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    Podcast 93: The New UCI Bike Regulations

    Podcast 93: The New UCI Bike Regulations

    We all know that The UCI is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.
    (Thank you, Hunter S. Thompson)
    However, they do have a technical department that prevents the Tour de France being ridden on Triathlon bikes, so there is that!
    All joking aside, the UCI technical regulations are a critical part of cycle sport and of course affect the bikes we will eventually ride as well.
    Join John and Sean as they look in detail at these new rules and how they may pan out in 2021 for the bikes the pros (and you) will be riding.

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    • 28 min
    PODCAST 92: What Do Mechanics Look For When Buying a Bike?

    PODCAST 92: What Do Mechanics Look For When Buying a Bike?

    Many of you will know that generic bike reviews are often little more than marketing pap or re-hashed press releases, only for the bike’s flaws to be knowingly highlighted in the following year’s review of its replacement. As if the reviewer didn’t know them in the first place!
    As mechanics, we work on many 9/10 reviewed bikes regularly, see which ones walk the talk and why. What factors make a bike great to ride, simple to work on (or at least not a nightmare) and future proof in an ever changing world?
    Join Sean and John for a subjective, if informed view in what they look for when selecting a new steed.

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    • 44 min
    Podcast 91: Being Gary Fisher and the Bicycle Revolution

    Podcast 91: Being Gary Fisher and the Bicycle Revolution

    Once upon a time there was no such thing as mountain bikes. Yes, many people rode all sorts of bikes off road, some even modified their machines into true all terrain machines, but it took a bunch of Bay Area hippies to create mountain biking as a bona fide sub culture, with a brand new type of racing, (downhill off road time trials), an underground ethos and truly radical and beautiful bikes that evolved from mechanical experiments with old clunkers into handbuild masterpieces by Gary Breeze and Tom Richey.
    That story is told in full in the film Klunkerz youtube.com/watch?v=0sjRCzRrPac and one of the main characters is the one and only Gary Fisher. mmbhof.org/gary-fisher/
    Gary’s story has been told many times, although there are so many ideas and memories buzzing round his head at any one time, it is a bit different each time, like looking at a different side of a gem and seeing many reflections.
    Very exciting news for us is a new book by Gary called ‘Being Gary Fisher (and the Bicycle Revolution) is out 01/11/20 and Gary takes us through it’s conception, creative process and most importantly, where we can buy it! trekbikes.com/
    For this week’s pod, we didn’t want to cover old ground that you’ve heard before, but rather draw on Gary’s roots with the Grateful Dead, Ken Kesey and Jefferson Airplane and his early days of road racing right through to what drives and inspires him now. At a time when the humble bicycle could really change the world (again) Gary, as ever has many words of wisdom, humour and kindness for us.
    So whether you like to shred a black run, bike pack over mongolia, race an eMTB or even groove on 1960s psychedelic light shows, Gary has helped define your life as he has mine. Enjoy the ride.
    For the first time this week’s pod also has its own playlist, because for us the 60s children really were the greatest generation. open.spotify.com/playlist/2IRomebwJKFW11Pw88txe4
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    Podcast 90: Hani Rashid and the New World Pinarello bike

    Podcast 90: Hani Rashid and the New World Pinarello bike

    Now and then we meet an individual who is not your average bike trade type, but who has such a great insight into and passion for the bicycle that we end up talking for hours.
    Such was the case when Sean met Hani Rashid at an event in Treviso and despite their varying backgrounds hit it off immediately. We knew that Hani would be an engaging podcast guest and it has proven to be the case.
    The co-founder of asymptote.net/ and Professor at dieangewandte.at/ Hani has just released a very limited edition of Pinarello bikes for World Bicycle Relief. hanixpinarello.com/
    In this pod Sean delves into Hani’s past and philosophy in order to try to understand the mind and soul behind this varied and inspiring body of work. We then look together at the future and where we (and bikes) fit in!

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    • 55 min
    Podcast 89: Life in the World Tour with Scott Drawer

    Podcast 89: Life in the World Tour with Scott Drawer

    This week we welcome the return of Scott Drawer, the former Head of Performance at Team Sky, British Cycling as well as other leading roles in British Rugby and other sports inferior to cycling!
    Scott has now stepped back from the manic schedule of a full time employee of a World Tour team and has taken a role at a leading English school, as head of Sport.
    In this wide ranging and fascinating chat, Scott discusses the realities of life at the top, for riders, mechanics and staff as well as the route to get there avoiding the classic angry P.E. teacher methodology.

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    Podcast 88: The New Campagnolo Ekar groupset with Graeme Freestone King

    Podcast 88: The New Campagnolo Ekar groupset with Graeme Freestone King

    While you may have read about the new Campagnolo Ekar groupset online, or even been lucky enough to test ride it from a Campagnolo Pro Shop dealer, you won’t have had this much insight we reckon.
    Long term listeners will have heard Graeme before but for the uninitiated, he is the head of Campagnolo tech training in the UK and founder of the excellent velotech-cycling.ltd.uk/training.shtml He also spanners for the World Tour team, Movistar and is involved in much product development at Campagnolo’s HQ in Vicenza, Italia.
    In this pod, Graeme explains the thinking behind the new Ekar gravel groupset, its place in the market and the tech in each piece as well as how it all works together.
    We were particularly pleased with some of the news concerning disc brakes as well as excited to try this new groupo out for ourselves soon.
    Many CSA Level 3 graduates go on to do the Campagnolo Pro Shop course with Graeme. Contact him at Velotech for details, for non UK listeners, contact Campagnolo to find out your regional training provider.
    Graeme has also provided some excellent lessons for CSA Members, from EPS to Ergopower servicing and much more new and old Campag tech. cycle-systems.lpages.co/cycle-systems-founding-members/
    You can find your nearest Campagnolo Pro Shop here campagnolo.com/UK/en/Shops/proshop
    Graeme is active on social media, on twitter as @gfk_velo

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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5
31 Ratings

31 Ratings

Hinchy1401 ,

Techie - but not too techie

A podcast for people who like to fettle with bikes.

The world's most affable grumpy scotsman John and the equally affable (but not grumpy or Scottish) Sean are both ex bike mechanics who most definately still keep their hands in. Using amusing banter to open the eyes of the masses to all things bike tech.

So far, the show has been a primer on a broad range of topics, but most have been based around bicycles with drop handle bars. Hopefully more MTB related topics will follow.

Less in depth than the equally entertaining Bike Shop Show; Tech 5 is perfect for anyone wishing to dip a toe in the art and science of looking after bikes without worrying about the conversation going over their heads.

Simon S-D ,

Simply Excellent

This is a great show. These guys a) know what they're talking about b) are passionate about it. The content is superb, with excellent explanations and tech at every level. I also appreciate the unbiased (albeit personal) recommendations of good and bad equipment from people who have used it or seen it used. Delivery is relaxed and entertaining (and a little less self-conscious than the guys have become on their other shows since going 'commercial').

Nhatherl ,

Great podcast

As a bit of a newbie to the road bike scene, this mixture of tech and humour has given me such a good insight into to sometimes confusing hardware side of the sport
Thanks guys, keep up the great work !!!

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