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A podcast about connection, hosted by Sally Biddall. Sally is the director and founder of Dandelion Social, a social media agency. Find out more at www.dandelion.social

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A podcast about connection, hosted by Sally Biddall. Sally is the director and founder of Dandelion Social, a social media agency. Find out more at www.dandelion.social

    Sobriety and Connection with Mikaela Ebbesson from Recovery with Me

    Sobriety and Connection with Mikaela Ebbesson from Recovery with Me

    Okay, here we go. This is the final episode of Season 1!

    And it covers a subject very close to my heart. Sobriety.

    Having got 2 + years of sobriety under my belt, I've wanted to talk about this for some time. And what better person to speak to that one of the first sober people I met on my recovery journey!

    Mikaela is a recovery coach and also runs Recovery with Me, which is an amazing youtube channel and can be found on all the socials too (tagged below). Mikaela aims to help normalise and promote a positive alcohol-free lifestyle and to make it more accessible by sharing my own thoughts and experiences

    We talk about:
    - Mikaela's sobriety journey

    - What life was like before sobriety and how it's changed

    - Addictions are usually but a symptom of a deeper issue. We discuss if this is true.

    - What challenges Mikaela faced through sobriety

    - Whether  she feels more or less connected to her authentic self now

    - Is connection the opposite of addiction? (Big shout-out to The Recovery Elevator here!)

    - What positive things Mikaela noticed since getting sober

    Please do check out Mikaela here:

    Youtube: @recoverywithme
    Instagram: @recoverywth.me

    And that's a wrap, folks! I'm now taking a break from recording this podcast as I have a good think about what direction I want the next season to go in. If you've enjoyed this episode or any others, please do subscribe and leave a 5 star rating - it makes me feel less like I'm shouting into a void.

    Thanks so much for your support and for sticking with this podcast newbie for 12 episodes!

    If you have any thoughts or feedback on the podcast or have a story you'd like to tell, get in touch at sally@dandelion.social


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    Connecting with Your Soul with Camile Minerbo

    Connecting with Your Soul with Camile Minerbo

    In the penultimate episode of Season 1, we speak to the incredible Camile Minerbo about soul connection.
    Cami is the host and creator of The Blossom Experiment, a podcast that discusses authenticity, intuition, and intuitive living. Her purpose is to help others flow inwards so they can trust their inner guidance and create a life that feels fulfilling to the soul. 
    Cami is also a member of the Dandelion Social team! We met when Dandelion Social formed into a social media agency as she was the first freelancer that I took on. In an amazing turn of events, we actually became really great friends straight away.
    This episode is all about connecting with your soul and your authentic soul journey. And Cami is the perfect person to speak with about this - not just because of her career and expertise, but also from her lived experience as you’ll hear in this chat.
    We talk about:
    Whether we’re more or less connected now as a societyHow she experiences connecting with othersWhat connecting with your soul meansHow you know if you’re aligned with your soul’s purposeManifestationMore about her podcast The Blossom ExperimentHow we can feel more connected with our soulCheck out The Blossom Experiment on Instagram: @theblossomexperiment

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    Eating Disorders & Connecting with Your Body with Diana Bermudez

    Eating Disorders & Connecting with Your Body with Diana Bermudez

    In this episode, we're speaking to actress Diana Bermudez about body image and eating disorders.

    Around 1.25 million people in the UK suffer with an eating disorder; it's not an issue that seems to be going anywhere.

    This is obviously a very sensitive subject matter, and not one Diana or I took lightly as both of us are eating disorder survivors.

    Here, we discuss what it's like to suffer with an eating disorder and how to re-connect with your body after. For Diana, she has the added pressure of working as an actress in an industry where looks are everything. Her most recent appearance was as the spectacular Yatzil in the Marvel series 'Moonlight'.

    Diana is Colombian, and we delve into how body shape (specifically for women) is a prominent factor in self worth in Colombian and Latino culture. 

    This is the first time Diana has spoken about her body image and eating disorder experience, so I'm truly honoured to have been able to facilitate it.

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    Dating and Finding a Romantic Connection

    Dating and Finding a Romantic Connection

    Let's talk dating!

    In this episode of The Dandelion Podcast, we speak to Helena Rosam about dating, dating apps and finding a romantic connection.

    You may recognise Helena from our previous Housemates episode! Thanks so much to Helena for coming back on and being a fantastic guest once more!

    As dating app veterans (Sally even found her boyfriend on Hinge) and Helena being a single gal, we have plenty of dating app stories to tell. 

    We cover:

    Whether dating apps are helping or hindering us finding a partner

    How to know if you’ve found a good connection when dating.

    What are the red and green flags on dating apps and on dates

    Our funniest/ worst dating stories

    What makes a good date

    And advice for single gals struggling to find a real connection.

    This one was recorded in Podcast Room

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    Friendship, The News & Connection

    Friendship, The News & Connection

    In this episode of The Dandelion Podcast, we speak to the wonderful Selina Swift.

    Selina and I have been friends for 10 years (!) so we spend some time reflecting on friendship and connection (and how we stayed friends for so many years??!)

    As Selina works for Sky News as a Producer, we also discuss whether the news and journalism help society to connect or are polarising us more.

    Selina's working on a really fascinating project, which brings together her love for journalism, communication and connection. It hasn't yet launched, but it's called News Act and it's a way of allowing people to take action around topical issues.

    This was the first ever episode that I recorded for The Dandelion Podcast, which has made me all nostalgic for the journey!

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    You can find Selina here: 
    Instagram: @selinaswiftt
    Twitter: @selinaswiftt

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    Connecting with your authentic self with John Siddique

    Connecting with your authentic self with John Siddique

    In this podcast episode, Sally interviews the author and spiritual teacher John Siddique.

    We discuss John's book 'Signposts of the Spiritual Journey' and how to connect with your authentic self and spirituality.

    We cover:

    What does connecting with your authentic self mean to you?

    What does it mean to ‘live authentically’?

    An insight into the thought process behind the book and who the book's for.

    How do you know if you’re going through a spiritual awakening?

    An explanation of what false consciousness is.

    What does it mean to ‘be teachable’ in terms of spirituality?

    Dealing with other people and living authentically has its challenges - particularly when you're energy sensitive. What advice would you give someone else who feels this way?

    Do you think we’re going through a collective awakening?

    What advice would you give to someone who’s currently going through a spiritual awakening or transformation? 

    And also... What is the meaning of life?

    (Yes he did actually answer this!) 

    If you want to find out more about John, his website is here: https://www.authenticliving.life/

    Thanks for listening! 

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3 Ratings

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Making connections that matter

Sally is an inspiration - facilitating conversations that matter and being a wonderful interviewer! 😍

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Karen Young

Such a reassuring and inspiring conversation, love it 😍

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