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The team at Tabletop Gaming chat about board games, card games, miniatures, wargames, RPGs and more! For more from Tabletop Gaming, visit tabletopgaming.co.uk.

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The team at Tabletop Gaming chat about board games, card games, miniatures, wargames, RPGs and more! For more from Tabletop Gaming, visit tabletopgaming.co.uk.

    S2E42: Chaosium at Dragonmeet with Mike Mason and Lynne Hardy

    S2E42: Chaosium at Dragonmeet with Mike Mason and Lynne Hardy

    We caught up with Chaosium’s Mike Mason and Lynne Hardy to have a double-dip on Rivers of London RPG, Call of Cthulhu and tease a couple of new book coming from the publisher of Lovecraftian horror.

    First: Mike Mason tells us about a new six part ‘College of Cthulhu’ campaign that sees investigators start as “spotty college kids” and over the the course of the proceeding years of horror, become grizzled investigators in the local area.

    Next: Lynne Hardy talks Regency Cthulhu, briefly, and discusses some of the Sharpe-led inspiration for the new book.

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    Leave a review – this time with your favourite ancient abomination from the Mythos.

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    S2E41: Dragonmeet

    S2E41: Dragonmeet

    We spent the day wandering a busy but safe Dragonmeet chatting. The show is still on today (Sunday 5th) – so head over to Novotel Hammersmith if you're on the hunt for your next gaming fix. Apologies for some of the rough and ready editing here, or: enjoy the ambience!
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    S2E40: Alone Against The Tide

    S2E40: Alone Against The Tide

    Call of Cthulhu is 40 years old – and to celebrate we’ve put together a low-budget low-talent actual play of the solo adventure Alone Against The Tides. We’ve used some ambient noises from ZapSplat to flesh it out, and, to give it that special something, recorded it very tired with a bit of a cold.
    We’ll be at Dragonmeet on the 4th December – come say hi. If there’s something you think we should definitely check out, then leave us a review telling us exactly what that is.
    NOTE: I say that an extreme success is a quarter of the skill value, when in fact, it is a fifth. Sorry!

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    S2E39: Down in Yongardy with Chris Bissette

    S2E39: Down in Yongardy with Chris Bissette

    We sit down with Chris Bissette to talk about his new Fighting Fantasy style adventure book for Troika, Down in Yongardy. We discuss his motivations for creating the game, and a little bit about the setting and The Law.
    We give Troika a light roasting as well as explore its potential and why it has such a large following.
    Plus, we talk about Chris’ Random Adventure Jam, using Twine to create interactive fiction, and the Rainy Day Games feature in the magazine, which he contributes to.

    (I thought this wend up on Thursday last week actually, no idea which gremlins got involved to eat the file!)

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    S2E38: Thousand Year Old Vampire with Ben Maddox

    S2E38: Thousand Year Old Vampire with Ben Maddox

    We chat to Ben Maddox of Five Games For Doomsday about his recent foray into the solo indie RPG Thousand Year Old Vampire. Ben has been recording an actual play podcast of the game with dramatic readings and a touch of audio theatre. We discuss the game and it's usefulness to writing, Ben's experiences of the game, and untangle the idea of 'progress' in a journaling game.
    FG4D Website: https://fivegamesfordoomsday.com/ 

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    S2E37: Vaesen: Mythic Britain, Catan 3D and Necromolds

    S2E37: Vaesen: Mythic Britain, Catan 3D and Necromolds

    Welcome to issue 60, which will be landing in your local shops or on your doormat on the 22nd of October, just in time for Halloween.

    We’re celebrating this spooky time of year with an exclusive scenario for Vaesen: Mythic Britain. Over 14 pages in the magazine we offer up a full, unreleased scenario for you to get started dealing with the folklore of Britain. 

    Chris and Charlie chat about the scenario, and the opportunities that this kind of roleplaying brings. They also discuss Call of Cthulhu and the excellent Scritch Scratch scenario, just released in paperback form.

    Next we move on to the world of Necromolds. It’s about smashing play-dough monsters, and it’s exactly as fun as it sounds. Officially Charlie’s favourite wargame ever.

    Beyond the  battlefields strewn with play-dough corpses is the bountiful world of Catan 3D Edition. It’s 300 quid, and was Charlie’s first Catan experience. Is it worth it? We discuss.

    We take a detour through the roll-and-move mechanic of  7 Moons before coming to our final stop: Pokemon, which one is the most delicious? Charlie has begun a journey to find out which, via the medium of Pokemon trading cards.

    And finally, we waffle on about what we’d like for Christmas. 

    Your challenge for this podcast is:

    Write us a review that contains a D6 table for things you might find in abandoned pokeballs discovered in your uncle’s attic. 

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5 Ratings

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Nice one Jonny, a relaxed and informative listen!

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