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Discover the people and the places that make Antigua and Barbuda the most unique and interesting destination in the Caribbean. And why the beach really is just the beginning.

The Beach Is Just The Beginning Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

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Discover the people and the places that make Antigua and Barbuda the most unique and interesting destination in the Caribbean. And why the beach really is just the beginning.

    Island Sports

    Island Sports

    Welcome to Island Sports our episode about the sports you can play and watch on the Caribbean paradise of Antigua and Barbuda.

    When you think of sport on Antigua and Barbuda, chances are you think of cricket and sailing. That’s no surprise. The islands have always punched above their weight in those disciplines. Sailing Week is immense. And don’t get us started about the cricketing Knights.

    That’s why we’ve already done a dedicated episode to each about cricket and sailing. Make sure you check them out.

    In this episode, however, we want to throw the spotlight one some of the islands’ lesser-known sports.  Some of the islands’ OTHER sporting legends. And some of the sports YOU can play when you visit Antigua and Barbuda.

    Like golf, for example. Sir Richie Richardson, one of the above-mentioned cricketing knights, is also a very keen golfer and in this episode he reveals his favourite courses on the islands.

    Renee Edwards-Ambrose gives us the lowdown on the very unexpected sport of drag racing on Antigua and how it’s the girls leading the way.

    Trevor ‘Simple’ Simon explains the joys of Warri, a unique board game, played throughout the Africa diaspora and one that he is the world master of.

    Romeo DeSouza, horse owner and member of the Barbuda Turf Club, talks about horse racing on the island and the best time to catch the horses working out in the clear blue waters of Codrington Lagoon.

    And we chat with Kevina Francis from the incredible Team Antigua Island Girls, the first All Women All Antiguan team to row the Atlantic.

    So stay tuned. It’s a winning episode.


    The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website: visitantiguabarbuda.com.

    Learn more about Peter at his personal website: petermoore.net.

    Book a round of golf at the Cedar Valley Gold Club. Who knows? You may run into Sir Richie and/or Sir Viv.

    Drop by Renee Edwards-Ambrose’s Facebook page for all the latest on drag racing on the island and her ‘Back to Basics’ workshops.

    You’ll find everything you want to know about Warri master Trevor ‘Simple’ Simon and what he has achieved here.

    Check out the Barbuda Turf Club on Facebook for all the latest on upcoming races and events.

    And follow the exploits of the amazing Team Antigua Island Girls on their official website.

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    Wadadli Drinks

    Wadadli Drinks

    Welcome to Wadadli drinks, our episode about quenching your thirst on the Caribbean paradise of Antigua and Barbuda.

    In this part of the world thoughts naturally turn to rum and locals will tell you that that the rum on Antigua and Barbuda is the best in the Caribbean.

    Calbert Francis from Antigua Distillery tells us what makes Antigua’s rum so unique and reveals where and how to drink it like the locals do.

    Andrew Joseph from the legendary OJ’s Beach Bar & Grill on Crabbe Hill Beach explains why their rum punch is so good.

    Jackson Telemacque, from Sheer Rocks details the years of planning and experimenting that go into each of their cocktails – easily the most instagrammable on the island.

    David Murphy from Antilles Stillhouse tells us about the rise of the Botanicals and how he’s putting a particularly Antiguan spin on gin down near Falmouth Harbour.

    Rory Gonsalves explains how he is doing the same with craft beer, just around the corner at the 2Six8 Brewery.

    Of course, quenching your thirst is not just about alcohol on Antigua and Barbuda. Stephanie Winters from Wadadlivity reveals how to enjoy the most delicious and revitalising juices on the island.

    And Carla Gonsalves Barreiro from Paddling Duck Teas explains why one of her organic teas, blended using island herbs, following her grandmother’s secret family recipe, is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day of the island.

    So sit back, raise your glass and get ready to quench your thirst the Wadadli way!

    The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website: visitantiguabarbuda.com.
    Learn more about Peter at his personal website: petermoore.net.
    Find out more about the rums made by Antigua Distillery.
    Book your table at OJ’s Beach Bar & Grill. 
    Check out the incredible cocktails at Sheer Rocks.
    Discover the wonderful world of botanicals at Antilles Stillhouse.
    Sample the fabulous craft beers at the 2Six8 Brewery.
    Revitalise your taste buds at Wadadlivity.
    Relax with a healing brew from Paddling Duck Teas.
    Order yourself some of Miss Ellie’s delicious rum creams.

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    Active Antigua & Barbuda

    Active Antigua & Barbuda

    Get active in Antigua and Barbuda! From kitesurfing and E-biking to snorkelling and kayaking, the islands are teeming with activities that aren't only  fun and exhilarating, but show you another side of island life as well.

    For a gentle introduction to the island’s more active side, Kander Lewis from South Coast Horizons recommends joining them on a kayak tour through the serene mangrove swamps near Cades Bay. And combining it with snorkelling trip on Cades Reef, one of the best underwater experiences in the Caribbean.

    While we’re out on the water, we’ll pop into Stingray City and chat to Justin Moody-Stuart. He reveals why swimming with rays here is a real ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience. And why dropping in on Laviscount Island to see the giant tortoises is pretty cool too.

    Robert Hall from the Antigua Barbuda Sport Fishing Club tells us why the islands offer some of the best game fishing  in the world and where you can land yourself a big one.

    In recent years, Antigua and Barbuda have emerged as one of the best hiking destinations in the Caribbean. Shawn Maile from Trek Tours tells us about  the different trails you can follow and what you can expect to see.

    E-biking has become increasingly popular in Antigua too. Rudolph Zacariah from BestoEPV explains why their tours are such a great way of exploring and experiencing the island. And I chat with their guide KJ, moments after I finish one of their tours. I think you’ll be able to tell, I’m pretty pumped.

    Ready to ramp things up? Amie from Salty Dogs Adventures reveals that the roller coaster thrills of driving a 4WD buggy through some of the most remote and rugged corners of Antigua is also a pretty good introduction to life on the island as well.

    And Jake Kelsick from Kelsick Kiteboarding reveals why the north side of Antigua is the best place to learn kitesurfing in the world. And why it’s a pretty good place to go wakeboarding as well. 
    But first, we start with the most popular activity on Antigua and Barbuda, Ziplining across the lush forests of Fig Tree Drive with Antigua Rainforest Zipline Tours. It’s Antigua’s number one activity on Trip Advisor and I chat with Nancy Hadeed to find out why.
    I must warn you though, there is screaming. Mostly in delight. But not always.


    The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website: visitantiguabarbuda.com.

    Learn more about Peter at his personal website: petermoore.net.

    Book your ziplining adventure at Antigua Rainforest Zipline Tours.

    More about the kayaking and snorkelling tours offered by South Coast Horizons.

    Swim with stingrays at Stingray City.

    All you need to know about hiking with Trek Tours.

    Reserve your e-bike adventure with BestoEPV.

    Get muddy with Salty Dogs Adventures.

    Learn to kitesurf with Kelsick Kiteboarding.

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    Hear that sound? Hear that beat? That’s the sound of a whole nation getting ready to party. 
    It's the Caribbean’s greatest summer festival – Antigua Carnival.  And  you’re invited to join the celebration.

    After being put on hold for two years because of COVID, Antigua’s annual spectacle of music, dance and glittering costumes is back.

    The Minister for Creative Industries and Innovation, Michael Brown, gives us the inside scoop on what’s planned and why this year it’s all about the pan.

    Local journalist Petra Williams joins us to trace Carnival’s roots and let’s slip that this year’s party has already begun.

    DJ Elementz gives us the lowdown on what makes a killer Carnival set.

    Designer Chandy Lewis reveals what makes the perfect carnival costume.

    Spoken Word artist and storyteller, Baden Prince, performs his fantastic piece about the true meaning of carnival.

    Captain Lenroy Browne from the Insane Carnival Mas Troupe explains what it’s like to actually take part in Carnival and how you can join in.

    Menace XL brings good time soca vibes – as well as a host of killer tunes for us to feature in the episode.

    And Carnival legend Jagger Martin explains why Calypso is still the beating heart of Carnival.

    Dust off your feathers and sequins. Carnival is back!


    The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website: visitantiguabarbuda.com.

    Learn more about Peter at his personal website: petermoore.net.

    Plan your celebrations with the official Antigua Carnival Facebook page.

    For unique insights on Carnival and all aspects of Antiguan and Barbudan culture, drop by Petra Williams’ website, The Spectator.

    Listen to DJ Elementz’s latest mixes on his Soundcloud page or follow him on Instagram.

    Check out Chandy Lewis’s latest stunning creations on Instagram.

    Find out more about poet and storyteller, Baden Prince, on his Facebook page.

    Find out how you can join the Insane Carnival Mas Troupe and take part in the Antigua Carnival.

    Dance along to Menace XL’s hi-energy soca tunes on Spotify and follow him on Instagram.

    And follow Calypso legend, Jagger Martin on Facebook.

    Listen to the songs featured:

    Stressless - Claudette Peters
    Time Ah We Life - Tian Winter
    Fete - Menace XL

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    Love & Wanderlust

    Love & Wanderlust

    With their beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and gorgeous resorts, there’s no denying that the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda are the perfect destination for couples looking for adventure and romance.

    Love is in the air pretty much 365 days a year. 

    And there are countless opportunities for couples to celebrate and strengthen their love.

    Maybe that’s why Antigua and Barbuda is fast becoming the Caribbean’s premier wedding destination.
    Wedding Officiant, Carol-Ann Skepple, reveals just how easy it is to get married as well as some of the more spectacular celebrations she’s officiated at.
    Mandie Braithwaite, the Wedding Manager at Blue Waters Resort and Spa, explains how she helps couples organise their big day and tells me about wedding that changed her life.
    Melinda Fletcher from Dana Enterprises: Life Love Memories, shares her idea of the perfect romantic day in Antigua and Barbuda and how she can help you achieve it.
    Antigua’s most exciting wedding dress designer, Kareem Jerome Simon, explains why his stunning gowns are perfect for any Antiguan island wedding.
    And we hear from Emily Olsen, who got married in Antigua last December, for a bride’s perspective of what it’s like to get hitched in paradise and tips on how to make things go as smoothly as possible.
    Bur first, we hear from Shermain Jeremy, the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority’s very own Romance expert.
    June is the islands’ official month of Love and Wanderlust, and Shermain tells us about all the activities designed to make a visit this month extra special for those in love. 
    Including a special Love Lane at the airport to whisk couples through immigration and into each others’ arms as quickly as possible.
    Yep, cupid is working extra hard in Antigua and Barbuda this June.

    The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website: visitantiguabarbuda.com.

    Learn more about Peter at his personal website: petermoore.net.
    Find out more about Love & Wanderlust in Antigua and Barbuda, including the brilliant Love Lane.
    You can contact wedding officiant, Carol-Ann Skepple through her Facebook page. 
    Check out the wedding packages offered by Mandie Braithwaite at Blue Waters Resort and Spa.
    Discover the incredibly romantic events Melinda Fletcher from Life Love Memories can organise for you.
    And finally, drool over Kareem’s incredible wedding gowns at J Simone Bridal and Couture’s Instagram.

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    Wadadli Eats

    Wadadli Eats

    Welcome to Wadadli Eats, our episode about the amazing food you can try when you visit Antigua and Barbuda.

    They say food is the way to a person’s heart. But it’s also the fastest and best way to experience a local culture. Especially when that food is as fresh and tasty as Antigua and Barbuda’s delicious cuisine.
    The food of Antigua and Barbuda is innovative too.  Local chef, musician and artist, Nkoye Zifah tells us  how he mixes traditional Antiguan ingredients, molecular cooking and the visual arts to create truly unique dishes.
    Bert Kirshner at Papa Zouk explains why a hearty red snapper is still the king of local Antiguan cuisine.
    Nicole Arthurton Dennis from Nicole's Table talks us through Antigua and Barbuda’s national dish and how you can make it at home.
    Marco Festini explains how he is bringing Michelin-star standards to the all-inclusive menu at the Hammock Cove Resort.
    Alex Grimly from Sheer Rocks reveals how Antigua’s natural beauty elevates the dishes served at his spectacular cliff top restaurant and bar.
    Elaine, a roadside pineapple seller, tells us what makes the Antiguan Black the best pineapple in the world.
    And Deverel Forde explains why no meal in Antigua and Barbuda is complete without a dash of the local hot pepper sauce.
    But we start with Tiffany Azille from  Eat 'n Lime tours. She’s taking us on a magical foodie tour of the capital, St John’s.
    I hope you’ve brought your appetite!
    The official Antigua and Barbuda tourism authority website: visitantiguabarbuda.com.

    Learn more about Peter at his personal website: petermoore.net.
    Book your foodie tour with Tiffany Azille at Eat ‘n Lime Tours.
    Discover more about Nkoye Zifah’s private chef service, Kitchen Island Cuisine, and his extraordinary music.
    Book a table at Papa Zouk.
    Learn how to cook Antiguan cuisine at Nicole’s Table.
    Everything you need to know about Marco Festini and the Lighthouse restaurant at the Hammock Cove Resort.
    Book your nook at Sheer Rocks.
    Order your Fordu pepper sauce directly from Deverel Forde at deverell.forde@gmail.com.

    • 1 hr 11 min

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