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    Swaady Martin: Fugitivity to Interconnection (E61)

    Swaady Martin: Fugitivity to Interconnection (E61)

    Swaady Martin is the daughter of a militant Black Panther who fled to
    Africa. She grew up in the Ivory Coast and ended up pursuing an elite
    education and corporate career, yet remains at heart and in spirit a
    revolutionary. We covered many topics: her background, colonialism, the Covid narrative and attitudes about it in West and South Africa, and the spiritual crisis of the developed world.

    Bio: Swaady Martin is an internationally recognized African leader.
    Spirituality and African identity are at the heart of all Swaady’s many
    and varied roles. Her academic background includes London School of Economics (LSE) and Harvard Divinity School. She is also an Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow. A former Corporate Executive at General Electric (GE), Swaady is the founder of Yswara African Tea, Tounché Global Consciousness Summit & Events and LovingKindness Boma (through which she publishes mindful, multicultural picture books for children). She sits on several boards, including the African Leadership Institute(Afli).

    More about Swaady Martin, please visit https://www.swaady.com/

    • 1 hr 24 min
    CJ Hopkins: The New Totalitarianism (E60)

    CJ Hopkins: The New Totalitarianism (E60)

    Playwright, satirist, and political commentator CJ Hopkins, creator of the website Consent Factory, joins me for a conversation on totalitarianism, safety, and the ideology of control. We go a little beyond his political writings on these topics to talk about the inner life of a dissident. Another major topic is the phenomenon of the cult, as a lens through which to understand our historical moment.

    CJ Hopkins' writings can be found on Substack https://cjhopkins.substack.com/
    and the Consent Factory https://consentfactory.org/.

    • 1 hr 15 min
    Nathan Riley: Birth and Death (E59)

    Nathan Riley: Birth and Death (E59)

    Nathan Riley is a medical doctor trained in OB/GYN and palliative care. In this episode, birth and death, we talk about the role of medicine in society, what
    is has been and could be, its beauty and limitations, working in the
    system and outside the system. Be sure to listen to the last 15 minutes
    especially, where Nathan shares a story that brought tears to my eyes
    and is still working me from the inside.

    More about Nathan Riley and his work, please visit:

    • 1 hr 10 min
    Daniel Raphael: The Wizard's Path (E58)

    Daniel Raphael: The Wizard's Path (E58)

    People call Daniel Raphael a "wizard," for reasons that may become apparent in this interview. He weaves an inspiring life story with his work with the body, subtle energies, and spiritual teachings. We touch on topics of perception and reality, self-forgiveness, and the limitations of the modern view of the real.

    More about Daniel, please visit: www.danielraphael.org

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Anna Breytenbach: Interspecies Communication (E57)

    Anna Breytenbach: Interspecies Communication (E57)

    Anna Breytenbach is one of the world's best known interspecies communicators, subject of the film The Animal Communicator ( https://youtu.be/gvwHHMEDdT0). In this conversation we touch on a couple of her stories before zooming out larger themes such as: the living planet and humanity's role on it, the relationship between humans and the rest of life, and how to access the kind of abilities Anna has developed.

    About Anna:

    Anna Breytenbach is a professional interspecies communicator practicing for 20 years on several continents and featured in the documentary "The Animal Communicator".

    Native to South Africa, she holds a degree in Psychology and studied telepathic animal communication with the Assisi Institute in California as well as tracking and mentoring at the Wilderness Awareness School in Seattle.

    As an experienced master facilitator she focuses on mentoring in a practical manner that reminds us humans of the ways of indigenous nature awareness. Her consultation work is exclusively with wildlife and peaceful interventions globally via remote work. This includes predator research, wilderness protection, anti-poaching assistance, biodynamic and reforestation initiatives, wildlife management and rehabilitation and numerous public appearances as an inspirational speaker.

    Anna’s communication and conservation work guides people to deepen their connection with all species in an honouring manner. She's inspired by being a voice for wild beings and natural environments.


    • 1 hr 52 min
    Devorah Brous: Burnout and Renewal (E56)

    Devorah Brous: Burnout and Renewal (E56)

    Here I speak with a woman who, in her younger days, put 110% of her time and life energy into a cause, in this case, Palestinian rights (Devorah is Jewish). Her story will resonate with many current and former activists, as it has resonated with me. Today she is a regenerative urban homesteader. Does that mean she has given up on changing the world? Or is there a deep level of activism where being a healing presence is not always about struggle? The conversation also engages my own burnout and fatigue... it gets a bit personal.

    Charles Eisenstein
    About Devorah Brous:
    Dev Brous (she/her) is a regenerative consultant at the nexus of urban gardening and burnout recovery. An urban homesteader and a frontline community organizer -- she designs, writes, and gardens with individuals and institutions to design regenerative practices for soul care, community care, and earth care.
    Her website: www.fromsoil2soul.com

    • 1 hr 16 min

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5.0 out of 5
68 Ratings

68 Ratings

Monds1010 ,


The Melody Hayes episode a is really important conversation of our time. Grateful for both courageous minds, open hearts.

annainengland ,


Lately I keep finding more & more amazing people putting their inspiring messages out there in podcastland, which is such a joy. But Charles is the base-note I always return to for enduring sustenance of mind and spirit when others wear thin. What can you say about someone who continues to do so much to help us all re-believe in ourselves as integral components of the beautiful world our hearts know is ours for the making? Thank you Charles, it’s impossible to express how much all your efforts help.

Zapnesta ,

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I can’t believe that such an incredible podcast, of great and vital meaning, can only have these 50 ratings! Thank you, Charles, your work is quite brilliant.

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