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The original (and modern) podcast for the Manchester city centre business community. Brought to you by CityCo, the city centre management company. Now in its sixth series, produced by the excellent Veronika Zapletalova, presented by Vaughan Allen.

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The original (and modern) podcast for the Manchester city centre business community. Brought to you by CityCo, the city centre management company. Now in its sixth series, produced by the excellent Veronika Zapletalova, presented by Vaughan Allen.

    Ep 0604 July 2023 The great restaurant debate

    Ep 0604 July 2023 The great restaurant debate

    And finally...we spend a long time discussing the most influential restaurants in Manchester history.

    After a big twitter call-out with literally TENS of replies, Thom Hetherington (http://www.landinglight.co.uk ) , Ruth Allan (https://manchesterwire.co.uk ) and host Vaughan Allen try to pick out the difference between 'enjoyable' and 'influential', thereby immediately dealing with the Dutch Pancake House.

    Hayley Flinn (http://www.theskyliner.org) guides us through the pre-history of Manchester eateries, including the astonishing Tripe restaurants, which you can find out more about at http://www.unitedcattleproducts.co.uk/buildings_manchester.php.

    A few guests nominate their preferred choices. And then Ruth, Thom and Vaughan pick through top threes and pick OUT their favourites. They don't come to a final 'there can only be one', but see if you agree with their choices. There are a LOT of restaurants mentioned in this.

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Ep 0603 June 2023 Contact---CoOps--Mancunians

    Ep 0603 June 2023 Contact---CoOps--Mancunians

    Moving into June, we have some in depth conversations with movers, shakers and generally good people. First up is the amazing Keisha Thompson, CEO and Artistic Director at Contact (previously Contact Theatre) talking about creative production, managing an iconic building, working with young people, letting young people run the place and their 50th anniversary.

    Then the brilliant Rose Marley, a woman you can't say 'no' to, on the Co-Op movement, the relevance of Co-Ops to the current age, managing something of such historic importance, working in a heritage building and what comes next..(oh and Beyond the Music again)

    And finally the wonder that is writer and broadcaster David Scott, on his superb book 'Mancunians', talking about the untold stories of Manchester, how he knitted hundreds of narratives together, what the city centre was like pre-1996 bomb, why we don't talk enough about the post-Hacienda period, how you get drug dealers on the record, and a whole lot of music...

    It's a long one, and hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed interviewing these three. Talk to us on twitter @cottonmouthmcr or visit us at

    • 1 hr 19 min
    Ep 0602 May 2023 Greening the City

    Ep 0602 May 2023 Greening the City

    Welcome to the May edition of CottonmouthMCR, the podcast for the Manchester city centre business community.
    This month we're looking at ESG and greening, talking about CityCo's own ESG audit of city centre businesses with Steve Connor and Martha Gilmartin of Creative Concern.
    Then looking at some of the city centre's recent performance, before talking to Howard Bristol of the National Trust and Kieron McGlasson of Sow the City about greening the city centre, the Castlefield Viaduct and how companies in the city centre can help make a difference.
    And finally we talk to CityCo's own Gary Williams about the upcoming Manchester Flower Festival, how its grown (!), flowered (!!) and blossomed (!!!)

    • 53 min
    Ep 0601 Beyond the Music

    Ep 0601 Beyond the Music

    Announcing the massive new Manchester music festival, Beyond the Music. Launched in SXSW, we have the (near) EXCLUSIVE details of the October 2023 city centre conference and festival taking over Manchester. Talking to founders Oli Wilson and Sarah Pearson, CottonmouthMCR is back with a BANG!
    (also with a few notes on what's coming up in season six...)

    • 24 min
    Episode 07 -- Lucy Powell MP

    Episode 07 -- Lucy Powell MP

    As we come to the end of this little season, talking again to Lucy Powell, MP for Manchester city centre about the last twelve months, what we need to do to re-build confidence and help city centres thrive once more.

    • 31 min
    Episode 06 - Hotels after covid

    Episode 06 - Hotels after covid

    Talking to Annie Brown of Macdonald Hotels, Takis Melitsiotis of Native and Stewart Davies of GG Hospitality (Hotel Football and Stock) about how hotels have got through the last year, what they're looking forward to in re-opening, the issues they're going to face and prospects looking forward.

    • 38 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Chinkyafro ,

Great insight...

Love listening to this show... however I think we need to have Ruth Allen and Thom Hetherington on more regularly talking about the Food and Drink scene...

Womble888 ,

Needs work

Okay, I’m only three minutes in to my first taste of this (episode 51) but I’m really struggling with going any further. A few (constructive) pointers:

1) Sound quality. It’s really bad. Terrible mic which you are continually peaking on so it sounds even worse. Have a look at some YouTube videos on how to do it well. You can get great sound out of a cheap mic if you just follow some basic steps.

2) I’m three minutes in and I’ve heard nothing but waffle. No actual content so far and nothing to keep me listening.

3) The main presenter is the chief exec ( in fact he’s been the only person I’ve heard so far). Now, he may be a great podcaster, and he seems pleasant enough, but sticking the chief exec front and centre immediately makes me think, ‘uh oh, here follows some corporate messaging.’

4) Purdah is a word known only to council officials and journalists. It should not be seen in public, let alone heard.

5) It’s about Manchester - which is why I came here in the first place - why record in an office that could be anywhere? Get outside, let me hear the city.

Anyway, best of luck. There’s clearly a lot of time gone into these episodes, I’m just not sure how many people are actually going to listen any further than I have.

Kingbeebee ,

Miss King

100 % au courant - fascinating listen for Mancunians home and away

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