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The weekly UK True Crime Podcast, hosted by Adam, is the home of UK true crime. With a new episode every Tuesday since 2016, it is where you discover lesser known UK cases and discover new perspectives and insight on stories you may already know.

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The weekly UK True Crime Podcast, hosted by Adam, is the home of UK true crime. With a new episode every Tuesday since 2016, it is where you discover lesser known UK cases and discover new perspectives and insight on stories you may already know.

    The Monk: Episode 330

    The Monk: Episode 330

    Joseph Scalise, a member of The Mob, in Chicago, was nicknamed 'The Monk' as when he was younger he aspired to be a Priest. Somewhere along the line things went a bit wrong with that goal....

    Today, we hear the story of his trip to London with Art 'The Brain' Rachel and how they were suspected of stealing the incredibly valuable Marlborough Diamond from a high-end jeweller in a stunningly simple operation.



    • 21 min
    Terror in the Solent: Episode 329

    Terror in the Solent: Episode 329

    A shocking story from the south coast of England as a man is abducted in his own car from a busy car park in front of his 9 year old son.  His body is found in the sea off Hurst Castle six days later with stab wounds. Just who would have done this to 43 year old Accountant, Grant Price - and why?

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    Public warned over 'carjack' killers | HeraldScotland
    Murder trial told victim was marched to his death | HeraldScotland
    Life for men who abducted and murdered accountant | The Independent | The Independent

    • 23 min
    A Glasgow Double Murder: Episode 328

    A Glasgow Double Murder: Episode 328

    This week, the UK True Crime podcast is from Cambuslang, about 6 miles southeast of the centre of Glasgow, as I look at a terrifying double murder.

    The body of 36 year-old taxi driver Cathy McChord was found with her body crammed into the boot of the car, with the meter still running. Cathy’s cigarette lighter, inhaler and car keys placed in a straight-line. Suggesting a ritualistic element to the crime.

    Two months after Cathy’s murder another body was found when 48 year-old Elizabeth Walton was found in the grounds of her daughter’s school. After declining a lift home, Elizabeth was attacked and then strangled as she walked back home from an evening out. When police found Elizabeth’s body they found ritualistic and symbolic acts had taken place, similar to those of Cathy.

    The police knew they were searching for a double killer.....


    • 27 min
    The Arrogant Surgeon: Episode 327

    The Arrogant Surgeon: Episode 327

    Surgeon Anthony McGrath had developed a passion for antiques from his surgeon father, growing up in a beautiful Georgian Stately Home in County Meath. He amassed quite a collection for himself as an adult, but then one day, he called Bedfordshire Police to say that thieves had stolen over £180,000 worth of his precious collection.

    But the investigation wasn't quite as straightforward as Anthony had expected....

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    Live Interview with David Swindle: Bonus Episode

    Live Interview with David Swindle: Bonus Episode

    On Sunday I watched the excellent live show, The Makings of a Murderer, with ex-detective David Swindle. This show is touring for the next year and will be at a theatre near you soon - I highly recommend buying a ticket and finding out much more about some of the investigations in which David has personally been involved, as well as other high-profile cases.

    After the show. David kindly agreed to chat with me about his past career and what he is currently doing, especially with helping the families of victims of crime abroad.

    David spent over 30 years in the police service, mainly in the CID.  His work as Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) saw him managing high profile and challenging UK cross border investigations including the Glasgow Airport Terrorist Investigation and the murder of Polish student Angelika Kluk in Glasgow. He also formed Operation Anagram to investigate serial killer Peter Tobin’s involvement in other crimes.


    The Makings of a Murderer - Entertainers
    Links and Media – David Swindle Crime Solutions
    Victims Abroad - Victim Translation Services, Multilingual Crime
    Frontpage - Kirsty Maxwell Charity

    • 25 min
    Fear & Loathing on Teesside, Part 2/2: Episode 326

    Fear & Loathing on Teesside, Part 2/2: Episode 326

    This week we conclude our story about the repercussions of 22 hours of violence on Teesside that saw one innocent man murdered and others injured. As detectives search for the other gang members, the story this week takes us to Spain, Jamaica and also Lebanon - with shocking consequences.

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4.2 out of 5
1.8K Ratings

1.8K Ratings

gjsx5 ,

Thank you

I absolutely love true crime books but as a coach driver have found it difficult to find time, with my Bluetooth headphones I can listen and drive, I’ve still got 5 years of podcasts to get through on here But Adam your amazing and make my days go by so much easier

Thank you

MillumMillum ,

A good listen

Really enjoying these podcasts.
Love the delivery and sense of humour, it doesn’t detract, or disrespect the cases discussed. Wish they were a bit longer!

marine.fish ,

We love you adam!

I have been listening to you for years. Lovely to see how well the podcast has done. Love your humility and presenting style-great stories.

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