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The weekly POWER to Live More podcast from Jo Dodds is designed to give you inspiration, ideas, tips, tools and apps to help you to use your POWER (Productivity, Organisation, Wellbeing, Energy and Resilience) to Live More (to do more of the things you want to do).

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The weekly POWER to Live More podcast from Jo Dodds is designed to give you inspiration, ideas, tips, tools and apps to help you to use your POWER (Productivity, Organisation, Wellbeing, Energy and Resilience) to Live More (to do more of the things you want to do).

    Joyce Shulman: Walk Your Way to a Better Life

    Joyce Shulman: Walk Your Way to a Better Life

    Joyce Shulman is an author, TEDx speaker, and consultant.

    A self-confessed idea junkie, Joyce shifted from her legal career to set up Macaroni Kid, a multi-million dollar media company that helped women build businesses by giving them tactical tools and a support network. She is the co-founder and CEO of 99 Walks, a social fitness app and community where she uses her expertise of intentional walking practice for building connections with a mission to get a million people walking their way to happiness.

    Joyce is also the host of The Weekly Walk Podcast where she has meaningful, 30-minute conversations with women on topics ranging from losing weight, getting healthier, and being intentional about taking time for themselves.

    Today, Joyce shares the inspiration behind the 99 Walks app and community and the benefits of adding a regular walking practice into your day.

    She reveals the four different styles of her intentional walking practice and the meaning behind the term ‘intentional walking.’

    Joyce shares the reasons behind her business name, 99 Walks, and how she works with her pack members daily.

    She also shares the tools that help her stay organised and the self-care routines that help her maintain her energy levels for running her business. 

    “An intentional walk is carving out some measure of time, whether it’s 10 minutes, 20 minutes or an hour, to step away from your obligations and responsibilities and just move your body one step at a time.”

    Joyce Shulman

    This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    * What inspired Joyce to start the 99 Walks community

    * The benefits of a regular walking practice

    * The four different styles of Joyce’s intentional walking practice

    * The meaning of intentional walking

    * Why Joyce decided to name the business 99 Walks and how she works with her 99 Walks pack members

    * The tools Joyce uses to stay organised

    * Self-care routines that Joyce uses to stay energised

    * How Joyce maintains her self-development and industry knowledge

    * What Joyce does on days when things wrong

    * The things that Joyce loves to do on days of living more

    Connect with Joyce Shulman:

    * 99 Walks

    * Joyce Shulman’s Website

    * 99 Walks on LinkedIn

    * 99 Walks on Instagram

    * 99 Walks on Facebook

    * Book: Walk Your Way to Better

    * Podcast: The Weekly Walk

    * Joyce Shulman on LinkedIn

    * Joyce Shulman on Instagram

    * a href="https://twitter.

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    Jordan Wavra: How to Pursue a Holistic Life Through Mindfulness

    Jordan Wavra: How to Pursue a Holistic Life Through Mindfulness

    A wife, mum, and adventure-lover, Jordan Wavra is a holistic and mindfulness coach who works with women to help them live healthy and vigorous lives.

    Going through health struggles as a young woman, Jordan decided to pursue a holistic lifestyle – the very thing that ignited her fascination for the mind-body-soul transformation.

    Jordan and her family are currently living in Arizona in a motorhome as they intentionally decided to downgrade and live an adventure-filled life on the road. 

    Jordan joins me today to share how to pursue a holistic lifestyle and the difference between living mindlessly and mindfully.

    She dives into the components that make up nutrition, the surprising causes of what could be making you sick, and what it means to be a holistic health coach.

    Jordan also shares how she takes a minute to reground herself when things don’t work out the way they should and shares what a good day of living more looks like for her and her family. 

    “Mindfulness, in its simplest form, is just being present in the moment and aware of your surroundings.”

    Jordan Wavra 

    This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

    * How Jordan comes to enjoy living in a smaller space. 

    * Her career journey from being a school teacher to a Mindfulness Expert. 

    * The methods she uses to work with her clients despite being on the road. 

    * The turning point that allowed her to grow her fascination for good health, nutrition, and wellbeing. 

    * Why nutrition is more than just about eating healthy. 

    * Why you can’t live to your full health potential, even if you’re the healthiest eater or the fittest gym-goer. 

    * What helps Jordan clear her mind, be present, and focus on the task. 

    * How she manages to be as productive as she can be and get things done despite having both predictable and unpredictable time. 

    * The two biggest things she uses to organise her thoughts outside technology. 

    * How she improves herself and keeps herself up-to-date in her industry. 

    Resources Mentioned: 

    * Zoom 

    * Google Drive 

    * Google Docs 

    * Voxer

    * Passion Planner 

    Connect with Jordan Wavra: 

    * Jordan Wavra Coaching 

    * Jordan Wavra on Instagram 

    * a href="https://www.

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    Deepak Shukla: The Keywords to Success

    Deepak Shukla: The Keywords to Success

    Deepak Shukla describes himself as an “award-winning SEO nerd”, and certainly has the credentials to back it up.

    As the Managing Director of Pearl Lemon Marketing, He uses his broad knowledge and expertise in SEO to give small and growing businesses that much-needed leg up with their digital presence, helping them to outpace their competitors.

    A trained British soldier, marathon runner, musician, and public speaker, he is all about challenging himself to be better — and inspiring others to do the same. 

    Deepak joins me today to discuss how and why he fell in love with SEO, leading him to become a self-made subject matter expert in the field. He shares his unusual approach to management including his stand on meetings and calls.

    He explains the thought process behind the SEO services he offers and how it revolves around the question of how to get someone to trust you enough to send you money.

    He also elaborates on why comfort and mediocrity present a danger to mankind and why he chooses to use his fear of the unknown to keep doing better. 

    “You absolutely have the ability in your life. All you really need to look at is where in your life you’re activating that ability to take massive action.”

    Deepak Shukla 

    This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

    * Deepak’s roles and responsibilities at Pearl Lemon and how he successfully operates via remote working. 

    * Why he loves SEO and why he actually lives up to the “SEO nerd” moniker. 

    * How his journey on the SEO path actually started. 

    * A funny story about how he applied SEO for the first time without realising it was SEO in the first place. 

    * How he balances his activities throughout his day, especially with his level of energy. 

    * His unique policy on emails and meetings. 

    * Why he has never, ever had a meeting with his teammates all together. 

    * The significance of establishing one’s online presence in building credibility. 

    * The importance of answering a single question: “What would it take for someone to trust me enough to just send me money?” 

    * Deepak’s strategies for self-improvement and why he hires coaches. 

    * Why comfort and mediocrity are actually dangerous to people. 

    * Why being reward-driven is a fallacy. 

    * His advice for people who need guidance in doing things the way he does. 

    * How Deepak relies on training and experience to get through rough days. 

    * How excellent time management is part of the secret of “living more.” 

    Resources Mentioned: 

    * Wix 

    * Gumtree 

    * WhatsApp 

    * Jumpcut 

    * Itsycal 

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    Nancy McKay: What to Do When Adversity Rocks Your World

    Nancy McKay: What to Do When Adversity Rocks Your World

    Nancy McKay, the founder of Amazing Outlook Coaching, is a Certified Life Coach who helps women overcome significant life challenges from her home office in Lakewood, Colorado.

    Nancy’s personal experiences of becoming sober and battling ovarian cancer help her support women through issues that have rocked their world.

    She is a certified Wayfinder Life Coach and a Mind-Body-Eating Coach and is working toward becoming an Equus Coach so that she can provide her clients with multiple resources for healing and growth. Nancy also serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

    Nancy joins me today to discuss how coaching can help women who are at a difficult point in their lives and outlines her process as a coach to allow them to transition and heal.

    She shares how important kindness and collaboration are to her. She shares why she recommends women to create a supportive business network and be brave enough to seek help when they face problems.

    She also shares her insights on outsourcing business tasks, her love of horses, and their unique way of helping her learn and develop. 

    “The thoughts that you have drive everything. If you have negative thoughts, it’s going to have a negative impact. If you think positively and collaboratively, then you’ll have a positive experience”

    Nancy McKay

    This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    * How her perspective on life changed when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer

    * Why she decided to make the switch from corporate employee to solopreneur

    * Why she believes it’s critical to seek out networking and mentorship experiences as an entrepreneur

    * How she brings her own challenges into the coaching process and how her approach allows clients to hold space to find answers

    * What sparked her interest in Equus Coaching, and what horses add to the process of learning about yourself

    * How her day looks when she’s working and which apps she loves to keep her mobile yet still available for her clients

    * The importance of outsourcing tasks that don’t bring you joy

    * Recognising the importance of investing in your company even when you’re just starting out. 

    * How she deals with days when it all goes wrong

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Zoom

    * GoToMeeting

    * Acuity Scheduling

    * Smarter Queue

    Connect with Nancy McKay:

    * Website

    * Email

    * a href="https://www.

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    Cathy Brown: Evaluating Your Role

    Cathy Brown: Evaluating Your Role

    Cathy Brown is a dynamic business leader with years of experience in creating an organisational culture focused on people and leadership.

    She is the former Executive Director with the Engage for Success movement and continued to provide companies with strategies to transform cultures, effectively manage change, and engage employees in her most recent role as Operations Director of the Employee Ownership Association.

    Cathy is a passionate advocate for human-centered leadership and is currently enjoying a brief period of rest and relaxation (maybe not quite so brief given our current global challenge!) with her new canine addition, Toby, taking in the fresh air of the Peak District. 

    Cathy joins me again today to discuss her move from Engage for Success to her interim role at The Employee Ownership Organisation and why she is taking time to decide on her next direction.

    She shares her reflections on what she has learned about herself as an employee, why it’s essential to assess what makes you happy, and why chasing a promotion isn’t the right path for everyone.

    Cathy also shares why she decided the time was right to study for a degree in Environmental Studies, her strategies for working productively, and why she feels that permanently working from home isn’t the best option for her.

    “It’s really valuable to challenge ourselves and ask, ‘do I want that’ or ‘am I happy here?’”

    Cathy Brown

    This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    Please note this was recorded well before we knew about the coronavirus pandemic.

    * How she discovered that her niche in organisations

    * Where she enjoys placing herself in an organisation to make a difference

    * Cathy’s take on workplace culture and hierarchy and why things are evolving

    * Her personal strategies for a successful and productive workday

    * Why she enjoys communal co-working spaces (under normal circumstances!)

    * The tools and apps Cathy uses to stay organised

    * The importance of being active in your daily life for physical and mental wellbeing

    * How she embeds habits in her life and her tricks for staying accountable

    * Why Cathy doesn’t take her phone and tablet into the bedroom at night

    * How a night away from home helps her study and what else she does to relax

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Todoist

    * Microsoft Office 365 Suite

    * a rel="noreferrer noopener" aria-label=" (opens in a new tab)" href="https://work.facebook.com/company_creation/invite/?ref=AVubIcznuvL00Yf7iRfXYjBWSic31ci4dpQtlAxMEZoFhLcHltl3EKwMU7Nu1Pt-8F7OiMcJyZVmXb3N7bvVIeikNgv5jyHIdih2udqDrjzoKFL9JglTDch1UDwgCqZ0sEBOjS8LItuQ50KRCwWHL5fDP4CIQO8jlbGb7JyU9FDC55WyEpdfB-ZVrwfzUPABHmO-wJZwI4zAaoQsR0RDP9MeWoprKq8l_OZga3H3_j4tpRKBdOIRr6MTPNWQmuACTmm3fUOloSxIYm9tk3-EUGyBZdhRj2VGlal6mSu_-8ACw_i69wogu_7QIDoEHsFIKSkJudxIUfvsQLxplKRwWVhsyUxkZdwjrkDeHyO8DctrZz7mm0tyjiaT1aeZxwE03e1IeedUaxuNv...

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    Jolyn Armstrong: Overcoming the Pain of Trauma

    Jolyn Armstrong: Overcoming the Pain of Trauma

    Jolyn Armstrong is the Founder of the FOTA Project and Grapevine Mindware. Working as a home-based business owner for many years, Jolyn found her world turned upside down in an instant when her son was arrested.

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

AndyLopata ,

Free-flowing conversation

I was a guest on Jo’s show and I really enjoyed the experience. Good questions and an open, responsive conversation, which is really important when you listen back.

Robin Waite, Fearless Business ,

Jo is a Fab Host

I had the pleasure of being invited on as a guest onto Jo's Podcast, she was a consumate professional and thoroughly engaging host. It was a real pleasure, I've since gone onto listen to a number of episodes and Jo had a really great way of drawing some absolute gold from her guests. Great show!!

Qsx thn ,

Great to listen to and be interviewed for!

I have enjoyed listening to Jo’s podcasts interviewing many fascinating people.
I now feel honoured to also be one of her interviewees - it was a great experience and a fab final product!

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