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The weekly POWER to Live More podcast from Jo Dodds is designed to give you inspiration, ideas, tips, tools and apps to help you to use your POWER (Productivity, Organisation, Wellbeing, Energy and Resilience) to Live More (to do more of the things you want to do).

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The weekly POWER to Live More podcast from Jo Dodds is designed to give you inspiration, ideas, tips, tools and apps to help you to use your POWER (Productivity, Organisation, Wellbeing, Energy and Resilience) to Live More (to do more of the things you want to do).

    Richard Sams on Show #196 : Effective Entrepreneurial Work-Life Balance

    Richard Sams on Show #196 : Effective Entrepreneurial Work-Life Balance

    Richard Sams is the Co-Founder and CEO of MOHARA, an innovation delivery specialist company that builds tech products.

    His team works with startups, SMEs, and corporate clients looking to develop non-core products, mitigate risk, and seek opportunities to innovate within their sector or branch into new sectors. MOHARA’s Head Office is in London, with offices in Brighton, Bangkok, Cape Town, and a new office in Dallas.

    Richard believes that good products and business ecosystems start with good people and that great ideas conceived by talented people need to be seen. 

    Today, Richard and I discuss his journey from a career in teaching to starting his business. He shares how some of his teaching skills were transferable to his startup and how it has developed over the years.

    He reveals why he believes people have been an essential element to his success and how his self-development passion drove his company.

    He discusses why it is  crucial to take time for yourself as an entrepreneur and what he does to maintain balance between his work life and home life.

    He shares how taking time away can make the time you are at work more effective and the challenges that the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine has presented to him and his business.

    He also shares how he stays organised, develops his knowledge, and how his business passion helps him to live more.

    “Take whatever problem there is head-on, and just go and fix it.” Richards Sams

    This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    * How Richard went from teaching to starting MOHARA* Richard’s teaching skills and experience that helped him in his entrepreneurial ventures* How the business developed over the years* How people, relationships, and partnerships have been essential to Richard’s success* How a desire for self-development and filling skills gaps drove Richard to grow his business* What Richard learned from working with his Dad when starting MOHARA* How Richard took some time back for himself during the hectic schedule of starting his business* Strategies Richard uses to make sure he has time for himself and maintains a work-life balance* How procrastination can be productive* Changes and challenges that Richard experienced during the lockdown* How Richard stays organised in his business and personal life* What Richard does to develop his knowledge to stay at the forefront of innovation* How Richard picks himself up when things go wrong* How Richard’s passion for his business helps him to live more

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Slack

    Connect with Richard Sams:

    * MOHARA Website* MOHARA on LinkedIn* MOHARA on Instagram* MOHARA on Facebook* Richard Sams on LinkedIn* Richard Sams on Instagram* Richard Sams on Twitter

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    Brian Jones on Show #195 : Recognising Your Own Business Opportunity

    Brian Jones on Show #195 : Recognising Your Own Business Opportunity

    Brian Jones is the Founder and CEO of VA Platinum, a team of experts in outsourcing and offshoring for business owners.

    When Brian found the 70-hour work week he was doing just wasn’t working for his work/life balance, he decided to use virtual team members to lighten the load.

    After drastically reducing his work hours and giving himself more time for the things he loves, he wanted to do the same for others. He founded VA Platinum to help other business owners take back their time by utilising his superstar team of staff based in the Philippines.

    Today, Brian shares the story of what inspired him to transform his work-life with virtual assistants and the lessons he learned when starting out.

    He shares the resources he uses to help clients build a virtual team and how business gurus, inspirational leaders, and mentors have helped him along the way.

    He reveals his average working day and how he stays organised to make sure everything gets done. Brian shares tips and tools that can help you work with a virtual team and help clients overcome the fears of outsourcing.

    He also shares why he uses a Mindset Mentor, what he does to help him deal with days when things go wrong, and what makes him feel like he is living more.

    “I had to learn a lot about developing structures, systems, templates, ways to check-in with teams.” Brian Jones

    This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    * The journey that led Brian to start his home-based business* The inspiration that helped Brian make the transformation from office to remote working* Some of the lessons Brian learned while setting up his virtual team* How Brian’s business has evolved over the years* How Brian helps his clients set up their virtual team* How following the teachings of other successful entrepreneurs has helped Brian build his business* What an average work day looks like for Brian* How Brian stays organised during his work day* How the COVID pandemic has changed Brian’s daily life and business* Tips for outsourcing elements of your business* How Brian helps clients overcome fears of hiring a virtual assistant* What Brian does to keep learning and the resources he uses* Why Brian chose to use a Mindset Coach* How Brian copes with days when things don’t go according to plan* What a day of ‘doing more of the things you love’ looks like for Brian

    Resources Mentioned:

    ● The 4-hour Workweek By Tim Ferriss● The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber● The Lean Startup by Eric Ries● Loom● Skype● Time Doctor

    Connect with Brian Jones:

    ● VA Platinum Website● VA Platinum on LinkedIn● VA Platinum on Facebook● VA Platinum on Twitter● Brian Jones on LinkedIn

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    Are you tired of feeling alone, isolated, and frustrated with running your home-based coaching ...

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    Firdaus Kharas on Show #194 : Embracing Your Inner Creative Power

    Firdaus Kharas on Show #194 : Embracing Your Inner Creative Power

    Firdaus Kharas is a renowned social innovator, speaker, humanitarian, and founder of Chocolate Moose Media.

    Since 1995, he has been using his background in international issues to create communications and use media to better the human condition. His work has been seen in 198 countries by over 1 billion people.

    He was named one of the World’s 50 Most Talented Social Innovators and has received many awards, including the prestigious Peabody Award.

    His latest book, Creativity: The Key to a Remarkable Life, aims to help people unlock their inner creative power to change their lives.  

    Today, Firdaus shares his journey and how he uses education to help promote change.

    He reveals how humour has made his work successful and why communication should be aimed at the individual to be effective.

    He shares what creativity is and how you can use it to keep moving forward, especially in challenging times.

    He reveals how everyone can tap into their creative side and how the pandemic has enabled more of this in the way we live and do business.

    He also shares why you need to embrace failure, how he uses creative thinking in his everyday life and how it helps him deal with days when things don’t go as planned.

    “Creativity is not a product; you can’t actually see creativity. You can see the result of creativity in a product.” Firdaus Kharas

    This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    * The journey that led Firdaus to become a social innovator* Why Firdaus chose education and creativity to help others* How Firdaus has found humour useful in his creations to promote change* Why it’s important to talk to one person instead of aiming at a broad audience in your marketing* What is creativity and how you can apply it to your business* How creative thinking is an individual process* The positive impact COVID-19 has had on business processes* Why a unique approach to communication is essential* How you can discover what people want so you can tailor your communication* How you can encourage creativity and keep moving forward* Examples of how we are all individuals and creative thinkers* How the pandemic has enabled creative thinking in the way we do business* Why you need to embrace failure* How Firdaus uses creative thinking in his business and everyday life* How Firdaus uses his creativity to deal with days when things go wrong

    Connect with Firdaus Kharas:

    * Chocolate Moose Media Website* Chocolate Moose Media on Facebook* Chocolate Moose Media on Twitter* Chocolate Moose Media on LinkedIn* Firdaus Kharas on LinkedIn* Firdaus Kharas on Instagram* Firdaus Kharas on Twitter

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    Jo Permaul on Show #193: Build Resilience and Balance in Your Therapy Practice

    Jo Permaul on Show #193: Build Resilience and Balance in Your Therapy Practice

    Jo Permaul retrained as a homeopath following a long relationship with the therapy in helping her with allergies and other ailments.

    Initially, Jo worked as a teacher but wanted to use her love for natural and complementary medicine to help others. She has been treating people for seven years and also works as a Holistic Life Coach.

    Following the challenges of moving her practice online due to COVID-19, Jo launched Resilient Therapist where she helps other therapists create a balance between treating patients and managing the business side of their practice, for which she won the Gold Award in The Janey Loves Awards.

    Jo joins me today to share her journey from teaching to Homeopathy and the transferable skills she’s gained to help her launch her new business.

    She shares how her business evolved from treating people to helping other therapists with their businesses and reveals the importance of finding the right balance between helping others in your practice and managing business tasks.

    Jo shares the tools she uses to stay organised and how technology and the pandemic are helping normalise specific therapies.

    She shares what she has noticed with her clients during the lockdown and how she maintains her resilience and wellbeing during these challenging times.

    She also describes how the second lockdown’s seasonal changes are causing different challenges and what she does to stay up-to-date with the latest homeopathic practices.

    “It’s about boundaries; it’s about you as a therapist having good boundaries and knowing what you can and can’t do.” Jo Permaul

    This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    * What inspired Jo to become a homeopath* The teaching skills that were transferable to Jo’s new career* How Jo’s business went from being a therapist to coaching other therapists* What the Resilient Therapist programme is and who it’s for* Why Jo chose “resilient” as a keyword in her business* Learning how to identify your boundaries, and balance helping others and saying no* Learning to connect the process of running a business and providing therapy* What is homeopathy and how it helps people* Holistic Life Coaching, what it is and what it can do* How Jo has handled the transition to online practice* How Jo fits her tasks together daily to make sure everything gets done* The weekly schedule Jo uses to provide a balance between work and family* Tools Jo uses to manage her business * How many creative and healing types can find it challenging to integrate technology into their business* Why outsourcing certain parts of your business will free you to treat more people* What Jo has seen with her clients in regards to challenges and resilience during the pandemic * How seasonal changes are affecting people during the lockdown* How Jo has maintained her resilience and health through the pandemic* What Jo does to keep up-to-date with everything in homeopathic therapy* How walking helps Jo deal with tough days* What living more means to Jo and some of her favourite things to do

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Google Calendar* GetTimely* Calendly* MailerLite* Mailchimp

    Connect with Jo Permaul:

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    Alan Stevens on Show #192 : Recognising Your Own Business Opportunity

    Alan Stevens on Show #192 : Recognising Your Own Business Opportunity

    Alan Stevens is a business coach, remote and virtual speaking specialist, and author, based in East  London.

    He had a long career working in consumer journalism at Which? Online. As Head of Digital Services, he created one of the first ‘social networks’.

    Alan discovered a passion for speaking and has been President of the Global Speakers Federation and the Professional Speaking Association of the UK and Ireland.

    He started the The Media Coach business to help organisations with reputation management and  crisis communications.

    Alan enjoys running, fine wine, and rock music, although not at the same time!

    He has published many books on public speaking, and his latest release, The Exceptional Speaker, co authored with Paul Du Toit, is a revised edition of his 2013 book. 

    Today, Alan shares the journey that took him from a professional career in consumer journalism to  becoming a top speaker and business coach.

    He shares tips on how you can spot opportunities for  starting your own business and how you can maintain motivation throughout your journey.

    He explains  how he found the resilience he needed when starting his business. Alan provides strategies for staying  disciplined and managing your time between work and family commitments.

    He also shares the  technology and tools he uses in his business and why continuous learning is essential in any industry. 

    “You’ve got to have more than passion. You’ve got to have value, and you’ve got to be somebody who will put yourself out there.” Alan Stevens 

    This week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

    * How Alan’s day-to-day work has changed since COVID-19 * Why Alan went from a corporate role at Which? Online to starting his own business * The training and experience that Alan has applied to his crisis communication skills* Top tips for spotting an opportunity to create your own company * How Alan found the resilience to keep going when starting his business * How storytelling can bring people together * What drove Alan to start his own company * How to maintain longevity and avoid boredom when running your own business * A sneak peek into Alan’s work day * How to make sure you get everything done when being self-employed * How Alan created strategies to manage his time and create a balance in his business activities * Managing your home life and work-life to ensure you give enough energy to both * Technology that Alan uses to help him manage daily tasks * How Alan stays fit and healthy * Why you have to keep learning and teach others too* How the coronavirus pandemic is affecting people in coaching and training businesses * Tips for handling tough days * What living more looks like for Alan 

    Resources Mentioned: 

    * National Careers Service Questionnaire * Google Calendar * Todoist * Asana * Masterclass * a href="https://en.wikipedia.

    • 1 hr
    Susan Moore on Show #191 : Running a Successful Remote Business

    Susan Moore on Show #191 : Running a Successful Remote Business

    Susan Moore is the founder of Moore Business, a service offering back-office support to entrepreneurs and non-executive directors.

    As one of the pioneers of remote working, Susan has been offering virtual assistant services for over 14 years and her company won the Outstanding VA of the Year Award in 2008.

    Her highly experienced business support team works from home across the world with clients in various industries taking on tasks to give clients the time they need to do what they do best. 

    In today’s episode, Susan and I discuss running a remote team and the challenges of coordinating remote workers.

    She shares how she started her VA business and how her work has changed over the years. She explains how she helps her clients work effectively and promotes a network of support and connection with her team.

    Susan shares the top apps that help her and her team with remote working and how outsourcing can be a big help for any business owner. She also shares her best timesaving advice for remote workers and how she stays up to date with the latest tools and remote working trends.

    “It’s all about communication: communication with your clients and communication with your team.” Susan Moore

    This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    * What inspired Susan to start a remote business* How she handled the change from working in an office and travelling, to working from home * How Moore Business developed over the years* How Susan works with her clients and how it has evolved over time* Working with a remote team effectively* Managing office time when you have a global team* Top apps for working remotely and managing remote teams* How to keep up to date with the latest tools and trends in remote working* Tips for outsourcing and delegating* Biggest timesavers when working remotely* How to promote a team environment for remote workers* Getting through days when things go wrong* What a day of living more looks like for Susan

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Dropbox* Google Docs* Todoist* Toggl* Slack* Zoom* Linkedin Learning* Canva* Eventbrite* Constant Contact* Mailchimp

    Connect with Susan Moore:

    * Moore Business website* Moore Business on LinkedIn* Moore Business on Twitter* Susan Moore on LinkedIn

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

AndyLopata ,

Free-flowing conversation

I was a guest on Jo’s show and I really enjoyed the experience. Good questions and an open, responsive conversation, which is really important when you listen back.

Honest Bob the Second ,

Jo is a Fab Host

I had the pleasure of being invited on as a guest onto Jo's Podcast, she was a consumate professional and thoroughly engaging host. It was a real pleasure, I've since gone onto listen to a number of episodes and Jo had a really great way of drawing some absolute gold from her guests. Great show!!

Qsx thn ,

Great to listen to and be interviewed for!

I have enjoyed listening to Jo’s podcasts interviewing many fascinating people.
I now feel honoured to also be one of her interviewees - it was a great experience and a fab final product!

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