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Technology Training for Visually Impaired People

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Technology Training for Visually Impaired People

    Accessible book resources for visually impaired

    Accessible book resources for visually impaired

    It is summertime and holiday are still on for some of us.
    Why not then taking something to read with you.
    But when is about reading as a visually impaired person, things become a bit ambiguous, because we talk about accessibility and here are few things which comes in discussion.
    For me, one of the greatest challenge when I lost my sight was reading and accessibility of desired titles .

    I will mention here few things like:
    accessible books formats available
    where to get accessible books from
    devices able to play accessible content
    Apps and other way to consume text and audio books
    A list of previous podcast episodes about reading accessible.
    Few formats are accessible for visually impaired, but probably the list will be more focused on the totally blind people, because unfortunately, for partially sighted, large print list of titles is not generous at all.
    Most of them will read regular books probably using magnification in some way, but they can enjoy listening to audio books along completely blind people, as example.
    Formats available are as follow:
    audio books
    e-books or textbooks
    Braille format, physical and digital
    daisy books
    tactile books
    large print
    Audio books

    When is about audio books they can be available online for streaming or they can be downloaded in various formats and devices for offline consumption.
    If we are online, we can listen books from websites, smart speakers and through apps on mobile devices as smart phones or tablets.
    Some of the books are available only online. They can't be downloaded as mp3, as example, in order to be listened in portable media players, and that because DRM restrictions.
    Some of the audio books are without any copyright protection in place, some are unlocked for short time for some groups like reading clubs for blind.
    This unprotected books can be manipulated like any other mp3 or audio files in your computer.
    You can copy files from a device to other, as example from your PC to a memory card or USB dongle in order to listen in a portable media player after.
    The offer is large, and more and more titles are converted in audio format, this format being very popular these days because even sighted people are enjoying listening to audio books, during driving, commute time or at the gym, for example.

    e-books or textbooks
    When is about this format, which is my preferable one, we can talk about regular text files as docx, PDF, or e-pub or other exotic formats, but not last, Kindle books which is an Amazon proprietary format.
    Talking about Kindle books we have to understand the way of consuming this book because they are delivered also in a kind of DRM protected way.
    Kindle books like formats mentioned above are accessible on the right devices and excepting Kindle and other protected books formats they are easy to use, navigate, and comparing with audio books does not require so much storage in portable device and band width, when is about to download them.
    Of course, along formats above we can't ignore other two major players in this industry, iBooks from Apple and Google Play store which also offer e-books for sale or sample of them.
    Textbooks can be opened in computers, smart phones, tablets but in dedicated devices able to play this book which speech like Victor Stream Reader or some models of Olympus voice recorders. Also, when we talk about Kindle format, they can be played with Alexa smart speaker as long that title is whisper enabled.
    When we talk about e-books in smart phones or tablets, we can't add in discussion some great apps which makes life easier for screen reader users at list.
    Apps like Voice Dream Reader in iPhone, Books, All Reader, Kindle app and many others helps us to organize our library and keep tracking what we read. Another aspect what is important when we talk about e-books is the match format for the right device, because just in an ideal world all devices will play all formats. Isn't it?

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    Scripor Alphabet helps blind people to mark and detect colours and nuances

    Scripor Alphabet helps blind people to mark and detect colours and nuances

    The inventor of Scripor alphabet is Tudor Scripor, a Romanian artist and inventor.
    Actually, he invented a code of colours known under the standardised name Scripor Alphabet.
    This code of colours helps blind people to mark and detect colours and nuances.
    If we think to the 6 dots coming from the Braille alphabet, which are to columns of 3 dots each , and we add a third column of dots we have the core of this new alphabet.
    Because this square of dots might cause confusion if is read from the wrong Conner, Tudor decided to have for each simbol an orientation point, which will be always above dot 4.
    Practically each base colour, out of this 10 basic colours has an representation in this code, and in case of two or more symbols , the colour's nuance and even the full range of colour's chromatic could be marked.
    In this episode I have an interviu with Tudor, taken for another technology for blind podcast which I maintain in Romanian language. I did a transcription and translation in text out of this interviu and the English translation of that text file was converted in audio MP3 and mixed with the original interviu.
    Hope to enjoy the half hour interviu which I had the opportunity to make with the inventor of this new thing . I think Scripor Alphabet will remove some of the barriers what blind community have when is about colours and their representation.
    For any question about Scripor Alphabet you can visit
    www.scriporalphabet.com or you can drop me an e-mail via contact form.

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    Manage Windows application with Global Commands Extension Addon for NVDa

    Manage Windows application with Global Commands Extension Addon for NVDa

    In this podcast episode David Griffith in his 4th instalment of podcast serie about Global Commands Extension talks about managing Windows applications with the help of this NVDA addon.

    • 28 min
    NVDA on Max, part 3, Manage Volumes

    NVDA on Max, part 3, Manage Volumes

    In this episode David Griffith talks about Global Commands Extension Addon for NVDA and how this software could hep with managing volumes.

    It is the 3rd instalment of the serie. More episodes are coming soon.

    • 24 min
    NVDA on Max part 2, Copy and paste, Global Commands Extension addon for NVDA

    NVDA on Max part 2, Copy and paste, Global Commands Extension addon for NVDA

    In this episode David Griffith takes the second part of his extensive demo of this usefull NVDA addon.
    It is all about copy and paste in various advanced way, and manage clipboard history in various ways.
    Enjoy your listening.

    • 21 min
    NVDA on Max – A guide of using Global Commands Extension Addon

    NVDA on Max – A guide of using Global Commands Extension Addon

    NVDA is the free Windows Screenreader for use by Blind or Partially Sighted Computer Users. In this series David Griffith demonstrates how the NVDA Global Commands Extension adds greatly expanded functionality, and ease of use, for NVDA users. Many of the features normally available in commercial screenreaders are provided for NVDA by this addon. Some features even commercial screenreaders will not currently match.

    • 18 min

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5.0 out of 5
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1 Rating

nevazator ,

Great resource for visually impaired people

It is a great channel to learn more about how blind people use various devices with speech.

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