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Ulster's story is always told by the partisan and vocal few who feel the need to air their grievances, or by the moderate masses who keep it bland and balanced. Me, i just want to tell it how it is.

Irreverent History of Ulster, Ireland, and beyond Ulster History Podcast by N John Hatton

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Ulster's story is always told by the partisan and vocal few who feel the need to air their grievances, or by the moderate masses who keep it bland and balanced. Me, i just want to tell it how it is.

    021 - Cu Chulainn aged 13 & 3/4s

    021 - Cu Chulainn aged 13 & 3/4s

    #021 - Cu Chulainn aged 13 & 3/4s (part 4 of 6) - Cu Chulainn getting his teenage kicks as the big kid learns how to properly fight. Come join us for combat school

    • 36 min
    #020 - Around the hound

    #020 - Around the hound

    #020 - Around the Hound (part 3 of 6) - telling some tales of the horrible and horrid characters that from the supporting cast to Cu Chulainn during the Cattle Raid Of Cooley. Come join us for a glimpse at these complete and utter bastards

    • 35 min
    #019 -Boyhood deeds indeed

    #019 -Boyhood deeds indeed

    #019 - Boyhood deeds indeed - Cu Chulainn, as son of a god, a king and rich man, to say he didn't have a normal childhood would be quite the understatement. Come join us for tales of adventure, rage and retribution

    • 46 min
    #018 - Flogging the tain

    #018 - Flogging the tain

    Cu Chulainn is a hero to many in Ulster and Ireland, young and old. A grand figure. Untouchable as an icon, but where did he come from and is he really all that? We shall see as we delve deep into the Ulster Cycle and especially the Cattle Raid of Cooley

    • 33 min
    #017 - It's my island - oh no its not

    #017 - It's my island - oh no its not

    Ireland should belong to the Irish, right? But what if someone was there first? does that muddy the waters... have a listen and find out

    • 39 min
    #016 - Im Graving, im Graving

    #016 - Im Graving, im Graving

    a marathon across the battlefields of Flanders, yes please, and i think ill do some historying whilst im there...

    • 1 hr 29 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Furyforest80 ,

Hidden gem...don’t let it stay hidden

I struggle with podcasts. Everyone raves about them. I really want to get into them but invariably I seldom get beyond episode two. It’s either because I’m picking crap podcasts or they aren’t for me.

This is only the second series after case files that has survived the cull.

Finding non partisan historical content on Northern Ireland is somewhat akin to finding a McFlurry machine working in a McDonalds. It’s out there it’s just takes a while to find it. It’s amazing when you do though!

It’s a fantastic glimpse at episodes of history relating not just to Ulster but also Ireland and beyond.

Be prepared, it will challenge your thoughts and perceptions on certain aspects of Ulster history. It doesn’t force that narrative or even fight that hard to prove the point, it’s more a whisper in your ear giving you something to think about and I think that’s why I relate to it. It’s the exact same thing my GCSE history teacher did that made so many die hard believers stop and think about their history and why most of us still have a love of history 25 years later. So far I’ve bought three books as this podcasts whets the appetite about a subject and makes you want to learn more.

Anyway, give it a couple episodes and I think you’ll agree.

Like the creator I like to give a balanced opinion.

There’s not enough of them. I’m 16 episodes down in a week and I still have a stone of pandemic belly to lose!

Ourweecountry2016 ,


This guy deserves his own show, easily the most informative & funny podcaster on Irish history I’ve ever come across, his purely “Norn Iron” take on the seminal moments of our history are brilliantly put together in such a way the actual narrative is easily remembered by the listener, make no mistake he doesn’t miss the mark with succinct reflections on all sides of the equation, so if your into your history with a healthy dose of bias you’ll no doubt be offended, look forward to each episode, keep her lit big lad.

Bambam2gs ,

A funny intellectual insight

This made me laugh and learn a lot more about the history of the 'red hand' and why it means so much to so many.
Ps: nice husky voice - I look forward to the next instalment 😝

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