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The weekly POWER to Live More podcast from Jo Dodds is designed to give you inspiration, ideas, tips, tools and apps to help you to use your POWER (Productivity, Organisation, Wellbeing, Energy and Resilience) to Live More (to do more of the things you want to do).

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The weekly POWER to Live More podcast from Jo Dodds is designed to give you inspiration, ideas, tips, tools and apps to help you to use your POWER (Productivity, Organisation, Wellbeing, Energy and Resilience) to Live More (to do more of the things you want to do).

    Gail Morgan: Image and Personal Branding

    Gail Morgan: Image and Personal Branding

    Gail Morgan has been privileged to work in the image industry for the last 25 years. She collaborated with John Lewis in establishing their fashion advisory service 15 years ago.

    She now helps professionals boost their confidence and increase their visibility through the clothes they wear and trains people to become image consultants, personal stylists, and personal shoppers through her Study In Style Training Programme.

    Gail joins me today to share the tools that help her organise and manage her tasks. She also shares the things she avoids to take care of the image and impression others may have of her and her vision of a perfect day where she has made a difference in other people’s lives.

    “All of it is about the simplicity and making it easy for people to find their own personal brand that’s going to help them succeed.” – Gail Morgan

    This Week, Gail Morgan, on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

    * Knowing the best time when you’re focused to accomplish essential things

    * Managing office responsibilities while traveling

    * Intentionally ignoring distractions

    * How to choose your wardrobe for travel

    * Self-care through exercise, a wheat-free diet, and disconnecting at night

    * Other things that contribute to your personal brand

    * Engaging in physical activities when things don’t go as they should

    How to Improve Yourself and Your Image:

    * Learn from the new things and the people you encounter online and offline.

    * Find that nugget of information, no matter how little it is, and be open to try it.

    * If that new learning makes any difference, incorporate it and build as a habit.

    * Remember that what works for others may not work for you.

    * Do not be afraid to try again.

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Dropbox

    * Hootsuite

    * Google Calendar

    * Telephone answering service

    * Whiteboard

    * Spreadsheet

    * Unroll.me

    * Will It Make The Boat Go Faster? Book by Ben Hunt-Davis and Harriet Beveridge

    * Grow Your Service Firm Book by Robert Craven

    * Essentialism Book by Greg McKeown

    * The Slight Edge Book by Jeff Olson

    Connect with Gail Morgan:

    * Gail Morgan Style Website

    * Study In Style Training

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    Emma Spence: Exploring New Opportunities

    Emma Spence: Exploring New Opportunities

    Emma Spence and her husband John set up their African Safari business from the UK in the late 1990s.

    Then in 2009, they moved their family to the US to set up an arm of their adventure travel company focused on the American market. Emma’s role in the people development side of the company led to becoming part of the Global Learning and Development team after their US business was acquired by the Scott Dunn luxury travel brand.

    Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Emma’s role at Scott Dunn, unfortunately, became redundant, but she is currently enjoying the training to become a certified CTI Co-Active Coach, exploring her passion for coaching and development and pondering her next steps.

    Emma joins me today to dive into why she is seeking new opportunities professionally and how her extensive experience in people development led her to embrace the chance to create meaningful impact as a coach.

    She shares her methods for maintaining productivity and staying on track with daily and weekly tasks and outlines why she prefers audio to reading when updating her professional knowledge and skills.

    Emma also discusses the importance of flexibility and resilience in the face of unexpected challenges and shares her methods of keeping mentally and physically fit to make key decisions about where her next steps will take her. 

    “The best thing you can do sometimes is rest your brain, and let it all settle before you pursue new opportunities.” Emma Spence

    This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    * Emma’s role in the finance and development side of the family travel business* Why she and her husband decided to expand into the US* How they separate out their professional and personal life* The three phases of their business development as a couple* Emma’s transition into coaching and how she is developing her skills* Why she is taking plenty of time to consider her next move* How Emma identified her niche as a coach* Why Emma loves lists and the problems she has with her email inbox* What she does to carve out time for herself in a busy world* How Emma deals with days when everything goes wrong* What Emma’s perfect day looks like and why it sometimes surprises her American friends

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Scott Dunn* Episode 150: Evaluating Your Role with Cathy Brown* Excel* Episode 170: Moving from Fear and Uncertainty to New Ideas and Creativity with Penny Pullan* Miracle Morning* Todoist* Outlook* Smartsheets* Airtable* Walking the Dog podcast* Saturday Live podcast* Fo...

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    Christian De La Huerta: Expressing Your Unique Human Potential

    Christian De La Huerta: Expressing Your Unique Human Potential

    Christian De La Huerta is an award-winning author and respected leader and teacher in the breathwork, self-development, and personal transformation field. He has conducted inspiring retreats across the world using psycho-spiritual teachings for life-changing and lasting effects.

    His latest book, Awakening the Soul of Power, has helped many people – including multiple Grammy award-winner Gloria Estefan, who describes it as a “balm for the soul of anyone searching for the truth and answers to life’s difficult questions.”

    In today’s episode, Christian shares his journey into coaching and how his early life experiences have fostered his sense of empathy.

    He reveals why it’s crucial to identify your purpose and what gives meaning to your life and highlights questions you should ask yourself to help you identify your true purpose.

    He shares why expressing your unique potential is a path to a fulfilled and happy life and what meaning and purpose mean to him.

    Christian also shares how his latest book will help you own your power, how to identify the steps to regain it, and shares a few simple practices you can use to help you deal with challenging days.

    “What matters is that we give it our best, that we give expression to our own unique brand of personal excellence because that’s where our fulfillment is.”Christian De La Huerta

    This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    * Christian’s journey into transformation coaching* How today’s dramatic changes are affecting the way the younger generation thinks* How Christian’s early experiences help him to empathise with others * Why it’s so important to identify your purpose in life* What purpose and applying meaning to your life means to Christian* How giving expression to your unique human potential promotes happiness and fulfillment* Questions to ask yourself when trying to identify your purpose* Christian’s latest book about owning personal power* Simple practices you can do to regain your power* Why Christian is grateful for the way the pandemic changed the way he works with clients* How Christian stays up-to-date from a mindful conscious perspective* Helpful practices for dealing with tough days 

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Book: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl* Zoom* Keap* Asana

    Connect with Christian De La Huerta:

    * Soulful Power* Soulful Power on Facebook* Book: Awakening the Soul of Power* Facebook Group: Unleash Your Inner Hero* Christian De La Huerta on LinkedIn* Christian De La Huerta on Instagram* a href="https://m.facebook.

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    Dave Ruel: Done By Noon: Optimising Your Business for a Better Life

    Dave Ruel: Done By Noon: Optimising Your Business for a Better Life

    Dave Ruel is a serial entrepreneur, the author of Done by Noon, and a motivational speaker who focuses on helping entrepreneurs prioritise and optimise their time to achieve a more harmonious work-life balance.

    He was a competitive bodybuilder for years before being introduced to the world of online business and marketing. In 2009 he began his first online business marrying his love of fitness with his interest in outreach and marketing.

    Over the years, he founded and grew several multi-million dollar companies. His work in the online business world allowed him to see just how overworked and unbalanced the average entrepreneur was and inspired him to start his company, Effic. Effic strives to offer an alternative to the overworked and overwhelmed entrepreneur by teaching optimisation and process strategies for a more harmonious life.

    On today’s show, Dave and I discuss how he got started as an entrepreneur and how his passion for fitness inspired his transition into business.

    Dave offers insight into avoiding the “overworked entrepreneur” trope and how to have a successful business and a satisfying personal life. He breaks down the process for organising and prioritising your time, and he describes the actions he takes each day to ensure his personal and professional lives stay balanced.

    We also discuss the three types of freedoms every entrepreneur strives for and how optimising your processes can give you the POWER to live more.

    “It’s how well you can integrate your business with your life, or your life with your business, that you find real fulfillment as an entrepreneur.” Dave Ruel

    This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

    * How Dave taught himself to be an entrepreneur* The structure and tools that entrepreneurs need to be successful* Why doing more is often less effective* The three freedoms that all entrepreneurs strive for* Why you should organise your time based on your life and how you want to live* How optimising your processes can be the key to work-life harmony* Why self-awareness is so important for productivity and planning your work* The four types of entrepreneurial tasks and how to prioritise them* How Dave practises self-care for his mind and body

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Book: First Things First by Stephen Covey* Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey* Twist* ClickUp

    Connect with Dave Ruel:

    * Get your free book* Dave Ruel Website* Effic Website* The Effic Planner* Podcast: Done By Noon* Book: Done By Noon by Dave Ruel* Effic on Facebook* Dave Ruel on LinkedIn* a href="http...

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    Stacy Brookman: Discovering Real Life Resilience Through Storytelling

    Stacy Brookman: Discovering Real Life Resilience Through Storytelling

    Everyone has a story to tell. When and how you tell your story determines whether you live your life thriving or barely surviving.

    Living with her sociopath ex-husband for years, Stacy Brookman knows how it is to be in an abusive relationship and how to get back on her feet following the emotional devastation.

    This experience, and learning how to overcome the emotional aftermath, inspired her to help others discover the power of healing themselves through telling their life story. She is a Resilience and Life Storytelling expert and the host of Real Life Resilience Podcast. Her mission is to help people, especially women, heal emotional trauma by writing their tough life stories.

    Stacy joins me today to share how to pursue real life resilience through telling the story of your life as well as the benefits of writing about your life experiences. She discusses how the brain functions when you write about your life, especially the tough times you’ve been through, and how she discovered that writing is beneficial in healing. She also shares the different writing strategies you can use to help you become healthier as well as the steps she takes to get things done so she has the power to live more each day.

    “Writing is a journey of self-discovery.” – Stacy Brookman”

    This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

    * What she does as a resilience and life storytelling expert

    * The condition of your brain if you are in or have just come out of a traumatic experience

    * What the Two-Minute Miracle is

    * Why she chose to do what she does

    * The online summit she is facilitating

    * Why she asks people to make lists of milestones, conflicts, and desires in their lives

    * How she discovered what her life theme was

    * The word that comes up a lot when she teaches people how to write

    * What her daily structure looks like

    * How to paint a picture of your life

    * Why you are encouraged to publish your writing

    * What a creative nonfiction is

    * What Morning Pages are and why she encourages people to write them

    * How to do free writing

    * The significance of having a thinking partner

    * How she takes care of herself

    * Why she deliberately blocks out time when planning her schedule

    * Why you need to forgive yourself when things don’t go as they should

    * Why spending time with family is her picture of a day when she gets to live more

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Air Table

    * Virtual Assistant

    * Calendly

    * Fiverr

    * 30-Day Push by Chalene Johnson

    * Process Street

    * Thomas Delauer

    * Sara Solomon

    Connect with Stacy Brookman:

    * Stacy Brookman Website

    * Real Life Resilience Podcast

    * Stacy Brookman on Twitter

    * Stacy Brookman on Pinterest

    * Stacy Brookman on Instagram

    * a href="https://www.facebook.

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    Angela Durrant: Less Is More

    Angela Durrant: Less Is More

    Angela Durrant is a vocal and performance coach and the founder of Making Singing Easy.

    She is an author and a mentor who works with clients in-person and online and is currently working on singing and speaking retreats while making time to pause and appreciate life in the moment.

    Angela joins me today to share how she realised that the smallest things are the ones that make the most significant impact on her personal and professional life. She explains how the trials they experienced as a family changed the way she looks at success, business, and self-care. She also shares why you should invest in others and yourself as well as the factors that contribute to the biggest breakthroughs.

     “When you’ve got a desire and a love for something – it doesn’t really die down.” – Angela Durrant

    This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

    * The turning point that made her focus on music

    * The parallels between music and life

    * The journey that led her to prioritise her family first

    * Present-focused versus “Future mode”

    * How she found a way to tick things off her list

    * The difference between a task and a project

    * When is the right time to hire a virtual assistant

    * Why she invested in her own learning, training, and development even from the beginning

    * How her perspective on self-care changed from self-indulgent to a necessity

    * How the phrase: “There’s something I’m not seeing here” helps her change the way she evaluates her circumstances

    Resources Mentioned:

    * Today List

    * Paper List

    * Online List

    * Journalling

    * iPhone

    * Notes App

    * Asana

    * Gmail

    * Google Drive

    * Dropbox

    * Teachable

    * Get Things Done Book by David Allen

    * A Little Peace of Mind Podcast by Nicola Bird

    * Michael Neill Books

    * Space Within Book by Michael Neill

    * The Inside Out Revolution Book by Michael Neill

    * Creating the Impossible Book by Michael Neill

    * Virtual Assistant

    * Group buddies

    Connect with Angela Durrant:

    * Angela Durrant Website

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

AndyLopata ,

Free-flowing conversation

I was a guest on Jo’s show and I really enjoyed the experience. Good questions and an open, responsive conversation, which is really important when you listen back.

Robin Waite, Fearless Business ,

Jo is a Fab Host

I had the pleasure of being invited on as a guest onto Jo's Podcast, she was a consumate professional and thoroughly engaging host. It was a real pleasure, I've since gone onto listen to a number of episodes and Jo had a really great way of drawing some absolute gold from her guests. Great show!!

Qsx thn ,

Great to listen to and be interviewed for!

I have enjoyed listening to Jo’s podcasts interviewing many fascinating people.
I now feel honoured to also be one of her interviewees - it was a great experience and a fab final product!

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