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Podcast by KRZA

    Modern Day Hustlers Ep23

    Modern Day Hustlers Ep23

    After a brief hiatus I am back! This episode talks about the hiatus and the future of Modern Day Hustlers
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    Modern Day Hustlers E22

    Modern Day Hustlers E22

    Today I chat with Elvia from Le Boutique Shop about what it's like to run a boutique & how far her business has come, and what new adventures shes encountered.

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    Le Boutique Shop

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    Modern Day Hustlers Ep 21

    Modern Day Hustlers Ep 21

    We talked live with our Instagram followers about getting sick and trying to keep up.
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    • 23 min
    Modern Day Hustlers Ep20

    Modern Day Hustlers Ep20

    Today I chat with Cara from HauteMoccs about running her mocc shop, blogging, and all of the challenges & successes along the way.
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