies  
    Forget sitting crosslegged on a mountaintop for decades, letting flies crawl all over your eyes - Lou and Symone talk about finding deep, meaningful connections in the everyday moments. Like finding zen in the Sainsburys carpark or washing the dishes, but without the prune-y fingers, wear rubber gloves, don’t ruin the manicure
    Spirituality in Rollerskates 
    As always, we dish out advice on sneaking bits of joy and purpose into your daily grind. Think gratitude with a side of relaxed fun, and finding the magic in the mundane.
    Passion Party  
    So come on Queenies, let’s make some room for what you really love, from reigniting old hobbies to discovering new joys. We are all about that journey to joy, even if it means belly flops along the way.
    All Wrapped Up with an Organza Bow
    We close with a heart-to-heart, reminding everyone that the path to your passions and purpose is uniquely yours. There might be detours, pit stops, maybe even a few wrong turns, and you might pick up someone along the way (Lets hope they’re hot!) but that's all part of the adventure. Keep your heart open, your laughter raucously loud, and your spirits high. After all, the best stories come from the road less travelled, (the dirt road 🤣) especially if you're travelling it in great shoes.

    With a mix of what is only known as despicable humour, heartfelt stories, and a sprinkle of British Silliness, We aim to keep you entertained while seriously tackling the big questions about passion and purpose. Thanks for tuning in, don’t forget to subscribe and give us thirsty Bishes 5 Stars 🌟 so  that we can continue to spread the word of being gentle on yourself, one Queen at a time, or shit loads all at once!
    Love Ya
    Symone & Lou

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    Addressing Mental Health Challenges & Seeking Help

    Addressing Mental Health Challenges & Seeking Help

    This week’s episode is a biggie; we’re looking deeply and of course comically at mental health and just how frigging important it is.  Listen to Lou’s story about how she battled with post natal depression and also shame and guilt around taking the first tentative steps in to the dreaded doctors surgery for anti depressants.  And the fuck load of stigma that comes with taking them.  Who'd have thought one little pill could evoke so many feelings?!
    We’re also looking at grief; the loss of Lou’s beloved father and Symone’s heartbreaking but ultimately awe inspiring journey around unaliving herself.  And yes, that is a word that we just made up but it fits the description perfectly.  And thank god she’s here to tell the tale.
    We delve into the historics of mental health stigma for women and that dreaded word, we as females have all come to hate…hysteria. And for good measure we’ve thrown in a healthy dollop of pregnancy conditions, systemic racism, the menopause and silent birthing.  See!  Told you it was a big one this week!
    As always we are here for you if you are struggling with your own mental health; we’ve got lots of holistic tips on this episode on how to make yourself feel better as well as some good ol ' science mixed in for good measure, because knowledge is power, especially when it comes to our health. Educating ourselves about mental health not only helps us recognize when we or someone we love might need help, but it also arms us against the myths that fuel the stigma. There are incredible resources out there, many created by women for women, that can guide us on this journey of understanding and action and in true Queen style we’re hyping them up in between digressing, of course!
    We believe that no one should navigate mental health challenges alone. Allies play a crucial role in our support system. Whether it's a friend, a family member, or a partner. Having someone who listens without judgment, encourages us to seek help, and stands by us through our journey can make all the difference. If you need an ally, please reach out to us via our social media and website included in every episode.
    Until then Queens, stay safe……

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    Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    This is one of the hugest problems that us women suffer from. The disbelief in our abilities and how truly fabulous we are. So even though were coming into this a bit clunky, were going to show you how not to give a flying fuck about it, and believe me, we had to overcome the imposter syndrome in ourselves, just to deliver this to you.
    In this podcast we discuss the impact it has on self-worth and our perception of self and the importance of challenging those negative thoughts to overcome the dreaded and somewhat inevitable Imposter syndrome. We share personal stories and the strategies that we use for dealing with self-doubt and negative self-talk.
    We show you how to recognise and counteract the “Imposter” voice in your head and offer you a way to confront the inner critic with self-assurance and confidence. It’s worked for us, it will work for you. Trust us, if there’s any brains more into self flagulation without a sexy intention we are the dominatrixes.
    Also, the need to recognise our past achievements and successes connected to your inner strength and core values. We share personal examples of overcoming challenges and succeeding in a variety of situations and discuss how focussing on achievements can help build up your self-esteem and counter imposter syndrome.
    We also offer insights on building your unique self-identity and self trust to combat those feelings associated with imposter syndrome.
    Most importantly, we normalise the experience, because you are not alone in your feelings, everyone suffers from it in some form or the other, we can assure you of that.
    Overcoming Imposter Syndrome is not only fully achievable, but incredibly empowering, so press play and listen.
    If you are suffering from imposter syndrome, as well as listening to our fabulous podcast, it’s important to seek support in speaking to others about your feelings or reach out to us via our websites and we’ll help you directly.
    But until then……… press play.

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    Overcoming Body Issues & Embracing Self Care

    Overcoming Body Issues & Embracing Self Care

    So this week’s episode is lucky number 4 and lucky for you, we're jumping feet first into the world of body issues and self-care! Most of us have bits of ourselves that we don’t like but we’re going to show you how to reframe your view point on your so called imperfections, and dig into the controversial topic of changing what you don't like.
    Like most things for women, even body positivity has become a double-edged sword and we want to show you how to take back your feminine power around that and how not to give a fuck about the notion that making cosmetic alterations makes you any "less woke".
    We’ll show you why self-care is more than skip deep and is actually a crucial element of your well-being. Moving your sexy arse and eating well is the perfect recipe for more energy and a souped up immune system. It also does wonders for your mental health cos less face it, who doesn’t want less stress and anxiety and more stability and resilience?!
    Wanna get shit done? Self care is tantamount to being more productive and we share tips and tricks on how to avoid burnout and become the Queen of concentration.
    We also offer insights on how looking after yourself can actually strengthen your relationships with others. By taking care of yourself, you can become more present, attentive, and emotionally available for your loved ones.
    Making time for the things that are aligned with your individual values and passions promotes personal growth and fulfillment. Self-reflection and introspection leads to clarity, better decision-making, and a more authentic and meaningful life.
    Self-care is a continuous practice that requires self-awareness and intentionality. Tune in to this week's epsiode for a dose of laughter, wisdom, and a reminder to "just fucking do it!"
    If you are struggling to find balance and taking care of yourself, as well as listening to our fabulous podcast, it’s important to seek support. Reach out to us via our websites and we’ll help you directly.
    But until then………you know what to do…. press play.

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4.9 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

Sunny Lady Love ,

A mix of Cheek and Power. Loved It!

What beautifully bold guidance - these ladies have a bit of cheek but my goodness what a great dive in….

Tellzer ,

The title says it all!

Looove! So unfiltered! 🫶🏾

Juicy Davenport ,


I love these ladies, they brighten up my day..!!
So much love for this podcast, everyone needs a bit of Symone and Lulu in their lives !!

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