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James Delingpole and Toby Young discuss and explain British and European politics and culture for their American audience.

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James Delingpole and Toby Young discuss and explain British and European politics and culture for their American audience.

    Men of a Certain Age

    Men of a Certain Age

    A cold has Toby feeling less than stellar this week, so he and James have an age old discussion about men - and old age. Vitamin regimens, detoxification and general bouts of hypochondria lead off the show before we really get down, as Texans would say, to brass tacks. Namely are the protests happening across Communist China just a blip on the radar or is this real trouble for Xi? And do we have a right to still feel superior about it?
    Then we tackle the distasteful Balenciaga "BDSM Teddy Bear" ads and the reactions that has provoked, former Health Secretary Matt Hancock's performance on I'm a Celebrity... and Jonathan Van-Tam’s forthcoming role in Call The Midwife.
    In Culture Corner Toby reviews Tokyo Vice (HBO Max), James likes Graham Hancock's Ancient Apocalypse (Netflix) and off the bookshelf Toby is taking in Barry Lyndon and James is enjoying Trollope’s The Way We Live Now. 
    Opening sound this week is SkyNews correspondent Helen-Ann Smith eyewitness account of protests in Shanghai via YouTube.

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    Metro Porn

    Metro Porn

    This week James and Toby compare notes about meeting fans of the podcast and discuss all the things that have happened in the past week that suggest James just may be correct in his assessment about who’s really running the world (the Autumn Statement, the signing of a climate reparations agreement at COP27 and Rishi Sunak’s betrayal of Brexit.)
    We congratulate Elon Musk on reinstating Donald Trump and revel in the meltdown it has caused among Twitter’s blue tick population, particularly Sadiq Khan, which somehow leads us down the Elizabeth Line on the London Metro System.
    We also debate whether James, not Toby, is ‘controlled opposition.’ No. Really.
    In Culture Corner, Toby takes on Season Two of The White Lotus (HBO), while James watches Sylvester Stallone's new series Tulsa King (Paramount+), and they touch on Deep State (available in the US on EPIX and in the UK on Disney+), Andor (Disney+), Gangs of London and two shows James has only just caught up with, Ted Lasso and SAS: Rogue Heroes.
    Opening sound this week is the PM trying to reassure us on his belief in Brexit.

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    Lou Pearlman... Bernie Madoff... and now, Sam Bankman-Fried. "SBF" joins a long list of Ponzi scheme artists in modern times and Toby and James open the show with the collapse of FTX and the fall from grace of its 30 year-old founder.
    Toby’s just back from Hungary, a nation that he says provides a glimpse of what Britain might look like if our side had won the culture war, why the British Government has no right to ask the taxpayer for even more money (given it’s profligacy in the past two-and-a-half years) and, in Culture Corner, we put a bow on SAS: Rogue Heroes, The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself, Sharpe’s Enemy and Dostoevsky’s The Devils (also known as Demons or The Possessed).
    Or do we?
    Opening sound this week: Larry David's prophetic FTX advert produced for Super Bowl LVI.

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    A Rantalogue Through Venice

    A Rantalogue Through Venice

    In this week’s London Calling, Toby and James discuss James’s trip to Venice, which is mercifully free of Covid theatre, whether traveling overseas is being made deliberately more difficult as part of the Great Reset or it’s just a consequence of staff shortages at airports.
    Glancing at items currently in the news we assess the risk that Rishi Sunak will agree to pay ‘reparations’ to countries supposedly harmed by global warming because Britain was the first country in the world to industrialise and the significance of America'smid-term elections (Toby thinks a ‘red wave’ of Republican victories will be significant, not least because Trump will almost certainly declare in the immediate aftermath, whereas James doesn’t)
    In Culture Corner, the disappointing first episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, hold-overs from previous podcasts, Sharpe’s Enemy and Rich Man, Poor Man.
    Opening sound this week: The PM speaks at COP27.

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Hammers and Spares

    Hammers and Spares

    In this week’s episode Toby and James discuss the deep state’s determination to destroy Home Secretary Suella Braverman (MP for Fareham) and the finalization of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, including his Tweet about the the conspiracy theory surrounding the Nancy Pelosi ‘home invader.'
    In other news we talk about the victory of Lula over Bolsonaro in the Brazilian Presidential election (Spoiler alert: Someone may think it was stolen) and Russia’s alleged hack of Liz Truss’ phone. A spate of Royal news comes up with King Charles hosting an environmental mini-summit because he cannot go to Cop27, Prince Harry names his autobiography ‘Spare’, and The Crown’s decision to dramatise Tampon-gate. (It's as tasteless as it sounds.)
    In Culture Corner we're watching SAS Rogue Heroes (UK: BBC One & iPlayer, US: EPIX starting Nov. 13), Gangs of London (UK: Sky. US: AMC - Graphic trailer warning) and The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself (Netflix).
    On the bookshelf James grabs for Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor while Toby goes back to 1974 for Fletch by Gregory Mcdonald.
    Opening sound is via NBC Bay Area/YouTube.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Old Man With A Hose

    Old Man With A Hose

    This week our congenial hosts talk about Toby’s narrow escape from a volcanic eruption in Iceland. But more importantly, how's a journalist expected to take a family holiday without an expense account?
    Toby also frets about his obsession with watering the lawn and how he’s going to cope with the hosepipe ban. And with James' proclivity for the occasional trip down the rabbit hole, is he nervous about Alex Jones being found guilty of defamation and having to pay millions of dollars to people he’s accused of being ‘crisis actors?’
    Finally, they cover the increasing scepticism about the Covid vaccines and whether those responsible for creating and promoting them will ever face a reckoning.
    In Culture Corner we offer up The Offer (Paramount+), The Sandman (Netflix) and Prey (Disney+ UK/Hulu in the US).

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4.1 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Altaeco01 ,

Look forward to London calling every Monday

Love this podcast. Keep up the good work . Funny and informative. Love the banter.

McLovins 1 ,

Excellent fun!

Well worth a listen as two mates poke fun at bed-wetting locks owners and silly politicians, always good for a giggle!

Bazz7 ,


Ep2 season 8 starts poorly and gets worse. Waste of time.

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