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Oddity: the podcast which explores all things strange and unexplained.

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Oddity: the podcast which explores all things strange and unexplained.

    The Denver Spider Man

    The Denver Spider Man

    In this episode of Oddity, we take a look at a bizarre murder case which occurred in Colorado in 1941: the tragic death of Philip Peters at the hands of a man best known as The Denver Spider Man.

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    • 15 min
    Screaming Skulls

    Screaming Skulls

    A screaming skull is a human skull which, according to legend, disturbs the house in which it's kept by screaming, speaking, or causing other disturbances. In the case of a few of these skulls, they are the focus of hauntings which stop when the skull is laid to rest – but in the majority of stories, the act of removing the skull from inside the house is what sparks off the trouble.

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    • 20 min
    The Black Monk of Pontefract

    The Black Monk of Pontefract

    The historic market town of Pontefract is perhaps best known for its liquorice. But since the late 60s, the town has also been known for something not quite as sweet. In this episode of Oddity, we take a look at the famous 30 East Drive haunting, and its supposed resident Black Monk.
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    • 16 min


    Here in the UK, badly behaved children might discover that on Christmas morning, Father Christmas has left them lumps of coal or raw potatoes instead of toys and sweets. But in some other parts of Europe, the punishment for misbehaving is a whole lot worse. Saint Nicholas still brings presents for the good children, but naughty kids should, frankly, be terrified. Legend says that they're in for a visit from Saint Nick's less friendly companion - Krampus.

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    • 13 min
    Crystal Palace Skeletons

    Crystal Palace Skeletons

    In 1978, a young woman went to the papers with a strange tale. She had fallen through a hole in Crystal Palace Park, and stumbled upon a train carriage full of skeletons. But how did this story come about?

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    • 13 min
    Tamam Shud

    Tamam Shud

    In late 1948, a man was found dead on a beach in Australia. His identity, and how he died, have remained a mystery for almost seventy years. Could a piece of paper found in his pocket shed light on the case?

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    • 18 min

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4.8 out of 5
52 Ratings

52 Ratings

Every one's a critic 😇 ,

It’s a shame....

.... that Rowan has disappeared off the podcast scene. I’ve listened to all of her past broadcasts more than once and I still have them listed in the hope that there will be more.

spookymills ,

Favourite podcast by miles

I love this podcast, and I highly recommend it. The music jingle is amazing by the way! Rowen tells these stories beautifully and terrifyingly! Please please make more!

50dw50 ,

Oddly brilliant

I am really enjoying this podcast, hope there are more to come

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