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A podcast to help you own your magik, heal your worthiness wounds and slay your biggest goals. If you're ready to go from goal chaser to Magik Maker then grab your headphones and let's get going!

Inner Magik School Sara Drury

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A podcast to help you own your magik, heal your worthiness wounds and slay your biggest goals. If you're ready to go from goal chaser to Magik Maker then grab your headphones and let's get going!

    Reflections on Successful Manifestations

    Reflections on Successful Manifestations

    In this episode Sara shares her own successful manifestations and how you can have more success with attracting what you want.

    • 27 min
    Tapping into Intuition and Creative Genius w/ Katie Soy

    Tapping into Intuition and Creative Genius w/ Katie Soy

    Amazing things happen when you allow your intuition to take the lead.  You have the ability to tap into creative ideas and genius that could just change you to your core.  That's what happened to to my guest Katie Soy.  She had the spark of an idea that turned into her own epic adventure of releasing old limiting beliefs and stepping permanently into a brand new identity.  Listen in to her story and find out how to discover the creative genius that lies within you.
    Interested in your own copy of Katie's Firefly stories? 
    The first in the Gem’s Island Adventures series, this story brings themes of belonging, owning your light, and learning from our elders – timeless lessons of the human experience – to young listeners.
    Download the audiobook at the link below: https://www.katiesoy.com/fireflystories

    • 50 min
    Time Does Not Equal Money

    Time Does Not Equal Money

    I’ve been peeling back the layers of TIME= MONEY.

    My podcast this week is on this very topic as I dive into old patterns of my own and how I have released them and course corrected. 

    As you listen I’d like you to consider this: 💬 Where in your life are you still working under old patterns of TIME = MONEY? And where can you begin to chip away at that old illusion?

    • 33 min
    Why I Left the Beauty Industry

    Why I Left the Beauty Industry

    In this episode I tell the story of why I left a 12 year career in the beauty industry.  
    Listen in and come along on a journey with me.

    • 28 min
    A Shortcut to Magik & Manifestation with Georgette Casimir

    A Shortcut to Magik & Manifestation with Georgette Casimir

    Happy New Year! This is my first podcast episode of 2021! Can you believe it? In this episode, you will learn a shortcut to manifestation with our very special guest, life coach Georgette Casimir! We are going to dive deep into a very important part of manifestation and getting what you want. It is often overlooked, underused, or under appreciated. However, this is a HUGE mistake! Tune in, so you can learn the secret that you are missing!
    Make Manifestation work for your life and business! Don’t get it twisted – manifestation is an art! First, Sara runs down some of the key tenets that many people think make up that art. Georgette is here to say that most of us have the order in reverse! Before setting goals or making lists, you allow yourself to let go of the burdens that are holding yourself back. Include pleasure! Without it, you are limiting yourself. Don’t forget to include what you love and find your pleasure when you are manifesting what you want in life. To get into that head space, Georgette suggests these three tips:
    Let go of resistance. When you give in to your own pressure, you are blocking yourself. Feel what you are manifesting in your belly – what you want should come out of a place of desire! Above all else, take pleasure! What do you love to do? Georgette classifies pleasure into four different categories:
    Physical – This includes activities such as dancing, sex, and masturbation(!). Think of how you can truly let go of your inhibitions, then do it! Fun – This can include playing board games or watching your favorite movie again. Find something that is both relaxing and familiar. Mastery – Everything from learning a new language to making your garden grow can bring you pleasure. Social – Whether you and your friend are relaxing on the beach or exercising together, it will help you clear your blockage and make way for the manifestation of your life goals. Break through and let yourself be happy! Why do women have such a hard time letting go and making time for ourselves? You’re not born with it. Rather, you are taught to live this way. We are brought up to go go go, and put our families, jobs, and home above ourselves. We give so much of ourselves that there is often nothing left to give to ourselves! Don’t put manifestation off! In order to make your own pleasure a priority, you must make time. We all deserve it, and we are worthy! Let that powerful, feminine goddess out, then allow yourself to have pleasure in any situation!
    More about our guest Georgette Casimir Would you like to to find out more about our incredible guest? Grow and manage your emotional intelligence. Follow Georgette at the links below:
    Instagram: @georgettecasimircoaching
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GeorgetteCasimir

    • 32 min
    Energy Healing with medical intuitive Michele Thomas

    Energy Healing with medical intuitive Michele Thomas

    This episode is all about the magic of energy healing and how it can help you release your own inner magic with Michele Thomas.
    Michele is a medical intuitive, energy healer and psychic medium with Radiant Living. She works with women who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Michele helps women to identify, clear and release fear, guilt, shame and frustration with their lady parts, allowing them to love and accept themselves fully, exactly as they are. She helps them take charge of their health and wellness to create the radiant life they deserve. 
    In this episode we dive into what energy healing is
    How to tap into your intuition and how healing ourselves leads us to the success we crave. 
    Here are the links:
    My You can heal yourself group - https://facebook.com/groups/radiantlivinghealing
    Heal Yourself 5 Day Challenge:  https://page.co/vWwtxQ

    • 39 min

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