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Random encounters with people and places just off the ginger line.

Dalstonia Lartigue Ltd

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Random encounters with people and places just off the ginger line.

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5.0 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Slink 27 ,

Great Radio & Very Engaging

I love how there are all of these unexpected things going on in London away from the bright lights, bars and commuting. The subject matter is not something that I would automatically look for, but at the same time, Dalston brings it all together and I feel all the better for listening. Keep up the good work!

Bulroarer ,

A New Unexpected Gem

Set in and around Dalston, the most embrassingly hipsterish part of London, I downloaded this podcast fully expecting it to be completely up its own ar5e with tips on how to wear one's autumnal cape and grooming techniques for making your beard appear ungroomed.

Well shame on me because it actually takes as earnest and sincere look at what's happening in these areas when you wander away from the übertrendy unicycle-monocle themed bars and breakfaat cereal cafés. (Disclaimer: The breakfast cereal café must ALWAYS be mentioned when writing about this part of London. It's the law. (I'm almost sure about that.))

This episode takes a look at the growing community of organic food suppliers and their commitment to sustainability. Without being preachy and condescending it's informative and engaging. Who knew that bee keeping would be so interesting? Not me, and I'm off to buy a Queen Bee for £45 off the internet right now.

I'm looking forward to whatever the next episode brings and who knows, I may even buy an autumnal cape to wear whilst listening to it.

TLDR - It's surprisngly not full of w@nkers. Give it a listen.

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