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Every week Linus and Luke discuss the most current happenings in the technology universe.

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Every week Linus and Luke discuss the most current happenings in the technology universe.

    I Want A Job At The Roblox Store - WAN Show June 7, 2024

    I Want A Job At The Roblox Store - WAN Show June 7, 2024

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    Timestamps: (courtesy of NoKi1119)
    0:00 Chapters
    1:38 Intro
    2:05 Topic #1 - IKEA looks to hire for their "Co-Worker Game" Roblox
    4:02 Would young Linus & Luke work there? Costs, past jobs
    11:26 Luke questions if the positions are full-time
    13:04 Topic #2 - Computex 2024 - Intel's Lunar Lake
    14:52 Qualcomm disclosure, Linus on changing scripts
    16:02 AMD's competitive gens, Qualcomm's designs & camera
    21:16 MS pressuring laptop makers rumor, Apple's Macs
    23:09 Microsoft's Replay, Apple V.S. Battlemage, Lunar Lake & TMSC
    27:20 Panther Lake, AMD's Zen 5, Snapdragon & HP battery life
    33:19 Bit of Linus walking into Qualcomm's "meeting"
    34:34 Premiere's instability, Luke on data centers
    37:30 Nvidia Blackwell & Grace, high wattage scaling
    44:09 "Badminton data center," Linus on Nvidia's potential
    50:42 Merch Messages #1
    51:00 How is FFVI going with Luke? ft. Toxic Linus, Dan
    54:33 LTTStore's keyboard pins relaunch
    55:30 Scribedriver future stock, "The Write-Off" missed opportunity
    57:17 Cable tie holders stock, products pricing discussion
    1:05:19 Topic #3 - NVIDIA hit $31T on market cap, third biggest stock
    1:06:16 Linus on running AMD GPU, Linus's computer & experience
    1:08:04 Nvidia's Rubin, Nvidia's worth, "Enterprise," ARRI cameras
    1:13:46 Topic #4 - Humane tries to sell to HP for $1B
    1:15:13 ICQ's shutdown, VK, Linus's final offer to Putin
    1:17:16 Details about Powercolor's tour video? ft. "Scripted"
    1:26:30 Sponsor - AG1
    1:27:28 Sponsor - Squarespace
    1:28:23 Sponsor - MANSCAPED
    1:29:20 FP's Dan week exclusive ft. Dissing Dan for not having a 3rd arm
    1:30:29 Topic #5 - Microsoft's Copilot+, Recall controversy
    1:32:01 Linus teases a cool PC video ft. Couch moving
    1:35:56 Linus will opt in, Luke refuses, power play, housing essay
    1:40:22 Topic #6 - 84 deer killed in $834K cull via helicopter
    1:43:02 Luke on the global rat distribution, argument for Recall
    1:45:02 Dan's experience with filming, potential Sweepstakes
    1:47:21 WhatNot charity leftover items
    1:47:42 Merch Messages #2
    1:48:10 Most pointless thing you saw at Computex? ft. Perma-banning
    1:53:01 FP Poll: was LTT's Nvidia video scripted?
    1:54:28 Merch Messages #2
    1:54:36 Opinion on expos nowadays? ft. Whale LAN, Dennis
    2:01:00 Tech that is a huge advancement to existing ones?
    2:03:04 Advice for writing vows?
    2:08:10 Topic #7 - Google's internal privacy incidents leaks
    2:09:29 Topic #8 - Zoom to replace you with AI
    2:10:17 Topic #9 - Adobe's new terms forcibly claims your projects
    2:11:28 Topic #10 - Spotify's The Car Thing
    2:12:46 Topic #11 - Apple's event to introduce "Apple Intelligence"
    2:13:59 Topic #12 - Twitter allows consensually created adult content
    2:15:00 Topic #13 - Facebook to use data for AI training, only EU can opt out
    2:15:22 Topic #14 - Instagram implements non-skippable ads
    2:15:30 Topic #15 - Team Fortress 2's #SaveTF2 movement raises 260K signatures
    2:15:46 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark
    2:16:40 How do you deal with product superiority and markets?
    2:17:37 Do you see discrete GPUs sticking around?
    2:18:20 Solution for summer heat and office computers?
    2:19:54 How did you retain talent during LMG's early day?
    2:24:15 Outro ft. Linus's sweaty legs
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    AMD Is Copying The Worst Thing About Intel - WAN Show May 31, 2024

    AMD Is Copying The Worst Thing About Intel - WAN Show May 31, 2024

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 
    0:00 Chapters
    1:19 Intro
    1:57 Topic #1 - AMD's Strix Point Ryzen rumored to be rebranded
    9:26 Topic #2 - Document of Google's search engine leaked
    15:02 "YouTube is the new TV," Linus on aspect ratio change
    18:23 LTTStore's new scribedriver bolt action pen
    27:06 Merch Messages #1
    31:06 Topic #3 - Scrapyard Wars returns
    33:07 Topic #4 - Steam doesn't let you include your games in your will
    36:05 Linus discusses leasing & badminton
    41:06 Linus on Valve's licensing, mentions music licenses
    44:28 Topic #5 - PayPal launches ad network, powered by user data
    45:18 Linus's hot take, mentions Klarna & financing
    49:06 Linus on LTT's de-Google your life video
    53:02 Sponsor - Rocket Money
    54:08 Sponsor - AG1
    55:07 sponsor - Ridge
    56:20 Father's Day LTTStore gifts suggestion
    57:14 Topic #6 - Microsoft Edge for Business bans taking screenshots
    1:02:12 Topic #7 - Cheat providers found guilty in two lawsuits
    1:05:06 Recalling Flipper Zero's ban, legality of pen testing tools
    1:09:02 Could this affect the modding community?
    1:11:03 Floatplane's Dan week, charity stream items on Whatnot
    1:12:16 Number of pens sold, flabbergasted Linus
    1:16:00 Luke leaves, calls Elijah on the show
    1:17:00 Topic #8 - Riot's League of Legends $50-$500 skin bundles
    1:24:55 Valve allows skins renting on CS2, funny FP comment
    1:28:08 Recalling potato NFTs, Luke returns, final thoughts
    1:32:10 Topic #9 - Now-adult social media babies push for laws against oversharing
    1:37:38 Topic #10 - Sony's PC adapter for PSVR2
    1:40:40 Linus on the luxury goods market, selling second hand
    1:45:12 "$1" bunker story
    1:49:31 Topic #117  - OpenAI's safety committee board
    1:55:45 Topic #12 - Spotify will issue refunds to Car Thing buyers
    1:59:48 Merch Messages #2 ft. Luke's spot, WAN Show After Dark
    2:00:27 Any impractical video idea you had that seemed good?
    2:06:27 Did Linus have anti static straps on or did he lie?
    2:10:18 Proposal stories, things Linus wished he knew when starting LMG?
    2:13:04 Has Luke ever mountain biked?
    2:15:01 How has Linus's autograph evolved? Did he change it?
    2:16:33 Have ASUS's issues influenced Linus's preference?
    2:17:21 How do you prevent your kids from struggling at school?
    2:18:36 Would Linus accept a Netflix, or Amazon, tech show offer?
    2:20:24 Does Linus speed up YouTube videos he watches?
    2:21:00 Negotiating with brands? Does Luke play MoP remix?
    2:23:18 Which Dimension 20 campaign was Luke's favorite?
    2:23:54 Does Luke keep in touch with anyone from 929?
    2:25:21 Linus explains Badminton dilemma
    2:26:30 Linus's favorite & least favorite part of Langley's house?
    2:28:07 What's the harm of big tech companies selling your data?
    2:31:07 Do you see trades & labor positions threatened by AI?
    2:32:46 When was the last Linus-led development went through?
    2:34:12 Additional merch messages
    3:06:49 Outro
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    LTT Released 3rd Party Investigation Summary - WAN Show May 24, 2024

    LTT Released 3rd Party Investigation Summary - WAN Show May 24, 2024

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
    0:00 Chapters.
    0:37 Intro.
    1:12 LTT's 3rd party investigation summary.
    1:46 Topic #1: Spotify's Car Thing discontinued.
    3:02 Spotify's notice, comments on YT Creator Studio's database.
    9:04 Issues with replies, spambots, Reddit as an example.
    15:21 What can Spotify do to make this right?
    22:22 Topic #2: PSU Circuit, LTT LABS' new AI-powered channel.
    27:00 Critiques, why AI-voiced, channel's purpose, sustainability.
    39:25 Automatically generated videos.
    42:26 LTT screwdriver promotion giveaway.
    43:22 Merch Messages #1.
    44:04 Would you make an apple leather jacket?
    49:31 Stolen items in tech upgrades, was it a joke or real?
    Cont. Topic #2: PSU Circuit.
    56:16 LTT Lab's website.
    58:54 Topic #3: Qualcomm ARM chip powered laptops, "recall" feature.
    1:02:24 Elijah considers Linux, why is MS fixated on MacBooks?
    1:06:26 Linus mentions Chromebook, Luke wants to switch.
    1:11:02 Windows on Arm ready software.
    1:13:08 The feature will come regardless of how you feel.
    1:14:24 What doesn't work on Linux for WAN Show?
    1:18:33 Sponsors.
    1:18:47 Ridge.
    1:19:37 Acronis.
    1:20:37 Moosend.
    1:22:18 Merch Messages #2.
    1:22:24 Advice to balance work with partner?
    1:27:35 How have Linus's kids responded to older games?
    1:29:12 Anything bad happened before an event, but you still went?
    1:48:28 Topic #4: Google's search engine AI suggests The Onion article.
    1:50:27 Topic #5: CoolerMaster's Chinese site translation error.
    1:50:49 Topic #6: iFixIt drops Samsung over irreparability.
    1:51:37 Topic #7: Cold Ones rates YT products ft. LTT screwdriver.
    1:55:23 MrBeast's original chocolate, Elijah's first mango.
    1:58:18 FP's cable management videos, worldwide content.
    2:00:26 "Buy a plane," Luke on business class cost, Taylor Swift.
    2:03:18 "Jesus nut," Linus would relocate for a personal helicopter.
    2:07:27 Jetson, where would Linus move to?
    2:09:44 Topic #8: US increases tariffs on Chinese EVs & products.
    2:10:37 Topic #9: Scarlett Johansson states OpenAI copied her voice.
    2:14:26 Topic #10: Battlestate Games slashes upgrade price by half.
    2:16:36 Topic #11: ICQ to shut down by the 26th of June.
    2:18:22 Linus calls for assistance with digitizing ReBoot.
    2:24:20 Blu-ray ft. Luke leaves, Dan "moves."
    2:25:31 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark.
    2:25:49 Any pet related tech you ended up loving?
    2:26:48 When did LTT writers get more screen time?
    2:30:14 Who would you like to invite onto the WAN Show?
    2:33:02 Was it worth it to install Type C & A outlets?
    2:34:09 Thoughts on laws that protect from web scrapers?
    2:35:25 Have you played Dark & Darker?
    2:35:38 VR games besides Beat Saber that Linus uses to work out?
    2:36:39 How can I prep Chromebook students to use Windows?
    2:37:16 Did YouTubers reach out to Floatplane for streaming?
    2:39:24 Wishing a happy birthday to an unnamed husband.
    2:39:53 Outro ft. Solving the biggest problem ever.
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    iPhones Are Undeleting Nudes?? - WAN Show May 17, 2024

    iPhones Are Undeleting Nudes?? - WAN Show May 17, 2024

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
    0:00 Chapters
    0:39 Intro
    1:30 Topic #1 - iOS 175 bug recovers deleted photos
    2:30 This isn't limited to Apple, Backblaze, cloud backup
    4:02 Are these photos synced? Linus & Luke on encryption
    9:33 Linus on NAND flash, Luke on deleting files, Vision Pro
    13:02 Luke on whether this is a one-off, CEO's all-chrome PC build
    16:31 Topic #2 - Microsoft's Prodeus, a modular controller
    17:16 3D printable joystick parts, childish Luke & Dan
    19:24 Luke on the controller's potential
    22:06 LTTStore's new dip dye hoodie
    25:26 Topic #3 - "Personalizable AI" for simulated dates through bots
    27:18 How would this impact future dates? ft. "Settling down"
    28:34 Linus on Tinder, Luke on dating apps, school connections
    32:48 Yvonne joins, if Linus is gone, how would she meet people?
    33:58 What would Linus do if Yvonne's gone?
    35:02 What would Luke do? Luke on how to know it's the right one
    36:22 Luke on not sitting next to a girl on a bus, finding people
    38:25 Dating friends of friends, Luke on planning, E&A service
    41:46 Linus's sister analogy on dating when in your 30's
    43:17 Meeting someone through what you do, looking at the gym
    45:36 Yvonne on whether girls looking would bother men
    46:10 Dating at work, Yvonne's & Linus's relationship
    50:42 Sponsor - Squarespace
    51:36 Sponsor - Ahrefs
    52:25 Sponsor - Magical
    53:42 Merch Messages #1
    53:48 Why'd LTT go for Shopify over WooCommerce?
    55:02 What you'd change or features you’d add to an LTTStore product?
    56:00 Is this MIPS assembly a useful code language?
    57:05 Topic #4 - Microsoft to add Game Pass ad to Windows 11
    58:31 FP user gets images of ex after update, bug's implications
    1:02:25 Topic #5 - Google's Gemini search engine, search tab is hidden
    1:03:31 Gemini AI updates, Project Astra, Linus will wait
    1:04:31 Google writes $Ms to government for no jury
    1:06:38 Topic #6 - Wayfinder changes genre, negative reviews ensue
    1:07:57 $150 pack, shift "gaurantee's game is around forever"
    1:09:01 Cyberpunk hits 95% positive reviews, Linus on praises
    1:13:04 Luke on how Wayfinder's move is good, discusses Ubisoft
    1:14:40 Topic #7 - NYPD tests Evolv's AI gun scanners in a subway
    1:16:36 Topic #8 - ASUS apologizes over “confusion” with RMA quotes
    1:19:08 Linus on ASUS's customer service, recalls conversations
    1:22:02 Luke on riding the false bans train during ban waves
    1:24:01 Topic #9 - Marvel Rivals apols after banning content creators
    1:24:58 Luke on the contract being a mistake
    1:27:12 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark is automated
    1:27:31 AMD's Strix Point APU leaks ft. Accidental outro, "I'm a computer!"
    1:29:17 How do you feel about no-crew flights?
    1:30:38 Would Shield 2 happen now that Switch 2 is announced?
    1:31:08 Any FOSS projects Luke wants to draw attention towards?
    1:33:19 What do you tell your barber?
    1:34:26 Company is bought, how would you deal with this change?
    1:36:06 Arrival fallacy, how does Linus feel after his success?
    1:40:06 Suggestions to get tech dad to watch tech shows together?
    1:41:08 Thoughts on CRA coming after tenants not paying foreign taxes?
    1:43:11 Outro
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    I'm Siding With Apple - WAN Show May 10, 2024

    I'm Siding With Apple - WAN Show May 10, 2024

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
    0:00 Chapters.
    1:18 Intro.
    1:43 Topic #1: Apple's iPad Pro & M4 release.
    7:04 Luke the new Switch, Linus on specs & storage, thoughts on Apple's ad.
    9:02 Discussing the ad's controversy, LG ad, swiss army & firearm example.
    19:18 Luke asks for Linus's opinion on the ad, recalling older iPad Pro ad.
    21:32 Apple's habit of removing older ads.
    28:40 Topic #2: Microsoft closes three game studios, including Hi-Fi RUSH makers.
    36:10 Luke on studio games & recent successful games, stock's impact.
    40:04 When was the last time companies developed anything?
    42:27 Luke on purchasing studios, Linus on a friend's vet practice.
    51:42 LTTStore's classic T-shirts are back.
    51:51 Linus's similar image of the T-shirt.
    53:26 Limited American apparel shirts quantity.
    53:48 Merch Messages #1.
    59:42 Topic #3: Asus's ROG Ally X, new handheld PC.
    Cont. Merch Messages #1.
    1:05:42 Tips on dealing with employees making the same mistakes?
    1:13:50 Conversation on unallowed jokes for LMG.
    1:17:26 Linus on his work, covering "Do you know who I am?!"
    1:22:12 Persona & trolling.
    1:25:10 Topic #4: Nintendo's new Switch successor to be announced.
    1:26:02 Discussing Ampere, naming, FP's chat suggestions.
    1:29:24 Potential specs, recalling Nintendo LABO.
    1:32:45 Why do Nintendo keep bringing out old console?
    1:34:26 Linus's diagnosis, GameCube, Luke brother's case.
    1:38:21 Sponsors.
    1:38:26 AG1.
    1:40:06 Ridge.
    1:42:06 Backblaze.
    1:43:08 Savage Jerky.
    1:43:44 Merch Messages #2 ft. Angry Dan.
    1:48:50 Do you see professions soon requiring AI use over manual use?
    1:53:55 Is water block compatibility going to be on LTTLabs site?
    1:56:28 How do you handle numerous tasks & deadlines?
    2:01:11 Topic #5: Stack Overflow's OpenAI integration causes protests.
    2:02:58 LTT's upcoming video on de-Google-ifying your life.
    2:06:22 Topic #6: Intel's CPU crash over motherboard's BIOS profile.
    2:14:49 Topic #7: AMD's x86 server share nears a third of the market.
    2:18:41 Topic #8: Sony's Helldivers 2 controversy.
    2:22:26 Regional locks, what's the point?
    2:29:04 Billy Basso's Animal Well, funny storage & specs requirements.
    2:32:18 BC Charity uncleared items for sale on Whatnot.
    2:37:40 Topic #11: Google's Find My Device feature.
    2:39:18 Yvonne's lost purse story.
    2:51:24 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, accidental outro.
    2:53:40 Do you see Linux gaining a significant market?
    2:54:08 Thoughts on future of AI playing roles in the governments?
    2:55:02 What OS feature do you think should be universally implemented?
    2:57:08 Precision screwdriver ETA?
    2:58:45 Ever found a device or tech installed where it shouldn't have been?
    2:59:38 Is a conure rolling on the glass cage a good behavior?
    3:00:31 What video game movies are or were you excited about?
    3:02:02 How do you screen for both career & behavioral fit for interviews?
    3:04:01 Is DIY spraying & painting your house worth it?
    3:06:37 Obscure LAN favorites that you struggled to run on modern systems?
    3:07:18 How do you avoid Amazon? Should companies disclose it?
    3:08:20 What are you looking for at COMPUTEX? Whale LAN update?
    3:09:55 How much did NCIX make out of selling physical games?
    3:11:10 What made David become a writer & a host?
    3:14:00 Thoughts on heat reactive cups that show internals of products?
    3:16:14 What is your daily driver power bank?
    3:18:24 Is Linus still using his Steam Deck?
    3:19:00 Any person you previously met again who you thought was a fan?
    3:21:22 What governmental tech infrastructure would Luke want to tour?
    3:21:40 Tips & tricks for a new manual car adopter?
    3:28:45 Outro.
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    • 3 hrs 30 min
    I Am Not Buying A Super Computer - WAN Show May 3, 2024

    I Am Not Buying A Super Computer - WAN Show May 3, 2024

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    Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
    0:00 Chapters
    1:16 Intro
    1:41 Topic #1 - Cheyenne's supercomputer auctioned off for $480K
    10:44 Funny video idea, trying to look at the CPU flops
    12:05 Topic #2 - Escape from Tarkov update
    14:38 Linus on COD's nukes, Luke on Tarkov & "legacy call" item
    18:07 Battlestate's response, BTR, difficulty to fix, Linus rants
    28:12 Linus & Luke discuss the $150 project, "DIY Tarkov"
    31:07 Topic #3 - Helldivers 2 requires PSN account, gamers gets angry
    36:28 Topic #4 - Linus in Ludwig's podcast, visited Matpat's retirement party
    40:05 Luke's NASA friend doesn't know ASCII, beamed message to ISS
    43:22 RPS, Linus took a book out of Yvonne's, "never lost hope"
    48:12 Why not choose other games? ft. Luke's friend, Geoguessr
    55:14 Watching Bro V.S. Bro, Linus on Ludwig's adaptability
    58:46 Linus & Luke like the podcast, don't get what it's about
    1:03:10 How they found The Yard, its' revenue compared to WAN Show
    1:06:20 WAN Show viewership, TikTok, calling out X viewers
    1:08:26 Luke on what might Ludwig thinks of their hostility
    1:09:36 WAN Show TikTok account, Linus asks about Spotify
    1:11:06 Theory on why the WAN Show is popular, live on Megaphone
    1:13:50 Linus on a $500 Super Chat at Ludwig's stream
    1:15:50 LTTStore's new dead pixel collection
    1:19:05 Save 20% on the backpack through YouTube
    1:19:46 Merch Messages #1
    1:19:53 Dyno pins ETA? Luke's experience with Shopify?
    1:24:19 FP's Luke Week, FP exclusives
    1:26:32 Can Luke's birds tell he's eating chicken?
    1:28:36 Duvet update? ft. Alpaca wool stock
    1:31:38 Thought of doing tech work for the military space? ft. NCIX
    1:35:20 Topic #5 - Meta's change to recommended feeds turns problematic
    1:37:24 AI-generated Jesus shrimp images, Luke dies
    1:41:11 Linus on Twitter porn, when to bar content consumption?
    1:44:52 Sponsor - Vessi
    1:46:02 Sponsor - Squarespace
    1:46:59 Sponsor - MANSCAPED
    1:47:52 Linus's beard is returning
    1:48:16 Plouffe's car paint & upgrades, Linus's bike
    1:50:52 Merch Messages #2
    1:51:08 Would Luke leave LMG for NASA?
    1:56:25 Cable management patents to combat Chinese rip-offs?
    1:59:21 Topic #6 - Abu Dhabi's AI powered auto race cars
    2:07:23 Topic #8 - Walmart Discovery, purchase items with Robux
    2:13:35 Topic #9 - Case update on Google's impact on searching
    2:14:31 Linus on VPN, Apple & antitrust, reading savvy articles
    2:21:00 Tech companies layoffs, discussing team red & team blue
    2:28:41 Nestle's issues, palm oil, Intel's charts scandal
    2:34:58 AMD's official merch, Luke tries to find the bag
    2:38:16 Topic #10 - YouTube's "pause ads," Roku rolls it out
    2:40:04 FP to have generated closed captions ft. After Dark
    2:40:51 Topic #11 - Google's Sonic celebration is inaccurate
    2:42:47 Topic #12 - US homeland security board creates safety AI board
    2:45:24 Merch Messages #3
    2:49:09 Advice to keep kids safe online?
    2:50:07 Thoughts on using synthesized AI voice overs?
    2:57:03 What advice does Linus have for prepping & painting walls?
    3:02:02 What piece of tech would you progress?
    3:02:59 What tech would you take with you if you lived in a truck?
    3:07:31 Anything you're interested in at OpenSauce2024?
    3:08:20 Favorite examples of Easter eggs on websites?
    3:11:16 Thoughts on companies that crunch to meet deadlines?
    3:16:34 Is MSI trying to win over NVIDIA by dropping AMD GPUs?
    3:20:09 Most impactful celebrity encounter you had?
    3:23:26 When car-focused channel?
    3:24:14 How did Luke decide what to use for FP & then design it?
    3:28:04 Challenges and positives since Linus stepped down?
    3:31:32 What is your favorite bike gear, accessories or tech?
    3:36:12 ShortCircuit's video on the Rabbit r1
    3:38:02 Outro
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206 Ratings

Alpha_Mayo ,

very good and informative

I find the info informative and the hosts comedic and entertaining recommend to tech lovers

Jezrgreen ,

Great but intro music is lame

Need a better intro track !

S A Bunting ,

Big Daddy Linus

Big Daddy Linus

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