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Amazing Breakthroughs, Conversations, & Discoveries

    The Aramaic Bible From The Ancient Near Eastern Past

    The Aramaic Bible From The Ancient Near Eastern Past

    Would you believe that when it comes to the bible, that much of what we’ve read and are familiar with has been translated from Greek and Hebrew, even if the 3 major languages most used in bible inquiry and translation included Aramaic.

    Aramaic is an ancient near eastern language used by the authors of the bible, but somehow, is not known around the world. How is it possible that 4000 years of antiquity has somehow been missed or overlooked?  Translation from one language to another is often complex. Nuances and Idiomatic expressions are often either not translatable from one language to another or because they are taken literally and  have been mistranslated.

    While It’s Rainmaking Time! has covered so many ancient books and practices with so many wonderful authors and theologians, we have never covered The Entire Aramaic Bible. It’s with great excitement to have the opportunity to introduce you to the works of Dr. George Lamsa and his protege of 10 years, Dr. Rocco Errico. Not only is their relationship that of a Rabbi & his Dedicated Protege a thrilling and empowering story, but one where they have unearthed a large treasure of keys and correct translations of the most ancient biblical writings.

    Dr. Lamsa has translated The Aramaic Bible and has written so many books for everyone living today and in the future. He dedicated his life to bringing this seemingly missed original translation direct from Aramaic. Dr. Rocco Errico  brings us rich history, ancient near eastern context and keys to embracing the meanings of what was written and meant then.

    Dr. Errico is the author of:

    * Let There Be Light, The Seven Keys

    * Aramaic Light on The Beatitudes

    * Setting a trap for God, The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus

    * Aramaic Light on the Acts of The Apostles

    * Aramaic Light on the Gospel of John

    He has written so many more books. He has also co-written, along with Dr. George Lamsa, of 3 Aramaic Light biblical commentaries (seven on the New Testament and six on the Old Testament).

    For those of you who may be interested in exploring the Aramaic Near Eastern translations of the bible, in diving deeper and broadening your understanding of what was actually written and meant in that culture and language of the world; this will be a most rare occasion. Join us for this divine appointment with Dr. Rocco Errico.

    • 2 hrs 13 min
    Pioneering Microbiome Research with Dr. Sabine Hazan

    Pioneering Microbiome Research with Dr. Sabine Hazan

    Microbes are everywhere, on just about everything and have been in and on the earth since the earth came into being.

    Each of us has our own inner and outer ecosystem of microbes that we are born with and are with us during our life and around after our death.

    Microbes populate and die based on many factors, ie, what we eat and drink, bad habits we may have like smoking and drinking; drugs and supplements we take, how we manage our stress levels and how we interact with others. Our immune systems are strengthened or weakened by certain microbes.

    Dr. Sabine Hazan, a dedicated gastroenterologist, researcher, speaker, author and founder of progenabiome, a genetic sequencing research laboratory dedicated to continuing the work of the late Dr. Sydney Finegold; a dedicated doctor who recognized the power of anaerobic bacteria who spent his life correlating microbes to diseases.

    During the “official covid pandemic”, Dr. Hazan made sure that none of her patients died during this scary and chaotic time. She discovered that, Bifidobacteria, a very specific microbe began to disappear in her patients. This discovery called her to find out what was causing this important and unexpected discovery.

    The Microbiome can be very mysterious, because, when one goes to study it, one faces vast diversity amongst populations of different cultures of people. Not everyone is the same and most of us have don’t have access to what our specific microbiome baseline is. Often, testing for it can be incomplete, because the specialty itself is still in its infancy.

    Don’t miss this important episode where we uncover what you need to know about your own microbiome, about microbes and how you can better understand the terrain and the need for the critical importance of funding next generation research, reporting and testing with people that know how to ask the right questions and who are in service to health and well being.

    • 1 hr 50 min
    Conversational Infusions With Don Mei, The True Tea Whisperer

    Conversational Infusions With Don Mei, The True Tea Whisperer

    Join us on a captivating podcast episode where Don Mei, a renowned tea connoisseur and curator, takes us through the verdant fields of tea history, culture, and the subtle art of brewing. In a world brimming with digital distractions, Don rekindles our connection with the ancient rituals that bring solace and mindfulness into our daily lives.

    Don Mei isn’t just the proprietor of the prestigious Mei Leaf but a storyteller who narrates the tale of each leaf from its roots to the rich brew in our cups. His family’s legacy, spanning over half a century in the tea industry, has imbued him with a profound understanding and appreciation for this timeless beverage.

    Whether you’re a tea aficionado or someone whose journey with tea is just beginning, this interview is a treasure trove of insights. Discover the transformative power of tea, not only as a drink but as a medium for health, wellness, and community.

    Don’t miss this extraordinary episode where we explore the essence of tea that transcends borders and unites us in a shared experience of serenity and joy.

    Interested in embarking on your own tea journey? Visit meileaf.com to explore a world of premium teas and tea-ware curated by Don Mei himself.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Drawing The Line in The Sand in Texas with The US Constitution

    Drawing The Line in The Sand in Texas with The US Constitution

    Due to the apparent crisis at the Texas US Border and the influx of what appears to be a well-organized mass migration into the US (via Texas), that’s heating up all over the United States, along with masses of immigrants coming into other borders along the entire United States border, with little to no oversight, It’s Rainmaking Time! is ushering in an Emergency Special to attempt to prevent the escalation of a US Constitutional Crisis of Galactic Preportion but also, a real civil war.

    Dr. Edwin Vieira, a Constitutional lawyer with over 50 years of expertise in this rarefied area having won several cases at The US Supreme Court:

    * Abood vs Detroit Board of Education

    * Chicago Teachers Union vs Hudson

    * Communications Workers of America vs Beck

    Dr. Edwin Vieira is the author of over 9 books in the Constitutional & Monetary Area, such as “Pieces of Eight”, a two-volume set about The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution; the most comprehensive study in existence of American Monetary Powers and history from a Constitutional Perspective.

    Dr. Vieira also wrote “Constitutional Homeland Security”, “How to Dethrone The Judiciary”,  and many more, returns after his debut in “Calling in The Constitution”, here on It’s Rainmaking Time! for a blockbuster conversation to usher in what we need to know about the inner sanctum of the “Original Constitution” and what it specifically says about Immigration, States rights vs Federal Rights, The Supreme Court, Constitutional Standing & how it’s supposed to work, The Legal Field, Invasion vs Immigration and much more. This conversation moves very fast.

    Dr. Edwin Vieira has a way of bringing us into the magnitude of multi-faceted real challenges, ramifications and realities of not only The US Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence; but also, brilliantly shares his unique command of history in a way that fast tracks the awareness of their implications, nuances, challenges and Constitutional implications.

    Dr. Edwin Vieira delivers what The American people need to examine and clarify as he inspires and awakens those of us who are still asleep about the importance of The US Constitution.

    Don’t miss this conversation addressing The Crossroads of American Life!

    • 2 hrs 14 min
    A Conversation with A Remote Viewing Master

    A Conversation with A Remote Viewing Master

    Dick Allgire is a Professional Remote Viewer who uses his over 3 decades of expertise that allows him to identify specific and highly accurate details about our future.

    Dick is Formally known for his award-winning television News Journalism as an anchorman, reporter, and producer over at KITV, an ABC News Affiliate in Hawaii.

    He’s considered one of the most gifted Remote Viewers in the world, who has taken his skills and training to found The Future Forecasting Group, a private membership group that allows him and other remarkable Remote Viewers to dedicate full-time to identify yearly and monthly future events of import with uncanny specificity and accuracy.

    The Future Forecasting Group Remote Views cryptocurrencies, as well as the changes in the monetary system, along with market outcomes that allow others to take advantage of timing in the buy and sell area of investments.

    If you are concerned about events that will be impacting the world and you would like to know more about Mr. Allgires’ work and experience over the many years in his field, this special is for you. Our guest has a low-key way of communicating along with s wonderful sense of humor. He has the kind of magic about him that draws you in.

    Don’t miss this extensive discussion with Dick Allgire.

    • 2 hrs 27 min
    2023 Wrap Up, Challenges, Revelations & Insights with Kim Greenhouse

    2023 Wrap Up, Challenges, Revelations & Insights with Kim Greenhouse

    Kim will review what got accomplished on It’s Rainmaking Time! in 2023, including surprising revelations, insights, and discoveries that were amassed this year about the planet, the civilization, the World Wide Web, AI, (Artificial Intelligence), The Blockchain, The Financial Market & most importantly, what kind of a mind-set we will benefit from entering into the New Year.

    • 37 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

King of Queens1982 ,

Where have all the early years gone?

From 2010 onwards some great podcasts. I can only view the latest podcasts from 2022.

zaqi123 ,

Interviewing at it's finest!!

Literally minutes into the first podcast I listened to, I was struck by the depth of knowledge, experience and intuition this lady possesses. These are no 'ordinary' interviews. They bristle, sparkle, delight and inform.

The range of guests and subjects explored, though wide ranging and extensive, is only one half of the equation. Ms Greenhouse is fully the other 50%. Put simply, she is brilliant!

I highly recommend this series.

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