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Amazing Breakthroughs, Conversations, & Discoveries

    Harry & Meghan: Inside The Royal Dilemma

    Harry & Meghan: Inside The Royal Dilemma

    In this Special Commentary of It’s Rainmaking Time!® Kim wraps up 2022 with Focused Insights, Observations & Discussion Points that she feels are worthy of more contemplation and emphasis, pertaining to The Harry & Meghan Netflix Documentary Series that was just released.

    While this may seem out of character for Kim to focus on such matters, due to the existing multi- faceted conflicts going on in the world, in so many locations in the world, she serves up much needed insight and revelations about Race, Power & Transformation that will help make room for healing for not only those involved, but for those being impacted by the world- wide discourse surrounding The Royal Family, Prince Harry & Meghan Markle and the dynamic duo themselves, The Duke & Dutchess of Sussex.

    Kim sees Harry and Meghan Television interviews and the new Netflix Documentary Series as important food for thought to help shine light, to clarify certain rhetoric that has deep and profound impact on not only communities, but on populations. She talks about the many dilemmas Meghan faced, including thoughts of suicide.

    Many of you may be surprised when Kim delivers a very Nobel & Unorthodox challenge to Harry & Meghan.

    Don’t miss this Commentary.

    • 36 min
    Calling in The U.S. Constitution

    Calling in The U.S. Constitution

    Dr. Edwin Vieira, PhD & JD, is one of the most important Legal Minds regarding the reality and application of the US Constitution. He’s been practicing Constitutional law for 45 years and has won several important cases at the Supreme Court.

    In the Supreme Court of the United States, he successfully argued or briefed the following three cases leading to the landmark decisions:

    * Abood v. Detroit Board of Education

    * Chicago Teachers Union v. Hudson

    * Communications Workers of America v. Beck

    These established constitutional and statutory limitations on the uses to which labor unions, in both the private and the public sectors, may apply fees extracted from nonunion workers as a condition of their employment.

    We also discuss some of the most misunderstood aspects of the US Constitution & it’s current status, relative to what appears to be an official selection.

    13 Questions You Should Be Asking:

    * Is it really true that the US Constitution is a living breathing organism?

    * Should it be subject to changing it’s meaning?

    * Should it be flexible and malleable?

    * What is Constitutional Authority?

    * Who actually has it when it comes to shutting down society?

    * What is the Commerce Clause?

    * What does it have to do with what’s unfolding today?

    * Can the government force you to have vaccinations?

    * They assert that they can, but, can they?

    * What specific powers does a president really have?

    * What’s really in and out of his or her authority?

    * What should happen at a Constitutional level if our elected leaders are not doing their jobs?

    * What are the remedies if elected officials and public servants are refusing to do their jobs?

    Weak Links in the Judiciary

    Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr. J.D. lays out the weak links in the judiciary, including The Supreme Courts and the Judges Dilemmas and clarifies who, in fact, makes remedies for fraud if fraud is discovered.

    We discuss what happens if, on January 20, 2021, no president or vice president actually is qualified to be president and vice president of The United States? Yes, we actually go there.

    We also cover Dr. Vieira’s advice to Potus 45, as to what to do over the matter of real election fraud. He discusses the key differences between civil and criminal remedies, specific to their power and scope.

    Be ready to discover what exactly the President’s Constitutional Function, Authority and Power really is concerning The Department of Justice, The Federal Bureau of Investigation and any other agencies including The Supreme Court. This may surprise many of you!

    The Commerce Clause

    This segment moves fast and you will find yourselves moving right into The Commerce Clause and discover how it specifically relates to what’s unfolding with the loss of human rights and liberties, beginning with the arrival of Covid-19.

    Dr. Vieira shares how (Equal Protection under The Law) should be applied in the case of riots and damages to people, property and the operation of businesses.

    In more sensitive areas, he shares the Constitutionality of (Bills of Attainer), aka, Kill lists and how this matter should be dealt with.

    Last, but not least, Dr. Vieira addresses the specifics of what any President must do should the normal mechanisms of Constitutional Accountability are not working and those in power are not keeping their oaths of office and have in essence, gone rogue.

    You may find out that Martial Law may not be the remedy you ever want invoked.

    • 2 hrs 7 min
    Gender Identity, Speaking the Unspeakable in The Eye of The Storm

    Gender Identity, Speaking the Unspeakable in The Eye of The Storm

    This talk is for mature audiences. It’s nuanced, layered, cumulative and like a wave. It’s intended to deliver a contextual orientation to this subject. It’s not necessary that anyone agree with the content. It’s intended to ignite conversation and expand the realm of insight, wisdom and clarity.

    At this unsettling time in history, where conflict and anxiety is at an all time high, with diverging perspectives on just about everything from climate to gender; its’ really easy to become polarized and fall prey to mean-spirited reflexive personal attacks. In fact, the entire spectrum of dialogue has eroded into conflicts that shut down discussion, rather than expand important and much needed dialogue.

    For the first time, Kim Greenhouse, who has produced and hosted over 420 segments of It’s Rainmaking Time! with best-selling authors, heads of industry, change agents, creative artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries, personally steps into the space and addresses the most taboo aspects of the realm & brings expanded understanding and offers up clear distinctions between biological gender and gender identity.

    While it appears that by not staying within the current circulating social narrative about Gender, one has to literally be brave to even speak, as the mere discussion of and about this subject is wrought with highly charged and often acrimonious consequences, like being de-platformed on the internet, having ones name and reputation destroyed, access to doing business shut off and people have personally received death threats.

    Kim does everything she can to Speak the Unspeakable in The Eye of This Storm. We hope that you share this Special Commentary far and wide and that it opens up discussions that are long overdue and important. Enjoy the Show!

    • 41 min
    Whole Systems Websites: Future Proofing WordPress with A Systems Maverick

    Whole Systems Websites: Future Proofing WordPress with A Systems Maverick

    Anyone who wants an effective website will have to consider so many elements about their website ecosystem, including so many different views and opinions from web developers, coders, user interface and graphic experts, bloggers & podcasters, that, the very act of choosing what’s best for one’s offerings, is often met with tremendous complexity, unknown compatibility challenges, idiosyncratic expertise and continuous expenses.

    Many of you may not be aware of the fact that most often, website owners using Content Management Systems, (CMS), don’t really know what’s going on under the hood, or what’s referred to as (the back end) of websites. The ability to make an effective choice of software ecosystems to build one’s website is often incomplete, misleading, lacking important transparency and will not allow the website to be secured for the long term.

    Hiring a webmaster is often frustrating, and expensive and in these volatile and erosive economic times, fewer people will be able to get the expertise and help that their websites need. As business owners and creatives, very often, you don’t know what you don’t know.

    Maybe it’s time that we learn our own software, from a systems perspective, so that we can continue to communicate online no matter what algorithms are formally and insidiously altered that we don’t know about. In the presence of shadow banning, censorship and polarized communities, what can we do to be able to continue to communicate online?

    If you have any interest in being able to run your own website without having to be a programmer or know HTML, CSS or PHP, and you want to be able to share your content, you will want to tune in to this segment.

    After many years of struggling and dissatisfaction with her own inability to keep her website, itsrainmakingtime.com updated using WordPress, one of the better Content Management Systems around and having very upsetting experiences with so many webmasters and developers, Kim shares what she’s been through.

    Enter Chris Pearson, the founder of DIYthemes, Thesis Framework, Focus WordPress Theme & Focus OmniTweet a pathway to keep your tweets alive and available should Twitter start to suppress or censor your tweets.

    Chris shares how creators, inventors, business owners and communicators can finally take control of their work online by adapting a systems perspective to the way they perceive, understand and build websites.

    This conversation opens up the public to what’s really going on in The Black Box that the internet and (Content Management Systems) have become and why he was led to develop his own software ecosystem to be able to bypass the often unseen, unworkable and costly experience of using standard ecosystems to develop and share ones’ work and life via a website.

    This will challenge the way most of us think about and interact with our and other people’s websites. We invite you to comment and share this segment so that others may learn, as well as how we can share collectively how to make our experience better for more people around the world.

    • 1 hr 38 min
    There’s No Such Thing As The News!

    There’s No Such Thing As The News!

    Kim gives a passionate commentary that’s meant to stimulate thinking about what the news really is and isn’t and to what end “The News” transmits what is truly of import. She also invites you to get involved in what could be a totally different broadcast space. If you find this of value, please share it with everyone you know because, There really is no such thing as the news!


    • 23 min
    Whirling with Music Master Joseph Curiale

    Whirling with Music Master Joseph Curiale

    Joseph Curiale joins us to share about his long -standing experience in the music entertainment field as a Master Composer, Conductor, Arranger and Orchestrator.

    We meet at a unique time in his life when he’s departing from his former body of work to start a new life outside the US. For those of us who are unfamiliar with what a Composer, Conductor, Arranger & Orchestrator does, he makes these distinctions very understandable.

    While his own works like his music on the CD “Awakening”, “In The Sound”, I’n Autumn”, “The Music of Life” and “Dinkytown”, are rare and unforgettable, Joseph has also worked with so many Music Legends, that the list is confounding. If you would like to see the staggering list of talent he has worked with, Click the Link Below:

    He’s been a composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, or a collaborative songwriter in The London Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Check.

    Joseph has worked with The Boston Pops and performed with The Tonight Show, Frasier, The Emmy Awards, The Television Academy Hall of Fame and so many more! Joseph has also worked with Michael Jackson, Barry White, Tower of Power, Patti Austin, Gino Vanelli, Sami Davis Jr., Quincy Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Paul Williams, Earth Wind & Fire, The Spinners, Michelle Legrand, Marilyn & Alan Bergman, Anita Baker, Ricky Martin, Chaka Khan, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, etc…


    Nothing with Joseph Curiale is small. He participated in The Hollywood Bowl Celebration of Music and The Inauguration of several Presidents. In this interview, we whirl through Josephs’ experience in the music business and dialogue into his most personal experiences and revelations, including, who has made profound contributions in his life and calling and who formed who he is as an instrument of musical expression and as a human being.

    Don’t miss this Music Master!

    • 1 hr 37 min

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5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

zaqi123 ,

Interviewing at it's finest!!

Literally minutes into the first podcast I listened to, I was struck by the depth of knowledge, experience and intuition this lady possesses. These are no 'ordinary' interviews. They bristle, sparkle, delight and inform.

The range of guests and subjects explored, though wide ranging and extensive, is only one half of the equation. Ms Greenhouse is fully the other 50%. Put simply, she is brilliant!

I highly recommend this series.

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