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The place where we talk all things Business Growth, Mindset Mastery and Conscious Choice. Never miss an episode filled with tips, strategies and actionable steps that you can put into practice starting TODAY.

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The place where we talk all things Business Growth, Mindset Mastery and Conscious Choice. Never miss an episode filled with tips, strategies and actionable steps that you can put into practice starting TODAY.

    Understanding Your Money Personality

    Understanding Your Money Personality

    Kristin Hillman, a financial strategist, discusses navigating money mindset and business growth. She emphasises the importance of understanding one's money personality and working with it rather than trying to fix a 'bad' money mindset. Kristen also highlights the mindset shifts that successful entrepreneurs make, such as transitioning from an entrepreneur to a CEO and thinking long-term. She introduces her financial simplicity framework, which helps entrepreneurs track and manage their finances effectively. Hillman advises separating personal and business finances early on and recommends bringing in a bookkeeper and financial strategist as the business grows.


    Understanding your money personality can help in making more peaceful and confident financial decisions

    Separating personal and business finances is crucial for financial management 

    Early involvement of a bookkeeper and financial strategist can prevent financial panic and aid in making informed decisions 

    Open conversations about money and early financial education are essential for building financial confidence, especially for women in business 



    Introduction and Financial Background


    Understanding Money Mindset and Financial Strategy


    Money Personality and Financial Confidence


    Business Growth and Long-Term Perspective


    Transition to CEO Role and Long-Term Planning


    Financial Resilience and Financial Challenges


    Financial Strategy and Early Financial Management

    Kristen on Instagram: @viticula.financial

    Learn Your Unique Money Personality Type

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    Defining Success on Your Own Terms

    Defining Success on Your Own Terms

    Alisha shares her journey into the marketing industry and her transition from social media management to focusing on paid ads. She emphasises the importance of defining success on your own terms and not being influenced by societal expectations. Alisha also discusses the power of journaling and self-reflection in navigating transitions and overcoming mindset challenges. She highlights the trends of personal branding and video marketing in the digital space. Alisha advises breaking down big goals into smaller, actionable steps and recommends resources such as newsletters, online courses, and finding a mentor.


    Define success on your own terms and don't be influenced by societal expectations.
    Journaling and self-reflection can help navigate transitions and overcome mindset challenges.
    Personal branding and video marketing are important trends in the digital space.
    Break down big goals into smaller, actionable steps.
    Utilise resources such as newsletters, online courses, and mentors for learning and development.

    Defining Success on Your Own Terms
    Breaking Down Big Goals into Actionable Steps

    "Stay true to who you are and what you want."


    00:00 Introduction and Journey into the Marketing Industry

    03:02 Transition from Social Media Management to Paid Ads

    04:36 Dissolving the Team and Redefining Success

    06:10 Dealing with Feelings of Shame and Excitement

    09:19 Tips for Making a Transition in Your Business

    11:53 Balancing Big Picture Thinking and Attention to Detail

    27:21 Latest Trends in the Digital Space

    31:12 Breaking Down Big Goals into Tangible Steps

    34:11 Resources and Habits for Learning and Development

    39:08 Final Thoughts and Messages

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    Leveraging Your Cycle to Increase Energy and Productivity

    Leveraging Your Cycle to Increase Energy and Productivity

    In this episode, Leah shares her personal journey of being diagnosed with fibroadenoma and how it led her to explore holistic approaches to hormonal balance.

    Leah emphasises the importance of tracking your menstrual cycle and using it as a diagnostic tool. The menstrual cycle has four phases: period, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal. Each phase has its own characteristics and hormonal changes.

    Leah also discusses the misconception that painful periods and other hormonal symptoms are normal for women, and highlights the potential for symptomless cycles. We also talk about being cautious against using holistic band-aids, such as taking supplements to target specific symptoms, without addressing the root cause.

    In this conversation, Leah discusses the concept of holistic band-aids and the importance of addressing the root cause of hormonal imbalances. She emphasizes the need to understand why certain symptoms are occurring and not just rely on supplements or medications to alleviate them. Leah also highlights the significance of tracking menstrual cycles and tailoring lifestyle changes to support each phase.


    00:00 Leah's Journey into Holistic Health

    13:20 Understanding the Menstrual Cycle

    22:50 The Significance of Ovulation

    26:11 Navigating the Luteal Phase

    29:37 Moving Beyond Band-Aid Solutions

    31:30 Addressing Root Causes of Hormonal Imbalances

    41:25 Leveraging the Phases of the Menstrual Cycle

    52:21 Leah's Three-Step Approach to Hormonal Balance

    56:56 Trusting Your Intuition and Prioritising Hormonal Health

    ⁠Leah on Instagram: leah_brueg

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    Leah Podcast: Balancing Hormones

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    Business Burnout, Boundaries & Building a Business That You Actually Want with Bella Hegarty!

    Business Burnout, Boundaries & Building a Business That You Actually Want with Bella Hegarty!

    In today’s episode I am joined by Bella Hegarty, a Client Experience & Operations Consultant. Bella, like many of us, experienced burnout in her business and she is coming on today to help us avoid the same burnout journey that she and so many of us have experienced. 

    In today’s episode we are discussing Bella’s interesting background in the private travel and hospitality industry. Bella’s journey into setting up her business working as a Client Experience & Operations Consultant. The mistakes she made in her business journey and how to avoid them. The experience of burnout and the impact on you and your business. How to prioritise self-care and avoid burnout to maintain a healthy and sustainable business. The importance of setting boundaries and managing expectations with clients. How to restructure your week to avoid burnout. Strategies for creating clear headspace and managing your workload. How to switch your mindset away from day-to-day tasks and focus on the bigger picture. Creating clear expectations for your clients. The mindset shift that can help founders avoid burnout and become better leaders. How to cultivate a mindset that leads to success as an entrepreneur. The importance of visualising goals and creating a clear vision for the future. How to be intentional and take action towards achieving your goals. Simplicity is key in business


    Introduction and Background


    Prioritizing Self-Care in the Business Journey


    Creating Clear Headspace for Productivity


    Delivering Consistent Results through Process Automation


    Outsourcing and Delegation


    Navigating Cash Flow and Profitability


    Addressing Burnout for Clients


    Conclusion and Resources


    Maintaining Boundaries and Managing Expectations


    Introduction to the Importance of Simplicity


    Structuring Your Week for Success


    Seeking Support and Avoiding Burnout


    Taking Breaks and Practicing Self-Care


    Bella's Journey


    The Impact of Burnout


    Supporting Others


    Closing Remarks

    Bella on LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/bella-hegarty-digital

    Bella on Instagram: bellahegartydigital

    Booking a call with Bella: https://bit.ly/3UoRonU

    Reconnect Weekends: https://reconnectweekends.com

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    Overcoming the All or Nothing Mindset When It Comes to Fitness & Nutrition

    Overcoming the All or Nothing Mindset When It Comes to Fitness & Nutrition

    In this conversation, Victoria and Ashley discuss Ashley's journey in the fitness industry and how she helps clients overcome the all-or-nothing mindset. They also explore strategies for getting started on a fitness and nutrition journey, particularly for busy moms. Ashley emphasises the importance of adding more into a diet rather than subtracting and finding a balance between healthy choices and enjoying life. She also encourages starting small and being patient with oneself. Additionally, Ashley shares tips for creating time for exercise and making it a part of daily habits. In this conversation, Ashley Rios and Victoria discuss strategies for fitting exercise into a busy schedule. They emphasise the importance of eliminating obstacles and conducting a time audit to identify pockets of time that can be dedicated to working out. They also address the mindset around exercise and the need to reframe it as a holistic approach to health and well-being. Ashley shares her philosophy of starting small and addressing different areas of fitness and nutrition over time. They also discuss Ashley's upcoming group program for moms called 'Fit Like a Mother.'



    Introduction and Background


    Strategies for Getting Started


    Is 15 Minutes Enough?


    The Importance of Mindset

    Ashley on Instagram @fitnessbyashley

    Ashley Website: fitnessbyashley.com 

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    Fail Faster For Quicker Success

    Fail Faster For Quicker Success

    In this episode, we are looking at how aiming to fail quicker is actually going to accelerate your success rates!

    In this episode, I discuss:

    >> The negative perceptions of failure

    >> Striving for failure to succeed quicker

    >> Holding onto outdated processes that are keeping you stuck

    >> Reversible decisions

    >> How to use 'failure' as data collection

    >> Discerning between instant results and time

    >> Overcoming fear of failure

    >> The mindset game

    >> Making small tweaks for change

    >> Using decisions as a compass

    >> Taking action and making decisions

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