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WoolWork is the new name for KnitBritish

Join me on my journey of woolly discovery celebrating the unique characteristics of local wool, from sheep to skein, to finished object.

You can visit knitbritish.net and follow me on twitter and IG @_woolwork

WoolWork Louise Scollay

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WoolWork is the new name for KnitBritish

Join me on my journey of woolly discovery celebrating the unique characteristics of local wool, from sheep to skein, to finished object.

You can visit knitbritish.net and follow me on twitter and IG @_woolwork

    Episode 125 much to say

    Episode 125 much to say

    Dear listeners, an episode. Recorded amid flat-packing and edited lightly, but lots to say. I will add to the shownotes later, for now you’ll forgive content list and links.
    There are a few swears in the episode!
    Black Lives, Trans Lives and Black Trans Lives MATTER. 
    (Just a few UK based charity) Links and the books I mentioned:
    Stop Hate UK – www.stophateuk.org
    UK Black Pride – www.ukblackpride.co.uk
    Black Minds Matter – www.blackmindsmatteruk.com/
    Black Lives Matter UK Fund – https://blacklivesmatteruk.com/ https://uk.gofundme.com/f/ukblm-fund
    Small Trans Library – Glasgow and Dublin charities
    Biased By Jennifer Eberhardt and her TedTalk
    Diversify by June Sarpong
    Don’t Touch my Hair by Emma Dabiri
    For the love of Ravelry – WTAF?!
    On the topic of Financial accessibility and yarn substitution
    Some thoughts on crafting in the time of corona. 
    links  (not Ravelry)
    Treasures from the Forest Path – Patricia Fortune
    Lush  – Tin Can Knits
    Ursa – Jacqueline Cieslak
    Scout Tee Pattern – Grainline Studio

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    Episode 124 Crafting in the time of corona; how's that going for you?

    Episode 124 Crafting in the time of corona; how's that going for you?

    A few wee notes at the website
    Just a quick check in and a wee thought on my crafting through lockdown
    Take good care pals. We will be standing on the otherside of this soon xx
    BTW - there is one F word in this (I think)

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    episode 123 - Hebridean Charm

    episode 123 - Hebridean Charm

    Full links and notes can be found at https://wp.me/p303nu-4sF
    Hebridean Wool Exploration
    It was quite hard to return to the podcast, but we could all use a small distraction from the Covid Scourge, right?
    Stay safe

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    WoolWork Rewind: Jamiesons of Shetland Episode 30

    WoolWork Rewind: Jamiesons of Shetland Episode 30

    Shownotes: https://bit.ly/2Tq0oJS
    WoolWork Rewind: Episode 30 Jamiesons and Smith
    This episode of the podcast was first released in May 2015, when the podcast was still known as KnitBritish. At the time of recording, all information was correct. Please understand that some of this information may have changed now.
    Very sadly, in 2018 Lizzie Simmons died. I will always remember her with a massive smile on her face and ready to share a laugh. She was incredibly passionate about Shetland wool and textiles and someone you could lose hours with , just sheeksin'  about wool and making!
    Hello listeners, 
    While I'm on this enforced hiatus, I thought it would be nice to dip into the back catalogue and re-issue a few older episodes. I asked on my instagram stories, which episodes folks would like to hear again and this was one of the episodes which was suggested.  I am delighted to bring it to you once more and I hope you enjoy it. 

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    Episode 122 - Festive, with air quotes

    Episode 122 - Festive, with air quotes

    Full shownotes are at www.knitbritish.net/ep122
    I chat about the importance of self-care at this time of year and have a hug of solidarity for those who don't enjoy this time of year. (Any use of "festive" is used with air quotes!)
    Our Welsh Mountain Wool Exploration is split across this episode as, whooo, theres a lot of great info to learn and lots of great exploration. 
    There is also chat about the Tin Can Knits-along ad the Small Gestures Swap.
    This is the last show of the year - I'm thankful for all your support and enthusiasm for WoolWork (nee KnitBritish). I look forward to what 2020 will bring us!
    I end with festive song from Snowy O McSnowerson (and guest sheep!) and listen out for a few expletives at the end, in the outtakes!
    Thanks for listening. 

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    episode 121 a kind of magic

    episode 121 a kind of magic

    Full shownotes can be found at the website - www.knitbritish.net/ep121
    Settle in for a woolly hour and a half, I have a chat with the fabulous Esther Rutter, author of This Golden Fleece and I bring you a talk from Alice Underwood, who discussed the role of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust at our recent Hands on Wool Exploration day, at Fine Fettle Fibres. 
    All that and KALS and more!
    Happy listening!

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4.8 out of 5
62 Ratings

62 Ratings

Sazmac ,


Always entertaining and thought provoking. Been listening for a couple of years now and I can’t imagine how much effort this takes to put together- to research and deliver such excellent content with such consistency. Always look forwards to the next episode and am never disappointed. Louise has really challenged my thinking about Wool and its provenance.

Cecily Neville ,

Warm, woolly, and wonderful

Louise has the most wonderful voice, and it has an innate warmth and cheer that welcomes you into the world of Knit British. The aim of the podcast is to inform - and involve - the podcast listener about British sheep breeds (rare and otherwise) and their wool characteristics through a wool exploration undertaken by listeners, and feedback provided to Louise.

There is something very reassuring to listening to others' experiences of the hand-squish-grab test and the multiple wash and block accounts. Not (yet) quite up there with the Shipping Forecast, but perhaps a minor woolly version.

The podcast has a Ravelry community associated with it, where extended conversations about natural shades, 'woolly wool', and swatches carry on with good humour and good cheer. We need more podcasts like this. Thought-provoking, intelligent, and never patronising, KnitBritish will change the way you think about provenance, yarn, and the what it is to knit local.

DMidwinter ,


Great podcast - very much more like a radio programme than a traditional podcast. Louise is very engaging and the content is both highly informative as well as entertaining. Quality of the interviews is great - and I also appreciate the personal input and opinion. However, I have been amazed how much I didn't know about locally produced yarn and the variety of wool available. My eyes have been opened listening to this podcast I cannot recommend highly enough!

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