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Welcome to the Official Isagenix Podcast!

    The Raw Truth Regarding Legacy Income | Morgan & Anna Richards | David T.S. Wood

    The Raw Truth Regarding Legacy Income | Morgan & Anna Richards | David T.S. Wood

    What does legacy income really look like in network marketing? If you have a killer first year, should you expect that to continue? In this episode of My Extra Mile, David T.S. Wood chats with Anna and Morgan Richards about network marketing. More specifically, they talk about why it’s not treated like a legitimate profession and what can be done, and misconceptions about how network marketers make income. If you’ve been on the fence about network marketing, this is the episode that could change your mind.
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    Anna and Morgan’s podcast: The Anything Goes Podcast Why many feel the need to legitimize network marketing Why network marketers don’t have the courage to own their profession How networking marketing impacts your spouse The journey of leadership in network marketing The raw truth about building a legacy income Why network marketing made sense as a career move for Anna Why the network marketing industry is dominated by women How different ranks come into play and impact you Why YOU should go into network marketing Why network marketing is frowned upon by so many  
    Why are so many people turned off by network marketing? Because they think of the inexperienced or the worst examples of network marketers as the standard for the entire industry. People come into this wanting a change or transformation in their life, but they lack the experience. They don’t have the training and understanding. People form an opinion on network marketers who are in their infancy. What do Morgan and Anna do differently with their teams? How does it make an impact? Listen to find out.
    Success is about showing up—no matter what  
    When Anna left a six-figure job and threw herself into network marketing, she was arguably not ready. But she got to work. She was training women in a profession she didn’t know and learning alongside them. She learned that she needed to take the pressure off of her “title” and simply be present. It was about being in the trenches with everyone else and failing forward. It was about showing up no matter what.
    Building a legacy income isn’t linear  
    Every business has natural peaks, valleys, and plateaus—network marketing is no different. Anna’s first year—working harder than she ever has—she made $400,000. Every year since then, they’ve done approximately $200,000 or so a year. Anna’s highest income was her first year. Why? Partially because of when she started in the year and how different events and promotions can amplify the income. But they’ve earned multiple six-figure incomes in network marketing for seven years. Dropping from $400,000 to $200,000 is a normal business cycle. It’s a process of learning and a challenge to overcome.
    That’s why it’s important to understand the natural cycle of building a legacy income. It’s about building a foundation and developing a team. Morgan and Anna note that while you’re building stability and a solid foundation, you should keep your life simple. Ride out the peaks and valleys as you build your legacy income, so you NEVER find yourself in a place of desperation. Anna and Morgan continue to discuss how different ranks impact you, why you shouldn’t make drastic lifestyle changes, and why comparison will take you out of the game. Don’t miss it. 
    Why should YOU go into network marketing?  
    Why should you say “Yes!” to network marketing? Anna and Morgan have spent six years figuring this out and they’re grounded in it. Anna points out that it’s not a matter of if you’ll do network marketing—but when. Everything is becoming referral based. You’re already doing it.
    Morgan points out that approximately every 10 years or so, the economy lets us know that jobs and security can be volatile. It is a necessity to have something like this to g

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    Multiple Six-Figure Income Earners Share Their Money Tips | Allan and Lari Hilzinger |David T.S. Wood

    Multiple Six-Figure Income Earners Share Their Money Tips | Allan and Lari Hilzinger |David T.S. Wood

    Are you aware that your childhood experiences can influence your money mindset? You may not be aware how deeply your life experiences influence the decisions you make regarding money and finances—and how destructive it can be.
    In this episode of My Extra Mile, Allan and Lari Hilzinger join Dave T.S. Wood to share some exercises that can help you overcome negative beliefs and reprogram your money mindset. If you need some money tips that will help move your future in the right direction, this is the episode for you.
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    How your childhood influences your money mindset The biggest impact on Allan and Lari’s money mindset How to reprogram your money mindset What you can do today to change thoughts How to make behavioral change regarding money Money tips that help you have a healthy relationship with money The right mindset opens you up to new opportunities  
    Where is your money mindset rooted?  
    Allan & Lari have been through their fair share of ups and downs with money. Lari remembers feeling responsible for money at a young age. She’s experienced having it all—and having nothing. It took her a long time to realize she was repeating childhood patterns in her adulthood. It was pounded into Lari that you need to work hard for everything in life. A lot was expected of her, and she was expected to show up for her family and her community.
    Allan never had money as a kid. He was talented in sports but putting pressure on his parents to help pay for gear, travel, etc. was out of the question. They always had enough to get by but that was it. Despite it all, his Dad always said: “At least we’re happy.” Allan grew up with the mindset that people who have wealth just happened to get lucky or they came into wealth. He would gamble thinking if he could get lucky, he could make money. Instead, he got himself into a lot of debt.
    How do you reprogram your money mindset?  
    Lari and Allan point out that you must acknowledge and understand that your money mindset has stemmed from everything you’ve experienced and modeled up until this moment. To overcome your mindset, you must dig deep into where it comes from. One of their money tips is to write down what your mindset is, look at it, understand it, and accept it. You must learn to appreciate that it’s the journey you’re on.
    Lari took a course—that she talks about in depth in this episode—where she realized that she always ran to her Dad when she was in trouble. Do you run to someone else to solve your problems? When things get tough, where do you turn? Can you reprogram your actions? Keep listening to hear their thoughts.
    Making behavioral changes regarding money  
    You have to be open to change. One of the money tips Lari and Allan recommend is learning one new thing about money every day. Turn your cars into universities. When you’re hiking or working out—listen to a podcast or read a book. Your wealth can only grow to the extent you grow yourself.
    Another one of their money tips is to surround yourself with people who are in a better financial position than you so you can learn from them. Who are the people in your life that do have a handle on their finances? Ask them questions! Recognize that behavioral and mindset changes are a continual shift and change that will require effort.
    Lari and Allan emphasize that you must also take responsibility and start budgeting. Budgeting is NOT a constraint—it’s a freedom. How can you live your life with the money you have? It’s the best way to set yourself up for success. Verbalize where you’re at and what you want. Know and understand that it’s a journey—you can’t change it overnight.
    Lari and Allan got clear on what they wanted, they set goals, and they took action. They were focused on their goals—and t

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    Master Life’s Most Important Superpower | Tracy O'Malley | David T.S. Wood

    Master Life’s Most Important Superpower | Tracy O'Malley | David T.S. Wood

    Do you know what your superpower is? Tracy O’Malley’s superpower is the ability to talk to anyone. It’s useful in network marketing, sales, and even just everyday life. The world changes color when you have the ability to talk to anyone. So how do you talk to anyone? What is the key to connecting with other people?
    In this episode of My Extra Mile, Tracy O’Malley returns to delve deep into the power of self-awareness and how it’s the foundation for anything you wish to accomplish. She talks about learning your Enneagram type, learning to see each type in others, and how to adapt your approach to connect with people on an individual level. If you want to learn her superpower of being able to talk with anyone, this is where you need to start!
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    Tracy O’Malley’s superpower: The ability to talk to anyone How she cultivated the ability to talk to anyone The nuts and bolts of learning to talk to someone How to determine your Enneagram type Adapting your energy to the person you’re with Adapting how you communicate with your children What it’s like to be able to talk to anyone Use the Enneagram personality test as a starting point  
    Tracy could always read people, even as a little girl. She saw things that other people didn’t. Looking back, she sees it as an intuitive gift. For most of her life, she used that skill to protect herself and manipulate others. Now, her intuitive abilities come from a genuine and authentic place of love and compassion—not protection and guardedness. Those are the skills she uses today to help change the world and help others step into who they are.
    But how do you get to that place? Tracy had to learn to realize the motive behind how she was communicating with others. The Enneagram helped her put together a framework to understand who she was. It helped her understand that “Everything that I do, everything that I say, every way that I communicate is coming from a place of ‘Tracy doesn’t want to be backed into a corner, be vulnerable, or rely on anybody.’” You have to understand that and have compassion for yourself.
    Tracy was originally hesitant to take the Enneagram test. She didn’t want yet another label. Now, Tracy is vocal about how important the test is and believes it’s one of the greatest tools you could ever use in personal development. It can help you get out of the box the world has put you in. It can open your eyes to things that haven’t made sense to you.
    Do you want your message to be received?  
    You don’t want people to adapt to you because they’re afraid of you. That doesn’t build a connection—it builds fear and divisiveness. If you’re choosing to be a leader in your home, business, or the world, you must be willing to adapt first. There IS a way to be effective. You can adjust your tone, the words you use, your posture, and body language.
    Tracy realized that if her kids—or whomever she was interacting with—weren’t receiving the message she wanted to convey that it was on her to change. If they can’t receive your energy you must choose to adjust if you want your message of love to be received. Tracy shares some deep and insightful stories of how she learned to communicate and connect with her kids in a meaningful way. So, keep listening!
    Awareness is the key to transformation  
    Making deep and meaningful changes is going to require some radical honesty with yourself. You can’t pick what looks good on paper. The enneagram is a roadmap that helps you decide where to go. If you have the wrong coordinates and wrong compass, you’ll be going the wrong direction the whole time. It’s only effective if you are honest with yourself.
    Each Enneagram type has its own superpower. You can’t operate on the superpowers that you aren’t. Own who

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    Leading and Succeeding from the Heart | DelRae Messer | David T.S. Wood

    Leading and Succeeding from the Heart | DelRae Messer | David T.S. Wood

    Servant leadership is all about focusing on others with no expectations of return. Leading with your heart isn't easy, but when you focus on lifting up others, you inevitably lift yourself in the process! In this episode of My Extra Mile, David T. S. Wood interviews servant leader, DelRae Messer, about identifying leadership styles and nurturing the vision in others.
    If you want to identify your leadership style, learn how to build a reliable team, and nurture your path along the way, this episode is a must-hear!
    You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...  
    Servant leadership and how to lead from your heart Becoming a leader in every area of your life Questions to ask to identify your leadership style The evolution of leadership Inspiring others and nurturing yourself Letting go of comparing yourself to others Focusing on why you're doing something Practicing gratitude and appreciating where you are  
    Servant leadership & collaboration  
    Leading with your heart and your desire to impact others is the definition of servant leadership. Being a leader isn't based on your authority or experience; it's based on leaving people better than you found them. By collaborating with other people, your leadership style will continuously evolve.
    Have you ever considered that you have the opportunity to lead in every area of your life? In your home, family, finances, relationship, and even personal challenges, you can lead with positivity and tackle any problem with confidence. Becoming a better human will help you achieve your goals and help you build them surrounded by supportive people.
    Questions to ask to become an impactful leader  
    If you don't think you're a leader, ask yourself why? What is your reasoning for thinking you're not doing enough? Is your thought process focused on success, status, or achievement?
    What is your definition of a leader? What character traits, core values, and respect do the leaders in your life have? When you learn how to define leadership accurately, you will start to write your own story about leadership.
    Watching other people succeed and helping other people become leaders can empower you and help you feel better about yourself. Breathing belief into other people can, in turn, breathe more belief into yourself. Becoming an effective leader is about developing leaders.
    Evolution always unfolds the same way. It will go up, down, and plateau, but you have to let go of the outcome and focus on the journey instead. Inspire action in other people but be sure always to nurture your path first.
    How to develop your leadership style  
    Get uncomfortable, speak out, and share your story! Work with your team and relationships to develop a collective vision, so everyone is working towards the same goal. Set a goal just for yourself and stay in your lane to show others the power of belief in yourself.
    The fastest way to slow your growth is to compare yourself to others. Your path is unique, and the skills others have gained will never be the same as yours. Each person's journey is different, and success will vary, so be proud of what you've done and how far you've come.
    What are you struggling with right now? What are your most significant pain points, and what has benefited you along the way? People won't care how much you know until they know how much you care. A focus on servant leadership isn't something you do with any expectation of return; it's about doing things for others with no expectations. Focus on practicing gratitude for the little things while working towards the big.
    Connect with DelRae Messer Follow DelRae on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wellnesstentrepreneur/ Follow DelRae on Instagram: @DrDelRae  
    Connect with David T. S. Wood Follow David on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidtswood Follow David on

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    The Isagenix Difference With Dr. Messina

    The Isagenix Difference With Dr. Messina

    Why is making the right choices about food and eating a healthy diet so hard? Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Nick Messina is on the call to answer this question and many others. He walks through the history of the food industry, the birth of processed foods, and the creation of the “bliss point” — that addictive combination of salt, fat, and sugar that keeps consumers coming back time and time again. Dr. Messina shares his observations of the changes in how we eat, how this has impacted our health, and why Isagenix has been such a beneficial solution for so many.

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    Create the Ultimate Romantic Relationship with These Skills | Beth Hanishewski | David T.S. Wood

    Create the Ultimate Romantic Relationship with These Skills | Beth Hanishewski | David T.S. Wood

    Have you ever received relationship advice that is so simple and easy to implement that it seems too good to be true? Energy + Value + Currency = Happiness! In this episode, David T. S. Wood and his guest, relationship guru Beth Hanishewski, discuss this proven formula that can help you find happiness and hope in your relationships. If you want to learn more about this formula, this episode is a must-hear!
    You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...  
    A relationship formula that works Identifying your partner's energy Figuring out what they value most What your partner's love "currency" is Beneficial questions to ask your partner Relationship advice and homework to help you get started How to recognize your energy  
    Think of energy in 4 quadrants: feminine light, feminine dark, masculine light, and masculine dark. These names aren't speaking to gender classifications but rather the characteristics that accompany different types of energy.
    For example:
    Feminine light: emotional, spontaneous, inspired, collaborative, and nurturing Feminine dark: spiteful, whiny, manipulative, hysterical, and submissive Masculine light: logical, competitive, focused, loyal, and present Masculine dark: closed, grumpy, controlling, and violent  
    Now, think about how your energy changes when you're around this person. When you think about that person, do you feel yourself anticipating their energetic effects on you? What energy makes you feel your best? Try to pinpoint that feeling to focus on when you're around that person. When you change your energy, you may see a shift in theirs as well!
    The secret to nurturing their values  
    Have you taken the time to consider what your person values most in life? Their values are the unconscious, intangible things they hold highest in their life. If you aren't aware of their values, you could be unintentionally robbing them of the most crucial elements in their life.
    The feminine tends to value safety the most, which includes physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, sexual, and even financial matters. When you do or say something that makes them feel unsafe, you will be able to see their energy change. If you're not sure if you're affecting them, ask! Once you know, talk with them to see what you can do to help them feel safer.
    The masculine values freedom, including their time and energy. Do you ever tell your partner to do something with the expectation they do it right away? Consider giving them the time to decide when and how they'll do it instead.
    Identifying their "currency"  
    In the relationship formula, currency is how you show your person you care. Some examples of the different types of currency are:
    Feminine: safety, connection, and protection Masculine: freedom, appreciation, and trust  
    When both sides of the relationship are paying out the right type of currency, you will achieve that perfect connection. You can then work towards creating synergy to see who they truly are, instead of criticizing them for their flaws. Be sincere in how you work towards your happiness, and the results will speak for themselves!
    Relationship advice to help you move forward  
    When used correctly, the relationship formula results in happiness and hope for yourself and your relationship. But, if you take away any of the pieces, you could see the energy shift back into the dark/negative zone.
    If you aren't sure where to start, ask your partner these simple, but effective questions:
    "How can I love you better?" "What do I do that pushes you away?" "What do I do that pulls you closer?"  
    Take responsibility for your actions and forgive yourself and your person for not knowing better. When you're in your light, everything around you is affected. But, when you move into the dark, everything around you becomes INFECTED.

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