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A Dungeons and Dragons campaign show with nerds.

There Will Be Dungeons Scott Johnson

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    • 4.4, 14 Ratings

A Dungeons and Dragons campaign show with nerds.

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4.4 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

Alex J Raymond ,

There Will be Fun

Scott, Beau, Jon, Kristen & Kyle make for an absolute fantastic group to follow on their romp through a post-apocalyptic mad-max style world.

Be it Scott's irratitonal hatred of gnomes, Beau's inability to perform death cries without breaking into laughter, Jon's need to insult everything to death, Kristen's constant cheerfulness in the face of disaster or Kyle's unbelievable roleplaying of a lizard man in his own world, there's always fun to be had joining these companions on their adventure, feeling like a member of the party yourself.

Keep up the great work all!

Arinvadel ,


I like nothing more than a bit of Johnson in my ears.
Best and funniest thing on the web at the moment.
Love these guys.

Si ,

Great comedy

A fantastic podcast. Very funny, great storytelling. The cast are all friends and that comes across really well. Long but definitely worth listening too!

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