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Muliebrity is the art and state of being a woman and I think that should be celebrated! Join me as I discuss all things women's health, share new research and talk with some of the cleverest people in women's health...and don't forget to celebrate muliebrity!

Celebrate Muliebrity with Michelle Lyons Michelle Lyons

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Muliebrity is the art and state of being a woman and I think that should be celebrated! Join me as I discuss all things women's health, share new research and talk with some of the cleverest people in women's health...and don't forget to celebrate muliebrity!

    Strength Rx at Menopause: Episode 36 Research update

    Strength Rx at Menopause: Episode 36 Research update

    hello there!
    I'm in the throes of going though the new research that's emerging in the menstrual, maternal & menopausal space, and looking for what's going to change how we help women live well at each of these pivotal life stages.
    There will be a deep dive and big updates in my online Hormonal Health Masterclass later this summer (you can sign up now and get the updates for free when they go live). Expect info on the influence of menstrual health (including endometriosis) on athletes, lots of new info on postnatal rehab and of course, up to date information on musculoskeletal and pelvic health at menopause
    To start with, I'm going to use this week's podcast to discuss a new 2024 paper by Stimson et al looking at barriers to strength training at perimenopause - why it matters, what the barriers are, what I think they got right in this paper...and what they missed!
    Moving forward with the podcast, there will be a combination of the expert interviews you've been enjoying (coming soon: pelvic health in athletes, communication skills, pelvic health & cancer and more...) AND some regular research updates (let's nerd out together!) and what they mean for our work helping women live well.
    I hope you enjoy this review but let me know if there are topics in women's health that you'd like me to explore - I'm always open to suggestions!
    Until next time,
    In the meantime, you can access my online women's health courses here and you can find me on Instagram as michellelyons_muliebrity for my continuing adventures in women's health
    See you soon and don't forget to #celebratemuliebrity

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    Prehab & Rehab for Hysterectomy: Episode 35 with Dr Lori Mize

    Prehab & Rehab for Hysterectomy: Episode 35 with Dr Lori Mize

    Continuing the Hysterectomy conversation with the excellent Dr Lori Mize!

    I've been deep in the research around hysterectomy as I've been creating my latest online course, 'Hysterectomy: Prehab to Rehab' (available now!)

    Part of that research has been reaching out to friends & colleagues for their perspectives (have you listened to my interview with Lola Turvey about her personal & professional experience with hysterectomy yet? Episode 33 - so good!)

    Full Disclosure: this is a serious topic but we had FUN with this conversation!

    Dr Lori Mize is a force of nature and has been making huge contributions to the field of pelvic health for more than 20 years. We are both super passionate about women’s health, but today we decided to focus our attention on what we can do to help women live well after hysterectomy

    Some of the things we discussed include:

    👉 are women being served well, in terms of prehab and rehab, when it comes to hysterectomy (spoiler: no)

    👉 the importance of ERAS approaches (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) to mental & physical health after hysterectomy

    👉 the role of education about what to expect - how knowledge can help decrease anxiety and improve wellbeing

    👉 why we have to understand how anxiety, depression & grieving are both common and normal after hysterectomy & how we can support people

    👉 the essential role we can have in supporting return to a high quality of life, whether we’re talking about pelvic health, the importance of scar mobility, returning to exercise and education about sexual health

    Want to learn more? You can find Lori at pelvicrestoration.com and on Instagram and Facebook as @pelvicrestoration (I'm there too - you can find me on instagram as @michellelyons_muliebrity and...if you'd like to learn more about helping women live well before, during & after hysterectomy, you may be interested in my online course Hysterectomy: Prehab to Rehab

    Enjoy the chat and let me know if you have any questions!

    Until next week, mind yourself and don't forget to #celebratemuliebrity

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    Endometriosis, Health Coaching & Pilates: Episode 34 with Emily Elgar

    Endometriosis, Health Coaching & Pilates: Episode 34 with Emily Elgar

    I had the pleasure of meeting Emily at the World Endometriosis Congress in Edinburgh last May and I was delighted when she accepted my invitation to come on the podcast to discuss her approach to working with people with Endo
    We discussed:
    *what health coaching is (and isn't) and the difference between coaching, mentoring & being a clinician
    *the role of health coaching in supporting people with endometriosis and how it can be the missing link
    *Emily's defining question - why don't we do the things we know are good for us?
    *The many roles pilates can play in helping people with endo live well, from the breath and pelvic floor, to restoring movement and building resilience
    *how central sensitisation can affect people with endometriosis and using a mind-body strategy that has a focus on breath, awareness and exploring length and strength can help counteract the effects of nociplastic pain

    we discussed a great paper by Maddern et al (2020) titled 'Pain in Endometriosis' and we also discussed 'Thinking Fast & Slow' by Daniel Kahneman.

    You can find Emily on instagram as @thewomankindphysio and of course I'm there too as @michellelyons_muliebrity
    want to learn more about treating people with endometriosis? My online course on Female Pelvic Pain Rehab covers endometriosis, vulvodynia, pudendal neuralgia, interstitial cystitis and as well as all that - you also get the Functional Female Pelvic Anatomy course for free!
    You can find all the course info here!
    Until next time!
    Onwards & Upwards, Mx #celebratemuliebrity

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    Hysterectomy Recovery: Episode 33 with Lola Turvey

    Hysterectomy Recovery: Episode 33 with Lola Turvey

    New Podcast! 🔊🔊🔊
    In this episode I’m joined by Lola Turvey, @theliftingmidwife who is an amazing midwife and antenatal/postnatal fitness expert… who is also recovering from a hysterectomy. In our conversation Lola shared her journey through & beyond her surgery, including:
    👉 why we need to talk more about preparing for the recovery process, both the physical AND the emotional process
    👉 prehab and setting realistic expectations afterwards; do women understand what is happening with THEIR hysterectomy? Is it open/laparoscopic? Is it total/partial? Keeping the ovaries or not?
    👉 post-op recovery, why too many women end up asking ‘is it just me?’ because they don’t know what to expect ?
    👉 consideration for future hormonal health, and the implications for bone, pelvic, heart and brain & mental health?
    👉 the role of exercise in post-hysterectomy recovery for both physical and mental health, and the importance of choosing the right exercise at the right time
    👉 and of course, bowel health and constipation
    💩 💩 💩
    Want to learn more? You can still save €100 on my new course ‘Hysterectomy: Prehab to Rehab’ which goes from prehab, to post-op recovery to living well long term after hysterectomy - there’s a link in my bio (but the course price does go up next week so if you want to save €100 - this is your chance!)
    Thanks for listening and see you on the next episode
    Don't forget you can follow me on Instagram at michellelyons_muliebrity where you can also find course information as well as my thoughts on all things women's health
    Until next time, Mx #celebratemuliebrity

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    Postnatal AND Perimenopausal? Episode 32 with Dr Carrie Pagliano

    Postnatal AND Perimenopausal? Episode 32 with Dr Carrie Pagliano

    Postnatal & Perimenopausal Athletes

    What Happens When You’re Postnatal AND Perimenopausal?
    And maybe throw in some REDs, children and ageing parents… if you’re having a baby in your late 30’s or early 40’s…
    We talk about:
    Why we need hormonal literacy: beyond watching The Golden Girls …
    The intersection of Genitourinary Syndrome of Lactation and Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause …
    Making strength training accessible for everyone …
    The perimenopausal changes that we aren’t talking about, particularly the anxiety, the musculoskeletal & pelvic health changes…
    REDs - knowing the symptoms including recurrent injuries, infections or urinary incontinence…
    Why we get gaslit by our medical providers…and sometimes by ourselves!
    I loved this conversation with Carrie - for more of her wisdom, you can find her on Instagram as @carriepagliano and you can find me there too https://www.instagram.com/michellelyons_muliebrity/
    Want to learn more about postnatal and perimenopausal health? Check out my online Female Hormonal Health Masterclass, which covers the menstrual, maternal &menopausal transitions. You can find all the info on my online courses here
    Until next week!
    Mx #celebratemuliebrity

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    Fibroids to Fertility: Episode 31 with Dr Yeni Abraham

    Fibroids to Fertility: Episode 31 with Dr Yeni Abraham

    Are you ready to nerd out with me and my fellow Pelvicon alum, Dr Yeni Abraham?

    We tried & failed to rein it in but we covered A LOT of ground!


    hormonal & reproductive health and how it influences the pelvic floor
    understanding PCOS
    why fibroids matter
    the role of pelvic rehab in fertility
    why lifestyle medicine is the future of healthcare
    and much much more!

    Dr Yeni is doing so much to advance our field and to support women going through major hormonal challenges and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation - I hope you do too!

    You can find her on instagram at @triggeredpt and you can find me there too - I'm michellelyons_muliebrity

    Want to learn more about my online courses? Click here for more info on my online courses

    Until next time,

    Onwards & Upwards!

    Mx ... and don't forget to #celebratemuliebrity

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