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Good Vibrations is Mark Devlin's regular podcast of conversations with free-thinking individuals on wide-ranging crucial topics about the true nature of reality, encompassing the subjects of truth, conspiracy, spirituality, consciousness, mind-control, social-engineering, and much more.

The show began in late 2011 with David Icke as the first guest.

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Good Vibrations is Mark Devlin's regular podcast of conversations with free-thinking individuals on wide-ranging crucial topics about the true nature of reality, encompassing the subjects of truth, conspiracy, spirituality, consciousness, mind-control, social-engineering, and much more.

The show began in late 2011 with David Icke as the first guest.

    GVP #252 - Nathan Lucius - Hypo-Christianity & Yahweh as "God"

    GVP #252 - Nathan Lucius - Hypo-Christianity & Yahweh as "God"

    UK researcher, author and public speaker Nathan Lucius picks up on many of the themes explored in my recent “God” videos, as he offers some insights arising from the research for his debut book.

    We consider whether the Old Testament of the Bible is REALLY the account of how the earthly realm was created by original “God’ or whether it tells a different story. Is “Yahweh” in fact the entity which Gnostic traditions called “the Demiurge,” or even Satan? And why does “God” appear to have undergone a complete personality change by the time we get to the New Testament? 

    Along the way we also discuss astro-theology, “karma,” “manifestation” and many other deceptions peddled by the “New Age.”

    This episode comes with a warning that it will no doubt offend those of certain “religious” persuasions. But for those not so easily triggered, it may offer some novel and refreshing perspectives on questions which have plagued the minds of men for aeons.

    • 2 hrs
    GVP #251 - Howdie Mickoski - Exiting The Cave

    GVP #251 - Howdie Mickoski - Exiting The Cave

    Canadian researcher, scholar, writer and philosopher Howdie Mickoski weighs into the “God” question which I’ve been addressing on recent videos, with his own takes on so much.

    Over almost two hours he addresses Big Questions such as: What is the true nature of this reality?; Who, or what created it, and to what end?; Why is it ALWAYS full of pain and suffering and why do these states ALWAYS outweigh joy and happiness?; How did we get here?; And, crucially, how do we get out?

    Howdie also addresses such subjects as the World’s Fairs, “mental” asylums and orphan trains of the late 1800s, along with Tartaria and Mud Floods. The common factor here is monumental deception when it comes to what we’re told about human “history.” And all of these things are, ultimately, connected.

    On the surface these subjects can seem very dark and hopeless. But Howdie leaves us with some good advice on how we can most effectively navigate our way through these lives and into what lies beyond, and reduce suffering along the way.

    Howdie’s material can be found on these links:


    • 1 hr 44 min
    GVP #250 - Slipmatt - DJ Resistance

    GVP #250 - Slipmatt - DJ Resistance

    For ravers from a certain era, Matt Nelson, or Slipmatt, is a legendary name. As one half of SL2 along partner Lime, he was responsible for creating a handful of the most iconic tunes from the early days of British rave culture - most notably ‘On A ragga Tip’ which reached number 2 in the mainstream charts in 1992.

    In more recent times, however, he has become that rarest of entities - a recognisable name from the scene who has spoken out publicly about the tyrannical and dangerous road down which humanity is headed - if we continue to allow it.

    Inevitably we begin this chat with a bit of DJ banter, before getting down to what it was that awakened Slipmatt to the fact that all was not well in the world. We also cover the question of just why it is that so few public names - in particular those we have been entrained to think of as “rebels” - have had anything meaningful to say at a time in human history where their input has been needed more than ever.

    Slipmatt’s official website is at: https://www.slipmatt.net/

    • 1 hr 10 min
    GVP #249 - Alan of Salisbury - The Occult Art of Law

    GVP #249 - Alan of Salisbury - The Occult Art of Law

    Alan of Salisbury returns to give some deep insights into how “word magic” and “spelling” has been weaponised against us through the workings of Organised Society. This is the basis of the so-called “Legal” system, with “legal’ being very different from “lawful.” 

    Alan breaks down the difference between Common Law/ the Law of the Land and Admiralty/ Maritime Law, or the law of the sea. The latter is the system employed by most of the world’s courts to treat living men and women as dead entities and commodities to be traded on the stock market.
    Seeing through the manipulations of language, he says, is the first step towards regaining our personal sovereignty.

    We also cover the connections/ differences between psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists.

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    • 1 hr 17 min
    GVP #248 - Dave Murphy - Theology and The Old Testament

    GVP #248 - Dave Murphy - Theology and The Old Testament

    Dave Murphy, aka Allegedly Dave, joins the show to discuss his ideas on the origins and true meaning of the Bible's Old Testament, and how the New Testament is effectively a tacked-on propaganda piece.

    Along the way we get into many ideas concerning the true nature of "God," this reality and the pupose of these lives.

    Dave's work resides at www.allegedlydave.com

    • 1 hr 23 min
    GVP #247 - Christian Sundberg - Life Between Lives

    GVP #247 - Christian Sundberg - Life Between Lives

    Christian Sundberg is an American author and public speaker who claims to have memories of his existence prior to his current life. These he has documented in his book ‘A Walk In The Physical.’

    He states that he has memories of almost being born into one life, only to experience overwhelming fear right before entry, causing him to retreat and his mother-to-be to have a miscarriage. In expanded consciousness, he then got to see the knock-on effect that decision had on so many other lives. Subsequently, he decided to incarnate again through a new body.

    Christian maintains that our consciousness transcends our physical bodies, and that our souls experience many human lifetimes along their journey. Crucially though, he contends, everything is by consent. We are not forced into these life experiences; we choose them, knowing what we are coming into. Any judgement which exists in the spirit realm comes only from ourselves in higher forms of consciousness.

    Christian’s website is at https://awalkinthephysical.com

    • 1 hr 7 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
148 Ratings

148 Ratings

Herne23hunter ,

Mental workout for Nineties ravers

Discovered this show three years ago after reading Dave McGowans “weird scenes inside the canyon”, and wanted a more up-to-date look at the music industry.

As Somebody spent a lot of time for 20 years from 1990 to 2010 attending a lot of raves, free festivals, dance events , and the DJ who organised nights. Mark also was a DJ and I share a lot of the outlook on how good things seem to be back then and how dark they seem to be now. His series on acid house with the sheep farm guys, and his interviews with Danny Rampling and Slipmatt, both big name DJs in the UK in the 80s and 90s, make for great listening


Tommy0147 ,

Do not miss a single episode!!

I v been following you for a min now. What you disclose is awesome. I would urge everyone that is new to go back and listen to past episodes asap. Keep up the great work

Booyakka raas ,

A pure fraud and time waster

Goodness, yes he’s a busy chap… and to qualify this is not a negative comment, merely a reflection of reality, which is hos it is, nothing more or less. Since the latest round of pass the oracle pointless conspira-waffle over the last few years, this has opened the gates for (ironically) gatekeepers like this chap. There is nothing positive whatsoever in this chaps involvement in any topic, conversation, festival, book, music. Pure subversion, the cut and paste books re the music industry are …. Well they are what they are. A pointless distraction with no new or useful information. Funnily enough just like the current escapades of this individual. It’s a shame so many people trust these characters when they tell them things that they either think they agree with (by design) or want to hear (same). These change agents aren’t daft (hard to see at times I know) and they do embed themselves with other genuine folks or ideas. It’s all intentional of course. ….. but that’s all just a conspiracy theory… as you were…

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