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Interviews from every walk of life. Don’t be afraid it’s very much a Brent ethos here, come one come all into the melting pot of life.

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Interviews from every walk of life. Don’t be afraid it’s very much a Brent ethos here, come one come all into the melting pot of life.

    Jeff Garlin / Tristan Sherfield

    Jeff Garlin / Tristan Sherfield

    I'm joined by Jeff Garlin, a man with a big heart and a lot to say. You'll know him from Curb and loads of other stuff. I had this chat a little while back. I'm never truly sure why I go months without doing a show. I think it has a lot to do with the fact nobody reaches out to me to talk to me about the show in anyway at all and for the amount of work I put into the pod verses the love I get back it's not worth it. This will likely be the last show for another long while. I'm only doing this one to support my friend Tristan who has got a great short filn coming out more of that now.
    Tristan is the first guest on the podcast. We talk about his involvement with Kingsdown. Kingsdown is a short film that takes aim at the immigration crisis currently unfolding across the southern shores of the U.K. It's a fantastic short film. The film comes out weekend 26th Oct and do search for it and support it.

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    Mark Beaumont - Almost famous

    Mark Beaumont - Almost famous

    Mark Beaumont! Many years I lay in my bed dreaming of having my various bands reviewed by Mark. It never happened because we didn't have what it takes! We didn't I tell you! However Mark did and does. He's been there from touring with Blur to breaking some of the coolest most musically inspired bands of several generations. He's had the highs and lows that really makes for a bloody brilliant story. He's currently writing his ass off so find his work! He's got an awesome unique ear.
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    If you like the title music then check out The DIY Cravings on Soundcloud

    Take care and enjoy what's left of your sanity. Boris Johnson is a nightmare and at the same time the symptom of a broken political system. If you want a fair green society vote with your brain not you heart.

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    Rafe Pomerance - Friend of the Earth

    Rafe Pomerance - Friend of the Earth

    This week I'm joined by Rafe Pomerance frankly one of the most enlightening and switched on men i've spoken to on the show about Climate Change. As some of you will know I spoke with Nathaniel Rich about his book Losing Earth. In the book Rafe features very heavily in the battle to bring Climate Change into the politcal machine. Rafe and I talk about his journey within activism, Losing Earth and his own personal journey. It really was a first rate honour and conversation. ENJOY!

    If you feel like rating the show on iTunes or sharing with a friend I'd be very very grateful. Much love and good luck out there mind those winter tornadoes.
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    Angel Flores - New beginnings

    Angel Flores - New beginnings

    Welcome to The Limehouse Podcast: Twitter@limehousepod Instagram @thelimehousepodcast www.somedaysarediamonds.co.uk

    This week i'm joined by Angel Flores! You may know Angel from the Netflix series Queer Eye, one of the stand out people of this seasons show. This was a very important conversation and to be honest one of the most honest and mind opening ones I've had.....ever. She's a wonderful person! I learnt so much about Trans women and a very unique journey.
    You can find Flores:
    Twitter: @arkangelathlete
    Insta: @_.arkangel_
    Tik Tok: @arkangel

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    Peter Guinness - The rest is silence

    Peter Guinness - The rest is silence

    From Corrie to Ashes to Ashes and Alien 3 to Justice league and Jack Ryan; Peter Guinness has seen it all, done it all and bought all the T-Shirts available. We have a brilliant chat about his early years and the adventure into acting and performing EVEN his voice work on the Alien books. He was an officer and a gentleman.
    Enjoy, happy 2022 to you. THANKS for sticking with me over this year I know there are many millions of podcasts out there so it's a real treat to have your ears! SEE YOU ON TWITTER @limehousepod

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    Jim Maxwell -*Cricket special*

    Jim Maxwell -*Cricket special*

    This is a SPECIAL edition of The Limehouse podcast BECAUSE it's a cricket special! I speak with Jim Maxwell one of the great voices of cricket commentary. We have an indepth talk about the game and his love for it. We also talk his journey behind the mic!
    Enjoy and enjoy the Ashes. England to win 1-4?

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4.6 out of 5
76 Ratings

76 Ratings

Emmal42 ,

A lesson in listening

Just listened to the ep with the amazing Angel Flores—an interview that really reaches beyond the usual questions, with a host that isn’t afraid to learn in realtime, be vulnerable and above all actually *listen*. The best podcasts are a mix of info, opinion and conversation, this one has all those, in spades.

subirony ,

Lovely perspectives on sport, music and culture

Great podcast, with very natural conversations that provide a different, more personal insight sone terrific guests.

GarlicBreadEllie ,


You have to endure so much rambling before getting to the interview. Every time you think the interview is about to start, more random thoughts spill out. And then the conversation with the guest is a bit of a let down—it just seems to go nowhere.

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